file1.pngTruespel Phonetics - for ESL, Grade School, and Beyond     

( If you are reading this page printed on paper see it with clickable links at  http://justpaste.it/truespelnow . )

The Need for Truespel

  1. Enhances learning ESL worldwide - see in Korean trials http://justpaste.it/koreatrials .
  2. Provides Need "phonetics" for USA Common Core k-1  http://justpaste.it/comcoreenglish .
  3. Enables “phonemic awareness” as per National Reading Panel http://reading.uoregon.edu/big_ideas/

Early Phonetics Does Work - Previous studies prove viability of a “Phonetic First” Reading Approach

  1. "Synthetic phonics" is implemented now for K-1 in UK http://bit.ly/1egMtIg video
  2. 1980’s IBM’s “Writing to Read” for K-1 with ETS evaluation http://bit.ly/17frEJc .   

It’s Mature

  1. Development started in 1986 followed by review and vetting via the internet over the years.
  2. USA English has been rewritten (63k words) with a converter at http://truespel.com/en .
  3. The four truespel books show many applications at http://authorhouse.com  (keyword "truespel") .
  4. The truespel English "pronunciation guide" criteria is given here http://justpaste.it/truecriteria .
  5. Other English "pronunciation guide" systems don't measure up  http://bit.ly/1twiAeX .

It’s Easy to Learn

  1. Truespel is the simplest possible English and keyboard friendly phonetic notation - no special symbols.
  2. It can be learned by teachers and literate ESL’s in less than an hour. http://justpaste.it/teachertrain .
  3. See me spell phonetically (which looks like phonics) as I talk at http://www.screenr.com/GXBN .

It’s Free and Virtual

  1. It is internet based and free. Search on “truespel” at http://youtube.com .
  2. I offer my services for free to teach, quality control, and develop truespel.
  3. Training is virtual and free, see http://justpaste.it/course2 and  http://justpaste.it/teachertrain

Other Benefits

  1. New first time integration of reading instruction, ESL, dictionaries, translation guides and data.
  2. New assessment techniques for phonemic awareness (ask students to type what they hear)..
  3. New remedial techniques for speech and hearing impairments.
  4. New ability to type pronunciation even as you speak  http://www.screenr.com/GXBN  
  5. New spreadsheet data techniques for evaluating phonemes (see http://justpaste.it/17vowels ).
  6. New Teacher awareness of how letters relate to phonetics in text  (See http://justpaste.it/ayk )
  7. New Truespel Chart of Phonics/Phonetics Frequencies in print  (See https://www.screenr.com/m8qN ).

The Future is Yours

  1. Teacher development for English phonetics is enabled based on a usable standard.
  2. English as the world's lingua franca and a phonetics modeled on it can make all languages pronounceable under truespel.
  3. Ancient or dying languages can be written, read and spoken phonetically and preserved.
  4. Keyboard unfriendly IPA phonetics can eventually be replaced with truespel   See  http://justpaste.it/ipachart  

For truespel implementations let me know how I can help.  Truespel is free as my gift for noncommercial use.

Thomas E. Zurinskas, creator of Truespel Phonetics, tzurinskas@yahoo.com