“New” British "phonemics" chart versus USA accent and truespel

By Thomas Zurinskas  1-2-2015  


The “new” British Council and BBC “phonemic” chart (as of Jan 2, 2015) is shown below, located at  The date is Dec 12, 2010.  I assume the chart represents the International Phonetic Association (IPA) notation (London ).


The chart lists the phonemes of British English.  Click on each phoneme and you can hear it.  Each phoneme has a drop down arrow that when clicked gives a list of sample words that when clicked are spoken in UK accent.  I will discuss differences between UK and USA and IPA and truespel in my links below.

Picture of phoneme chart  (Go to for audible links)



The chart has special symbols for 18 of 19 vowels/diphthongs and 6 of 24 consonants = 56%

Truespel has no special symbols, enabling easy typing, copy/paste, filenames, and spreadsheets.

Curiously, in the chart the letters “o” “c” “q” “x” are missing and letter “j” stands for the ~y  sound.

Conclusion - the IPA is not practical anymore and should be replaced by English-based truespel phonetics.


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