Intel Drop #37 - The Coming Timeline Of Events - Part 1

"I was shown that in 2025, the Earth's magnetic field will dislodge and rapidly flip. This was the most devastating thing I saw."

Intel Drop #37 - The Coming Timeline Of Events - Part 1



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Note: We also recommend reading our Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops for the full context of what is transpiring from a spiritual perspective (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3).

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Intel Drop #37


The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


The Coming Timeline Of Events - Part 1


Bill: A lot has been going on behind the scenes for us the past month. I think people should know what you learned from this group you met with first. Can we begin there?


Gideon: "We can, yes."


Bill: I know you had to physically travel to meet with them. Can you talk about where you went, and what that involved?


Gideon: "Not in great detail, but I can reveal important things people need to know about what is coming."


Bill: Can I ask why it was important to meet this group in person?


Gideon: "They wanted to show me something, and I needed to be present to view it. They felt it was critically important I see these things myself."


Bill: Let me step back here, because you haven't told me who this group is but I want to take a guess. Is this The Guardians of the Looking Glass?


Gideon: "I cannot confirm or deny that."


Bill: Ok, I'm asking because I know what was revealed to you, and I speculated it was them. I guess you can't really say, though. In any case, do you trust this group fully?


Gideon: "Yes, I trust them, partly because we have had a relationship for some time and I know who belongs to this group."


Bill: Did you feel safe going to them?


Gideon: "Visiting them was not easy or safe getting there, but once I was at their location I felt very safe. They have a very secure compound they operate out of."


Bill: Who is this group? I know you can't say specifically, but can you give us a rough outline.


Gideon: "They are a group of former intelligence officials, military officials and scientists. They have been in operation for many years underground, so to speak. They are also in possession of unique and extremely classified material and technology, so protecting them and their identities is extremely important."


Bill: Does the cabal know who and where they are?


Gideon: "The cabal is well aware of them, and has engaged in a campaign of harassment against them for years. The cabal does not know the location of where they operate, however, or the identities of some of those involved."


Bill: Can you describe the place you visited, what it was like?


Gideon: "It is a compound underground. I cannot say anything further."


Bill: Once you were there, what happened?


Gideon: "I met with a number of individuals for various discussions, and I also attended a presentation that was given to three or four dozen or so people.


I was not the only person invited. It was a number of people similar to myself, patriots who are resisting the cabal. They had all been summoned to gather there for this presentation."


Bill: What was the presentation about?


Gideon: "The timeline of events to come."


Bill: What's it based on? How do they know what's coming?


Gideon: "They have a device, a mechanism to see the future."


Bill: Ok, you can see why I thought this was the Guardians. It sounds like a looking glass device. You still can't confirm that?


Gideon: "Not one way or another, no."


Bill: How certain are you, personally, that you were shown things that are real? Do you think you were deceived at all, in other words? I feel like I need to ask this.


Gideon: "There is no doubt whatsoever about what I was shown, the timeline of the cabal was revealed to me and the collapse dates are set. But there are some variables I should clarify. The future is not perfectly set in stone, but it is very close to being set and unchangeable. That partly had to do with this meeting, because there are major events coming all involved needed to know about."


Bill: Before I get to those events, what does this group think of what we are doing with the whistle blowers? What's their opinion of CSRQ? They're aware of it, right?


Gideon: "They know what we are doing and they strongly support us. They also know about CSRQ, and they knew things about it I did not know and the whistle blowers did not even know. I learned more from them about CSRQ, which was a surprise to me."


Bill: What did you learn?


Gideon: "They said I was wrong about some things, and corrected some facts. They said CSRQ will come online after some devastating events, but people will not realize they are using CSRQ until it is too late."


Bill: What do you mean?


Gideon: "They explained to me CSRQ will be fully brought online but somewhat surreptitiously. We will continue to use debit cards and go about our days, and generally the current financial system will exist, except we will be under CSRQ without realizing it."


Bill: That's a major shift in what we thought. Why is this?


Gideon: "The cabal wants to trick people into this system without announcing it or making it obvious. But by 2025 or later, it will be obvious. What concerned me is that you and me, and everyone might end up under CSRQ without even realizing it. We might submit or go along with it without consent."


Bill: I get that, but what about Sovereign status. Did they know about that? What did they think of it?


Gideon: "They are aware of it, and they said we will be safe if we are Sovereign status."


Bill: Ok, so it sounds like some of CSRQ is already coming online, the way they are tracking everything and creating these social scores. Is CSRQ already online?


Gideon: "Not yet, but they can bring it online now or at any time and we would not be aware of it. So that is a grave concern. It also appears the more obvious and stringent controls of CSRQ, such as the vaccine requirements and social scoring, will be in place but not implemented. They will be creating social scores for everyone, actively, but they will not forcefully implement it until 2025."


Bill: I can see how this would play out. People will just slowly be brought into CSRQ and get used to it. Is that what they were saying to you?


Gideon: "That is the impression I was given, yes."


Bill: Let's get back to the timeline, which is pretty detailed. This was shown during the presentation?


Gideon: "It was, and then I was personally shown it through the device they have. I saw all of it myself. So did others."


Bill: What are things you saw?


Gideon: "I saw a devastating event that is going to happen this Winter in the Northern Hemisphere. It is man-made. It involves a complex series of events initiated by the cabal.


First, there will be various staged cyberattacks, then power outages and ultimately the meltdowns of numerous nuclear sites, mostly in the United States. This will lead to toxic radioactive fallout passing over much of the U.S. and reaching Europe."


Bill: Ok, we've already seen the cabal setting these fires in Canada and they torched Maui. You told me before that cabal doesn't care about the environment. So that's another example of this?


Gideon: "It is. For reasons not entirely clear, the cabal intends to destroy large areas of the Earth and make them uninhabitable. This may have to do with their plan for depopulation and corralling people into 15-minute cities. The cabal also has advanced robots and nano-tech that can clean up the entire Earth, but they do not intend to use that until 2030.


So, it appears they know they can destroy the Earth but also renew it and clean it up, they are just not choosing to do the latter until they are done with their plans of destruction."


Bill: So the depopulation agenda is full speed ahead?


Gideon: "It is."


Bill: What else were you shown?


Gideon: "The devastation that will be the year of 2024. The various levels of economic collapse and chaos. The fear in people's hearts. No one can believe this will happen, either. The shock will stun the world. Eventually, I saw CSRQ come online more fully, but not until 2025."


Bill: But they told you it will be online before then, did you see it?


Gideon: "I could see something happening in 2024, more control of money, and I have to believe it must be CSRQ online but not fully. People will be desperate, so the cabal will begin issuing money vouchers. Once people are used to these money vouchers and accustomed to them, they will then be tied to CSRQ."


Bill: I see, that makes a lot of sense. What else did you see?


Gideon: "Diseases and plagues will be released by the cabal in 2024. I am not speaking of fake pandemics like Covid 19. This was much more real and severe. They were using bacteria and potent chemical agents. I saw dark clouds, fallout of various forms, lesions on people's skin. There was no escape, and water everywhere seemed contaminated.


I also saw scenes that reminded me of the Ohio train disaster and some of what happened in Maui, but all over. It made me think that was done as preemptive programming, so people would be used to seeing dark clouds like that. I saw this all over the U.S., Europe, Canada and other places.


I could see people scared to death, crying, families mourning their loved ones. This was everywhere. No one was spared, it seemed, but some areas seemed safe, and those areas were high-wealth enclaves, where I assume most Sovereigns will find refuge."


Bill: How will the elites escape all this, though? They must have a plan.


Gideon: "They will go to the Southern Hemisphere, but also stay in areas of the Northern Hemisphere that are strategically spared the devastation. They also have Sovereign status like we do, and I could see all kinds of special exemptions and assistance being provided to them. This was around 2025. They were being protected, and they had almost all of the money in the world at that point, vast wealth, in the form of USDR."


Bill: Was this something specially shown to everyone?


Gideon: "No, I asked and pressed the issue, and the group was able to use the device to show me things I asked about. I also asked about our team, too."


Bill: What did you learn?


Gideon: "I could see the cabal was concerned about us, and would continue using agents to attack us. I saw they will find out about two of our members and try to convert them to their side. They did not want to kill them or hurt them, rather, they wanted to bribe them and deceive them to turn against the rest of our team. One of those members of our team did turn against us, but then I was not shown what happened to them or if they were able to harm us or not."


Bill: Did you see if we could defeat CSRQ?


Gideon: "The group I was with would not show me that."


Bill: Why not?


Gideon: "Certain things in the future they refused to show, because they said it could alter the timeline in a negative way. They did say our mission was important and that we should not stop what we are doing."


Bill: Ok, what else were you shown?


Gideon: "I was shown that in 2025, the Earth's magnetic field will dislodge and rapidly flip. This was the most devastating thing I saw. It was so shocked I had trouble believing it, but it was as real as everything else I was shown, so I believed it.


The actual poles did not flip, though, not physically; but the disruptions were so severe that 1 Billion people will perish within a two or three week period. The Sun's UV rays will become so intense, many will die from this.


Eventually, the Earth stabilizes, but much of civilization cannot recover. This is when the cabal steps in with new technology, including a type of free energy, and implements CSRQ fully. Everyone will be slaves to this, because if you refuse, you will starve and be without power, water and other services."


Bill: Incredible. So the cabal knows about the coming magnetic flip?


Gideon: "Yes. They have prepared well for it. All of the power grids will suffer, airline travel will cease, huge power outages will take place. During this time, the cabal will bring this free energy online and essentially save the world. People will rejoice and be thankful."


Bill: You told me in another conversation we had that a new leader emerges. Did you see that person?


Gideon: "Yes, and I believe that leader is the Anti-Christ. I could not see his or her face. I just knew they were there. This leader will bring the free energy and save the world, in a sense. They will be worshipped, but in this process, this is where enslavement to CSRQ begins."


Bill: After seeing all this, how did it conflict or confirm your own intel? Because some of this is different from what we were expecting.


Gideon: "I felt it confirmed many things and clarified a lot of things we were not sure about. Since I saw this with my own eyes through the device, it felt very real to me.


They also showed us something that would take place a week later from the point we were using the device. Sure enough, that event took place. It was something in the news, and something very specific. They did this so we would know the device is accurate, and it is."


Bill: How did the other people with you react? What were they told? I mean, what were they asked to do to stop this, if anything?


Gideon: "Each of us privately spoke with the leader of this group, and we were given private instructions on things we needed to know and to do. This was compartmentalized so that negative timeline disruptions would not occur.


I did speak with many people who were invited, and we all had different missions. Everyone there is working for God and in service of God, I felt. We all wanted to do our best, but we are vastly outnumbered and the cabal is much, much more powerful than us."


Bill: Do they think they can stop any of this? Like what's coming this Winter, CSRQ, and later on everything else?


Gideon: "They only think what is coming this Winter can be stopped. The other events cannot be stopped.


This is partly because of the technology the cabal has, and the inevitability of the magnetic pole flip in 2025. They said the cabal is too powerful, and they will use the magnetic flip to take over the world and implement the one world government. We cannot stop that. All we can do is organize and subvert CSRQ from within in the coming years."


Bill: Before I forget, is there anything else you saw you think you should share?


Gideon: "I did see some other events, but I was told not to reveal them publicly. They did say I could tell our Sovereign team about them, so we will post that on the password-protected page at some point."


Bill: Good. You talked about the election with me privately, can you discuss that publicly?


Gideon: "Yes, that I can discuss. I saw the U.S. election in 2024 was repeatedly delayed, and I saw that Donald Trump was assassinated in late 2024. This caused a great deal of conflict in the U.S. I also saw people seemed afraid and distracted with day to day living. The Biden Administration also had long-since declared some kind of Martial Law in light of the Winter nuclear disaster, and the country was under a sort of police lock-down."


Bill: Did people still use the U.S. Dollar?


Gideon: "Yes, but by this time, the cabal was already preparing people for CSRQ, so money vouchers were common, so were food and bread lines, and in this process, the cabal began introducing nano-tech to the food system. People did not realize this, though. It is something we have talked about, and I saw it happening, so that was a confirmation. The nano-tech in the food seemed to have all kinds of purposes, not just one."


Bill: Since we and our team are Sovereign, how do you think we will make it through this? Will we be ok?


Gideon: "We will. At some point, the cabal will activate special status and cards for Sovereigns, and we will all get this one way or another. It seems like most of us will get them through our banks. The rest of the world will not know about this, but we will, and we will have access to our USDR funds.


I saw something that seemed to show the U.S. Dollar will still work, and the USDR will be temporarily converted to it, or other currencies. I did not fully understand what I saw, but it made sense to me when I saw it. I also saw those with $5 Million or more in USDR were given special cards that could access their USDR and convert it to U.S. Dollars and Euros, so they could use their funds before USDR was brought online."


Bill: Good. Thank God. What about our Sovereigns living in the U.S.? Is that the most dangerous place to be?


Gideon: "Yes. The most important thing will be to stay inside, and have a store of food and clean water that will last one or two months. The fallout will kill those who are not able to stay inside, or who need to work outside, or who are not prepared. The much bigger issue will be power outages, but power will be restored eventually.


Throughout 2024, the country suffers severe economic issues and turns into a quasi-police state. Our Sovereigns there will need to be ready for this, but if they have Sovereign status, they will not be harassed or bothered, and some of us will be able to used our USDR via U.S Dollars."


Bill: Are you still in contact with this group and getting information?


Gideon: "Yes, I am."


Bill: Did you see anything that confirmed the things you said in our The Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops?


Gideon: "I saw many things that confirmed what I had said before. I will not get into that now, though."


Bill: This is horrible info and I know people will be scared. Should people write us, or how can we help them?


Gideon: "They should email you, but they should use an anonymous email and name if they do so. I can pass their information to the whistle blowers, but we cannot make any guarantees or promises we can do anything for them. We can only ask and hope the whistle blowers have time to safely help us."


Bill: Ok, we're going to end things short because you told me you had to go. You want to make a Part 2 about this, right? I hope so, because I have a lot more questions.


Gideon: "Yes, there is more information I saw, more things people need to know. I do not have time to discuss it with you today, but we will plan to do so soon."


Bill: Very well then. Good night and God bless.


Gideon: "You as well."




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