Truespel Analysis of US English Vowels in Terms of Text Popularity                                                                                                                                     

By Tom Zurinskas     (This page is sited at )                                            file12.png

 The Collins Cobuild word frequency database is used here to analyze each of the 17 US English vowel phonemes individually as to the ways sounds are spelled in US English and to what frequency. The 5k most popular words are examined. They have 15.5 million total instances, representing over 90% of the words on a page in typical media (books, newspapers etc.). The data below are from truespel book 4 which also analyzes each letter of the alphabet individually regarding the phonemes they spell in text. (See ).


The “Long” Vowels     ~ae as in… “Mae” “sundae”     ~ee as in… “seek” “sleep     ~ie as in… “tie” “die”     ~oe as in… “toe” “hoe”     ~ue as in… “true” “blue”

The “Short” Vowels     ~a   as in…. “bat” “man”     ~e   as in….   “get” “them”   ~i   as in…   “hit” “win” ~oo as in…   “good” “book” ~u   as in…   “run” “up”


The “r-influenced” Vowels ~air as in…   “stair” “chair”     ~er  as in…   “her” “term”     ~or  as in…   “or” “nor”


The Ah/Awe Vowels   ~aa  as in…   “Saab” “bazaar”     ~au  as in…   “vault” “fraud”


The Diphthongs (two sounds)     ~oi    as in…  “point” “coin”     ~ou  as in…   “sound” “about”



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