What is Kofax used for?

What is Kofax used for?


Kofax is the best document management software. The work of Kofax is to ease your tasks by managing your data in one place. It helps in digital transformation in a huge amount of data, repetitive tasks, and paperwork. Kofax scans your documents and offers you a safe place for that documents. For better understanding let's discuss in the brief, what is Kofax used for?

What Is Kofax Used For & Who Uses Kofax? 


Kofax is an Intelligent Automation software solution providing company. It is used for digital transforming of the information-intensive workflow with software for better performance and fewer errors. For digital transformation in work, Kofax provides software in 4 fields. Such as Intelligent Automation Platform, Finance & Accounting, Capture & Print, and Desktop Productivity.


Kofax’s Intelligent Automation software is the future of the new business area. Various big and small businesses are enrolling in this new field, and Kofax is one of the best providers for such software. Kofax’s software gives a massive return that’s why at the time of writing, more than 25,000 individuals, small and big businesses purchased it. A number of financial services, healthcare, insurance, government, supply chain, business process outsourcing company already uses Kofax.  

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What is the need for Kofax?

The main work which is performed by Kofax is it digitally transforms your information-intensive workflows. They provide you with an automation platform that will help organizations to information-intensive business processes, minimize cost, improve customer engagement, and reduce manual work. 

They combine RPA, process orchestration, cognitive capture, mobility, ease implementation of ease and analytics, and also deliver dramatic results. It assists you to mitigate compliance risk and increase competitiveness, profitability, and growth.


You can assume the need for Kofax through Kofax RPA because it is one of the best robotic process automation software. If you want to discover more details about Kofax RPA, then you can read; what is Kofax RPA a detailed guide


Kofax provides a rapid return on investment (ROI) to its customers in terms of financial services, government, insurance, healthcare, business process outsourcing, supply chain, and other markets. They deliver their software and solution through various mediums like direct sales, services organization, and other indirect channel partners. After reading all of the above pints you got to know what is the need for Kofax or what is Kofax used for

Benefits of using Kofax- What Can Kofax Do?

There are many advantages of using Kofax. Here we are going to describe the most important benefits of Kofax which is useful from a user's perspective. 

Usability- Kofax provides you with a ribbon-style interface that helps you make a tool location. Even it offers customization options to compete for your work smoothly just by a few clicks. 

Security- Kofax provides various opinions, in terms of security. It offers Microsoft's active directory rights management system without passwords. Kofax also has clear accessible security tools with industry-standard capabilities. 

Editing-  it increases productivity by taking editing & commenting to new levels. Kofax power pdf has unique features like stamp tool and creating tables content, which makes it best. 

Searching- it has the feature of smart search or intelligent looks like search with an alphanumeric pattern in the place of the exact text.  To maximize your search precision it proofreads your hidden text in the scanned documents automatically. 

Conclusion of What is Kofax Used For?

In conclusion, Kofax is a software solution providing a company in the field of Intelligent Automation. With this software, you can digitalize repetitive and information-intensive work for low cost, good performance, and no errors. We hope our article is helpful to get you to know what is Kofax used for actually and how it can be beneficial for you.