Hillary: ISIS & terrorists are ignorant of all religions. But, there are many religions in the world

Hillary: And, each religion says: (I am the only true religion, the only way to be saved & happy after death & the only way to paradise)l

Hillary: So, how can we know which religion is really the truth?l

Trump: By proofs, true miracles and scientific evidences & facts

Hillary: But, which religion has proofs, living true real miracles and scientific evidences?l

Trump: Sunni Islam is the only 1 (Sunni Islam is NOT a sect. Sunni Islam is the original pure Islam & Sunnis are about 1.5 billion people)l

Trump: For example, when you click on this tweet: https://twitter.com/msecretnews/status/936098613188530176 

you will see & watch some cats hug & touch the Holy Quran with respect, & refuse to walk on it while they walk on other books

And, if you search for "scientific evidences for Sunni Islam", you will find many, such as the following link


But, 1st, see the few miraculous Islamic terrains on Pluto confirmed by NASA inside this link: http://justpaste.it/z3

Hillary: WOW! :) What amazing videos & terrains these are! I dived deep inside these 3 links without feeling the passage of time

Trump: The previous list also proves that the Bible still has some divine parts that prophesied with great honor the coming of prophet Mohammad clearly by name in Hebrew despite the many distortions that happened to the Bible, after the time of Jesus, and led to many contradictions between the current distorted Bible & many scientific facts

Hillary: Very interesting. Do you have more interesting proofs?l

Trump: Yes, such as the following

Trump: Although Americas weren't known to prophet Mohammad & the old world; Quran describes accurately 2 places in the U.S.A

The 1st place


I quote: "Until when he reached the far west (North America) he could see (the view of) the sunset on a springy lake which has black mud & he found a people thereabout". From the Holy Quran 18:86

It is clear to me that this verse is talking about Yellowstone Lake in Wyoming state in the U.S.A because it is the only large springy lake in the far west (North America) which has black mud and which had a people living thereabout long time ago before prophet Mohammad. And you can see a photo of its black mud inside this American scientific website: here and here: http://justpaste.it/mud 

When the verse told us that he could see the view of the sunset on that lake, that means the lake is large enough because we can't see the view of the sunset on small lakes. And, maybe that also includes that the view of the sunset there is unique & gorgeous as you can watch here 

Hillary: WOW! I wanna go to Yellowstone Lake right now :-). What about the 2nd place?l

Trump: Oh, yeah

The 2nd place


I quote: "Until when he reached the furthest of the far east (the land where the sun rises first), he found the sun rises upon a people for whom I (God) had not made a (natural) curtain between them & the sun (such as trees)". The Holy Quran 18:90

 Al-Tabari also had said (such as trees) in Tafsir al-Tabari. It is clear to me that this land had no trees. And, it is clear to me that this land is located in the furthest of the far east of Asia. And, since that St. Lawrence Island is located in the furthest of the far east and a piece of Asia geographically, and also had no wild trees; it is clear to me that this verse is talking about St. Lawrence Island in Alaska state in the U.S

Notice that this island is located between the U.S.A & Russia. This is a message to these 2 important countries globally & to the whole world


These 2 verses are talking about the same man B.C. He went to Yellowstone Lake then to Asia through Canada, Alaska & St. Lawrence Island

These are another proofs that the Holy Quran is the word of God, NOT the word of prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. More proofs below

Hillary: I am speechless

Trump:You also must visit the best math, scientific & religious website in the world ever, the following amazing great website

Trump: When you click on (Other Languages)'s icon inside the following link, you will find out clearly how computers and math prove now that there is a hidden scientific complicated and extremely miraculous (((mathematical structure))) inside the Holy Quran (Koran) which proves that the Quran is really the word of God, word by word. Because if we remove or add only one word or even one letter to the Qoran, or from the original Quran in the Arabic language, this great mathematical structure will be lost! Glory to God: http://www.islamnoon.com  

Hillary: WOW! This is really the greatest website ever. Thanks a lot Trump. I want to be a Sunni Muslim too, NOW before I die

Trump: Massive congrats for you and welcome :-). And, if anyone lies to you by saying that Islam contradicts any scientific fact, make sure 1st that his info is really related to an authentic Islamic reference such as Quran by making your own research and make sure also that the translations you read are accurate enough then take (the key words of his lie + Islam) and search for them together here: http://scholar.google.com to find a trusted scientific reply to his lie and to see whether the info he claimed is a scientific fact or only a scientific theory. And, to find the Islamic places around you, you may search here: http://www.islamicfinder.org. I have a very good news for you. Albert Einstein embraced Islam before he dies according to his friend Karl Jaspers in the minute 3:18 on this video here

Hillary: This is very happy news. Thanks a lot. I am so happy for him. But, is it forbidden to listen to music & polite songs?l

Trump: No. There is an opinion says: yes. But, it is a weak opinion with no authentic Islamic evidence if they are polite pure songs

Hillary: Cool. How many Sunnis are there in the whole world?

Trump: About 90% in the Islamic world are Sunnis, 5% Shia & 5% other religions & sects which mean there are about 1.5 billion Sunnis

Hillary: WOW. But, what about Afghan Taliban? Do they consider themselves as the most pure practicing Sunni Muslims right now?l

Trump: Yes, they do. Here is the Taliban: http://justpaste.it/TheTaliban <= Here is, also, why it is wrong to say: (Islamic radical terrorism)l

Hillary: What about 9/11?l

Trump: Here is my answer: http://justpaste.it/9_11 

Hillary: This link has a very short interesting movie staring Sir Ben Kingsley. I hope it was a longer movie

Trump: Yeah. Very interesting but very short!l

Hillary: What was the religion of Adam?l

Trump: My answer is here: http://justpaste.it/Adams 

Hillary: What are the main differences between Sunnis, Shia and Sufis?l

TrumpThe main differences between Sunnis, Shia and Sufis are here: http://justpaste.it/Sunni 

HillaryWhat about ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram & terrorism?l

Trump: The only way to solve these problems for ever easily and fast without wars is here: http://justpaste.it/Boko 

Hillary: Thanks a lot. I feel so hungry for more true important knowledge. Please provide me with more valuable links

Trump: Sure: The Guardian: The death of evolution & atheism: http://justpaste.it/Theory 

Islam Prophesied the Exact Date of the First Human Landing on the Moon

The Pope: Does Islam have any 100% accurate prophecy?l

Bill Gates: Islam has many prophecies. And, all of them are 100% accurate. Not like the foggy words of Nostradamus and others which would fit many events by coincidence. Nostradamus predictions were 95% wrong & 5% foggy predictions which would fit many events by coincidence  according to some French experts who have studied his predictions

The Pope: Many Islamic prophecies? Like what?l

Bill Gates: For example, the Holy Quran pointed out in a genius way the exact date of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon by year/month/day

The Pope: Really?! Did the Quran mention Apollo 11 and its landing by name?l

Bill Gates: No, the Quran didn't mention Apollo 11 by name. And, did not mention the landing on the Moon by name. God knows why. Maybe God wanted to make this prophecy as a surprise to the whole world and NASA after they complete their mission

The Pope: So, how the Koran pointed out in a genius way the exact date of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon by year/month/day?l

Bill Gates: When the Koran talked about the Moon in the chapter of the Moon (Surah(t) Al-Qamar) (which is the chapter number 54 in the Quran), we noticed that the main numbers of this chapter fit the exact date of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon in the Islamic calendar, NOT in the Gregorian calendar. Isn't that amazing?l

The Pope: Let me see what you've got

Bill Gates: OK. The chapter of the Moon has only 55 verses. Notice (5 and 5). And between the beginning of this chapter and the last verse in the Koran (1389) verses exactily, while the exact date of the landing was (5/5/1389) in the Sunni Islamic calendar

The Pope: What is the Sunni Islamic calendar?l

Bill Gates: You may read some info about the Sunni Islamic calendar which was established by the Sunni Umar because the prophecy came using the Islamic calendar, not the Gregorian calendar. This calendar in Wikipedia is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_calendar 

The Pope: OK

Bill Gates: Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the 1st humans on the Moon on July 20, 1969, at 10:56 p.m. EDT

Bill Gates: We can convert this date to the Islamic calendar through several official reliable scientific websites such as this one from the (Home-Page of the Institute of Oriental Studies at Zurich University) in Germany here: http://www.oriold.uzh.ch/static/hegira.html 

The Pope: Wow, I found out that the conversion of the date (20/7/1969) is exactilly (5/5/1389) in the Islamic calendar. Glory to God. But, could you show me more explanation?l

Bill Gates: OK. Again, what does this date have to do with the chapter 54, the chapter of the Moon in the Koran?l

 This date is (5/5/1389). So, we have six numbers here. 5, 5 and 1389 H

Let's start with the numbers 5 and 5. This chapter has only 55 verses

What about the number 1389?l

Between the beginning of this chapter and the last verse in the Koran 1389 verses exactly

Bill Gates: You can count the verses yourself over here: http://legacy.quran.com 

The chapter of the Moon is the chapter number (54) & the day 5/5 started on Earth before the day (5/4) ends in the USA & the Americas. All these facts combined are another great clear proofs for God & Sunni Islam

Note: It is from God's wisdom that non-Muslims did that mission on that exact date because if it was done by Muslims, many people would say that Muslims planned to do it on that day to fit the numbers of the Moon's chapter in the Holy Quran. Isn't that amazing?l :) l

The Pope: Glory to God

NASA and The Moon Split

The Pope: You talked about the beginning of the Moon's chapter. So, what does this beginning say?l

Bill Gates: I will let the scientists answer you if they would like to

Hawking: It says: "The Hour of the day of Judgment has come closer, and the Moon was rent in twain". Koran: Chapter 54. Verse 1. The chapter of Al-Qamar (The chapter of the Moon)l

Neil deGrasse: That happened by God as a miracle for prophet Mohammad. The Moon was split into two parts or two bodies before about 1400 years for a short period of time. That happened to prove to the people that Mohammad is the final true honest messenger and prophet from God by the religion of Islam to all humans and jinn. It is a clear miracle because it is impossible to split the Moon without a miracle from God

The Pope: So, in Islam, it is a fact that the Moon (currently) is the result of two bodies colliding with one another

Neil deGrasse: NASA also says "the Moon (currently) is the result of two bodies colliding with one another"l

Hawking: NASA does NOT know, for sure, when and how that collision happened. NASA says maybe it happened according to a particular theory. But, NASA is NOT sure about when and how that collision happened

Neil deGrasse: In the mean time, NASA is sure that the Moon (currently) is the result of two bodies colliding with one another". Exactly like what Islam has said since about 1400 years ago

The Pope: Glory to God

Hawking: NASA thinks that it is impossible to split the Moon into two parts

The Pope: Of course this is impossible without the power of God

Neil deGrasse: The following official website of NASA testify for this fact. They say on the last line of the 1st answer on the following official link that the Moon (currently) is the result of two bodies colliding with one another

I quote: "So I'm not sure that the Moon was "split" into two parts, but it is the result of two bodies colliding with one another"l

Brad Bailey

NLSI Staff Scientist

August 3, 2009

But, later on, Brad edited his answer a little bit and deleted the following: "So I'm not sure that the Moon was "split" into two parts". And added "while it is not possible.." etc

Here is the official link from NASA: http://lunarscience.arc.nasa.gov/browse-past-questions

The Pope: Glory to God

Bill Gates: The conclusion

A. Koran pointed out in a genius way the exact date of 1st human landing on the Moon, the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon by year/month/day

B. Islam and NASA say "The Moon (currently) is the result of two bodies colliding with one another"l

Also, there are miracles for Islam on Pluto according to the website of NASA inside this link: https://justpaste.it/zn 

All these facts combined are another great clear proofs for God & Sunni Islam

The Pope: Glory to God. I must admit that we also still have in the Bible some divine parts that prophesized the coming of prophet Mohammad by name in the Hebrew language with a great honor for prophet Mohammad such as the song of songs which is talking on behalf of Jerusalem city and its great love for prophet Mohammad and prophesizing his short visit to the city which happened later on at the time of Mohammad as the Holy Quran says in (17/1) over here: http://www.noblequran.com/translation. BTW, (all together lovely) is the meaning of the word Mohammad in Hebrew and Arabic languges. This is a great interesting video about some details of this issue


Bill Gates: Wow. What a great video this is

The Pope: There are in the Bible more clear great prophecies for Islam over here


And here


The Pope: I also must admit that the oldest Jewish & Christian manuscripts agree with Sunni Islam as you can watch here & here. So, it is  clear that Jesus the Christ is only a human prophet & messenger from God; just like Noah, Moses, Mohammad & others as Islam really says which also says that God the creator of everything is the only god & the only Lord of the whole worlds. God almighty is NOT an old man. "Nothing looks like Him". The Holy Quran 42:11. And also It is time for me to become a Sunni Muslim & resign from the Vatican before I die because I want to be saved & happy after death & go to paradise

All of them: We also decided to become Sunni Muslims. We are so happy now

The Pope: I bless you. Oops. Sorry, I forgot. I mean, may God bless you :) l

The oldest Biblical & Christian manuscripts has nothing about the so-called crucifixion
Prof. Bart Ehrman was a "Christian", but when he became a deep scholar of the Bible, he knew the truth & left "Christianity" & became an agnostic
Maybe he will be a Sunni Muslim if he studies Sunni Islam

Bill Gates: Islam is the religion of Adam, Moses, Jesus & every Godly prophet. No one can be a true Jew or Christian without embracing Islam

"And whoever desires other than Islam as religion, never will it be accepted from him & he in the Hereafter will be among the losers" Quran 3/85

"And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, then surely for him is the Fire of Hell. They are eternally abiding therein forever" Quran 72:23

To obtain salvation in the Hereafter, be a very good practicing pious Sunni Muslim. God said in the Holy Quran (19/72): "Then I save the ones who were pious and leave crouching behind in it (the hell fire) the oppressors to other creatures by doing evil and to themselves by doing sin"l

Hawking: Is it true that the Quran tells that Earth moves

Bill Gates: Yes, that is true

Quran and prophet Muhammad said that the Sun moves quickly, but they never said in Islam that the Sun goes around the Earth

Also, Quran tells that God will make Earth stop moving on the day of judgement. &, that means: Earth is moving now. Quran says: "And among His Signs (on the day of judgment) is that the sky (the Atmosphere) & the Earth stop (moving) by His Command, then afterwards when He will call you by single call, you will come out from the Earth (i.e from your graves for reckoning & recompense)". Quran 30/25

Hawking: What about the Kaaba, the black box in Mecca?! Do Muslims pray to that stony room or house in Mecca?l

Bill Gateslol Nope :) Kaaba doesn't represent God. Kaaba is a direction for the acts of worshiping God (such as prayers) to unite people towards 1 direction instead of being divided by praying towards different directions. The direction was the Holy Mosque in Jerusalem then God changed the direction to be towards the Kaaba. For more details you may read The Holy Quran 2:144-150 l

Shariah Law

Hawking: What about Sharia Law?l

Bill Gates: My answer is here: http://justpaste.it/Acts 14029 29 1 2017 l

The American math professor Jeffrey Lang converts from Atheism to Sunni Islam: https://mathematics.ku.edu/jeffrey-lang 

Scientists’ Comments on some Scientific Miracles in the Quran & authentic Sunni Hadiths: i-g.org & https://youtu.be/cr9knjaOvnE?t=24s 

Free written & vocal copies of the Holy Quran

This: legacy.quran.com and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AqZbRo_Rwc&list=PLL_dOsw0Sl0OBw5YH4W-nYAupn6cWwLNh are the best translations of the Holy Quran so far with fewer mistakes. When you read in these translations, the word believer or believers you should know that this is not an accurate translation because the original word in Arabic (momin) doesn't only mean believer, but it also includes the meaning of a faithful sincere practicing believer in Islam. And, also, when you see (O you who have believed) you should know that this is not an accurate translation because the original word in Arabic (aamano) doesn't only mean believed, but it also includes the meaning of (who became and still are faithful sincere practicing believers in Islam). The Holy Quran 9:71, 49:14 and 4:65 prove these translations of mine. You may also notice some verses using the past verb about the Jews who were practicing Jews in the era of Jacob then Moses until Jesus. But, when Jesus came to them, no people are true Jews until they follow Jesus as a human prophet from God. Then they are true Jews and Christians until God had sent prophet Mohammad to all humans and jinn. Then no people can be true Jews or Christians ..etc until they become practicing Muslims and follow prophet Mohammad as the final human prophet from God. The verses of the Holy Quran are clear about that. A perfect translation is coming soon in few years & I'll tell you about its link soon, God willing. Don't miss reading the greatest book ever, the word of God, the Holy Quran 

For other languages: http://www.quran-hidayah.com/?gclid=CIj2pdH7sMwCFYu6GwodvesJeQ 

For many vocal (MP3) Qur'an translations including many in English: http://www.qurantranslations.net/mobile 


 If anyone doesn't believe that the former Pope converted to Sunni Islam; let him watch this video here

You may favorite this page on your browser so you can study it & study each link in it, & because it is the most important for your happiness

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