Hall of Shame

What is this about? It is just a reference, I hope nobody gets hurt over this, I might quit IRC for some time and when I'm back, I need a list so I can know who is trolling without needing to think at the back of my head and those playing devil's advocate/microsoft windows haters

Basically they have either one of the two status or Both:

Troll, or Windows/Microsoft Hater.

Often, they troll because they hate windows/microsoft but that doesn't make them  go scot-free

Been unbanned, read this:

  • Two_Dogs - (Windows/MS hater + Troll) often uses the nick 'Scullery-Maid/Fish_Monger/Bat-Man' to disapprove someone of their nick while not being faithful to their nick (doesn't really sell fish, doesn't sell pot, isn't a maid), but for all we know, he has two dogs (/files/justpaste/d311/a11932483/zvzq02.jpg)
  • Gimp335 - (Windows/MS hater + Troll) steals nick, often a troll 

[troll log] gimp335 i find it comforting that 5 govt agents are huddled around a monitor watching my activities.

gimp335 you know they have at least 5 agents assigned to each one of us.

[/troll log]


  • Stylus - (Windows/MS hater + Troll) trolls someone and implies that others 'cry victim'
  • xmetal - (Windows/MS hater) has a tendency to adds everyone who disagrees with him to his prestigious ignore list, then calls them trolls when their nick changes (usually unintentionally), which is why I made this hall of shame list. (courtesy of LunarEclipse120)
  • bario - (Windows/MS hater + Troll) trolls by saying 'useless' to whatever is non linux, claims others to be trolls
  • Badboth - (Troll) - I asked badbodh what devnull was spamming in pm but I doubt devnull would do such a thing, badbodh didn't reply

[troll log] ⓘ devnull is now known as Guest60071                                                                                                                                             7:28:43 PM badbodh: kick Guest60071 he is spamming in pm [/troll log]

  • snarkyjerk - (Troll + Disrespecting rules/ops) - snarkyjerk

[troll log]snarkyjerk: Wait, you suck so hard at being ops you can't kick me without a bot? [/troll log]



If you think windows10-user in linuxmint-chat is a troll, keep in mind that I follow the below debate guidelines. You are welcome to go to ##windows to do the same, but some advice here is to follow

basically (short excerpt from the link above)  : 

  • In other words, use factual arguments, not argument-by-slur
  • Personal attacks such as "Are you a Microsoft shill?" are neither polite nor reasonable.
  • "I'm not fond of all those dialog boxes" or "the commandline is clearly not up to the *nix standard" - these are reasonable opinions. But there are plenty of opinions on this planet. What makes yours useful enough for us to discuss?
  • Using terms such as M$Microshaft, and Windoze do not make you automatically cool, and were never funny.

Given these examples, it's probably clear that we get a lot of pro-linux, anti-windows trolls & troublemakers. One last plea: Unix-alike users, you're more than welcome in ##windows. Please try to be a credit to the mature, well-spoken, and polite FOSS community we all know and love! Consider carefully the fact that immature speech and actions do not reflect well you or the FOSS community, and such behavior isn't likely to gain converts or make friends.

I've been on linuxmint-chat for 1 year or nearly 2, I'm still alive till this date and there's a reason why I'm still here. PS: If you don't get it, I don't break the rules and I'm not a troll.

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