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Why is JustPaste.it so special?

Anonymous by default
We offer high level of privacy for both writers and readers. You don't have to create account to publish something. There's no advertising on entire page and we are not using any social media scripts. You can be sure that information about your activity on the site won't be used by advertising or social media companies.
Easy to use text editor with text formatting feature
Just paste text from another web page or a word processor. The text formatting and images will be preserved.
Pictures and movies
You can easily add images to your notes by dropping them on selected area or you can paste images directly from the clipboard into the editor. Embed YouTube videos simply by putting URL in separate line, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxxxx
Short URLs with jpst.it
Each note has a good-looking, short URL that can be used on social network sites.
Save notes as PDF
Your notes can be downloaded as PDF files.
More for Premium Users
Our Premium Users have access to more advanced features.

What you can share with it?

  • longer comments on Twitter or Facebook
  • selected parts of websites
  • favorite pictures
  • articles on social sites
  • school notes
  • ideas and appeals

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