Truespel Phonetics Teacher Training Manual – for US English        

Hi, I’m Tom Zurinskas, creator of truespel phonetics. I’ve been involved with simplified phonetics since 1986 when I created truespel.   I find that truespel is the simplest phonetic system that can be made using regular letters maintaining the closest possible match to traditional English spelling of sounds. The links below should suffice to teach English readers how to master truespel phonetics. Phonetics becomes easily writeable for the first time, and is not difficult anymore.


(Click on links below for tutorial videos.  For more info enter “truespel” at )


 Lesson 1. This “Beige Fox” video shows the 40 sounds of US English in an easy-to-remember story.

See file12.png for a listing of tutorial videos

Lesson 2.   This video discusses relative difficulty of learning each phoneme - There are 23 easy ones, and 17 others a bit more difficult.  (click box at bottom right to expand)

 Lesson 3. This video lists the phonemes and shows nine nonsense words which are spelled using all 40 phonemes. The stress rule is shown

 Lesson 4. For easy phonetic spelling, you can use the free two-way converter at See an example of how to use it at .

 Lesson 5. This video shows simple nonsense words for practice in truespel and asks you to say them. 



 1     The above tutorials should be adequate for initial training purposes. Proficiency comes with a bit more practice. After a while you can write phonetically as you speak. See me do it at

 2    Here is a listing of more free video tutorials on truespel. See . (best viewed in internet explorer)

 3    Truespel links to phonics. The ultimate phonics frequency guide is at 

See how each letter of the alphabet spells sounds in US English at . (Scroll down) 

See a detailed analysis of the 17 vowel phonemes, one video each at

 4    Analysis of the 40 sounds of English. This site lists each sound of US English and shows the frequency of occurrence spellings of each for sounds in text (newspapers etc.)

 5    Reasons why truespel is needed now - .

6     Truespel presentation at Florida Literacy Coalition Convention in May 2014  


TRUESPEL BOOKS - Truespel spreadsheet analysis of how phonemes are spelled in text. - VOA Intermediate dictionary with truespel phonetic pronunciation key.