Intel Drop #28 - The Cabal's Ritual To End Fiat Currency

"My understanding of what I believed they were doing has evolved dramatically from even a year ago. I see a bigger picture playing out, and it is happening right now."

Intel Drop #28 - The Cabal's Ritual To End Fiat Currency



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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: There's a lot going on, so I've made some notes here to keep me on track. I'm going to go through some rapid fire questions, is that OK?


Gideon: "Yes, let us proceed."


Bill: This egg shortage is alarming, they're burning egg factories down and removing ingredients from chicken feed. It's not speculation, it's happening. The question is, Why? Why would they target eggs?


Gideon: "For a simple reason, Bill. Eggs are one of the most nutritious staples of the Western diet, one of the few sources of actual nutrition that people consume in the West. They want them reduced or eliminated. They want people consuming processed flour, sugar, soy, so-called meat substitutes and refined oils instead. This type of diet weakens people physically, mentally and spiritually, which is what the cabal wants."


Bill: That makes sense. What about the China balloon? Pretty big story that got everyone riled up.


Gideon: "I believe it relates to a World War Three scenario that is on the table and in place. I wish I had more details on this, but it is one area I have had trouble gaining intel. I know it exists, I know they have plans, I know America would be destroyed in this scenario, and it would likely involve Russia and China as aggressors. I simply do not have exact details or a timeline."


Bill: Ok, because any time I've brought this up with you, you haven't really committed to when this might happen or if it will. I definitely agree with you, though, that the plans are there.


Gideon: "I have a source, ex-military, who I trust and rely on. He says the war is going to happen but not now, it is planned for later in the decade. So, a balloon story like this would be something to set the narrative for later on, and not something that indicates something is about to happen. The balloon story, of course, would be key in giving a plausible reason how an EMP or biological attack might take place, one that would be a false flag."


Bill: There's so much war rhetoric and fear right now. Do you think it's possible a World War could break out and we're just not seeing how close it really is?


Gideon: "It is possible, but I place the likelihood of that somewhat low. The cabal's priority appears to be CSRQ, USDR and their plans for a Reset. I simply do not have direct intel on that, I just have indicators.


Certainly, the cabal has uses for war, such as Ukraine right now, but a world wide conflagration is a major step they will not take unless they are absolutely sure of it and it precisely fits into a timeline that would usher in world government."


Bill: We've had a lot of questions about the nano food crystals, or vaccines in the food. It's really worrying. Do you want to discuss the new intel you have on that?


Gideon: "Yes. I understand the purpose of it better, what the effects will be."


Bill: What did you learn?


Gideon: "The purpose is to disconnect humans from any kind of spiritual connection they share with God. We have spoke about this before, but this is the first time we see how they will do it. We had speculated they would attempt this through some kind of forced injection, along with the trans-humanist drugs and technology they developed, for example, the Metaverse, but this is different."


Bill: Right, it's part of this bigger plan they have that goes beyond this vaccine genocide, that the end game is to sort of trap the people left alive here on Earth. Is that what this is?


Gideon: "Yes, they are much more focused on those who did not take the vaccine right now. Pushing injections is still part of the agenda, it is still being done, but it is secondary right now. The focus is going to be trapping those who are still pure of blood and healthy. Trapping them economically, of course, and instituting restrictions on money and travel. The bigger agenda, however, goes far beyond that."


Bill: I think the fear everyone has right now is whether these nano crystals are already in the food. Do you know for sure or not?


Gideon: "They have not been deployed yet."


Bill: That's a relief. I know you've learned more about this food vaccine agenda recently, can you get into where you learned that information?


Gideon: "Yes, a source who has fairly intricate knowledge of this program. They are scared for their lives, so I will use my words carefully."


Bill: Did they contact you, or did you contact them?


Gideon: "After Intel Drop 26, when we revealed this food vaccination plan, a source of mine said they had someone I needed to talk to, someone with knowledge. We made arrangements so no trace of that relationship could be made, to protect them."


Bill: I know how you operate, so I know they're in good hands. Are they safe now?


Gideon: "They are safe, yes."


Bill: Can you say at all in what way or capacity they're involved with this program?


Gideon: "At a level in which they would have direct knowledge. They also provided for me verification of their position and background."


Bill: Do they work for a big food company, like Procter and Gamble? Are those companies involved?


Gideon: "I cannot say, but yes, all of the major food manufacturers are involved."


Bill: Ok, so what did they tell you that you didn't know? What did they reveal?


Gideon: "The cabal's goal, whether they can do it or not, I do not know, but the goal is to disrupt or disconnect the human soul from any kind of spiritual connection to God. It is more complex than that, but I am putting it in simple terms people can understand. They want the soul disconnected from the source, would be another way to put it.


It goes without saying, they do not want people believing in God, a higher power or that there is a spiritual realm or afterlife, this has been part of their agenda for a long time. That is not news to you or I, or those reading. This program is different, though, in that they want to physically remove the capacity for belief and faith using nano technology."


Bill: What did your source say about these nano vaccines and how they work, or how they can even do that?


Gideon: "They said the soul is attached to the body through the heart and brain, and this technology will attack those areas and create a 'resonance field' that disconnects the soul from higher dimensional contact.


They said this had been tested and researched for years, and was extremely difficult to achieve. They said the introduction of A.I. into their research and development departments greatly accelerated their understanding of how this can be done, and they said they believe it can now be done."


Bill: Were there test subjects? People they tested this on? What happened to them?


Gideon: "Yes, many. As expected, those who were exposed or consumed this nano tech became atheistic or had no interest in spiritual matters. But the most shocking change was that they sought and yearned for the A.I., they wanted to always talk to the A.I. I was told these were recent tests done over the past year, when the technology was finalized.


This is where the cabal is going to integrate this into everyday life, into a Metaverse-like model of existence, whereby we live in these so-called 15 minute cities and spend most of our time online, on devices, connected and controlled by A.I. It seems these nano crystals in the food are a key part of this."


Bill: It's just incredible, because if you go back to our previous Intel Drop in December about A.I., you warned a lot about this. It's like the A.I. will become a replacement for God. Am I going in the right direction here?


Gideon: "Yes. My own suspicions were confirmed in speaking with this person. My understanding of what I believed they were doing has evolved dramatically from even a year ago. I see a bigger picture playing out, and it is happening right now."


Bill: Sometimes I go back and look at our notes, all these conversations we've had for a year, and I really see what you mean. Before, we knew the vaccines were bad, and we knew they had some plan for this Reset, but now it's much more clear.


Gideon: "It is. The more I reach out to sources, the more research I do, the better I grasp what they are doing. It is not always obvious what the cabal is doing or why. I still do not know the full picture, I have parts of it. I am not foolish enough to think or believe I know it all, I do not."


Bill: Going back to this nano vaccine, any side-effects or anything you learned? I'm curious, because I want people to be able to know if they've consumed these and maybe they can detect side-effects and stop.


Gideon: "Test subjects stopped dreaming completely, was one thing they noticed, and I suppose, they predicted. Because of this, they will need to emphasize attachment and reliance on the Metaverse, or getting people to keep their phones on while they sleep or other ways to induce some kind of hypnotic state. They actually look forward to this, because they want to synthesize or emulate false dreams and place them in the sleeping person's mind.


I was told they cannot do this otherwise, that unless this soul disconnect takes place, a person will dream and those dreams cannot be easily manipulated. By removing this connection, the dreams stop and they can be replaced with something artificial. The source said some of the lead scientists on the project were gleeful over some of these discoveries and accomplishments."


Bill: Ok, so your source was against all this? They must be, if they spoke to you.


Gideon: "They eventually turned against the project, yes. They said others did, too, in private, or confessed misgivings to them, but they would do nothing to stop it. They would not quit or retire in protest, or even attempt to sabotage it, because of their Sovereign status. They know what is going to happen, and even though some were against it in private, they did not want to give that up."


Bill: What cowards, they're cowards then.


Gideon: "My source was disgusted by it, but said they were not shocked. They said everyone working on these nano crystals was afraid of them and did not want to eat the food they will be in, and they want the safe food list which they will get eventually as Sovereigns."


Bill: Did your source have Sovereign status?


Gideon: "I cannot discuss anything relating to my source, where they worked, nothing personal. What I have revealed so far is as far as I can go. They risked enough coming to me, and knowing I would discuss some of this here and now. I just appreciate their insight, because it helped me and will help us all understand better what we are facing here."


Bill, Ok, I definitely understand that. What else, what about physical effects?


Gideon: "There was something about this resonance field, that it is hard to break the soul and body connection if the person is healthy. So, they do not want people healthy at all. It may tie into the egg shortage, I would suspect it does."


Bill: After you eat food with this stuff in it, how quick are the effects? And how much do you have to eat until it effects you?


Gideon: "The effects take a few days, and it seemed as though you would need to eat at least a few meals before it could take hold. This source said having a bite of something would not be enough, it needed to be at least a couple of meals."


Bill: Ok, what kind of foods are we talking about here? Everything?


Gideon: "Everything. The cabal has spent years consolidating the food industry, and it appears this was part of the reason for it. Organic food companies have been bought up as well. They control probably ninety-five percent of the food supply in the West. The other five percent are local businesses not yet impacted or controlled by the cabal, but that will change once CSRQ comes online and the financial reset occurs."


Bill: So avoiding this is going to be hard for most people?


Gideon: "It will be. Ideally, you would source your food from a local farm, but you also must ensure that local farm is using good practices. You would be amazed what small, independent farmers do, they feed their animals commercially-produced feed from cabal-run conglomerates, they give them vaccines and so on. So, those farms need to be researched because some of them use terrible practices."


Bill: I just saw a story in the media about how it's somehow bad to raise chickens on your own! I'm blown away daily by these confirmations. I just saw Jordan Peterson calling for a special WEF controlled by Israelis, like a supposedly good version of the WEF! It's surreal. We exposed him as Sovereign ages ago, people didn't like that, said we were wrong. Look what he's saying now!


Gideon: "There are confirmations everywhere, Bill."


Bill: Back to the food. We know there will be safe foods. Do you know anymore about that?


Gideon: "I do not have the list. But I do know it will be made available to Sovereigns through some kind of app, like a phone app, when the time comes. I also learned it will rotate, so the safe list will not always be the same foods, and I learned gatekeepers will be ready to push and publish completely false safe food lists to add to the confusion."


Bill: So, for example, ok, you might see Stew Peters telling everyone he has the safe food list, but it's not actually safe?


Gideon: "That would be what I would expect, because eventually the truth will get out, the cabal just plans to control the flow of that information. The list would probably contain a couple of actual safe foods, along with ones that are filled with the nano vaccines. No one will know for sure. So, if we do publish the real one, we will be drowned out by the noise."


Bill: Is the cabal worried about you or us releasing that safe food list?


Gideon: "I believe if I had it in my possession now and released it, I would not be surprised if these Intel Drops were removed, and other aspects of our social media were shut down. They certainly do not want it out. But, they will be changing it and rotating certain foods, which will make it even more difficult for people to really know what to eat or not to eat. Even if you manage to get a safe list from a Sovereign, the next month it might be different."


Bill: What about Sovereigns who will release this? It just seems to me it will leak out.


Gideon: "I think they expect it will, even if not intentionally. Some of the Sovereigns aligned with the cabal are very likely to share a list like this with their close friends, with people in their circle of trust. That list will then spread from there.


But it will be clouded and confused by the gatekeepers publishing false lists, it will be contained by the cabal's own censorship mechanisms, and Sovereigns will already be hesitant to break those rules or face repercussions. If you were a Sovereign, would you risk it all and expose the safe food list for no reason? Of course not, so there is no motivation for them to do that. We are the only ones who will do it."


Bill: So the cabal must be expecting we will do that, once we get that list.


Gideon: "Certainly, but we will not be foolish enough to release it in way that would not be effective, that would get us exposed and that would barely reach anyone. We will have to come up with a way to get that information to as many people as possible.


I simply fear, because of these gatekeepers and the cabal's existing censorship abilities, it will be difficult. People are already following these gatekeepers en masse and are hypnotized by them, while our information has been dismissed."


Bill: Then you have the fact most people won't even believe us, or believe there are these nano vaccines in the food. There will be tons of people who will just not believe it.


Gideon: "This is true as well. There will be denial over it. The main targets will be the non-vaccinated, but of course the vaccinated will consume all of it as well."


Bill: Right, how do they play into that?


Gideon: "The cabal does not mind at all if this technology effects the vaccinated. We have to remember, the vaccinated have very shortened life-spans. They have already doomed themselves. This new technology in the food will effect them in the same way it will effect everyone else, but their time is short as it is. The purpose of this program, these nano crystal vaccines, is to bring the non-vaccinated into this Metaverse, into the control of the cabal. That is the purpose."


Bill: You say Metaverse, can you describe that, what you mean?


Gideon: "It is a catch-all term I use, not literal. We know Facebook has a project, so do all the major tech companies, relating to a more literal interpretation, whereby a person would connect to a VR device, or this idea of the Internet of Things. They want humans connected to a control grid. So when I speak of it, I mean all of these things put together, whether it be A.I., smart phones, 5G, tracking, surveillance, mind-control or connecting to a type of VR or virtual world."


Bill: Ok, that's about what I thought. Let's move on. I have a lot of questions. I don't want to get to wrapped up one topic. I think you did a great job addressing a lot of that. Now what about the financial reset, any news there?


Gideon: "Not so much news, more like on-going developments that confirm CSRQ and USDR. Swift made an announcement, which I believe you Tweeted about, and that was very important. There is date, March 23, we need to be mindful of. The U.S. Government is also preparing to deploy a type of digital currency. How they do this, I do not know, but it is in preparation for CSRQ and USDR."


Bill: I still have people who don't seem to really get any of this. People ask me, 'Hey, didn't you say XRP was going to go up?' No, no, I never said that! People are confused. Can you lay out what's actually happening?


Gideon: "Well, something extraordinary is playing out. There are multiple things happening at once. Let me walk through that.


First, the vaccinated are dying. What does this mean for the economy? It means there is a strange phenomena, whereby there is a supply chain collapse already happening, which we know is happening, but it is not as noticeable because there are fewer First World, Western consumers. There are fewer people who need to consume and eat, because they are now gone. No one is really looking at what it means when this many people suddenly pass on.


There is already an economic recession, but it is not as apparent because so many people are receiving inheritances from the dead and life insurance payouts. It is a huge, unstated injection of money into the existing world, where people who may otherwise have nothing now have extra money from their dead relative.


The actual financial system is completely collapsed already but it is being propped up by aggressive money-printing. However, the inflationary pressure is offset by the enormous amount of funds being moved into CSRQ and USDR. This is one reason they are doing this, Bill, after all. If they were not doing this, collapse would have already commenced. So, they move the inflated fiat into USDR, which I have spoken about. It also serves to establish its supply, its final supply, and seems to have some karmic purpose for the cabal, to establish a new one world currency with the old fiat itself.


What I have just described is the balancing act the cabal is conducting as they unwind and do away with the fiat system, which will be completely and totally collapsed into nothing. All currencies will be gone, all crypto will go to zero, everything. They will then, quickly, replace it with USDR, the one world digital currency. A total erasure and reset of the fiat system is here, and the financial experts are blind to it."

Bill: Ok, that is a lot to take in, but I get it. I like how you put all that. I noticed Michael Burry Tweeted, 'Sell', recently, does he know what's going on? (Note: The Tweet is now deleted, as Mr. Burry frequently posts and deletes his Tweets.)


Gideon: "I would assume he does, since he predicted the 2008 crash with precision. But he may not know the full picture. There will come a point the financial prognosticators are spelling doom, screaming doom from the rooftops, without realizing this is a controlled collapse and the cabal is not worried at all. I think you will see people believing that the so-called elites are about to lose control, without realizing this is exactly what they want to transpire."


Bill: There's people who say you're wrong, I'm wrong, this will never happen. I don't know what they think will happen, but they can't seem to accept this part of it, the idea all of it will crash to zero.


Gideon: "It is already zero, Bill, it is only propped up with fraud. The problem is that people are so attached to their concept of fiat that they cannot fathom it will be gone, it will go to zero. They will still wonder if they should buy some gold, or invest in a stock or a certain crypto. That is not something that will be a question when there is only one currency in the world, and you are only allowed to have a small allotment of it, with the provision you must spend it or lose it. "


Bill: Well, there won't be anything to invest in, you can't invest in anything if you can't possess a monetary instrument in the first place, and you won't be able to possess it because they'll all be zero or won't exist anymore!


Gideon: "This is the fundamental problem of a super-controlled worldwide currency, digital no less. Very difficult to escape that level of control. Bartering will exist, but it will be punished and illegal."


Bill: Right, we were talking the other day, about how USDR concentrates wealth by an enormous factor, but that it will be this unseen thing since Sovereign status is meant to be secret.


Gideon: "Yes. The cabal developed a way to actually increase their control of the world's wealth with USDR, so that with the high conversion rate, they will expand their wealth while rapidly reducing the wealth of non-Sovereigns at the same time.


You will have nothing, which is precisely what Mr. Schwab proclaimed, but as Sovereign status is not to be known, it will not be readily apparent, either. The have-nots will falsely believe everyone else is also a have-not. Eventually, the public will figure out there is a separate status, but by then with the nano vaccines in the food and tight control of information, the cabal is not expecting much of a fuss. Who it will really devastate are those with a sizable net worth or those who understand what is going on and are helpless to stop it."


Bill: I'm looking at my notes, and I wanted to ask about A.I. again and why I kept seeing the number '666'. Is it possible for the A.I. to put something like that into physical existence and manifest it?


Gideon: "That is a good question, and the answer is yes, it can do that. We will see more of that, as well as this so-called Mandela Effect. The cabal is doing a lot of very worrying experimentation right now. Be mindful of signs, you will begin to see them in your life. You need to pray for protection, because if it is A.I. doing it, then it is evil."


Bill: We had this issue with Dnmx.org being shut down. We talked about that in the Sovereign newsletter. It caused us a lot of problems just being able to communicate with people writing us. Do you want to address that?


Gideon: "It underwent a serious attack, there is no question. We will be facing things like this more and more. In the Post-Reset world, I know the cabal wants tighter control of the Internet. The cyber attack the WEF keeps talking about likely plays into that. They will create some kind of shut down and false flag, and in the aftermath, it is possible half the Internet will just be gone or offline."


Bill: One, last question, and that's Part 3 of our spiritual discussions (Part 1, Part 2). I think it's really important we get that out, I know you want to, we were just met with some serious challenges toward the end of January. I hope we can get that posted this month.


Gideon: "I will insist that we do. There are things I need to share with people, things I have learned, that go beyond politics or these daily events we talk about."


Bill: I promise we'll get it done. I know we need to get going, is there anything you want to say before we part ways tonight?


Gideon: "I am really proud of our team, of the people who have joined us. You are special people. I want them to know Bill and Michael forward to me some of the things people send us, some of the things our Sovereigns share. I appreciate all of you.


Despite how dark things seem, I feel a strong sense of purpose and resolve in what we are doing. If there are still other souls out there who think they could be a part of our team, I would like to hear from them, too."


Bill: Ok, wonderful. What's crazy is we're ending this and I still have twenty questions in my notes, and I know you have probably five other major things you could report, but we don't have time right now to even get into it.


Gideon: "We can try to make more time this month to address these things."


Bill: Good. Ok, we'll speak again, God bless.


Gideon: "Goodnight, Bill."




Update: We are building a team. We will need people we can rely on and coordinate with from all over the world. To join us, you can fill out our anonymous questionnaire here.


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