Intel Drop #26 - CSRQ & The Food Supply Threat

"The cabal is planning to introduce something into the food supply. It is going to put anyone who is not Sovereign in CSRQ in a very difficult position."

Intel Drop #26 - CSRQ & The Food Supply Threat



January 10, 2023


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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: There's a ton of things we need to get into. Let's start with this news you brought to me about what the whistle blowers said to you recently, can we get into that?


Gideon: "Yes, we may."


Bill: You told me you got a message from them and there was some stressful back and forth, maybe tell everyone what you told me, or what you can reveal?


Gideon: "This is the first time I have heard them say they are prepared to quit their jobs, to genuinely walk away. This would be out of conscience, and the fact they do not want to be a part of it any longer."


Bill: But we all agree that's not possible, right?


Gideon: "Yes, because of their safety. There is no plausible way they could quit without it bringing attention to them. They have agreements, clearances, and so on. They have had to just put their heads down and work on something they have deep moral disagreements with."


Bill: Ok, but people must quit now and then, right? There would have to be reasons workers quit, maybe they get sick, and then they need to find someone to replace that person.


Gideon: "That does happen. In their case, they believe since there is already suspicion there are people leaking information who are working on this project, there will be intense scrutiny of anyone who quits. They are going to look at that person, and they do not want to be looked at. It would be a risk, a life and death one."


Bill: To me, they're doing good work, even if they morally disagree with it.


Gideon: "They believe that, I think. This was more about the frustration they are feeling."


Bill: I understand. What they saw was really upsetting. I'll let you explain that.


Gideon: "I do not want to say anything that could lead back to them, something specific. For example, if I said they had a briefing on such a day, at such a time, that would be certainly unwise. So, I will simply state what they now know, and what I now know. The cabal is planning to introduce something into the food supply. It is going to put anyone who is not Sovereign in CSRQ in a very difficult position."


Bill: What exactly are they going to do?


Gideon: "The cabal has developed some kind of a vaccine they can put into food. But it is not a vaccine, or anything like that. It is their nano technology. There was always a question of delivery, because an injection is the best way to put something into someone. But it appears they now have the ability to add these nano crystals to food, without detection, and without them degrading or without an issue with them reaching the bloodstream."


Bill: So they don't care about consent anymore? They're going to just put this nano crap they created into the food? Will they announce it or not?


Gideon: "No, they do not care about consent any longer. It is classified now, and I would say it is safe to say it will not be made public."


Bill: This is maybe the first example I've seen where they are just going right past free will, they are not holding back.


Gideon: "No, they are not, and that is why the whistle blowers told me they want to quit, or thought about it. They believe this goes too far, way too far. But as we said, it is not really an option, and they know it is not. They have to keep working, and using that access to do whatever good they can."


Bill: They aren't directly working on this, though, are they?


Gideon: "Not currently, no. But it is likely they will have to work on some of the systems in place for it. They would need to stress test those applications. So, they will report to me when or if that happens."


Bill: I know there's things you can't say, too, things you told me in private. It's really worse than what you're saying here.


Gideon: "Yes, it is."


Bill: Can you at least give people some general idea of how this program is going to work?


Gideon: "The cabal already knows there will be a resistance to forced vaccination, and that this resistance is actually growing. So, they are simply going to bypass any conflict in the way of introducing this new vaccine, and they are actually going to introduce this technology they have directly to the food supply."


Bill: This is such a big change in how they're going to do this. Are they still going to use the drones, the threats, the military, the police, to push around the people who resist?


Gideon: "They absolutely will. But there may not be a direct or forced vaccination plan in the obvious sense or literal sense we assumed, with needles and a solution injected by a nurse or doctor. This is a different direction."


Bill: I really couldn't see them putting together some forced vaccination thing, even though we speculated about it. I can see it in my mind, but it just seemed like it's not how they'd go about this. My gut feeling on that, anyway.


Gideon: "Well, this solves some issues for them. It can be done secretly, there is no consent needed, and it achieves their goals without protest. What we will likely see is a targeted, case by case response to those who are very obstinate and who refuse to comply. But I do not think it will be a widespread campaign, as in troops going door to door. It will be surgical in nature, and will not make the news or headlines."


Bill: If they're going to put something into the food supply, they've done this before, sort of, but a little different, like with fluoride in the water.


Gideon: "Yes, water fluoridation is usually introduced through a vote or ballot measure. The public has input. The public is, at least, told about it. They can go to their city council and complain, or protest, or show some opposition. Or, they can try to filter their water or get it from another source. They, at least, have a choice and they are informed of what is going on. But this is very different."


Bill: This is way beyond that. We won't be able to trust our food at all.


Gideon: "Sovereigns will, but not anyone else."


Bill: How do Sovereigns avoid it? Will they be told about it?


Gideon: "The whistle blowers said they will be informed of what foods not to eat. They are going to introduce these nano crystals into a group of fairly common foods, is our understanding. We do not have that list right now. My speculation is it would be a variety of things like wheat, dairy, meat and sugars."


Bill: Wouldn't they be worried a few rogue Sovereigns would leak the list of safe or not safe foods?


Gideon: "No, they are not worried. First, they are assuming their Sovereigns will not leak the information widely, which I would agree with, they will not. If they do and they are caught, they will not only lose Sovereign status, they will likely be targeted for death. So we do not see why any of them would risk that. They already agree with the agenda to begin with. We are also expecting a greater lock-down of information on the Internet. Once that is in place, that list will not spread quite as far."


Bill: So the information will get out, this list of foods, but maybe not like some of these other things have spread around?


Gideon: "That is the assumption. After CSRQ is initiated, they are assuming this information about the food will not be widely known, or even believed in the first place, and within a few months Billions of people will have already consumed these nano crystals. By the time the information might be more widely known, it would be too late."


Bill: There's been stories about mNRA vaccines being put in meat and food, so this is not even new. Were those stories foreshadowing, or a way of telling us what they're going to do before they do it?


Gideon: "Yes. The plan has already been revealed. But this is more deceptive than expected. We do not believe they will make this public. You will unknowingly consume it, if you were not reading this Intel Drop or not aware of this plan."


Bill: Ok, what do we know about the nano crystals themselves?


Gideon: "We have seen this phenomena of vaccinated people transmitting Bluetooth signals. You have to understand, that was testing. It is not intended for the first round of this program, which is designed to kill. That was all a test for this technology, which I have said for months. The real use for this nano technology will be for the non-vaccinated who they want to live and survive, but they want them marked."


Bill: Now, you say mark, do you consider this the Mark of the Beast?


Gideon: "I do. The way they are doing this without consent is a reflection of how the rules have changed, how the cabal has changed these rules and no longer is honouring rules from the past. To me, this is the mark, and we have to be ready for it.


The current crop of vaccines is not the mark, but they are a death sentence and they do separate you spiritually from God. They allow the cabal to claim your soul. What is being planned now, what is coming once CSRQ is online, that is different, it has a different purpose for us."


Bill: So people won't really have a choice then, in taking the mark. Wouldn't God intervene to stop that?


Gideon: "I cannot speak to what God would or would not do. Only God knows that. We must operate on what we know, what we can prove, and we know this plan is in place to put this in the food. You will not want to consume this. My hope is God will use us, as Sovereigns in CSRQ, to stop this. Maybe that is His plan."


Bill: What will happen to the people who eat these foods?


Gideon: "We can already see what will happen, Bill, because some of this was tested on the vaccinated. We see the hydra parasite is present, we see the Bluetooth tech is within the blood, and there is much more. Whether this is the exact same formulation, I do not know, I just know it has already been tested. Once in the body, you are marked."


Bill: Do you think these weird UV street lights play into this? What about Starlink? 5G?


Gideon: "Yes, they do, they all do. It will all be activated once this mark is in people. It is already in some of the vaccinated, but they are secondary to this."


Bill: This is a lot to take in, maybe we need a break just to process it.


Gideon: "We can take a moment, that is fine."


Bill: Ok, I'm going to segue here. I'm looking at my notes, and I didn't want to forget to bring this up. Anyway, I try to spend my time keeping an eye on things online, what the gatekeepers are up to, how the narrative is shifting. Lately, I've seen some popular posts from skeptics saying, 'Why would the cabal want to kill off the compliant? That doesn't make sense.' It strikes me as agent-speak. Maybe you can address that again.


Gideon: "To ask that question suggests to me the person either has a severe lack of understanding of how the cabal operates, or yes, it is an agent trying to muddy the waters.


Let us be very clear, they have no problem killing off Billions of people, even if those people are the most compliant, most brainwashed. They do not need them, and they do not need them on this Earth. In fact, they need them in the next life. That is another level of spiritual understanding not even needed to understand why they would do this.


In a very simple sense, they are achieving their goals with a mass culling. Who is left over are those who resisted, and this is not a problem for them."


Bill: These skeptics think this is a big problem, that they killed off the gullible. They think it brings it all into question whether the vaccines are really bad or not. It's definitely a subversive line of questioning.


Gideon: "You have to understand the reward they get if they conquer those like you or me, or mark them. We are the true prize, Bill. They do not need or care about the sheep, not anymore. The usefulness of the sheep has come and gone. They are planning to create a very different world. We spoke before about it, a feudal technocracy. They don't need Billions of mindless sheep for that to function. In fact, it is more advantageous for them to have a smaller population, tightly controlled."


Bill: Before, we thought they would push some forced vaccination campaign, something we would obviously resist. Now it looks very different. Will they still push a pandemic?


Gideon: "I still expect a pandemic. But what I am seeing now is more fear being pushed to shore up the booster shots, and finish off the gullible. That is their focus. It is much less a focus to try to get you or me vaccinated right now, they know we will never take it, no matter what virus nonsense they push."


Bill: That makes sense. They got a lot of people to take these, but you think they want to just push it a little more?


Gideon: "Yes, a few more needles into the arms, is what they want, for the compliant. So, you see some fear being pushed on that front."


Bill: Will the vaccinations end once CSRQ comes online?


Gideon: "We expect so, or lessened. The cabal's focus after CSRQ will be on the hold-outs and deploying these nano crystals via the food supply."


Bill: Our Intel Drops only get about 5,000 views, and the gatekeepers refuse to post them or share them. We're banned on GLP and other conspiracy sites. We'll barely be able to save anyone. Meanwhile, the dumbest Q Anon groups have 500,000 members on Telegram, multiple groups like this. I get really frustrated with this and I feel like we're losing the battle.


Gideon: "We have lost the information war. The next battle is after CSRQ comes online, what we can do to bring it down as Sovereigns. I see no other way we win."


Bill: Do you think revealing this will get the agents back on our case?


Gideon: "I expect more disruptions, Bill. You saw they already began to change their tactics. But they will be much more pro-active if we ever released the real list of the foods to avoid. That could potentially get everything erased."


Bill: The agents are using a couple of fake accounts with my name trying to contact people, we warned about that. We also had to delete some things from the Telegram someone posted. What's funny is, after they were banned, they deleted their account. Same agent tactic as always.


Gideon: "They are watching us. They know we are only reaching a few people, we are contained, but for them, this information is coming directly from the source, from those working on CSRQ, so we will always be a concern for them."


Bill: We want to warn people, but after CSRQ comes online you told me we'll have to go dark, and all this will be removed by us, is that right?


Gideon: "We will need to do that, yes. We will not be able to keep issuing public warnings. At that point, or possibly before CSRQ comes online, we will have to remove everything that is public and focus on our Sovereign team privately."


Bill: I think it's the right thing, but can you explain why we would need to do that?


Gideon: "Once CSRQ is online, if all of this is still up and operational, the risk of us being exposed is even greater. We cannot risk that. Our greatest strength will be in what we can do after CSRQ is online as Sovereigns secretly hiding within this system. That will be the priority.


Our secondary priority is to inform the public, but as our reach is so small and so few people have grasped these truths, and we are already censored so much, it is becoming clear to me the Intel Drops are not doing enough good. They already bring risk to us."


Bill: How much longer do we have to inform the public, a few weeks or months?


Gideon: "A few months, at the most."


Bill: Do you think we will be able to get a list of foods in time to warn people? Because if we don't, people won't be able to eat anything after CSRQ comes online. They won't know what's safe.


Gideon: "It is classified at the highest level, but we do expect Sovereigns will be given that information. Our Sovereigns have their Biometric IDs, and that will give them access to that information post-Reset, whereas Common, Restricted or Quarantined classes will not have access. But it concerns me we may not get that food list in time to warn everyone."


Bill: Well, we all have to eat to live, I'm guessing it's going to be in quite a few common foods, but things the Sovereigns can easily avoid, too.


Gideon: "Yes, and Sovereigns will be directed to certain brands over others. I would expect it will be a specific list of a wide range of foods, but there will be enough exceptions that Sovereigns can safely and easily eat any diet they want.


But I am speculating. It is possible more expensive foods that the other classes will be priced out of will be free of the nano crystals, creating a natural firewall whereby only Sovereigns can afford to purchase those foods."


Bill: The Sovereigns don't want these nano crystals in their bodies, do they?


Gideon: "No, not at all, not under any circumstances. The program going forward is not for them. They want to remain pure, from everything we can gather."


Bill: Ok, I've seen them talk about life extension and trans-humanism, don't they want that for themselves?


Gideon: "They do, but not this. The nano crystals serve as the mark, and will have a wide range of functionality that they do not want in their own bodies. My suspicion is there will be some detrimental effects of the nano crystals possibly to cognitive function, as well. Certainly, the Sovereigns do not want to be exposed to that."


Bill: The vaccinated are going to eat this stuff, too, what will that do to them?


Gideon: "It will do everything it is intended to do, as the mark, but they will not likely live much past the year 2030. Their role is to support CSRQ when it comes online, which they will, to provide that buffer, but they are intended to eventually expire."


Bill: You've mentioned the year 2030 a few times, how important is that date?


Gideon: "It appears to be quite important. It is important to the cabal, to get all of this sorted out by then."


Bill: For people reading now, they are going to be afraid to eat anything sooner or later, what can they do?


Gideon: "Being Sovereign will be the only way out of this, because you will be given the list of foods to avoid. We will try to get that information out, but by the time CSRQ comes online, we do not expect to have any online presence. I also believe if we do release that list, all of our online accounts will be immediately erased to begin with. All of this will be removed."


Bill: Do you think the rumours about the food will get out, though? It seems like it would get leaked, one way or another, by us or someone.


Gideon: "It will get out, but agents will also post false information, too, about what foods are safe. There will be a dozen or so gatekeepers telling you which foods are safe or not, which will just be lies. Who could you trust? There will be another dozen gatekeepers denying this information, and the rest will just never report it at all. The cabal will be ready for this."


Bill: So that means a lot of people will just keep eating and not know what's happening?


Gideon: "We believe that is what the cabal believes will happen. They are not worried about a few leaks. We think they believe they will be able to contain that. All they need is probably a month or two, and by then, everyone will have consumed it. It will not take long at all."


Bill: The food supply has already been under attack a lot. I mean, they've already been doing a lot to disrupt it, so that must have something to do with this.


Gideon: "It does. They needed greater centralization. They want to get rid of, of course, the small farming operations. They need a few, big companies to control all of it, so they have a lot of the organic companies under the control of major conglomerates, they have Whole Foods in their pockets. You have also seen a lot of focus on the meat industry. So this is happening now, in preparation of this."


Bill: How much time do we have?


Gideon: "A few months. We think Summer this comes online, and the latest, Fall."


Bill: Once CSRQ comes online, now your money is controlled through the digital USDR. Now your food is not safe, but you won't know that. I can see now how the resistance can't do much.


Gideon: "Very few people are prepared to go without money and have their own farm. Very few. And those that do, they will be targeted by the military and with drones. They are easy to spot and find. I believe in Australia, there was an incident related to that, a compound off the grid was targeted."


Bill: Yes, I heard about that, a shootout? The group was against the vaccines. Seems like the government went in there and pulled some kind of Waco or Ruby Ridge on them.


Gideon: "That is what will happen to the hold-outs who are able not to use money and who grow their own food. A military gang will go in and just burn it all to the ground."


Bill: The big wrinkle here is there probably won't be a forced vaccination campaign. I always thought that would go too far. That people would just straight up not comply. Now we know.


Gideon: "We do know. The cabal needed to change the rules to do this. Before, they needed your consent. We are beyond that. They will do whatever they want now."


Bill: They seem very confident and arrogant. They promote suicide, just like you said last year that they would. They promote paedophilia, openly. They don't care. They don't care they are exposed.


Gideon: "They do not. The vaccination poisons have been injected into Billions, and it is obvious they are poisons now. Even if a few wake up, what can they do? Nothing. No one will listen. The governments will ignore them. The judges, the prosecutors are all corrupt. They are too late. They are also physically and mentally weakened. They cannot stage a revolt.


Now, for those who resist, they do not realize what they are up against. They believe posting some dissent online, believing in Trump or voting is enough. It is not."


Bill: They're going to do this and we can't stop it, we tried, but we reached a few people but not enough. Then a bunch of people who could have helped us believed the lies of agents and abandoned us.


Gideon: "That is why we have our own plan to defeat this, and why we always had that plan."


Bill: I wanted to quickly bring up what happened to Demar Hamlin, who dropped dead on the field during the Bills and Bengals NFL game. What is your take on this? Do you think it's a psy op? I say this because of the number '3' and the Federal presence at the hospital, and some other odd things.


Gideon: "I have not looked into it beyond reading a few stories about what happened. If you are seeing those things, though, then it is possible."


Bill: I called it a ritual, would that be what it is?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: But could it be legitimate, too, that he had a vaccine injury?


Gideon: "Certainly. It could also be induced, or planned. The injury is real, while the spectacle is staged. He could have been chosen for this because of his player number, which is 3."


Bill: Speaking of these numbers, I posted in Telegram last week that I'm seeing the number '666' everywhere and 6s all the time. We spoke about this privately. Can you tell everyone what you told me?


Gideon: "Well, after speaking with you about this extensively, my conclusion is that what you are experiencing is certainly real. It is a sign. You are being shown something. I do not know from what source, whether a spiritual guide or something more sinister. I do not know. I would say, pray and ask for spiritual protection."


Bill: My gut says it's harbinger. And in light of all this about the mark in the food and these nano crystals, it's like I'm being told the mark is near. The mark is coming. Now you reveal this to me, it's a confirmation, a big one for me.


Gideon: "You are seeing this number, the number of the mark, so that is a significant sign, very significant."


Bill: I said in Telegram I'm not the type to see stuff. This isn't regular for me. It just really, really stood out. I have a friend who also saw it, verified it with me, while we were talking. They saw it, too. It's really scary to me. I've seen the number '666' over and over, in every example, especially being online, the past month and a half or so. Never in my life has this happened.


Gideon: "I would take it as a warning."


Bill: There's a military term, full spectrum dominance, and I see it now. Control the money and control the food. This is their plan, clear as day now. They won't force vaccines into our arms, they don't have to.


Gideon: "No, they do not. We knew there would be a different vaccine with a different purpose, but we did not know how they would deliver that. Now we do."


Bill: People reading I'm sure will want to know the foods to avoid, so I'm going to ask that again, just so we fully cover that. Anything else you know you can add on that?


Gideon: "The cabal will ensure if a person eats during the day, they will consume these nano crystals. That would mean they will include it in a wide variety of foods, to cover all diet habits. Everyone has to eat, some people like diary and meat, others like fruits and vegetables, and others like wheat and bread. It will be delivered across all varieties of foods."


Bill: But food in your garden will be safe, eggs from our chickens. They can't stop that.


Gideon: "No, but very few people have those options. There is also great concern about the food supply being delivered to animals. They will put the nano crystals in that food supply, too, or at least, they are testing that, I know that for a fact. You have heard they want to vaccinate animals. That is this program. You will need to make sure your animal foods are sourced from animals with a proper diet. Most animals are fed GMO grains or worse."


Bill: Well, I think we'd all agree, getting back to the Earth and living off the land is ideal, but then again, makes you an easy target. Do you see a lot more Wacos and Ruby Ridges in the coming years?


Gideon: "Many, many more."


Bill: This Intel Drop was not really planned. We have some others in the pipeline, and I want to get those up. But I'm thinking we should release this, because this is major information. We've had some other conversations and there's more you revealed to me. I think maybe a 'Part 2' for this is something we could do?


Gideon: "We can."


Bill: Ok, because there's a lot more you told me, you were just concerned if it's revealed, everything could get deleted?


Gideon: "I am concerned. It is better we release more vague information, than release more details and it all get removed. I think we can include more of that in our Sovereign private email for January, later this month."


Bill: Sounds good. Before we go, is everything OK on making people Sovereign class in CSRQ? There's been a ton of delays in that, I just want to check in. Some people have been waiting weeks and even months. I feel bad, because some have been waiting so long and haven't heard anything from us. I just have nothing to report to them.


Gideon: "The whistle blowers are doing the best they can. It is up to them if they can access an account and do it safely during their work week, and those opportunities are not as common as they were last year, due to changes in their workload. I do know they are doing their best, so if someone was planned to be changed, it will happen, it just may take a long time."


Bill: Ok, well, I'm just glad they are still doing it. I wish our team was bigger than it is, but I realize there's risks for them and I get that. I have one, last question. I see a ton of climate alarmism, too. What's your take on that? I'm seeing it even from guys like that or Alt Media people, not just the liberals who push climate change.


Gideon: "There is an agenda behind it, because there is nothing going on with the climate that is unusual, anymore than in the past. If we see changes, such as droughts, or melting ice caps, this is not abnormal. The climate has always varied throughout history. There is simply no increase in disasters. If you are older, you know this is not new. You have already seen the worst of the worst decades ago."


Bill: Right, I have. Now they make a fuss about California getting hit with storms. Well, this time of year is the wet season on the West coast, and the state needs the rain. They act like it's the end of the world.


Gideon: "It is normal for California. If some kind of radical change was happening, we are not seeing it. Maybe we will, but we are not yet. We should be far more worried about species decline, the effects of electromagnetism on animals, the effects of glyphosate, the proliferate use of plastics, the pollution of the oceans. The environment is under siege, but not in the ways the media and cabal highlight or focus on."


Bill: What's the reason for the cabal's obsession with carbon and CO2?


Gideon: "Well, we mentioned rituals, and to say they want to reduce carbon is to say they want to reduce carbon-based lifeforms, specifically, humans. So, that may be an explanation. It is a sort of spell they cast on everyone, to use that terminology, because CO2 itself is not a problem."


Bill: I entirely agree. We need to go. Anyway, we'll talk again soon.


Gideon: "We will."




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