EDIT : UNBANNED as of date 23/06/2016

Special thanks to admin@linuxmint.com / whoever unbanned me after reading this post/the email, took quite a few days ;)

(banlist reference)



I (windows10-user), together with snarkyjerk were banned on 17/6/2016 around 1200~1300(GMT+8) by nameless, apparently for "disrupting the channel" when I was not breaking such rules, but we have all seen him(snarkyjerk) insulting me with profanities like 'cunt', scolding the ops, etc.

I then joined #spotchat channel to ask nameless(linuxmint/team/pikiwedia) to lift the ban, he said it would take 24 hours(a day). At this point even though my ban was unjustified, I was thinking in my head "alright, since its just 24 hours, I'll let it be".

I also requested a vhost "king.of.the.underworld" while waiting for the 24 hours to pass. Previously it was "king.of.underworld" and devnull approved it (he was present to witness my ban at the channel, he was trying to break the rule, along with the others were breaking tons of the rules, some even scolded "pig fucker" multiple times used nick such as "TittyKatt", but weren't banned. KittyKatt were present at the time.

My vhost was changed and turned on the instant it was approved. After my vhost was approved and turned on to "king.of.the.underworld", I still wasn't able to join #linuxmint-chat (stickychan is turned on in my bnc) it keeps saying you're banned, couldn't join channel.


Apparently today afternoon (around 1330(GMT+8)), I was able to connect, I said hi, and shortly after I'm apparently banned for "ban-evading" (30 days) by escapegoat aka linuxmint/team/glebihan /files/justpaste/d314/a12028979/atzs6s.jpg




Below is some screenshot of me trying to reason with the one who banned me, but obviously they are using this channel to their own advantage by refusing to reason -> simply saying this channel isnt for discussing issues with mint and was adamant that I was ban-evading.



nameless, the one who banned me refuse to clarify anything with the ops, the ops don't want to clarify with him either. Conspiracy here?








Alright, in this screenshot above we can clearly see his logical reasoning flaws.

first he claim nameless added a second ban to my latest vhost without expiry date. (lets remember this point)




now look at this new screenshot, escapegoat wrote it was supposed to be 24hours, alright mr op, you yourself said without expiry date and now you said its 24H which is what I wrote all along, you didn't bother to clarify. 

Needless to say, I waited a full 24 hours before I was able to join, even with the new vhost. 


Apparently he was really adamant that I was ban-evading, he refuse to reason.


I'm pretty sure he said a second ban was already in-place after my new vhost was approved by devnull, and I couldn't join linuxmint-chat since 17th june 2016 until today 18th june 2016 (after 24 hours passed), how could I be ban-evading then? Obviously what nameless wrote was true, the ban was only for 24 hours and the ban was already lifted, thus I was able to join after 24 hours.  



escapegoat also wrote that it was 24hours, I was also unable to join the channel for 24 hours, can someone with a log check the joining/parting of the channel?


Conclusion? Conspiracy act to get rid of me from the channel.

ps: dont believe in conspiracy? check this out


this fucker supposed to be banned but still lurking around linuxmint-chat, wheres his fucking ban for ban-evade? he explicitly wrote he would still be able to ban evade over 50 times.

edit : he got banned from #linuxmint* now, but still feels like some conspiracy


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