Intel Drop #40 - The Planned Holocaust Of The Soul - Part 1

"It floored me, but they have done it. They have been doing it, Bill. They have been doing it for three years. It is in all of the food. And now, it is in us, you and me, everyone."

Intel Drop #40 - The Planned Holocaust Of The Soul - Part 1



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Intel Drop #40


The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: A lot of information has been coming into our team the past week, and it has to do with the disinfo we talked about before. Can you get into that?


Gideon: "Yes. We are receiving disinformation through various sources who we trust, whom are also getting disinformation themselves. We are dealing with that, and parsing real information from false information."


Bill: It's the cabal doing this, right?


Gideon: "Yes. They are very much aware of what we are doing, and this is one way they can send us down rabbit holes that go nowhere, or get us to publish false information to discredit us later."


Bill: Do you think they're achieving this?


Gideon: "Yes and no. We are catching some of this information and correcting it as we go. My sources are aware, too. The whistle blowers are aware of it, as well."


Bill: What's disinfo, in your view right now, and what's real?


Gideon: "There are two major issues to address right now. First, that the cyberattack plan may be disinformation or the cabal changes their plans for it, for reasons I will explain. Secondly, we learned more about the nano tech food program, which we talked about many Intel Drops ago."


Bill: Yes, food supply is a huge concern, but the past few months we weren't getting much info on that, right?


Gideon: "Correct, we were not. We were unsure of how the cabal would roll it out, but we knew for certain the technology to put nano tech into the food supply was available to them."


Bill: For those reading who don't know what we're talking about, it has to do with the cabal poisoning the food supply with nano tech (discussed in Intel Drop #26). We talked about a safe food list that would be given to the Sovereigns, what's the status on that?


Gideon: "It was a type of disinformation, Bill. There will not be a safe food list at all. Instead, there will be an antidote."


Bill: An antidote? 


Gideon: "Yes, something to neutralize this nano tech in the bloodstream, something the Sovereigns will take."


Bill: Is it already in the food supply?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: That's a new revelation, we didn't think they had done it yet.


Gideon: "It floored me, but they have done it. They have been doing it, Bill. They have been doing it for three years. It is in all of the food.


And now, it is in us, you and me, everyone. An estimated ninety-nine point eight percent of the human population has it now."


Bill: What is it?


Gideon: "Self-assembling nano particles were placed in the food, starting during the Covid pandemic and on-going since then, impervious to high heat and cooking methods, and they are the argumentation that will be in our blood. They are the augmented tech I spoke about recently. Also called Graphinated Electro nano particles."


Bill: This is the thing that will compromise the soul that we talked about?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: We wondered if they had already deployed it, so it turns out they have. Is it activated yet? Is it doing something inside of us?


Gideon: "It is not activated yet. It is not affecting anyone at all, at this point, at least as far as we know. The cabal does not want to harm their own Sovereigns who also consumed it, they need to get the antidote first."


Bill: What will happen to those who don't get the antidote?


Gideon: "We do not know for sure, except the nano tech is all remotely controlled and they can do anything to anyone with it. They can assassinate anyone, they can speak to them in their minds, they can give them visions. Some of these visions are known to involve a 'red demon' of some kind."


Bill: When will it be activated?


Gideon: "Sometime during or after the period that CSRQ comes online, this period of economic turmoil and destruction of the United States and fiat currencies. All the information I have points to early 2024."


Bill: This is horrifying. What about the cyberattack? Let's get back to that, because you said you have new information.


Gideon: "I have reason to believe it is some kind of disinfo. Disinfo fed to me, to my sources, and also being fed to the masses at large. It may even cover for the nano tech we are talking about, to distract people from that operation.

I do believe what I said about the 150 Million deaths in the United States may still be true, but may not be due to a cyberattack but instead it refers to the nano tech or some other plan."


Bill: We wondered if the predictive-programming was heavy-handed on this. You're saying that's what that is?


Gideon: "Yes, the cabal is signalling there will be a massive cyberattack, they are putting this out everywhere, including films, and also on a new, heavily-followed Q Anon Twitter. It is all over. It even began to appear after our Intel Drop, too. 


This made me inquire and ask a lot more questions, and engage in a number of discussions with my sources. We began to question it."


Bill: So is there a plan for this or not? Or is it misdirection?


Gideon: "There is a plan for it, Bill, and it is in place, and they can do it, if they so choose. Many tests have already been done, which we have seen, many telecom companies have had outages the past year. These outages have been frequent. The preparation is there, but we are unsure if the cabal has changed plans or issued some kind of disinfo."


Bill: Well, you talked about how they can see the future and they are changing plans all the time, to find timelines the better suit outcomes for them. Is that what this is?


Gideon: "Yes, that is exactly what we think it is."


Bill: Did our Intel Drop have an impact?


Gideon: "I believe it did, because immediately after we posted it, more stories came out about the cyberattack, all from cabal sources. This means they may have changed plans, and decided to issue a lot of false warnings, so that when no attack happens, we will be discredited. It also serves as a 'cry wolf' type of disinfo, that scares people, then lulls them back to sleep when nothing happens."


Bill: I get that completely, they do that, the cabal issues a lot of false warnings.


Gideon: "False warnings are part of the cabal mind-control techniques. If you issue enough of them, the people paying attention stop paying attention. They are let down by false dates, false predictions, to the point they begin to believe that nothing will happen.


Q Anon has done this many times, and in that case, they were predictions of arrests of cabal members that never came. The cabal understands why this type of programming is so important, to neutralize the opposition.


We have to realize that these false dates and predictions do not mean there is not a plan in place. We know there is. It is called the Great Reset, it is called CSRQ, it is called USDR, it has to do with Agenda 2030. These are real plans, not false ones. The cabal is simply angling and manoeuvring to ensure the resistance is completely disabled, demoralized and confused by the time these real events transpire."


Bill: The level of deception blows my mind. There's no end to it, lies on top of lies.


Gideon: "That is because this is all the work of Satan, the king of lies."


Bill: How confident are you, right now where you stand, that we have the best intel? That we are not being misled?


Gideon: "I am always confident, Bill, because I have a guide, and I have others who are good people, good sources, who can react to the disinformation and diffuse it or decipher it. We are working through the thick of the deceptions put out by the cabal and finding the kernels of truth that will lead us in the right direction."


Bill: I want you to boil it down for everyone, give everyone, right now, your best intel and grasp on what's going on.


Gideon: "Cyberattack plans are in place, they are real, it is expected to happen and it should happen as we reported. However, the cabal is known to change plans if their tricks are revealed or exposed, or if their future timeline information reveals a better course of action.


We do not know for sure, but right now, it appears there is far too much public awareness of the cyberattack plan, as it is being discussed everywhere. This suggests the cabal shifted plans, but the outcome or end result may not be much different."


Bill: Why do they need so many plans, though? It seems to be a cyberattack would work.


Gideon: "The cabal is arrogant, but they are not stupid. If they want to pull off the total enslavement of mankind, they want to ensure their plans cannot be foiled, cannot be exposed or stopped. It is prudent to have many plans on the table and choose the best course of action with the highest predicted success.


They also have highly advanced A.I. computers charting and predicting the best moves to make, as well. They may shrewdly signal one plan - a cyberattack - then surprise everyone with something else entirely. This keeps their opposition completely confused. These are high-level psy ops."


Bill: I get it, I do. But I'm worried people will read this and say, 'You said this one thing last Intel Drop, now you're saying something else.' I feel like we're discrediting ourselves. Should we even publish this?


Gideon: "We should. Unlike the cabal gatekeepers, we tell the truth with the best information we have, even if it goes against previous things we reported. We will get fed disinfo, from time to time, and the right thing to do is to immediately report it, or in this case, question it."


Bill: I guess you're not really walking back anything, I'm sorry if I'm overstating things here. You're just saying to be aware the cabal may change plans, right? That's all this is.


Gideon: "That is all, correct. The cyberattack plan exists, it is real, it can and could happen. But it is very possible plans were changed. It was odd the cabal would release such a sudden burst of predictive-programming at once after what we reported."


Bill: I do agree on that. Now, we need to get back to the nano tech in the food, and how it ties into the augmented tech you talked about. This is a very, very big deal, in my opinion, it changes everything we know.


Gideon: "It does."


Bill: What's scary is you're saying it's already in us. We couldn't have avoided it?


Gideon: "No, not unless you lived on an organic farm completely cut off from society for the past three years, and only consumed that food. Even animal feed is compromised, so your animal feed would have to be organic and clean, as well.


The problem is, even the organic feed companies were compromised. You would need to source the animal feed yourself. Almost no one does that."


Bill: Right, we talked about this in a past Intel Drop, this nano tech will go into everything, into the animals, all we eat.


Gideon: "It already has."


Bill: Did the uprising in The Netherlands, over the farmers, have to do with this?


Gideon: "It did, but it was a cover for a major secret cabal operation. The farmers were not aware of it, but they unwittingly played into the cabal's hands on it." 


Bill: One thing I learned is that The Netherlands produces an enormous amount of the world's food. This is true, right?


Gideon: "Yes, it is, so compromising that food supply was key and critical. Many other food supply chains have been compromised as well."


Bill: Is this why all of those food processing plants were burned down and blown up a year or two ago?


Gideon: "That was part of the operation, so that food had to be funnelled through fewer companies, more cabal-controlled operations. In some instances, evidence was also covered up. There were some food workers who discovered the plot. Many of them were murdered and this did not make the news."


Bill: This is incredible. I mean, we think we know what's going on, but then we don't. We're getting half the picture it seems like.


Gideon: "The tragedy is that many of my sources were compromised, and they did not know it. They are good people. Like the whistle blowers, they were fed some false info, or a mix of truth and lies. People they trusted betrayed them. People who they relied on for intel betrayed them. A lot has gone on behind the scenes, whereby relationships and networks of communication have completely broken down the past month."


Bill: You mean, since all this disinfo is being rooted out?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Are you leading the way on this?


Gideon: "I am a part of it, but there are others who knew even more than me. We are really working hard to find the best intel, find what we can really verify and rely on. What has not changed is that CSRQ is a real system being developed, USDR is the future digital currency and that a global Reset will happen. None of that has changed based on all of the feedback I get."


Bill: The whistle blowers are in contact with a high-level person at CSRQ. How is that going?


Gideon: "Very well. That person saved our operation, saved our team. They took a step of courage to do what they have done, and I am very impressed with the attention to detail they took to ensure they were successful."


Bill: How do you mean?


Gideon: "Well, I have since found out they are very well-trained in certain tactics, things the cabal had taught them and that they are now using against the cabal." 


Bill: This might sound a little far out, but do you think they have a guide, like you do?


Gideon: "I believe they do."


Bill: You know more, but you don't want to say it?


Gideon: "Yes, it is best for their protection."


Bill: So, at this point, we know the tech has been in the food, and now it's in us. This has nothing to do with the vaccine, right? I mean, those who didn't take the vaccine have this tech, too?


Gideon: "We all have the nano tech augmentation in us. If we ate anything past three years, we have it. If we ate organic or even healthy, it did not matter. It is in us."


Bill: Some people won't believe the tech could exist, but we know it can easily exist and has for years. Can you discuss that? Because people will dismiss us and say some kind of nano tech in the food isn't even possible.


Gideon: "If someone doubts that this technology could exist, they are either a cabal agent or simply highly ill-informed or not informed at all.


It was never a matter of whether the cabal could do this, they could. It was a matter of when, and how. Now we know. It is the worst-case scenario. It has already been deployed. We also know, or we believe we know, how it is activated."


Bill: How?


Gideon: "Starlink."


Bill: The satellites?


Gideon: "Yes, and there are over 5,000 already in orbit. They litter the skies, and they can monitor and track every person on Earth."


Bill: Not 5G, then? All I heard about for years was the dangers of 5G.


Gideon: "5G was another cabal disinfo campaign. That is why we did not discuss it often in our Intel Drops, it was a distraction from what was really going on. I knew sometime ago it was, so we have spoken more about Starlink, which is something the gatekeepers and conspiracy groups never even talk about. That shows you right there now disinfo works, distracting people with one thing and steering them away from another."


Bill: True, they never talk about Starlink and people seem to love Elon Musk. But is 5G dangerous at all?


Gideon: "It is not healthy to be exposed to it for a long time, but it has short range. It appears the cabal wanted to use it for facial recognition and close-range mapping. I do not know how it works entirely. For the interim, it is used for high speed data transmission in some cities.


I personally believe it was a major cabal disinfo campaign to distract people and send people in the wrong direction, but that is not to say 5G is a good thing, either."


Bill: I almost need a moment to just rest and take this all in. Can we take a break? I still want to talk to you, I just mean privately.


Gideon: "Yes."


(Conversation resumes)


Bill: Ok, I cleared some things up. I just don't want to waste time here, people will have questions and I want to make sure I cover it all. We need to talk a lot more about the nano tech, and the augmented tech. What is it?


Gideon: "I will give you the best knowledge I have at this time. I am going to take my time with this response, Bill. 


It is in our bloodstream, basically, but more to the point, it collects in our bone marrow, and parts of the brain, the heart and solar plexus. 


It is difficult to see with most microscopes, but it can be seen with certain electron microscopes. Some people have discovered it and mistook it for vaccine remnants. What was found was not related to the vaccines, necessarily, it was related to the nano tech that was being dispensed through the food supply.


In fact, the issuance of the vaccines may have been partly a cover for this huge nano food supply deployment, to explain why strange things were appearing in blood. People thought it was the vaccine, and in part, it may have been, but we now believe that was a cover for this augmented nano tech. 


It appears a type of graphene is involved in the construction, but they are self-assembling, and once they enter the body they begin to 'build' themselves into more complex but microscopic structures. We think Starlink actually 'signals' the nano particles and tells them what to do and directs them, through some kind of mass signalling from space. It is also possible these same signals could come from Wifi or cell towers, too. In any case, it is completely impossible to avoid all of the EMF waves that are directing this nano tech within our bodies to perform self-assembly and greater complexity.


What is alleged is that they can drain energy from the human soul, which is located reportedly in the centre of the chest, near or within the heart, or a bit below the heart. Contrary to some assumptions, the soul is not in the brain, it does not reside there.
The soul vibrates at a higher resonance than this dimension, thus making it difficult for scientific instruments to detect it, just as they cannot figure out what Dark Energy is, which is not 'dark' at all, it is simply 95% of the rest of the Universe our scientists cannot see or understand, and our souls are included in that.


The cabal is, in fact, obsessed with the human soul, controlling it, harvesting it and capturing it."


Bill: I don't want to interrupt, but how does the soul stay in the body? I mean, what keeps it in there.


Gideon: "During death, if the heart stops long enough, something causes the soul to be released, or better put, ejected from the body quickly. Often, a soul will hover over their body for a bit, then eventually follow a light and leave this dimension and enter the next, the astral.


But to answer your question, I do not know the exact mechanism that keeps it connected to the body."


Bill: I have a million questions now, but I don't want to get off track on what this nano tech does. Can you describe the purpose of this augmented nano tech?


Gideon: "The ultimate purpose of the nano tech is multi-fold, so let us go over that.


First, it can cause harm, disease and kill a person, when activated. The cabal is extremely excited, reportedly, about its multi-faceted abilities to control people in this way, or eliminate them.


Second, it can control the mind, induce hallucinations, vocal sounds in the mind, and issue audible commands. 


Third, it can record thoughts and upload them to a sort of 'cloud' the cabal controls that will store a person's thoughts. 


Forth, it has other purposes with respect to the soul itself we do not fully understand or know about. We have suspicious it can harvest the soul's energy, attach itself to the soul semi-permanently, and keep the soul trapped in this dimension after death so the soul cannot ascend to God or reach Heaven."


Bill: You told me about a black plasma grid, what is that?


Gideon: "Some kind of artificial structure the Starlink satellites are building around Earth. We have no further information, except it may have to do with interfacing with the nano tech and trapping the soul from escaping this realm after death.


These are the most terrifying implications of this technology, because it separates us from God."


Bill: Is it the Mark of the Beast?


Gideon: "It is possible, but the way it was deployed, without anyone knowing, violated God's Laws."


Bill: Of course it did. But maybe it's not the Mark?


Gideon: "I do not want to really speculate, because I simply do not know."


Bill: This is so much to take in, I can't even think straight right now. What about the Sovereigns? They're going to be ok?


Gideon: "They will. The antidote is some kind of compound mixture that will be provided to all Sovereigns in some way. It will be something you drink once and it will dissolve all of the nano assemblies completely."


Bill: How will they know where to get it?


Gideon: "The CSRQ app we will have access to will describe what to do and where to go. As long as we have our Biometric ID, we will have access, one way or another. We will be able to enter that into an app, on our phones, or computers, or even at banking locations, and we will be given instructions. There will probably be nondescript locations to retrieve the antidote, or it may even be delivered to our homes."


Bill: Couldn't a Sovereign go to the news and tell the world about it?


Gideon: "They could, but they would not do that. It would mean they would be killed, their family would be killed, and furthermore, the information would be quickly censored to begin with. No Sovereign has that motivation at all to begin with. They are looking out for themselves. They will covet and protect this information with their lives."


Bill: Of course, I forget sometimes most of them, well, all of them are just completely selfish and evil. Do you think we could get this antidote and give it to others and save everyone else?


Gideon: "I would expect only enough will be produced for the 10 Million or so Sovereigns in the world, and beyond that, it is not likely much more would be made to save anyone else. I do not think the cabal would want that to even be a possibility, nor would I expect the ingredients would be released so it could be manufactured."


Bill: Right, of course. Then what do we do?


Gideon: "I want this information out, in the hopes it does something to stop it. But, I fear it is not enough. Our Intel Drops seem to make a small difference, they seem to impact the timelines the cabal is looking at, but we are just staving off the inevitable. Not enough people read these or are aware of any of this, Bill. It breaks my heart."


Bill: I know. Michael posted something about that on our Twitter, why we can't get through and reach people, but the gatekeepers do. People just aren't waking up in time, and we're still being attacked by agents. Some of them are really nasty and demonic.


Gideon: "We do not believe this can be stopped. All we can do is work with the whistle blowers and work with our team, at this point."


Bill: How has our pipeline program been going?


Gideon: "Good, but agents have tried to infiltrate it. We expected that, but it has slowed some progress. We are dealing with some threats right now. Michael knows, you know, we just have to deal with it. I pray we will not be exposed or our team compromised."


Bill: It is working, though, right?


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: We have to fit into how CSRQ works, what the cabal is doing, it's stressful getting USDR. I wish there was a way around it, but there doesn't seem to be.


Gideon: "There is no reason to stress over it, Bill, because we are being given an incredible opportunity no one else has."


Bill: You're right, you're absolutely right. I guess that's for our protected pages to discuss, not here? 


Gideon: "It will be kept for our private pages, yes."


Bill: Ok, let me get back on track here. Can you give a synopsis of what's going to happen in 2024, for example? What's your best prediction?


Gideon: "2024 and 2025 are critical dates for the cabal, because everything must be completed by 2030. They will have five or six years to get it done. Any shorter time period, and they know they will not be able to. 


We are also looking at a possible magnetic pole flip in 2025, which is going to play into the cabal's hands because they are prepared for it. We are up against what will be two hellish years for mankind."


Bill: Do you think the magnetic pole flip is disinfo?


Gidoen: "At this time, all of my sources are confident it is going to happen and the cabal knows as well."


Bill: You said the cabal will come out with this free energy tech during this magnetic flip, but with strings attached. That has to do with CSRQ, of course, but also this augmented tech, right?


Gideon: "Correct. By 2025, humanity will have experienced tremendous upheaval and strife. The cabal will announce their protective, life-saving technology and measures to save us all from this pole flip, and it will involve the augmented tech and free energy.


People will have to accept total enslavement. It will not be presented that way, of course, but it will be enslavement. 


We still do not know for sure how the augmented tech will be revealed, or if the cabal will tell the truth that it was in the food supply, or explain it as some virus or even effects of the magnetic flip. We simply do not know for sure, we just know the augmented tech exists and it is already in us. It is also possible no one will be told about it."


Bill: When will Sovereigns get the antidote?


Gideon: "Very likely early to mid 2024 this will be provided. They will ensure all 10 Million Sovereigns receive it before 2025, and before the augmented tech is activated by Starlink."


Bill: That makes sense. So, we have some time, not a lot, but some.


Gideon: "We have almost no time, because our pipeline program may not even be feasible for much longer. CSRQ may come online in early 2024. We have very little time to prepare for this."


Bill: I still can't comprehend how horrible this is, that the nano tech is already in us. Is there any natural way to flush it out?


Gideon: "I have asked about this and I have been told it is impossible. It is so deeply embedded in our bodies, and by design, it is that way. The cabal did not want a household or natural remedy to rid us of it, so it was designed to act as an aggressive parasite and flood our bodies, and even integrate and self-assemble within us using our own cells and proteins.


I was also told if such a natural remedy were made, the nano tech may activate and kill us if it detects it is being flushed out. The antidote is designed to be the only way to get it out." 


Bill: Now that I know I have it in me, right now, that makes me uncomfortable. It makes me even more scared if my Sovereign status got revoked. If our team is found out or compromised, we are finished. 


Gideon: "We would be, yes."


Bill: What has your guide said about the nano tech?


Gideon: "Well, a conversation I had with them many months ago now has very new meaning. They did tell me, I just did not realize it. They know everything about it. But, I have not spoke to them since my own sources confirmed it for me."


Bill: Will you be speaking to your guide again, or soon? I hope so.


Gideon: "I rely on emergency communications from them, and they have not contacted me. I will await word. They are always there at the right time, I find."


Bill: I understand. What about non-Sovereigns? All the good people out there? I feel horrible for them. What can be done?


Gideon: "I do not know, Bill. I want to do more. I wish we could tell the whole world, but our reach is very limited. We are blocked at every turn from getting the information out."


Bill: You mentioned privately there's a lot of predictive-programming in movies and TV for this augmented tech, this nano soul tech, but that nobody has documented it yet. Can you explain what you mean?


Gideon: "No one is looking for augmented nano tech that will compromise the mind, body and soul. They are looking at other things, but not specifically this.


They are looking at movies that predict viruses, that predict cyberattacks, that predict types of trans-humanism, or dystopian realities, but they are not looking at a nano tech introduced into the food supply that will compromise us spiritually.


If they do look for that, they will find many films and TV shows specifically talk about it, but of course it will be hidden as well."


Bill: Should people start looking?


Gideon: "They can, but there is no time for that now."


Bill: I worry about those who are not Sovereign. What will happen to them?


Gideon: "They are in a difficult position. If they accept CSRQ, they will be enslaved by the cabal but be provided for in some way. Given some USDR, some food, but they will have to go along with everything, the trans-humanist agenda and they will be destroyed in every way by this, spiritually.


Their soul energy will be slowly siphoned-off by the augmented nano tech in their bodies, and when they die, their souls may not even be able to ascend to Heaven or reach God. They may end up in this matrix trap the cabal is building.


If they do not accept CSRQ, then Starlink will activate the nano tech to either kill them and keep them trapped in the Earth dimension, give them disease, engage in gang-stalking via mind-voice tech, and this where I have heard people will see a red demon."


Bill: Will people try to commit suicide to escape it?


Gideon: "Yes, but the nano tech can take over the mind to stop a person from doing that, if the cabal wants to keep them alive."


Bill: I don't think I can handle any more of this. I'm emotionally not taking this well.


Gideon: "It devastated me when I learned more of this, but then I prayed and asked for God's protection and guidance and I was filled with renewed hope.


Bill, we can stop this, our team can stop CSRQ. Do not lose sight of our mission."


Bill: You're right, I won't, I can't, you're right, that's our whole goal here.


Gideon: "It is. We will defeat them."


Bill: You said you wanted two parts to this, and I agree, this is too big for just one Intel Drop. We'll continue on later, and post that soon. When should that be, in a week?


Gideon: "As soon as we can."


Bill: Understood. I feel like a lot of this ties into our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series. Do you want to update that, too?


Gidoen: "I do. We have a new, better understanding of what is playing out now. It has all tied together. The pieces we had are now parts of a clearer whole.


We can see the cabal has put great importance on the year 2030, they have an agenda to compromise the soul itself, and the vaccine was really only a prelude to a much bigger, much more secret and insidious operation, and that is the nano tech food supply operation.


All of this needs to be discussed in more detail, Bill, and we need to plan to do that."


Bill: We will and we have to. I'll let you go. God bless.


Gideon: "You as well. Goodnight."




URGENT ALERT: A new, efficient pipeline has been developed to convert Common, Restricted and Quarantined classed individuals to Sovereign class within CSRQ (social credit system).


This new method will not use any personal identifying information. Instead, we will use a letter and number identifier passcode that will be shared with the individual inquiring, provided by the whistle blowers and kept safe by our team through encrypted methods.


To begin this process, write to the email - SovPipeline@proton.me (copy and paste) - with the title, "CSRQ Class Change"


You will receive an email reply with detailed instructions and basic steps. Expect a reply within 2 to 3 days, so please check your email periodically throughout the week. (Add "SovPipeline@proton.me" to your contacts or white list so you receive the reply and so it is not blocked by your email provider.)


The steps to perform this action are time-sensitive, and it is expected this process will not be available after 2024.


Update: We continue to see serious problems with email. Emails like MSN, Me, iCloud, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Gmx, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and many others routinely BLOCK and CENSOR our emails. These email providers are also known to read your emails and offer no security at all. No one should be using them, but many people who contact us are using them.


We recommend opening an anonymous account using Proton.me, Skiff.com, Hushmail.com, Tutanota.com or Dnmx.org (service for Dnmx.org may not be reliable). These providers are end to end encrypted, and have proven they do not block our emails.


Update: If you need help setting up Telegram (without using your real phone number), write to us at: securecommssov@proton.me - title "TG Account". We will provide the steps to create an anonymous Telegram account so that your real, personal phone number is not connected to it.


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Update: If you have recently found our information, we recommend reading all of our posts going back to July of 2022, which have covered a multitude of issues in detail. You can find an introductory article here, our new Intel Drops here, and our older (censored) Intel Drops and (censored) website backed-up here via PDF (Telegram link for download), Google Drive PDF (Intel Drop #1 starts at page 105) or here via the Wayback Machine.


Note: We also recommend reading our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops for the full context of what is transpiring from a spiritual perspective (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3).


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