A Review on G.Skill 32GB TridentZ DDR4-3200 RG



There has been a huge push towards RGB. Not only has it flooded our peripherals, but the trend has now spread to our PC components as well. There are a few manufacturers on the market that customers have been flocking to when it comes to RGB RAM. Today, we'll look at the G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32GB DDR4-3200 memory kit, one of those well-known companies.


This is a DDR4 RAM, as anticipated, but what makes the Trident Z unique is the RGB element, which is prominently displayed on the front of the box. Each module has a transparent strip on the top that allows LED RGB to light through. G.Skill's TridentZ Neo comes with yet another unknown IC, this time from Hynix, with Samsung, Micron, and even its subsidiary Spectek in the rearview mirror.


According to the JEDEC timings chart, DDR4-2666-rated components that G.Skill has overclocked to DDR4-3200 while maintaining stability using the standard voltage increase technique. It's worth noting that every high-performance kit we evaluate is overclocked in this way, with some of the fastest modules using components rated at DDR4-2133.


 It's worth noting, however, that XMP must be enabled for the motherboard to set this higher speed, that those who don't (or can't) activate XMP will be locked at DDR4-2666, and that all major manufacturers share this kind of requirement.


TridentZ Neo's software from G.Skill can address each of the LEDs that shine through its transparent white light diffuser independently. Users who want to match their settings to those of their motherboard will be able to do so, but there's no assurance that the motherboard and memory will cycle simultaneously in Rainbow mode.


Specifications of Notable Test PCs:


6770K (Intel Core i7)


Nvidia GTX 1080 MSI


Motherboard Asus ROG Z270F Strix Gaming


If you want to go for a certain aesthetic or theme with your setup, Aura can let you flood your RAM modules with whatever hue or gradient you choose. The RAM module is mainly black with white lettering, but the heat spreader has a small cutaway pattern.


Overall, this RAM is not too flashy with its appearance, particularly considering it is RGB oriented, so you won't have to worry about it clashing with your gaming PC build.


Final Thoughts

The TridentZ RGB from G.Skill offers two distinct advantages. It looks nearly identical to a standard Trident Z, except that G.Skill has added four LEDs to the top of each RAM module. The fact that this does not affect the installed height is fantastic. Second, the lighting is stunning.


We would have been content just keeping the lights on the preset RGB cycle since the diffuser covering each bank of LEDs performs an excellent job. When you add the G.Skill software to the mix, you have a large range of choices that look fantastic and should satisfy any RGB effect lover in their gaming PC.


The RGB of the RAM will be shown immediately, and electricity will begin to flow through your PC. For those acquainted with RAM, like the Geil Evo X, this RAM kit does not need any additional power to power up the RGB headers.


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