Learning and Practicing Truespel Phonetics

by Tom Zurinskas, creator of truespel phonetics   1-12


The listing below contains video tutorials for learning and practicing truespel phonetics.  This should be all you need to know to be able to spell words phonetically.  Use the converter at http://truespel.com to paste words and paragraphs for instant conversion to truespel phonetics.  The converter is derived from the spoken words of popular talking dictionaries and is the truespel standard for US English dialect.  Additions and changes can be recommended to me at tzurinskas@gmail.com  Note that ESL trials show that truespel phonetics is superior to other notations for showing US English pronunciation  http://justpaste.it/koreatrials


1.  The “quick beige fox” story shows how to spell all 40 sounds of USA English

using truespel phonetics.

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2.  This video counts the 40 phonemes of US English in the “quick beige fox story”

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3.  Comparing IPA and truespel using quick beige fox story. 



 4.  This is a large table showing the truespel pronunciation key

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5.  The 17 Vowels of US English are shown with most popular words given.

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6.  The 23 Consonants of US English are shown with most popular words given.

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7.  This video explains the way stressed syllables are shown in truespel.

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8.  This data table shows the top 3 ways each of US English sound is spelled. 

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9.  Here is practice reading truespel phonetics using single syllable nonsense words.

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10.  Here is practice reading truespel phonetics using the names of the 50 US states.

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11.  Here are 193 nation names http://justpaste.it/nationnames 


Truespel books are available at  http://tinyurl.com/3v2ekzn    They include:


Book 1.  Analysis of US English - looking at a listing of 57k words - counting phoneme frequency and  comparing to other languages.

Book 2   Listing of 33k root words by phonetic spelling first for phonetic lookup.

Book 3.  The VOA Special Dictionary of basic words is given a truespel pronunciation guide with the second half of the book putting the phonetic words first for phonetic lookup.

Book 4.  Analysis of US English - gives a listing of the 5,000 most popular words of English, each ranked by having an instance count.  Thus, the frequency of phonemes by popularity is determined.  Very interesting data.


For other tutorials including analysis of each letter of the alphabet see  http://justpaste.it/useit


SUMMARY   English is the lingua franca of the world: It's necessary to have phonetics based on English.