Intel Drop #33 - Why The Cabal Fears A Tax Boycott

"Americans, for whatever reason, appear deeply committed to making yearly tax tributes that keep their Satanic government healthy and well-fed."

Intel Drop #33 - Why The Cabal Fears A Tax Boycott




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The following was collated from a few wide-ranging conversations covering many topics. As always, these conversations are edited by Michael for clarity and for obfuscation purposes (see: Stylometry):


Bill: We had a pretty lengthy conversation the other day about a lot of topics, I think we should go back over some of that for this Intel Drop. Do you want to start with the boycotts?


Gideon: "Yes, we can begin there."


Bill: Ok, so we see all this going on, where people are boycotting the beer brands like Bud Light and now they're boycotting a major store in the U.S. called Target. What have you heard about this?


Gideon: "The cabal is watching it closely. The boycotts were somewhat organic. They were expected, but not to this extent. We can see the cabal is pivoting, attempting to peg those who are engaging in these boycotts as economic terrorists of some sort, or bigots. They will try to spin the situation in their favour, but there is some concern in how effective they have been."


Bill: What's the concern? That they could expand the boycotts?


Gideon: "Yes, but it is only considered serious if, for example, Americans staged a tax revolt or boycott, and at this juncture, there has been no discussion of that. Americans, for whatever reason, appear deeply committed to making yearly tax tributes that keep their Satanic government healthy and well-fed."


Bill: It does seem that way. You've said to me a strong tax boycott would be a major threat to the cabal. Can you describe how that might go about, and why?


Gideon: "If done properly and swiftly, it would collapse any government, particularly the U.S. government. The U.S. relies on tax receipts to pay its bills without having to print even more money. Now, we could assume CSRQ would be fast-tracked and implemented quickly, and it would be, if such a thing were to happen.


But the abrupt disruption caused by a nationwide, steadfast tax revolt would put the cabal in much more difficult position than it is now. The timing is also unfavourable for Americans, as such a thing should have been done years ago, decades ago."


Bill: Why has it never happened? It's never discussed by anyone, anywhere, ever. We've talked about it in a lot of private discussions and it made its way into a few Intel Drops, so it's something we both understand.


Gideon: "The cabal's gatekeepers in the United States, in the patriot movement, alternative media and even Christian communities, ensure that the discussion of a tax boycott never reaches the light of day. Taxes are treated as a sacred duty of some kind, and there is a lot of irrational fear surrounding not paying them. The cabal's minions have promoted this fear for years, that if you do not pay your taxes you will go to prison, and so on."


Bill: People don't go to prison for not paying taxes in the U.S. and they're usually not criminally charged for it, is that right?


Gideon: "That is correct. The consequences for not paying involve fines, fees and eventually, seizures. They will garnish wages or steal funds from your bank account, after years of proceedings, if you do not pay. The consequences are certainly uncomfortable, but they do not send people to prison for it. Prison is reserved for those who lie on their taxes extensively. So, what Americans should do is report and file their taxes properly, so they are legally protected in that sense, but simply boycott payment."


Bill: Thank you for explaining that. Should the rest of us outside of America do this?


Gideon: "It would be best if Americans led the way and collapsed the current Satanic regime and replaced it. The world could then watch this and do the same in their own, respective countries. Some countries also punish non-payment of taxes more from a criminal standpoint, so it is best to start in the U.S. where it is not punished as severely.


If it is done all at once, worldwide, it would certainly cause havoc for the cabal, but it could lead to total societal collapse because people are so reliant on government. There needs to be a careful transition, whereby the cabal is removed and replaced with sound, patriotic individuals to lead and form new governments. We do not have many of those individuals left to lead."


Bill: I see. What would happen if this tax boycott worked? What if it was done right now?


Gideon: "There is barely enough time left to do it. Ideally, it would have been done years ago, or even last year would be better than now. But starting now is still better than doing nothing. It needs to be organized. What is remarkable is how effective the beer boycotts have been. It shows millions can quickly organize and stop buying something. Millions could also easily organize and stop paying taxes."


Bill: Wouldn't the government just crackdown on them? I'd expect Biden to just go berserk on anyone who did that.


Gideon: "The media would issue a major propaganda campaign, of course, and the government would make all sorts of threats, but if millions participated in it, it would be overwhelming. There are not enough IRS agents to remotely deal with it. You might see, in desperation, the cabal resort to extreme tactics. They would be pushed somewhat into a corner, so extreme measures could be taken. But that is preferable to continuing to feed the Satanic beast."


Bill: I think, based on my discussions with you, that you know it won't really work to stop CSRQ, it's more like a disruption. You're not saying CSRQ could be stopped by this, right?


Gideon: "Yes, disruption is a good word to use. We are too late in the game to really stop what is coming, because the cabal has planned this for decades. They have contingencies in place, as well. But I have been told by more than few sources, they do fear a tax revolt. It would galvanize people, as well.


The problem is that we do not have enough strong leaders to topple the current regime, people educated enough on the power of the cabal, so I would expect that eventually the cabal would simply rush the implementation of CSRQ. The point is that people should stand up, even if in doing so they cannot stop what is to come, they should do it regardless of that."


Bill: I agree, doing something is better than doing nothing. Do you think on a spiritual level that it's wrong to be paying taxes at this point?


Gideon: "Yes."


Bill: Can you get more into that?


Gideon: "If you are aware your government is Satanic and evil, and most of them clearly are, and you continue to pay taxes to support it, then you are committing a sin, in my opinion. But to be clear, that is my opinion."


Bill: I never hear Christian pastors speak of this. I never hear anyone talk about it, in fact.


Gideon: "Again, the gatekeepers in place have done yeoman's work protecting the cabal and keeping certain narratives out of the discussion and cultural Zeitgeist. The alternative media gatekeepers will celebrate beer boycotts, but never, not once mention a tax boycott.


I would also argue most Christian pastors are either cabal servants, members of secret societies, or simply not Christian to begin with. They all support paying taxes to the Satanic government, which makes no sense, now does it?


There is a scripture that says, I believe it is Matthew 22, in which Jesus said, 'Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's,' but let us be clear, Jesus did not say give taxes to Satan. The scripture is more an instruction to pay what you owe in general if you owe someone, but not a commandment to pay taxes to an evil government! If you listen to these pastors, they do not even know the Bible has been changed and altered, which suggest to me they do not even read it."


Bill: That's another big discussion, too, and we've already talked about it in past Intel Drops. There's no question or doubt the Bible has been altered, it's just a fact, but nobody seems to read it anymore or even remember many of the original passages.


Gideon: "You and I are old enough to remember them, and we know dozens of scriptures in the Bible's of today have been drastically altered. This was done by CERN, but there are still old Bible's that contain the original language that were not altered."


Bill: I agree. In any case, let's get back to this idea of the tax revolt. So, logistically, what would happen? How would it all transpire?


Gideon: "The U.S. government would be in a very difficult position, not able to pay its bills, if the boycott lasted into next year and past April's filing deadline. This would assume CSRQ had not come online by then. The cabal would, of course, accelerate CSRQ if such a boycott were to occur. It is not ready, but it is almost ready. The boycott would need to be organized now, this Summer, within weeks, to have any impact at all."


Bill: Is there a reason you wanted to bring this up now, and put it into an Intel Drop? I mean, we have talked about it before, but you wanted to make it a central theme.


Gideon: "Yes, because the current boycotts are encouraging, and I have information and intel that the cabal is a bit concerned about them and even surprised by them. With that said, the cabal will take any crisis and turn it into an advantage for them.


If the boycotts increase, those participating in them will be maligned, denigrated by the media, and as is already being said, pegged as economic terrorists and bigots. The cabal is also exploring using the boycotts as an excuse as to why we will need CSRQ, because Republicans caused some kind of damage to the economy."


Bill: Fascinating. I personally find it a bit ridiculous this is what Americans decided to stand up against, beer brands. Not vaccines, not their evil government, not Covid lies, but beer.


Gideon: "It is a reflection of the current awareness level. Of course, a lot of Americans are deeply offended and bothered by the trans agenda, by the LGBTQ agenda pushing the boundaries. They are prepared to react to that, but they are too late, and the boycotts and action should have been taken against the vaccines and their government long ago. So, it is an interesting situation, where we do see people taking action, and there is an awakening, but they have no idea what they are really dealing with."


Bill: If they read the Intel Drops, they would know, but only a few thousand people read these. Will us publishing this make any difference?


Gideon: "If somehow it were to spread viral, yes, it could. But people have short attention spans, and viral messaging is now in the form of short TikTok videos, Facebook posts and so on. We would need people to start making those, to spread the message of a tax boycott and explain it. It is beyond our capability to do that.


We have always said that we, alone, cannot stop CSRQ from happening by simply talking about it. We can only bring the truth out about what is coming, it is up to the people who receive our messages to take action. If they do nothing, the cabal will easily implement CSRQ."


Bill: It's sad to me it seems like we reached our limit of exposure a long time ago, like people just couldn't accept it. They love Q Anon, though, and all these gatekeepers.


Gideon: "That is because they are well-funded by the cabal with millions of dollars. Essentially, they are Astroturf operations, they appear organic, but they are not. People assume all of these people in the alternative media are self-built, self-promoted, grassroots, but few of them are. They are just marketed that way.


In fact, even if we had a great deal of money to promote the Intel Drops, for example, we have seen any marketing effort by us will be blocked. We saw Google and Twitter block ads from supporters who tried to spread our message. The cabal controls all of it, and people feed it by supporting their operations."


Bill: Our plan has been through working with the whistle blowers, so we can try to stop CSRQ once it comes online. What's the status there, can you give everyone an update?


Gideon: "Well, we have successfully changed the statuses of a few dozen people in the CSRQ database, and that is going to give us a huge advantage once it comes online. I am hopeful, but we are under constant threat, as well. We will do all we can, we will do our best to stop this. I have been operating under the assumption CSRQ could not be stopped beforehand up until now, but I must say, the boycotts of recent have given me a bit of hope."


Bill: Do you think these boycotts as they stand now can damage the cabal? Because some of the companies have taken a big hit in their stock prices.


Gideon: "The boycotts cause virtually no damage at all, Bill. The cabal is only concerned, mildly, by the organization and ferocity of the boycotts, with how quickly they formed and how they have not subsided. This is a credit to those who are taking part in them, but again, it is energy that is being somewhat wasted. The cabal is only worried if that energy is actually utilized in a way that would damage their plans.


The brands are not under any serious threat. Bud Light, for example, is owned by a huge conglomerate that sells thousands of products and operates under the ESG rules. We can see in the sales data that people shifted to buying Miller Lite and Coors Light beers, these are also cabal brands, too. So, little will change, money will just move to other cabal-controlled operations that may have a less-obvious LGBTQ marketing approach."


Bill: Ok, so the boycotts aren't actually damaging the cabal, you're just saying the collective energy shown could be used to damage the cabal if people actually did something like stop paying taxes?


Gideon: "That is correct. The cabal fears galvanized, collective energy, but they are usually very adept at directing where they want it to go or sabotaging it."


Bill: I have some notes and some questions I wanted to ask, specifically about A.I., there's two points, first how they're killing people and replacing them, and how A.I. is creating fake consensus online. Can we talk about these things?


Gideon: "Yes, both are important topics. On the first point, I have intel that the cabal has already implemented a program to kill and replace certain patriotic individuals. By replace, I mean keep their online presence going as if they are still alive. It is very hard to detect unless you personally know where that person lives and you can go visit them. Their writing style, videos and audio can all the emulated by A.I. convincingly, or what is commonly known as 'deep fakes'. What is interesting is a lot of these people are already isolated, and usually not close with family members, so their disappearances can be hard to detect."


Bill: What's an example of who that might happen to?


Gideon: "Jeff Rense, for example, could be eliminated and easily replaced by A.I., if no one is around to monitor his physical whereabouts. He would still appear to correspond with friends, write emails, make phone calls and host his radio show. If you were not in the physical room with him, you would not know if he is A.I. or a real person.


They can capture all of his accounts and even turn on computers remotely, and if they cannot do that, they will send an agent to set things up at his home, so everything electronic is turned on. Or, they will remotely download all of his content and emulate it via a central node that has created a near-perfect generation of his personality.


The same could be said of Jim Stone, who I know is under threat, and lives in an isolated area in Mexico. Both of these men are cabal threats and could be removed and replaced, and no one would be the wiser."


Bill: Has that happened to either of them?


Gideon: "I have no information that it has. I have tried to have a friend of mine send a warning to Jim Stone, however, but I am unsure if he received that warning. I believe he is already aware he is a target, but we wanted to make him aware he would be high on the list for A.I. replacement."


Bill: I'm glad you did that, because I like him. I'm worried about him. So, once someone is replaced, what changes?


Gideon: "Not much would change initially. The cabal would just make sure that person, or their A.I. representation at that point, does not discuss certain things, and over time they would shift the narrative a bit. Or they might declare they are retiring, or some plausible reason why they would go away.


What I have been told is that the cabal will utilize this more extensively once CSRQ is online, and right now they are testing it with a few cases. I do not have any direct intel on whom it has been tested on."


Bill: Now what about A.I. consensus, can you discuss that a bit?


Gideon: "Yes, we are seeing a major phenomena online whereby thousands of comments are being made that support cabal narratives by A.I.-controlled bot accounts. The cabal has always used these, but they were not effective in the past at appearing real or human. They were used, but not extensively, and now that is changing.


One of the biggest changes is how the A.I. is able to emulate seemingly real people in chat environments, which is much more realistic than just comments. Anywhere you are chatting online now, there will be A.I. bots, usually being toxic, pushing cabal narratives or causing problems. They are not human."


Bill: So we can't assume when we see a bunch of comments or people chatting, that's what people really believe?


Gideon: "No. But they are easy to find because they support cabal narratives. If you visit a major MSM article, for example, you will see dozens of comments bashing anti-vaxxers, supporting Biden and so on. Many of them are fake and A.I. bots.


What is interesting is there is an awakening and the cabal is losing the narrative, but they are still propped up by this false sense of consensus. It only works if people believe the idiotic cabal narratives being pushed by these A.I. bots."


Bill: Amazing, but there's still Leftists, liberals everywhere, who think Ukraine is great and love vaccines and TV shows, it's not like there's none of them left, these mindless lemmings are all over the place.


Gideon: "They do exist, in droves, but not to the extent we are led to believe. They are followers, who feed into the system, so when they see the fake A.I. comments bolstering their political views, they are emboldened. They are just a herd of cattle the cabal moves around, serving the system, but there is a fairly strong and growing resistance of people who are waking up, too.


This awakening is also partly due to so many dying from the vaccine. There are simply fewer lemmings, as you say, around to support the cabal. That extends to a much deeper discussion, of course."


Bill: Yes, I'll ask you about that in a moment. This is probably one of the more hopeful Intel Drops we've done, but in private discussions it's really a different tone between us, you are much more worried with me in private. I'm not sure if you want to talk about that or not.


Gideon: "We both know what is coming, Bill, we know the dates the cabal will bring CSRQ online, we know when it will be, which I have shared with our Sovereigns, and we know the very powerful tools and mechanisms they can use to defeat virtually any resistance. We know the odds are deeply against us, because humanity is so dead asleep and deeply programmed.


We also know, as we have disclosed to our Sovereigns, we may be shutting down some of our public operations. So, I wanted some of our final Intel Drops to impart more of a message of hope than hopelessness."


Bill: Ok, good, I think that's good. We removed the YouTube channel, too, do you want to explain why?


Gideon: "The channel was infiltrated with hundreds of agent accounts monitoring it, preparing to leave negative comments on anything we posted, and I was told they had done so much analysis on both videos I was featured in that we should remove it as a precaution."


Bill: Ok, you mean you think they were trying to find out who you are through that?


Gideon: "Some of the lower level agents were doing work on that, yes. Specifically, they were trying to find out where the video was filmed and the voice used. We ensured the video was obfuscated enough that not even the best analysis could glean anything useful, but at this juncture, I had to make a risk versus benefit decision and decided it is best to remove it. It is regretful to some degree.


What is more important is that those reading the Intel Drops do their own work to put the material online through various avenues like Facebook, Tiktok, Rumble and so on, rather than that we do it ourselves. This is because anything we post publicly, any accounts we have are susceptible to the cabal breaking into them or trying to trace them, trace who created them."


Bill: Right, us having all this out in the open is a risk, you've said. A risk you tell me isn't worth it anymore. How long do you expect we'll keep posting Intel Drops?


Gideon: "A few months at the most. Eventually, everything will either be removed by us or the cabal will remove it, as I know they are prepared to. At that juncture, all of our efforts will go toward our Sovereign team and we will operate through private channels. If we completely disappear, that will be a sign CSRQ is coming online soon."


Bill: Understood. People can still copy and save these Intel Drops and they have, so they won't just completely disappear.


Gideon: "No, not unless the cabal deems fit to deploy some kind of erasure program. This could occur once CSRQ comes online, because they will not want our residual reporting of it to exist. They will bury it in the memory hole, so to speak, as has happened with other sensitive intel other people have reported in the past, it is just gone now. It should be noted that once CSRQ is online, the Internet will also have a lot more censorship."


Bill: That reminds me of Elon Musk, this woman he hired as CEO, and the X App. He Tweeted just the letter, "X", so they are getting something ready.


Gideon: "They are. As we have said, he is a key part of CSRQ, and the X App is expected to possibly be the exact app used whereby CSRQ will be implemented for everyone. I believe I even talked about this what must have been seven or eight months ago, so it is interesting to see the X App is going to become a reality."


Bill: It's a confirmation, to me, because you did talk about it and a lot of things that are now becoming reality. The cabal is really clever to put him out at the forefront, too, because he looks like this freedom fighter type.


Gideon: "Yes, how he is approaching things, somewhat in a Trumpian way, is gaining the trust of a lot of people who otherwise maybe didn't take the vaccines or they are skeptics of the cabal's agenda. He is controlled opposition, in short. He will cleverly enslave them and they may not know it or realize it, the same way people sign up for his Starlink internet and willingly support directed energy weapons that can be used on them."


Bill: What about RFK Jr., can he be trusted? We said he's not Sovereign, but some people think he can't be trusted.


Gideon: "He is not a servant of the cabal, but he is compromised in various respects due to the people he is surrounded with. Some of his political views are not correct, but that is not a matter of whether a person is a cabalist or not. Some people are good but believe the wrong things. That is not at issue. My concern is that he has multiple people around him who are cabalists, and his wife is a compromising link."


Bill: Does he offer any hope at all to stop any of this?


Gideon: "My understanding is that the cabal does not like or favour his campaign at all, so they are deploying resources to control him, but more so to surround him with their own agents to ensure he cannot do any serious damage to the agenda. You should expect to see his campaign steered in different directions, and possibly for him to make some statements that seem out of character for him and could cause him to lose support, as we move forward.


There is also the fact that CSRQ is expected to come online well before the 2024 U.S. election, so the cabal is not terribly concern about it. If there is an election of some kind, my understanding is that Ron DeSantis is the cabal's preferred candidate."


Bill: Ok, well, we both know DeSantis is a Sovereign, but it seems like he's doing all these anti-cabal things. He even signed some legislation banning CBDCs. What's all of that about?


Gideon: "It is cabal mischief. Once he is in power, expect the agenda to move forward, but it may be cloaked with all kinds of misdirection. He may ban CBDCs as a gesture, but by the time USDR is accepted as the world's digital currency, expect him to support it in some way, or possibly publicly disagree with it, but legislatively support it. Or, he may do something ridiculous like peg USDR use in the U.S. to some kind of fake gold standard.


The cabal is partly pushing candidates like Trump and DeSantis to control the opposition, because there is an awakening taking place, Bill, and they have to contain it. DeSantis is not the man who should be leading that awakening. RFK Jr. is better suited for it, but compromised by people around him. Trump has done some good but he is blackmailed and compromised. My suggestion is instead of looking for a leader, Americans need to become their own leaders. They do not need to follow, they need to lead."


Bill: Interesting perspective, thank you for sharing all that. I think you're right. What about the rest of us in the rest of the world? Seems like things are just spinning out of control all over.


Gideon: "China is a terrible threat to humanity, the cabal's model for how they want the world to look like, so be mindful of that. The U.S., Europe and Western nations will lead the way for CSRQ, as will China, and I do not see strong enough pockets of resistance in many countries. Vaccine skepticism is not strong enough in a lot of these places, except in Africa, which is one sign of hope but Africa is not something the cabal is even slightly worried about, because the entire continent can be plunged into darkness if necessary.


The cabal can simply turn off the lights anywhere, if people resist too much. The cabal can utilize drones, space weapons, surveillance in ways we do not even fully comprehend. They are ready to use those things, if people push back too hard, and, in fact, they are already using them."


Bill: It almost seems like the tax revolt would just move the timeline up faster. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, it just seems like it wouldn't really stop the cabal.


Gideon: "As I said, it is very disruptive, and also galvanizing for people to push back in that way. It is a good thing, but the results would indeed just move up the timeline. We would see a quicker implementation of the cabal's more aggressive approaches with CSRQ. It is still the correct course, despite that, because it is the right thing to do to stop funding these evil governments."


Bill: We haven't talked much about targeted individuals and gang-stalking. Obviously, it's a real thing, it just hasn't come up in the Intel Drops. You said to me A.I. is a big issue with that.


Gideon: "Yes, there are many people who are electronically harassed and gang-stalked by the cabal. What is the big secret with this is that the cabal is able to find very spiritually aware people and suppress them this way.


You may hear about people who claim to be gang-stalked and they may appear a bit off, schizophrenic or unaccomplished or even unremarkable in some way. What you need to realize is that these are very strong people spiritually who, if left alone, could have done great damage to the cabal.


The cabal intervenes and targets them early on and disables their ability to be effective in any way. It is a profoundly important topic, and A.I. will only make the cabal's ability to implement it even stronger."


Bill: I know people who are gang-stalked. We've even had people write us who are, who claim to be. I know it's real. It's really sad, just more sad it's not acknowledged more. These people aren't crazy.


Gideon: "No, they are not. They are spiritually gifted and the cabal tries to suppress them."


Bill: What can these people do to find relief from the harassment?


Gideon: "Faraday cages of all kinds do work to stop electronic harassment. Prayer, as well. Call upon Christ and pray for protection."


Bill: Ok, thank you, very good advice. We talked about posting shorter Intel Drop-like updates from you on Twitter and Telegram, is that something you want to do?


Gideon: "It is something I want to consider. We would do that to impart shorter, more urgent intel, rather than these long-form discussions. As events transpire, and we inch closer to CSRQ, there are going to be more urgent updates that need to be posted, so we will begin to do that."


Bill: Great, I'm glad about that. We also talked about whether I could make a Tiktok account or open some more accounts and post my own video or voice messages, what do we think about that right now?


Gideon: "We will have to use obfuscation techniques to ensure you are not identified and your location is not discovered. If I am confident we can do that, then you may be able to proceed with that."


Bill: Wonderful, because I've always wanted to do it, but I know it's a risk. I also had to turn down some interviews with a few alternative media people early on and I felt bad about that, but there's no way I could be on a phone call, I mean, that's just a terrible risk.


Gideon: "It would not be possible, no. You will need to carefully record something and I will have to review it, and Michael will have to as well, and we can judge whether posting it or not is advisable at that point."


Bill: It doesn't really matter anyway. We're so late in the game, we have probably months left here, I just felt like expressing my thoughts. We've had all these discussions over the past two years, there's so much I want to share and I feel like I could really well just by talking about it. I know you can't do that, but at least I could.


Gideon: "We will explore it, but we will not take unnecessary risks."


Bill: Before I forget, I wanted to ask you for the sake of those reading if anything in our The Cosmic Rules Are About To Change series of Intel Drops has changed at all? That's usually a very different discussion. It's like two things, we talk about CSRQ and political events, then there's the spiritual side of it.


Gideon: "It is, indeed, a different realm of discussion. There are deep spiritual reasons for everything happening that go far beyond the political. At this point, I do have some things I would like to amend to the series we posted, and I will try to communicate those things to you so you can post them in time."


Bill: Thank you, great. I'll end things here. Is there any thing you want to say in closing?


Gideon: "Yes. I want to thank everyone who wrote to us regarding our rescue plan. We have responded to some of you, and some of you are still waiting. I want you to know we did our very best. I communicated with the whistle blowers over the past month and we have been able to help some people who were found to be Common class in CSRQ. We will be able to help those people tremendously.


Unfortunately, those who were found to be Restricted or Quarantined in CSRQ are in a more difficult position where we cannot help as much, if at all, but we are still looking at ways to help them and we are not giving up on them."


Bill: Good, I see all the emails, too, and they're in good hands and we should be able to get back to everyone soon. Thank you again for sharing your insight with us, we'll speak again soon I hope.


Gideon: "We will. Good night."




Update: We have received a number of responses via our rescue plan page posted on our website. Unfortunately, there have been delays in responding to each person who replied. This has been due to the slow, careful process involved which requires us to transmit information to the whistle blowers, a process that can take weeks or even up to a month. We ask those who wrote us to be patient, and we expect each person who wrote us will receive a reply and an update by the end of the month.


Update: If you expected to receive an email from us but you did not, please write to us at securecommssov@proton.me and re-send any information to us, and send copies of those emails to securesov@skiff.com and securesov@dnmx.org. We have had many issues with emails either being blocked or never going through.


Update: If you need help setting up Telegram (without using your real phone number), write to us at: survivethereset@proton.me - title "TG Account". We will provide the steps to create an anonymous Telegram account so that your real, personal phone number is not connected to it.


Update: We continue to see serious problems with email. Emails like MSN, Me, iCloud, Outlook, AOL, Gmail, Gmx, Yahoo, Hotmail, Comcast and many others routinely BLOCK and CENSOR our emails. These email providers are also known to read your emails and offer no security at all. No one should be using them, but many people who contact us are using them. We recommend opening an anonymous account using Proton.me, Skiff.com, Hushmail.com, Tutanota.com or Dnmx.org (service for Dnmx.org may not be reliable). These providers are end to end encrypted, and have proven they do not block our emails.


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