A Review on NZXT Kraken X62


The CPU, like any other powerful piece of PC hardware, produces heat while in use and must be properly cooled to ensure peak performance. Especially in a gaming PC, the heat generated in the GPU also requires a proper cooling system to ensure proper functioning.


The Integrated Heat Spreader distributes the heat produced by the processor to the metal lid of the CPU (IHS). The heat is then transmitted to the CPU cooler's baseplate. That heat is then transferred to a fan, blown away from the cooler and ultimately away from the PC, either through liquid or heat pipe.


At this point, we hope you've checked out at least one of NZXT's last pair of coolers since they're not to be missed. According to what we’ve learned so far, the new Kraken coolers are among the best-looking AIOs on the market for a range of gaming PCs.


With the brushed metal head unit, tinted top lens, impressive RGB LED display, sleeved tubing, and a streamlined radiator with the NZXT brand moulded into the sides, the NZXT name is sculpted into the sides of the radiator. Another benefit of these Kraken coolers is that they run quietly unless you're the sort that enjoys tinkering and enjoys fan noise. Finally, and this is what most customers are concerned about, the performance has been excellent.


The new Kraken coolers are stylish, but it's the CAM software and a fresh way of thinking about making an AIO work better that will sway many buyers. CAM gives you complete control over everything from fan speeds to pump speeds, and it's also where you can program the LEDs to operate in almost any manner you can think of.


 With the Kraken Series, NZXT decided to base performance on pump speed on a more fundamental level. NZXT prefers to change the pump speed, pushing coolant through the system quicker to keep temperatures at bay, rather than just throwing fans at the radiator till they stick and function well with a lot of noise.




Larger and Brighter

A 10% larger LED ring enables for more vibrant RGB. A movable top allows the logo to be re-oriented in whatever direction the cooler is placed.

An outstanding performance

The Aer P radiator fans were created with liquid cooling in mind. It has a chamfered intake and a fluid dynamic bearing that ensures quiet operation, long life, and effective cooling.


Installation is simple.

The rubber tubing is strengthened with fine nylon mesh sleeves, which provide durability and protection against mistreatment. Adjust the pump head's position to meet the requirements of your motherboard without altering the logo's direction.

Improved Control

With a simple, user-friendly interface, CAM offers advanced controls. Full CAM integration enables you to control your Kraken's performance with accuracy, making changes with the touch of a button, thanks to improved lighting sync across all NZXT RGB devices.

Make Your Way Luminous

With the most sophisticated RGB lighting effects and our trademark infinity mirror, you can customize the appearance of any CAM-powered Kraken pump. The Kraken X and M series also come with various configurable presets and reactive modes that react to changes in system parameters like temperature and audio output.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Kraken X62 is a well-made, aesthetically pleasing 280mm AIO. Yes, there are less expensive AlOs out there, but we guarantee you won't find one that is more attractive or complementary to any system.


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