Intel Drop #42 - Civil War, Epstein's CSRQ Account, Davos Intel

"Events are accelerating, and by that I mean the total collapse of the United States."

Intel Drop #42 - Civil War, Epstein's CSRQ Account, Davos Intel




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Intel Drop #42


The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: It's hard to know where to even begin, there's so much is going on. I first want to ask if you're safe and if the whistle blowers are safe?


Gideon: "With God's protection, we are."


Bill: Good. There's a lot to cover, so I have some notes to start our conversation off. I understand you've received intel from someone who has knowledge of things that went on at the WEF Davos event this year?


Gideon: "Yes, I have."


Bill: Should we start with that, or get into some of the news events?


Gideon: "I think we should start with the news events, and then move on to that."


Bill: Ok. So, we see what's going on in the U.S., some pretty big moves by the state of Texas to rebuff Biden and the Federal Government. From a historical standpoint, this is actually a pretty significant confrontation. What's your read on this situation?


Gideon: "It is a cabal action. The Governor of Texas is cabal member and a Sovereign in CSRQ. The other 25 Governors who have sided with Texas are likely Sovereigns, though we have not checked on all of their accounts, it can be safely said most of them are not patriots whatsoever."


Bill: Do you have any direct intel that this is somehow being done to create a civil war?


Gideon: "I spoke with my sources this week, and they were all in agreement that this is a cabal action. But I did not receive any specific intel that could prove that, or evidence of that. I believe simply observing this we can conclude it is scripted and not genuine. It is not even remotely out of any actual desire to secure the border."


Bill: What kind of scenario does the cabal want to play out with all this?


Gideon: "They want to pit Americans who are patriots against the flood of immigrants who have already arrived, and pit them against liberals and Democrats. Amid a collapse of the Dollar, it will create complete chaos.


We can also see the recruiting issues with the U.S. Military, and this will literally lead the military to begin recruiting illegal immigrants. You will then see the military pitted against everyday Americans. We have already discussed this scenario in many past Intel Drops, and it appears it is now happening."


Bill: We have. I'm just having trouble believing it, but it's really happening before our eyes.


Gideon: "It is. Events are accelerating, and by that I mean the total collapse of the United States. I have intel that the cabal wants to 'Balkanize' the U.S. in some way. This would coincide with the collapse of the U.S. Dollar. All of these events are coming together in preparation of the Reset and unveiling of CSRQ and USDR. These are stunning events."


Bill: They are, it's surreal, especially with these predictive programming movies, like Civil War. Almost just obvious, in your face scripting. The cabal doesn't care if we figure it out, do they?


Gideon: "No, they do not, for a variety of reasons. The cabal's confidence is rooted in the nano dust that has been deployed in our food, the Starlink super-surveillance grid in place, in the fact that CSRQ is on schedule, and in the fact their A.I and what you might call 'looking glass' technology already gives the cabal a view into the future and they can plan for outcomes accordingly. So, they are extremely confident, Bill, and the opposition to the cabal is weak and misled by gatekeepers."


Bill: I can see how this makes patriotic Americans feel like they have a side to fight on, though. It's going to give them some hope, but it's false hope, isn't it?


Gideon: "It is. The Texas government is filled with masons, cabalists, Sovereigns, and they all have an interest in seeing the United States destroyed and CSRQ brought online. This is particularly due to the incredible wealth in USDR they will gain if such occurs."


Bill: I don't want to belabour this, but isn't there some good that is going to come from this, in that it's galvanizing people against Biden?


Gideon: "In a perfect world, yes, but we do not live in that world. The cabal does not care if Biden is marginalized, or loses to Trump."


Bill: So Trump winning in 2024 doesn't scare the cabal?


Gideon: "Not in the slightest, because he is not an actual threat to the cabal, only seemingly."


Bill: Ok, we've talked plenty about Trump in the past, so I won't stay on him for now. There's another big topic we need to get into, and that's some of the recent intel and photos of major Sovereign figures that you've received. I know the whistle blowers stopped taking photos a long time ago due to the risks, so why did we get this recent batch?


Gideon: "They had a safe opportunity to take photos, they felt. There was a short period of time in which a certain aspect of CSRQ surveillance was undergoing maintenance in which they were able to take photos. They decided to take as many photos as they could of a list of individuals I had previously given them."


Bill: So the window of opportunity has closed on taking photos at this point?


Gideon: "It has. They can still snap photos, but it is a very high risk for them to do so, because the security apparatus that was undergoing maintenance is back in place."


Bill: We have the list you provided them of the accounts, do you want to release it?


Gideon: "I am providing it to Michael, and we will discuss as a team what photos we intend to release and what names. We cannot release all of the names."


Bill: Why not?


Gideon: "It has to do with protecting the whistle blowers, and possible escalation against us."


Bill: Understood. What are we prepared to release today?


Gideon: "A photo of Jeffrey Epstein's active CSRQ account. We have seen it has been active the past two years. It has received countless in-flows and his total USDR holdings exceed $9.4 Billion."



Bill: Is this proof he is still alive?


Gideon: "It is not proof, but it is certainly compelling. It would suggest he is alive. The whistle blowers believe he is alive."


Bill: Remarkable. Could they see where the money is coming from?


Gideon: "They can, but the sent funds are simply various addresses. There is no way for them to see from where they originate. This is one reason the cabal uses crypto, because it is somewhat anonymous. It is difficult to trace where the funds are being sent when they are being sent into CSRQ to convert crypto into USDR.


Furthermore, no one on the outside can see the CSRQ addresses, they simply look like any other address. It is ingenious that the cabal has done this. They have also used major exchanges, which they run and control, such as Coinbase, as part of CSRQ's apparatus, which hides extremely large in-flows."


Bill: Thanks for explaining that, even I don't completely get it, but I guess crypto is confusing for a lot of people.


Gideon: "It is. You have done well adapting to the terms, though. A lot of people struggle to understand it, but it is quite straight forward. The long addresses of something like Bitcoin, which are long strings of numbers and letters, tend to confuse people, but they are no different from a bank account number, in practice, or a debit card number."


Bill: That's right, when you put it that way to me, I understood it better. One thing I noticed about the photo is that $9.4 Billion USDR seems like a lot for Epstein, but it's really more like $150 to $200 Million U.S. Dollars, is that right?


Gideon: "Correct. USDR is converted at a varying ratio, from 1:42 to 1:93. This is for various reasons, having to do with the total supply of the coin and how the future currency will be reset. The purchasing power of it will also be lower than the U.S. Dollar, so you will need more USDR to buy the same thing you would buy today. $9 Billion USDR is not at all the same as $9 Billion U.S. Dollars today, it is less. This is why the cabal is attempting to acquire as much of it as they can while they can."


Bill: To be clear, they won't be able to get more USDR after the Reset?


Gideon: "No, the supply will be capped and the sale of it will cease. How this creates a stable store of value is remarkable, somewhat similar to gold, but sadly, it is completely under the control of the cabal. All other classes will receive crumbs, by comparison to the cabal's holdings of USDR."


Bill: I know Epstein had a lot of money, but I'm not sure he had that much. Do you think that's a lot of money for him?


Gideon: "Well, in fact, we know Sovereigns can funnel funds from multiple sources, multiple other people, even Common class individuals. It is possible Epstein, much like in his previous life, is acting as an in-between for funds of Sovereigns who want to remain hidden. I am speculating, but we cannot take his account at face-value. He certainly had a lot of money, though, there is no question of that, so it is possible the funds could entirely be his own."


Bill: Understood. Who are some of the other people they checked?


Gideon: "A number of U.S. and European officials, and some media figures, who we wanted to confirm were Sovereign."


Bill: Ok, so we're not going to release that now? Or those photos?


Gideon: "Not at this time. I expect within the next one or two weeks Michael will have an article prepared, or we will release it with the next Intel Drop. I have been told the cabal does not care if we post the Epstein account, because many will not believe it is real because they believe he is dead, and because he is officially dead. But, I was told other accounts we have photos of could cause escalation against us, so we will be careful in what we release."


Bill: Interesting. Do you think us releasing this photo will discredit us?


Gideon: "It would in the eyes of those who believe the media or follow certain gatekeepers, I suppose. Their opinions are not my concern."


Bill: Nor mine. I think it's a real possibility Epstein is alive, and like you say, this photo doesn't prove it, but it's something to look at. Was there anything surprising in looking at some of the other photos?


Gideon: "Yes. There were individuals who turned out to be Sovereign who we did not expect, and vice versa. The public will hopefully soon see what we have seen."


Bill: I just wanted to post a reminder for new readers that we released photos of famous Sovereigns last year, they may not be aware of that (link 1, link 2 & complete list link 3 - Note: these links lead to the Internet Archive and may take time to load).


Gideon: "We did, and it is important people are aware of the names we revealed to be Sovereign."


Bill: Ok, I want to move on to the Davos intel. This is really incredible what you learned. This is direct intel from someone with knowledge. I'll let you explain.


Gideon: "Yes. The information was given to me by a very reliable source I have in Belgium. The source told me about an individual involved who is a female escort. As we know, the WEF events are known for 'selling out' prostitution services. Countless women liaise with dignitaries and officials in the off-hours of the event, and many end up having to sign NDA's or Non Disclosure Agreements. Most are happy to comply with this.


However, in this instance, through a series of back channels, we discovered a woman who wanted to speak about what she overheard. It is a miracle that we found her, and that she is willing to tell her story."


Bill: This is an escort who met with someone important, I'm guessing?


Gideon: "She did. She was asked to sign an NDA before the meeting, which she complied with at the time. She spent two evenings with this dignitary. During that time, they shared dinner, conversation and engaged in sexual relations. The dignitary revealed some things to her that alarmed her, and that she eventually told her mother."


Bill: What made her want to break the NDA? To tell her story?


Gideon: "I was told her mother is the one who pushed her to speak to my source in Belgium. There are long-standing intelligence community connections between all of the individuals involved. The mother knew this individual could find a way for her daughter's story to get out, without her daughter's life being put in danger. So, that is what we have worked toward."


Bill: What about the intel itself? What did she overhear, what was she told?


Gideon: "Her mother communicated to my source that her daughter overheard various snippets of phone conversations. She was also directly told by the dignitary a few details that would be considered classified."


Bill: Do you think she's credible, that the information is credible?


Gideon: "Yes, because the mother is familiar to my circle of sources. The mother is aware of CSRQ. Interestingly, the daughter was not, but the daughter conveyed something that confirmed CSRQ to the mother. Therefore, we believe the daughter's story is almost certainly the truth."


Bill: What did she say that confirmed CSRQ?


Gideon: "She told her mother the real name of CSRQ, which is Obsidian. This is something she had overheard. She did not know what it meant at all, but she mentioned it to her mother. At that point, her mother knew the information was of a critical nature and pressed her daughter for more information."


Bill: We know that's the name. We didn't use it, though, we used CSRQ. Do you want to tell people the reason?


Gideon: "It was difficult to fully confirm that Obsidian was the actual name when we released our information in July of 2022. By now, though, we are certain that is the name. We decided to use CSRQ at the time, which simply stands for the various classes within the software."


Bill: Is Obsidian going to be the public name for CSRQ?


Gideon: "That is unlikely. We do not know what the public name will be. It is possible it will be tied to X / Twitter in some way. But internally, among the cabal, it is referred to as Obsidian."


Bill: Should we start referring it to that, instead of CSRQ?


Gideon: "We can, or we can use both terms from now on. I know Michael updated our FAQ to reflect some of that."


Bill: Ok, good. What else did she say to her mom?


Gideon: "She described a number of things, some of which scared her."


Bill: We can't discuss that here, right?


Gideon: "No. Her mother insisted we protect her. We were only able to get her to agree that we could release most of her story on our password-protected pages for our Sovereign team, which we will do."


Bill: Can you give a general idea of what she overheard?


Gideon: "Yes. Significant plans the cabal has, details about Obsidian, some details about future events. She was also told some things directly by the dignitary in a few intimate moments that most would consider chilling, if not evil."


Bill: She's certain he wasn't lying to her?


Gideon: "She felt he was being honest, particularly because he was at varying levels of intoxication during these disclosures. He also repeatedly said things of the nature, 'I should not be telling you this.' She said she felt he must have believed he was somewhat safe in speaking to her since she had signed an NDA, as well.


She believes these men often do speak about classified things to their escorts, but the escorts never come forward for fear for their lives, or simply because it would be very bad for business, so to speak."


Bill: Of course, that makes sense. Do you think some escorts learn about Obsidian and end up wanting Sovereign status from these men they meet?


Gideon: "I would imagine they might ask for it, if they learn enough of those details, yes."


Bill: Most people don't have any motivation to blow the whistle, do they?


Gideon: "Usually not. We do not hear about most whistle blowers because they are silenced before we hear about them. The ones we do are ridiculed, attacked, imprisoned, later killed. Others are cabal agents who produce disinfo or mislead under the guise of truth-telling."


Bill: Right, I've always thought the ones who seem to come under attack or have difficult lives are the ones worth believing, like Assange.


Gideon: "Yes, he is absolutely not a cabalist. The cabal, in fact, has seen fit to destroy his life rather than simply killing him. They wanted him to suffer."


Bill: Incredible. I always liked him. I know he's not perfect but I think he had good intentions, and all the stuff the U.S. and U.K. accuse him of is garbage, right?


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: I'm sorry, I'm getting off topic here. Is she going to be kept safe even if we publish what you've said above?


Gideon: "I have changed enough details above that I believe she will be. She also approved what I have conveyed above. The mother is also involved and approved it. But, there is a risk, and she knows that."


Bill: Could she be identified for saying that this guy talked about Obsidian?


Gideon: "We felt confident the cabalists use the term enough that she would not be reliably singled out.  We were able to verify that other escorts she knows were familiar with the term, too. This would mean the cabal would not be able to confidently identify who is making this disclosure. We suspect out of thousands of rendezvous in Davos, the term has been used a number of times in private with escorts. The other details were far too specific, however."


Bill: That completely makes sense, I just don't want her to risk her life on us if not that many people read our Intel Drops out there. We're censored everywhere. Is this worth it?


Gideon: "It is a good question, Bill. Again, enough details have been changed that I do not believe she could be identified. We are also not sharing the critical, key things that were disclosed, that will be shared with our team, privately."


Bill: You told me off the record everything she was told. I wish we could make it public. It's chilling.


Gideon: "It is. At this time, we have all made the decision to only share it with our team on our private pages."


Bill: When will we post more of her story on our private pages?


Gideon: "I am arranging that with Michael. It will be sometime soon."


Bill: Good. Is it intel that is critical to our mission? You have already told me, but for the sake of our readers, what would you say to that?


Gideon: "It impacts everyone, that is all I can say. There are specific things revealed that we did not know about, and that will help us gain an advantage, I think."


Bill: I'm going to move on here. I just want to thank her for doing this, and giving you all of that info. It's going to help us and help our team a lot.


Gideon: "It will."


Bill: It is never ending with the agents, they never go away. They're nasty, hateful people.


Gideon: "The cabal seeks out brainwashed, vaccinated individuals to carry out the worst deeds on the Internet. They can also easily bribe amoral individuals to carry out missions, or attack certain groups, or follow through with the usual disruptions. There are also many Common class agents seeking Sovereign status, so they work hard to please the cabal."


Bill: In your career, have you ever seen an agent turn against the cabal, or have a change of heart?


Gideon: "Probably out of hundreds of agents I have come across, only once has that happened, that I have seen. They rarely ever show any remorse, seek forgiveness or seek God. Many are Narcissists or suffer from personality disorders of that nature."


Bill: I hate to think the agents are winning, but I feels like it sometimes. I really don't even know if people support us or not. Those on our team are amazing people, but outside of that, I don't know if any of this matters. That's why I get disheartened. The gatekeepers are overwhelming people, distracting them. I see it. These ridiculous Q Anon Telegram groups with 100,000 subscribers, just pumping out garbage. Right now, they're in a frenzy over this Texas thing, they really seem to believe 25 'good' governors stand for the Constitution now, all of a sudden. Out of nowhere, these useless politicians care about the border? 


Gideon: "It is clearly a cabal action. Unfortunately, Americans still believe in their government. It is very difficult to break the mind-control, the need people have to believe in authority.


The U.S. government is quite literally the most evil, corrupt government on the face of the planet. If her citizens had any grasp of that, millions would march right into Washington D.C. tomorrow and it would be torched and burned to the ground."


Bill: As it should be. It's way more than that, though. It's the E.U., Australia, Canada, The Vatican, Russia, China, Israel, it's countless countries, right?


Gideon: "It is, the cabal controls virtually the entire planet, from that standpoint."


Bill: What about Milei, in Argentina?


Gideon: "He is a Sovereign and controlled. He is there to prepare Argentina for CSRQ. He is doing a good job, for the cabal. Great rewards await him, as far as he is concerned."


Bill: But is he doing good things for the people?


Gideon: "You could argue that, but it is irrelevant. You have to understand, Bill, occasionally the cabal does seemingly good things for the people, too. This is meaningless in the grander scheme of things.


In fact, many will believe CSRQ is a very good thing for the world, many will see it as an equalization of power; along with the debt forgiveness and monthly income, many will welcome it, especially during a future pandemic and dollar collapse. Even some of those reading now may eventually fall for it, because the cabal will make life relatively comfortable, as long as you comply with everything they want, such as being vaccinated."


Bill: I understand, I know. You're right. The cabal is clever, they know how to manipulate populations. What about the WEF, though? It seems they don't have any good press. People don't like them. People don't like Klaus Schwab.


Gideon: "You bring up an interesting point. My sources believe the WEF will be dismantled at some point, possibly in 2025 when this event occurs. The cabal is allowing the WEF to be exposed in a certain way, so they can destroy it and replace it with something else they control."


Bill: Something people will trust more?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Maybe something Elon Musk endorses?


Gideon: "That is entirely possible, if not likely."


Bill: I'm looking at my notes, and I wanted to make sure I ask you about something. You've told me in private that your sort of intel network, or network of sources, has grown over the past year. You have some great people, great groups you work with. I was wondering if you could touch on that.


Gideon: "Yes, Bill. We may get ignored by the public and the gatekeepers might distract from us, as you often note, but very smart, capable people have noticed us and made contact, either through Michael and on to me, or from my own sources who are aware of us. It is very encouraging and very hopeful. It is why, for example, I am able to gain better intel and verify it. These are very bright, very Godly, very strong people."


Bill: I don't want to run the risk of implying that they're "white hats" because that's gained a really bad rap lately. You wouldn't think of them that way, right?


Gideon: "Not in the way Q Anon has distorted things, no. There is no powerful group of so-called good guys or 'white hats' bringing down the cabal, that I am aware of. There are lots of good people who are quietly voicing their opposition, but smart enough to handle it in a way that does not get them killed."


Bill: Before I forget, you told me you spoke to your guide recently. Do you want to do a separate Intel Drop, or maybe a continuation of our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series (see links below for those Intel Drops) to talk about what she said?


Gideon: "I would like to do the latter, a Part 4."


Bill: That would be great, we'll get that done then. I'm going to wind down this Intel Drop. We have things we need to talk about privately now, anyway. Do you have any final thoughts you want to share, maybe any questions I missed or topics I didn't touch on you want to talk about?


Gideon: "Yes. I want those reading not to lose hope or spirit. Even if you are not part of our team, you can trust we have a good mission and we will fight this system once it comes online. We are in a unique, blessed position to do something. Pray we do not get exposed and we make it to the other side, after the Reset, so we can work against the cabal and Obsidian. If we are compromised before then, we will not succeed."


Bill: Ok. I pray for your safety, that of the whistle blowers, of this woman who came forward, we are thankful for her, and for our team. I pray God casts a white light of pure holy energy over all of us so we are protected. Amen.


Gideon: "Amen."




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