In the eyes of the law, some women are simply UNRAPEABLE.

Jian Ghomeshi and Medical Doctor Gregory Torossi and their Rape Gang Accomplices
Their Many and Towering Crimes Against a Winnipeg Manitoba Woman.



Jian Ghomeshi (former host of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's show 'Q', recently falsely acquitted of sexual assault in Toronto Ontario Canada) and his rape gang accomplices, including Winnipeg Manitoba medical doctor Gregory Torossi. 

Jian Ghomeshi started a series of rapes against Winnipeg Manitoba woman 'CC' in the late spring/early summer of 2001 in Winnipeg where Jian's sister lived and lives.  Jian and accomplices fabricated evidence of a fake S&M relationship between Jian and CC.  Also Jian made self serving video footage of CC, taken after Jian gets control, to fabricate false evidence of consent.  Doctor Torossi completed laundering of the rapes using a false psychiatric stigma (bipolar disorder with hyper-sexuality).  Over repeated assaults Jian progressively stretched CC's anus and rectum to eventually get his fist into her rectum.  On a subsequent assault Jian staged a fake accident inflicting catastrophic anal sexual injuries against CC using his fist.  Torossi laundered this aggravated sexual assault as an accident.  As a cosequence the common law protected status of straight sex sheilded Jian from any legal responsibility for CC's injuries of (non)consentual sexual violence.  CC's injuries involved degloving of the full thickness of anal and peri-anal skin; exposing CC's anal muscles through her anal canal and her peri-anal muscles to as wide as Jian's fist.  After four such attacks over four years (late summers 2001/2/3/4), Torossi left her skin degloved and surgically constructed an alternate blood supply.  He did this for the purpose of making extreme stretch out porn of CC.  Money made from this porn was used to bribe people to make Jian Ghomeshi a star at the CBC.

The catastrophic anal sexual injuries of CC were inflicted by Jian with two weapons; a large blunt object - his fist, and the athletic abrasive liquid grip.  Liquid grip is magnesium carbonate, rosin, and cellulose in an alcohol base.  It dries quickly, bonds to fatty acids, and keeps it's grip when wet; yet washes off completely with soup and water.  Jian and accomplices used surveillance against CC to time the fist/liquid grip attacks for before CC had to defecate.  This gave Jian an excuse to wash himself and his victim, thus washing off the liquid grip.  On the occasions of these fist/liquid grip assaults (and others), Jian first beat CC on her head to unconsciousness or semi-consciousness, then he drugged her with a needle in her neck.

This whole series of assaults was kept going, from the time of the first rapes in 2001, by a psychiatric curfew on CC based on her not being believed about being attacked by Jian.  Jian could not attack CC too late in the evening without being in trouble for causing a disturbance.  CC had to be made to return early enough for these fake S&M encounters.  If CC did not return by her curfew, then Jian would call emergency and report his fake girlfriend 'missing' out of 'concern' for her.  She could not keep refusing to return by her curfew without being locked up. Obviously she could not barricade her apartment without consequences.  Any of these interactions with police could have got CC seriously injured or even killed.  This psychiatric curfew was continued, even after Jian first tore off her anal skin in late summer 2001.  This was justified by the macabre opinion that CC's injuries were an accident of supposedly consensual sexual violence (she had not consented) and the view that Jian had saved her life by calling an ambulance for CC.  It was ostensibly believed that CC would get someone else to fist her, and that person might not call emergency like Jian had.  After the fourth such attack in late summer 2004, Jian lied and said he was done with CC.  This was part of Torossi's justification for medical mutilation of CC.  CC said that Jian would only tear her apart worse, and he did; with the aid of accomplices on assaults after late summer 2004.  These further assaults were to make extreme stretchout porn of CC.


By Benjamin Gale Affleck. I previously posted my recollections of what I know about these events, and how I know, to the comments section of a website under the title Jian Ghomeshi and his Rape Gang using the pseudonym Franz Kafka, during August 2015.


Rape Gangs, something like the ones they have in England, were Jian lived the first part of his life. I do not know if this was a factor in Jian's rape gang crimes. These rape gangs were also very proficient at turning authorities against their victims. They also victimized people to varying degrees. By misusing victims stigmatized by authorities to a much greater extent than other victims, they committed many more crimes than they would have been able to get away with if these crimes had involved more victims.

Rape Gangs, something like the ones they had in the former Yugoslavia, where human traffickers and RCMP peace keepers colluded to sexually enslave and continue enslavement of women mostly from the Ukraine.

Rape Gangs, something like the ones they have in Libya, where roving gangs of insurgents put on top by NATO bombing hunt down and kidnap women of the Twerger (spelling?) Nationality for gang rape, after shaving their heads as a scarlet letter, and possibly interning and enslaving them.






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page 5        What I Know
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page 9        Four Aggravated Sexual Assaults
page 10      Victim Medically Mutilated
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page 11      Stretch Out Porn

page 12      How I Know
page 13      RP and CR 2001 and 2002
page 17      DI late summer (late August or early September) 2004
page 19      RP and Jian late December 2005
page 22      Doctor GT early January 2006
page 23      E_, Concerned CBC Employee early January 2006
page 24      PA mid to late August 2010
page 27      Blackmail against CC’s Father
page 30      PA betrayed CC

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page 36      My Very Worst Fear
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page 38      Jian Covets his Own Privacy
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page 41      Point Form Summary

page 44      The Full Racial Bias Against CC, and Clarification - Previously held back information.

page 46      Some Things to Add - Previously held back information and some comments.

page 47      Key to identities - Identities, addresses, more information about the people in this story, and more information on probable dates,                     to aid in any records searches.

page 52      Articles mostly from legal and medical journals - These illustrate some of the legal and medical issues involved with sexual                              assaults, consent, and sexual injuries. 

page 56      Marie Henein and the Secret Sauce of Chauvinism

page 57      I can’t forget the other ‘secret sauce’ – the legally protected status of straight sex.

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I previously posted the following information to the comments section of articles on a website using the pseudonym Franz Kafka.

Some details I held back because I was concerned about possibly turning some people against my efforts. Some details I held back because of concern for the victim (CC) and her family. Some minor details I inadvertently left out because this story is very long story spanning many years. A couple of details I remembered in further retrospect and as a result of writing out my recollections.


Some information comes from things I noticed about the victim having seen her in person three or four times between about 1989 to 1991. I have insight into these things because of my own experiences of victimization by members of this rape gang. Most of what I know about CC’s victimization comes from things told to me by various people from 2001 to 2010.



Jian Ghomeshi and Doctor Gregory Torossi
Their Rape Gang, Sexual Slavery, and Sexual Mutilation of a Woman

This is a true story. This is the true face of BDSM: fabricated consents and actual rapes, fake fisting accidents and real aggravated sexual assaults. There are records in the system that deal with these matters. It is going to take some effort to bring these records out.

What I Know


This is about some of the activities of Jian Ghomeshi and some of his associates, whom I would describe as a rape gang, a lot like the ones in England where Jian was born and spent the first part of his life. Its two leaders are Jian Ghomeshi and Winnipeg Manitoba medical doctor Gregory Torossi (GT, doctor GT, or the doctor). They are into producing what is known as stretch out porn. Jian and GT have victimized at least one of GT’s patients to make this porn, the woman described in this story (CC). I would say that CC is Jian Ghomeshi’s principal and foremost victim, by a wide margin over any other of his victims.

There are records in the system concerning these events, the victim CC, and Jian Ghomeshi. These would be police, ambulance, hospital, surgical, doctor and court records in Winnipeg Manitoba. The parts of this story that I am sure are in the record are allegations by CC about some of her rapes by Jian. There ambulance and other records pertaining to four catastrophic anal sexual injuries sustained by CC and inflicted by Jian using his fist and the athletic abrasive liquid chalk (also known as liquid grip).  Liquid chalk is magnesium carbonate, rosin, and cellulose in an alcohol base.  It dries quickly and bonds to fatty acids in skin and membranes.  It keeps its grip when wet, yet washes off easily with soap and water.

The events I am sure are on record happened at least as far back as 2001 and up to later 2004. Most of the rapes occurred during the summers. The fisting injuries occurred later in the summer of each year.  There may be records of incidents after summer 2004.  There would be records concerning a weapons ban against CC, which was still in effect as of late summer 2010.  I should think that the curfew against CC would have still have been in effect (or was renewed) as of late summer 2010.

I sent this story to some news organizations as an anonymous tip. I remained anonymous for a while to give news organizations time to do what they should have done a long time ago and report on the things that are known to the system about CC and Jian. I don’t think a ditch digger should be able to keep his privacy in such terrible ‘S&M accidents’ as those Jian had at CC’s expense. So it goes without saying that anyone who has ever had his preachy and moralizing voice on the radio shouldn’t get to keep these kinds of secrets, no one should.

I used the pseudonym Franz Kafka. I borrowed his name because the things done to CC could be described as ‘Kafkaesque’. These acts were committed by Jian Ghomeshi and associates of Jian; with the help and direct involvement one of her doctors, GT. I also blame the people in the legal and medical system who so ignorantly accepted false evidence and absurd explanations for why the acts committed by Jian against CC were supposed not to be rapes and aggravated sexual assaults.

Many Rapes

This is the story of a Winnipeg Manitoba woman CC who was attacked by Jian Ghomeshi many times over many years. Jian’s sister, Jila Ghomeshi has lived in Winnipeg Manitoba for many years and is a professor at the University of Manitoba. Most of these assaults occurred during the summer months. These assaults on this woman by Jian occurred at least as far back as 2001. There are records of some of these incidents, and she did tell authorities that Jian had raped her. He also committed aggravated sexual assault against her on four occasions, but authorities wrote them off as accidents, she said they were sexual assaults. There are records in the system about these ‘accidents’ including ambulance records, Jian called the ambulances himself; he paid for the first three, but refused to pay for the last one.

Jian Ghomeshi beat, raped and sodomized CC on many occasions in Winnipeg Manitoba. He provided ‘evidence’ of a relationship and ‘S&M encounters’ to get out of trouble. To be clear, this evidence was fabricated by Jian and/or his associates. He and some of his associates have surveillance and computer skills. They used pin hole cameras and listening devices to keep track of her and get the information they needed to successfully fabricate evidence of a supposed relationship and planned encounters between Jian and CC. I know they faked communication between her and Jian. I have reasons to believe they may have used fabricated computer communications.

If CC had used telephone dating, I think they could have used fake messages from CC. I know they had ‘threats’ to Jian supposedly made by CC to his answering machine or voice mail. She said she did not make the calls and threats, and I know they had her voice recorded from surveillance. Jian worked in broadcasting and must have had skills working with sound and access to equipment (his own or his employers), if he had to actually fabricate something from recordings of her voice. CC was not allowed to see or hear any of the evidence against her. I wonder if the recent communication from one of Jian’s victims was also fabricated. The two charges that where dropped earlier this year. I should think, judging by Jian’s fabrications against CC, that Jian fabricated these communications at the time. He probably already hacked her email or text before he attacked his victim.

The authorities kept on believing Jian and his fabricated proofs of a relationship and planned encounters. Also, once he gets control of CC, he makes some video of her, which when taken out of context seems to be exculpatory. He used this sort of footage to ‘whack the victim’, as the saying goes in the legal system.

I want everyone to understand that once you accept the concept of ‘consensual beating’ then getting away with beating to obtain submission to rape just takes some fabricated communication or an out of context recording. Then the victim is left in the position of trying to prove that they did not make the communication, or that a recording is out of context. The victim may not even get to read, see, or hear, the communication or ‘whack the victim’ recording.

At some point CC was told she could or would be in trouble for false reporting. This would probably be based on Jian’s proofs of consents and relationship, and on Jian’s ‘whack the victim’ footage of CC. He had control over her, so he would have told her to say and do things and recorded her actions. Jian would beat her hard on the head and likely drugged her before recording her actions under his duress.  She was demoralized, broken, and maybe head injured from repeated blows. He was probably drugging her for the rapes, either surreptitiously or by force.  He raped her every day for about two weeks at one point, so I doubt that most of the rapes were reported, at least at the time. All the fisting ‘accidents’ are known to the system though, as ambulances were called by Jian.

I think that if a woman accuses you of rape and you go back, it means you really raped her, who else but a rapist would go back after being accused of rape. It especially means you are raping her if you go back after being accused of rape by her multiple times. It means that your evidence is fabricated or that it consists of video footage that is taken out of context of your violence and resulting control of the victim. Also you are controlling the video footage you make and turn over to authorities. This is especially true of digital footage.

CC was forced to continue returning to her apartment by a curfew (probably psychiatric) that authorities had put on her. This curfew was early enough in the evening that Jian could attack CC without having to worry about being in trouble for disturbing the peace. If CC did not return, Jian would call emergency out of ‘concern’ for his supposedly mentally troubled ‘girlfriend’. Then police would go looking for CC, this happened at least once. If CC had persisted in not returning by her curfew, she would have been in psychiatric trouble, or both criminal and psychiatric trouble. If CC had barricaded, or fought back, especially with a weapon then Jian could have called for those reasons.


Authorities had been believing Jian, his fabrications, and his laundry footage of his assaults on CC; and disbelieving CC and her (mis)diagnosis of bipolar disorder with hyper sexuality. Police had warned CC that she would be in trouble for falsely reporting Jian, based on her disagreement with her (mis)diagnosis and resulting lack of cooperation with psychiatric authorities; as well as based on Jian’s fabrications and laundry footage.

These repeated rapes included Jian progressively stretching CC’s anal canal and rectum using his fingers, then his hand, and then finally getting his clenched fist through her anal canal and into her rectum. After recording self serving laundry footage of these attacks, Jian used liquid chalk on his clenched fist and in CC’s anus/rectum. He tore off the full thickness of CC’s anal and perianal skin, faking that these injuries were accidents of consensual sexual violence.  He used serveillence to plan the attack for just before CC had to defficate, giving Jian an excuse to wash himself and CC, thus washing off the liquid chalk.  Most people defficate at the same time everyday and tend to do the same things, such as eating, before they defficate.


After the summer of 2001, CC managed to find enough freedom and peace to find a boyfriend.  This boyfriend would be threatened by an accomplice of Jian's.  Then CC was threatened with blackmail against her father to force her to beg her boyfriend not to report the accomplice. She was forced to breakup with him before or just after Jian came back for the summer of 2002.  This pattern of CC being forced to breakup with her boyfriends was repeated in 2003 and 2004, this may happened after too.  CC could not explain to her psychiatric tormentors why she broke up with her boyfriends because due to the nature of the blackmail they would have been legally obliged to report it to police, see below.

Four Aggravated Sexual Assaults

Jian committed aggravated sexual assault against CC on four occasions, during the summers of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.  They all occurred near to the end of summer. Each time he drove his fist through her anus into her rectum, tearing her apart. On the 2004 fisting/liquid chalk attack, he “degloved” her anal canal “in its entirety”.  ‘Degloving’ of CC’s anal skin was also the outcome of the 2001 attack, and I should think this happened on all of them.

I was told about the first fisting attack after it happened in the summer of 2001. Jian entered CC’s apartment, beat her on her head until she went down, and then stuck her with a needle in her neck to drug her. He used liquid chalk in a plastic bag (probably to dry it some, and so he didn't have to hide the bottle). He chalked his fist (perhaps beforehand) and poured some in her anus before driving his fist inside (check out the size of his fist). She objected “no it’s too big!” When he drove it through her scream could be heard about four blocks away from inside her apartment. Drawing on his surveillance knowledge of CC Jian, timed the assault for when CC had to defecate. This provided Jian with an excuse to clean himself and his victim, washing of the liquid chalk. The fisting/liquid chalk attacks and the stretch out rapes that proceeded and interceded them happened before fall 2004. He got away with these attacks by producing his fabrications again and these incidents were written off as ‘accidents’ of consensual sexual violence.

CC was blamed by doctors and told that it was an accident of her supposed mental illness (bipolar disorder with hypersexuality). This was not true, as every encounter was a fake by Jian and accomplices. She was psychiatrically confined to hospital for a time after the fourth fisting/liquid chalk attack.  She was getting a ton of provocative stuff from people working on the ward, mostly female nurses. They were saying stuff like “what happened to your bum was an accident.” She would respond, “No it was rape!” She asked, “What does he have to do to me for you to believe its rape?” and “How is he just allowed to do all this stuff to me?”

I think if you are causing significant sexual injuries, then you are committing aggravated sexual assault. Especially when you are the active party, are using an object, and are using violence. With the sustained and tremendous force necessary to inflict such catastrophic injuries, no reasonable person could say they occurred by accident. I do not believe that a person’s anal canal could be degloved ‘in its entirety’ without the use of an abrasive like liquid chalk. Even if Jian’s big fist had only been dry, I think it would have gone through on one side failing to deglove the entire circumference; or slip through the final portion of anal canal failing to deglove the entire length, or both. These degloving injuries also involved a fair portion of perianal skin (around the anus).

Victim Medically Mutilated

After Jian’s fourth fisting attack, CC’s surgeon refused to 'reglove' her anal canal. He would not perform the microsurgery to reattach her anal skin. She was left ‘loose’ with her anal skin and membranes sliding over the fascia surrounding her anal muscles. She protested that Jian would only tear her apart more, and she was right.

Surgical mutilations are nothing new to medicine. Psychiatrists removing all kinds of internal organs and performing lobotomies. Doctors removing most of the ribs of tuberculosis patients. Robert Latimer’s daughter’s scheduled ‘flail limb’ operation.

The doctors and nurses wanted CC to admit that she was in a relationship with Jian; she refused because she was not in a relationship with him. If she had tied to solve her problem by lying and saying her and Jian were in a relationship, I am sure it would have done her no good, as he had ‘proof’ that she had consented. But anything she may have done to Jian to defend herself, or that he accused her of, she would have been charged under zero tolerance for domestic violence. She would not have had any proof that he consented to be treated violently by her. Plus if there was a case against Jian, he would just have to tell his lawyer that the relationship had been a fabrication, and he would be protected by attorney client privilege, even as his lawyer would use the information to undermine the case.


I know Jian and his associates used surveillance on CC in the form of pin hole cameras and listening devices. Surveillance was the means by which Jian timed his fist attacks to coincide with CC having to defecate at the time of the fisting attacks. This gave Jian an excuse to wash his hands, and his victim, thus washing off the chalk.

I don’t think CC had any kind of security system from what I heard. Even if she did I doubt she could have afforded something that could beat Jian and his connections and computer friends. With surveillance already on her, it would be hard for her to hide all her information, like a security system code number.

Jian (who had darkened his skin, watch Jian’s “I hate my fans” video on YouTube) had used racist insults when he attacked CC and got away with it. He said things to her like “white bitch” many times, in the context of beating, rape, and aggravated sexual assault. She was caught on surveillance after these sorts of incidents saying angry stuff against Jian that included the use of insulant words like the things Jian had said to her (but only against Jian, not against people generally). She is not a hateful or bigoted person, and would never discriminate against anyone.

CC’s attitude anytime I have spoken to or communicated with her, and the attitude she projects to the world is one of peace and love. That is the person she is in her day to day life and who she is inside and the way she treats others. Hard work and peaceful conduct in the face of violence, degradation, and injustice have been her way of life for many years.

CC had been treated very brutally, denied recognition, denied justice, and blamed over and over. She probably reasoned she must be under surveillance, given Jian’s success and timing at getting to her. If you have reasons to believe you are under surveillance and can’t do anything about it, it does not calm you. Pin hole cameras are small and you might not recognize one if you saw it. Listening devices are even harder to find.

Surveillance also provided a means to fabricate threatening messages to Jian from CC. Apparently CC had been saying things she would like to do to Jian and using insulant words similar to Jian’s words to her when her attacked her. This was when she would normally have a reasonable expectation of privacy or not being heard. That is, thinking aloud in her apartment, or maybe yelling when riding her bike.  I know this gang had listening devices that can be hidden in clothing, these are available through spy stores and internet spying device distributors, and have been for years.  CC was forced to return for her curfew knowing she would possibly or even probably be attacked by Jian.  A lot of her words were spoken in anticipation of being attacked by Jian.

CC’s private expression of grief and frustration was held against her, using her words obtained from the poison tree of surveillance. The insulant language from CC was sighted by people in at least the mental health system as proof that she is bigoted and that Jian had been provoked, even so they still insisted her injuries were accidental. Jian’s bigoted and provocative conduct and accompanying brutality were apparently not up for consideration. Because these fabricated messages were threatening against Jian, a weapons ban was put on CC, aiding Jian and his associates in abducting her.

Stretch Out Porn

In repeated kidnappings, Jian Ghomeshi, doctor GT, and accomplices made a bunch of ‘stretch out porn’ of CC. Now the damage done to her fascia and anal canal would be hidden under her degloved anal skin. They made lots of money off this porn, and I know that Jian bribed his way to stardom with a lot of that money. Without Jian and his friends enslaving this woman, Jian would be a star or rich.

These multiple assailant abductions would be stopped for about (I think somewhat more than) two years after one female accomplice bit CC on her prolapsed rectum.  Doctor GT got more anesthetic and some supplies and performed a clandestine surgery on CC to save the life of his sex slave for more misuse and money.  This incident was after Jian's late summer 2004 fist/liquid chalk attack and doctor GT's surgical mutilation, and before late December 2005.  Doctor GT threatened that she would be blamed and he would have her committed.

After they started to abduct CC again for stretch out porn, they would make at least one attempt to insert this same female accomplice's head into CC's anus and rectum.  I have reason to believe that they eventually did get her head in CC's rectum.

Jian had lots of help with CC, and lots of time himself to work on her, and to work with his friends on stuff against her. He had lots of time and energy to work out on his strength and endurance to help him assault her. Most of the work at Q was done by the Q staff and not by Jian, this was in the news. So was Jian having most if not all of his summers off, and most of the rapes and all of the fisting attacks were during summers. He had been coming to Winnipeg for years, especially during the summers.

CC was warned by them if she barricaded her apartment they would plant a weapon in her apartment and “SWAT” her. They threatened that if she was locked up she would not be able to escape, as women they knew in custody would give her “cornrows in her hair.” She would not report at this point, as she was reasonably concerned about being blamed again or maybe disbelieved entirely and as a consequence (either of blame or disbelief) possibly being committed psychiatrically. Psychiatric institutions are not safe places either, especially when one of your rapists is one of your doctors.

How I Know

I know about these events from things told to me over the years by various people including Jian Ghomeshi. I also have insight from things done to me by friends of Jian and by Jian. I had seen Jian in 1989, as I explain below, but I did not recognize him later as someone I had seen before. I would not meet and be introduced to Jian until one evening in December 2005.

I become acquainted with CC when she was about 15 years old, in about 1989. She knew people whom I and my former friend RP knew. I believe she already had trouble with Jian's ‘rape gang’ friends, and possibly Jian himself as early as 1989 from some things I noticed about CC. I think she started to have trouble with the psychiatric authorities in summer 1991 because a different former friend DH said she had been in the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg.  When I was driving a delivery truck for a summer job, I was driving in the area of the Health Sciences Center, I saw CC walking in the area. She was looking forlorn, and I wish in retrospect that I had gone and spoken to her.

CC was probably not believed about something having to do with this rape gang. She could have had some trouble with DH also, as he was into this stuff too.

RP and CR 2001 and 2002

I didn’t hear of CC until the late spring or early summer of 2001. Over the course of a handful of conversations during a number of visits to the apartment of former friend RP and his common law wife CR told me in the summer of 2001 about the rapes and the first fisting attack. RP knew Jian and friends of Jian’s. RP and CR said that Jian had been raping CC and getting away with it by making up some sort of proof that he is her boyfriend and that she consented to S&M stuff. RP said that CC and Jian were not in a relationship, and I think RP said that they had not even been on a date.

I believe Jian got her down and out with roofies. Then he had her communications such as her telephone, computer, and passwords. He would have had her keys and apartment, and any personal information that he could find on her, in her things, or in her apartment. Jian could have had her keys and apartment and surveillance on CC beforehand as well. I don’t think she had any security system and her apartment would be easy to get into without actually breaking anything. The windows were old and the door lock could probably be picked or otherwise defeated.

The point is that however Jian and his accomplices did it, they high jacked CC’s life. She was living in a state of virtual kidnapping by Jian. In many ways Jian and doctor GT were limited only by their imaginations in victimizing CC.

RP said Jian would slap CC really hard across her face and call her a “white bitch”. He would beat her on her head, then rape and sodomize her. RP said Jian had a pin hole camera in CC’s apartment. He said they had recorded her saying threatening things against Jian and insulant names similar to things Jian had said to her during beating and rape; that he got away with.

RP suggested I could use a roommate, and said that CC could use one or these rapes by Jian would keep happening. RP suggested we could split costs. He said that CC didn’t make very much money, “She’s so poor she’s just crying.” He suggested I go over to her place and offer to be her roommate, I never did, and I am very full of regret for that.

I have reasons to believe RP’s and CR’s apartment was being used by Jian to receive surveillance signals from the CC’s apartment, which was less than a five minute walk away.  One of Jian's female accomplices (in a roofy gang rape against myself on or around halloween 1989), AF has computer skills and works in computer skills and works in computers.  RP and CR had some computer stuff in the spare room of their two bedroom apartment, but they never talked about computers, and didn't seem to be into computers.


I used to buy cannabis off of RP and I think Jian had him “under the thumb”. All of Jian’s success in victimizing CC with impunity, his surveillance stuff, and that RP seemed to be under his thumb, led me to suggest to RP that Jian was an informant. I said, “Jian is the cops’ guy.” RP didn’t answer but the look he gave told me I might be right. I said, “He’s at least connected somehow.” I asked, “Why doesn’t someone get Jian?” RP said that Jian would almost never be by himself and that he wears a pin hole camera to help protect himself and to 'prove' things if he has to. I don’t know if he ever used any of this type of footage to help launder his assaults of CC. He did use some kind of video footage though, see my recollections of my conversation with DI below.

A few weeks later I went back to RP’s and CR’s and the rapes had still been going on. They said Jian had raped CC every day for about two weeks. RP said, “He’s just allowed to, it’s unbelievable.” They said that police had suggested she move. She said that he would only find her where ever she went. I think she was right, given Jian’s determination, capabilities, and connections. Also he knew or could easily find her family and work places. I’m sure he knew almost everything about her. From the surveillance that RP told me about, Jian and his friends had CC’s entire life under their thumb.

RP and CR said Jian had been beating CC with belts and sticks, and using handcuffs on her. They said that the authorities had been believing Jian and that she had been warned about making “false” reports. They said she wasn’t reporting anymore. The first fisting attack would happen that summer in late August to early September 2001.

I did not bring out the following information until now. It did not make it into my recollections before because of the pain and shame of not having acted at that time. The next time I went to RP’s and CR’s place Jian had done the first fist and liquid chalk attack against CC and she was in the hospital. I did not put this in when I put out my other hold back information because it might seem to some to be self-serving to my story. However, I have changed my attitude on this considering that the curfew (likely psychiatric) that was on CC would be in the records. Also the time or times that Jian called police on CC over her being out after curfew, and any calls Jian may have made about CC barricading her apartment would also be in the records.

As I was leaving RP’s and CR’s apartment that evening RP told me that Jian had been stretching CC’s anus out and penetrating her anally with his fingers and hand over the course of these assaults. RP said that Jian had managed to get his hand thru CC’s anus and into her rectum, and that Jian was trying to get his fist inside her. He said, "Jian doesn't even take off his rings."  RP said that after Jian got his fist inside CC a couple of times then Jian would, “have an accident”. RP said that Jian would not get in trouble because, “straight sex is protected.” RP said that they (Jian and his accomplices) had a doctor involved (RP did not name the doctor) and that this doctor was involved in a plan to use CC for stretch out porn by somehow exploiting sexual injuries inflicted in a fake accident that they had planned for Jian to inflict. RP said that they were going to make Jian a star with money they expected to make from stretch out porn of CC (obviously for bribery).


RP told me I did not have to worry about a confrontation with Jian, CC just needed someone as her witness.  He said you don't have to do anything (like get Jian or fight him).  He said, "Just save one person.  If you save one person, it's like saving the whole world."  As I left I said that I would go over to CC's, but I did not, I just drove home.  The next time I went to RP's and CR's, Jian had committed his first fist/liquid chalk attack.  In retrospect, I think I had some sort of fear or instinct that somehow she (or even I) would be gotten to anyway, to spite mutual support.  Maybe there was some merit to that instinct, given the later threats against CC's boyfriends, and the concomitant blackmail of her father; to force her to breakup with her boyfriends (see below).


Jian was probably videoing these assaults with the intention of showing some of his footage to police or doctors or both, to launder the planned fist/liquid chalk attack. Liquid chalk is white, like lard and vegetable shortening. DI (2004) said Jian claimed on at least the 2004 fist/liquid chalk attack, that CC provided the lubrication. So Jian was saying that he couldn’t tell liquid chalk from lube, even though liquid chalk is abrasive and astringent. This was accepted by medical authorities (and police?), who even speculated that she hid the bottle after she was grievously injured. Once psychiatrists and police believe the ‘opinion’ that you are ‘insane’ there is almost no limit to what they will believe about you or the violence against you that can be laundered. Mutilation, death, and things beyond death.

RP mentioned at the time that CC was starting to drink two or three stiff drinks an evening to deal with Jian’s ongoing abuse in the context of being forced to return to her apartment by curfew. When CC reported assaults by Jian the police would refuse to believe her, and she would get in trouble for reporting him. Two or three stiff drinks is what many lawyers drink in an evening, according to what I have heard from PA. RP said, “Once she starts drinking then he’s got her.” I previously left this information as hold back out of concern some might misjudge CC. Then I decided it does not matter, because at the time of the fist/liquid chalk attacks medical authorities probably took blood from CC. This would have given them some blood alcohol data against CC. As for Jian’s needle to CC's neck roofies, authorities would almost certainly have missed them. A lab needs to know what drugs to test a blood sample for in order to find evidence of it. I do not think that CC’s little bit of drinking should be held against her, this is more self fore filling legal/medical outcomes.

I believe RP witnessed the first fisting/liquid chalk attack somehow, I think Jian may have told him to record it on video. I think Jian made porn of some of the rapes and of the fisting attacks. On the occasion of the first fist/liquid chalk attack, RP said Jian ran from RP’s place to CC’s to catch her before she could use the washroom to defecate. RP said Jian beat her on the head until she went down and drugged her with a needle in her neck. RP said that Jian used liquid chalk in the attack. He said Jian’s fist was white with chalk, and that he poured liquid chalk in CC’s anus. When Jian lined his fist up against her anus she said, “No, it’s too big!” Then Jian who is quite strong forced his fist through. With the grip between his chalked fist and her chalked anus, there is no way that the folds of her anal skin could open. With her skin unable to expand and Jian’s large fist and tremendous force tearing open her anal muscles, her skin was torn off the fascia underneath.

RP said CC’s skin tore off in and around her anus. RP said that you could hear the skin tear off. He said it sounded like a bunch of bubble wrap being snapped hard and fast, followed by a big pop. He said her anal skin was left inside and you could see her anal muscles. RP said CC's anus "looked like an anatomy lesson".  He said Jian drove his fist pretty far into her rectum. This would have displaced a lot of volume in her feces and forced it up into her rectum adding greatly to her pain. He may have done this to cause stretching to resize her rectum just as these attacks did to her anal canal. RP said Jian had feces and thick bright red streams of blood on his fist and forearm when he pulled them out of her. CC screamed so loud that CR could hear her outside RP’s and CR’s apartment about four blocks away, and there are a few buildings between the two apartments. CR had some idea of what was happening and was terrified. I would say she was also under Jian’s thumb.


RP and CR said afterwards that Jian had liquid chalk in a bag as well as a large bottle of it.  RP told me about Jian running over and the rest of it (see above).  CR was still freaked out and she was concerned about me going over to CC's.  Wanting me to go, but scared too.  She asked RP if he was sure that Jian couldn't see the camera that he had in CC's apartment (that is receive the footage from it).  He was not in Winnipeg at the time, I assume he was in Toronto, but I don't know.  RP told CR, "he can't see the camera when he's not in town," and to reassure CR, "he can't do this stuff to everyone."


Apparently Jian did return to Winnipeg after CC got out of the hospital in 2001.  RP told me the next time I was over that Jian had attacked CC again, not long after she got home from her repairatory surgery.  RP said that Jian had put his hand (not his fist) in CC's anus and rectum before she was fully healed.  RP said that she had always stayed strong and not broken down crying until after Jian left.  But this time she broke down as soon as she saw Jian.  I do not know if Jian would always enter CC's apartment after she was home, or if he was ever inside waiting for her to return.  I should think he did both.

RP and CR tried to get me over to CC’s, but I didn’t go. I’m still trying to understand myself at that time. I think in retrospect that guilt and horror made me forget about CC. Also, I had some trouble from Jain’s friends and Jian in the past and was in denial about it. This was in fall of 1989. I did not realize that Jian had been involved. I didn’t know who he was and did not recognize him later. Jian had long hair back then and looked a lot different than when I saw him later. I recognized an old picture of him in 2014 after the story broke about Jian. I think the denial somehow repeated itself for the CC situation.

RP and CR didn’t mention CC again until the summer of 2002. One day I came over to visit and they said that I had missed the ambulance that came to pick up CC again. I was oblivious, like I didn’t remember CC. RP and CR didn’t even bother trying to get me to go to CC's again, they were fed up with me. The friendship deteriorated from there. I stopped seeing RP and CR in January 2003.

DI late summer (late August or early September) 2004

A man I know (DI) works as an orderly (or something like that) at the Selkirk Psychiatric Center and I think he also had shifts on psychiatric wards in Winnipeg. CC was probably in the Selkirk Psychiatric Center because that is where DI usually works. Also DI had mentioned her CC complaining that she was being held with the rapists and murderers, and those are some of the people typically held in Selkirk. But there is a chance it could have been the psychiatric ward at the Health Sciences Center in Winnipeg, as she had been there before around 1991. DI had mentioned having shifts at the Health Sciences Center.

Sometimes DI would talk about patients in the hospital. He told me about CC in the hospital after Jian's last fisting attack, and that it was Jian Ghomeshi who had fisted and damaged this patient. DI told me about the fisting “accident” in the summer of 2004. This was the fisting attack after which she was repaired without regloving her anal canal. DI’s wife (DiI) also works in the hospital system, and she confirmed this information in general, and specifically that the man who had this fisting “accident” was Jian Ghomeshi.

DI said that the medical and psychiatric people were blaming CC for everything because they had (mis)diagnosed her as having bipolar disorder (I assume with a further misdiagnosis of hyper sexuality). DI said that CC was in her 30’s but that the doctors said to treat her like a kid. (CC was born in June 1974.)  Because they blamed CC for all the rapes and aggravated sexual assaults, they insisted that she was immature. This was not true. She is one of the strongest and most mature people that I know of. She probably did not achieve every goal in her life because of these ordeals. She has however achieved a lot in her education and has held employment with the same employers for many years. All this while commuting mainly on her bicycle.

If journalists like victims who are employed and educated, then CC is ideal. She has even made it to work and school many times after being beaten and raped just the previous day, or maybe even on the same day. I know that it must have been this way for her, there were very many rapes over the years and she still achieved in education and kept her jobs. She has a better work ethic than most people, including me, and especially Jian Ghomeshi.

DI said her surgeon said of CC’s anal skin, “I’m not sewing it back on.” DI explained that it had happened three times before. DI said the surgeon said, “She lost some tissue this time,” and that her anal skin had been “degloved”. DI said the surgeon said her anal skin had been degloved “in its entirety”. DI also said, “I think the surgeon said she lost some muscle tissue as well.”

DI said that the medical team had some sort of messages between Jian and CC that show they were in a relationship. These were some kind of text, social media, or email stuff fabricated by Jian and or accomplices. CC maintained that her and Jian were not, and never had been, in a relationship. DI said the medical team also had some video footage of them that was supposed to prove consent, and he had seen some of this video footage. This was ‘whack the victim’ footage taken after he gets control. How is she supposed to defy him with all his violence, his getting away with everything, and the beatings to the head and drugging that he used? DI said, “The camera doesn’t lie.” I said, “What’s on camera is taken out of context and we lie to ourselves about the meaning of what is on camera.”

DI said CC said Jian beat her on the head until she went down, and then drugged her with a needle in her neck. He also said CC had claimed that Jian had used liquid chalk; she said she remembered him pouring it in her (it is alcohol based, so it would have burned in her anal canal). They never found any liquid chalk. DI said Jian washed his hands because he had to wash off her feces. DI said, “The crazy bitch calls him over when she has to shit.” She also said she could still feel some liquid chalk in her wounds. They did not listen or check anything.
They chose not to believe the things she could remember, saying these memories were the result of hindsight bias and her imagination. It took time for her to remember because of the drugging and concussions. She was not allowed time enough to heal, nor was she allowed dignity.

DI summed up his (and his coworkers’) attitudes and their explanation for believing Jian over CC, saying, “There’s crazy people in this world.” Once people in the system form the opinion that you are crazy (even if that opinion is based on not believing you were raped) then anything an assailant does to you will be blamed on you. DI also said of the psychiatric authorities and CC, “they’re keeping her out of jail.”  DI also said of Jian and CC, "He saved her life four times."  That was the attitude of the system too.

DI indicated that the druggings and concussions by Jian were held against CC. He said that that the ambulance attendants and paramedics at the scenes of the anal fisting “accidents” said that CC appeared to have been drinking or taking drugs.

DI also indicated that the interactions between CC and Jian at the scenes of the fisting attacks were held against CC. She had returned some of Jian’s “affections” in the presence of ambulance attendants or paramedics. Once again, after all of Jian’s violence and everything he had gotten away with, even the rapes that preceded just the first fist attack, and combined with drugging and concussions, how could she reject or defy him?

DI said that this interaction was especially noted on the occasion the last fisting “accident”. CC said that Jian had said to her after, “This is the last time.” She did not know that this meant that she would not be regloved. As I would learn, Jian new for sure this would not be done, because as I said doctor GT was his accomplice.


DI said that CC was very upset when she found out how she had been 'repaired'.  She found out the first time she used the washroom to defficate after surgery.  DI said she could be heard screaming in horror at her condition.  She knew what it met for her in the future saying that Jian would only tear her apart more, and she was right.  That's in spite of Jian saying that he was done with CC (DI said).

These events were big talk all over the ward and hospital. A lot of the staff knew about it. DI said, “It heats up every summer with this couple, and then towards the end of summer this happens.” Based on this statement I don’t think she had totally given up on reporting or trying to report the rapes that followed the first fisting/liquid chalk attack. What kind of response she got or from whom I do not know.

DI said they had threatening messages from CC to Jian, and that she denied sending these messages. From what RP told me they had her apartment under surveillance and were in and out of it at will. One of them could easily play a recording of her over the phone to Jian’s voice mail. DI said that she would have some release conditions when they let her out of the hospital (amongst them the weapons ban).

DI said, “You should hear some of these messages.” DI had heard some of these, he said that CC had used insulant words to Jian in the messages and that Jian had been angry. He said, “Some people don’t like to get those kinds of messages.” Still the medical team was saying her injuries were just an accident. DI also said that the insulant words by CC were sighted by some as proof she was bigoted, and the threatening language as proof that she was dangerous. It seems little attention was paid to Jian’s violence and bigotry. This is because people in the legal and mental health system need to launder the well-mannered bigotry and discrimination of their own professions and careers.

I asked if CC had been allowed to see any of this footage or the communications or to hear the messages. He said, “No that’s evidence.” I asked how she is supposed to speak to the contents of this evidence, such as the context of footage, or if she is under surveillance and that is where her voice on the messages comes from. He was dismissive and believed that she was mentally ill and the cause of her own troubles. There was no talking to him. This is the effect on a working class simpleton taking his direction from corrupt authority figures like those in psychiatry.

DI said that CC would breakup with her boyfriends when or just before Jian returned to Winnipeg in late spring or early summer each year of 2002, 2003, and 2004, and that she would not say why. PA would tell me why in August 2010 (see below ‘PA said _S and the other accomplices threatened CC by blackmail against her father’). CC could not tell her psychiatric tormentors about this blackmail. Because of the nature of the (untrue) blackmail allegation it would be reported to authorities. This could have cause CC to lose her father and family on top of everything she had already lost. This loss would not necessarily be accompanied by freedom from Jian and his rape gang accomplices, read below.

DI said that Jian had come down to the hospital and DI that he had shaken Jian's hand when Jian met the staff. I asked why Jian would be there and DI said "he was there to give his testimony". DI said that Jian's sister, Jila Ghomeshi had accompanied Jian to support him, and that she was really mad at CC for supposedly threatening Jian. DI said of Jian "he's an OK guy" but DI had little or no respect for CC; just like the other staff members from everything he said. Jian was treated with courtesy and respect, while CC was mistreated. On a side note, DI would later say of the bus be-header, Vince Lee "he's alright". From what DI had to say the bus be-header didn't have any kind of a hard time from the staff. These are the horrifying effects on a man's moral, intellect, and compassion of indoctrination into the psychiatric community. If anyone in this world can stand justice completely on its head, it is the psychiatric community. Pardon me but, what a bunch of absolute monsters!

DI said that CC spent a lot of time crying and a lot of time sleeping when she was in the hospital.

RP and Jian late December 2005

I had contact (through no fault of my own) with former friend RP and Jian in late December 2005. I don’t wish to divulge the situation or circumstances of meeting RP and Jian. Not until at least some of what is known to the system regarding the CC events is public knowledge. Jian said a lot of stuff that he and his accomplices did to CC after Jian’s last fisting/liquid chalk attack. Jian talked about one of the doctor’s (GT see below) involved in CC’s treatment being in on stretch out porn abductions of her. The things Jian said tell me that he has known this doctor a long time and that this doctor was in on it with Jian against CC from at least the 2001 rapes on. He said the doctor sewed her loose after the last fist/liquid chalk attack (which would hide the damage to her muscles and fascia). Jian said that the doctor took out a lot of tissue that he didn’t have to on her last repairatory surgery, giving the excuse that the tissue had died. Jian said the doctor did it to thin out her skin so that it can stretch further without ripping. Based on these statements by Jian, I believe this doctor is one of CC’s surgeons. I know that this doctor is GT, based on things GT said when I met him the next month and on things told to me by an employee at CBC radio in Winnipeg who contacted me a small number (about a couple) of days after I met the doctor.

Jian said that CC wouldn’t bleed anymore, even from a dry fist. I think she still did bleed, just under her degloved anal skin. I think that these stretch out porn assaults were actually aggravated sexual assaults with the damage hidden. I think that many of these assaults could have killed her if she was not anally mutilated. She said to PA (see below), “He’s killing me,” because she felt like she would die, because her injuries really could have killed her.


Jian said that a butch lesbian CT (see below) was involved and would jump up and hit CC in the head on these stretch out porn abductions. Jian said CC had been stretched to 24” at one point and that CT had “two feet heels and all” in CC’s rectum. Jian said that CT wanted to put her head in CC’s ass, and that the doctor said CT had to shave her head first. He said that CT had bitten CC inside her ass, and that doctor had to get more anesthetic and do surgery. He said that there was a lot of blood and the doctor was really angry. RP asked, “He brings CT? He can’t control her.” Jian replied, “He thinks he can control CT.” Jian said, “We have to leave her alone for a couple of years to let her heal.” He said that they would then have to go to the trouble of putting her through the “stretch out program” again.

Jian said the doctor threatened CC with the system if she reported the bite. After everything the system and this doctor did to her, she had too much uncertainty to come forward. I have a reason to believe that the bite happened in the winter of 2005.  See CT in the key to identities below.


Jian also said that the doctor had sewed CC 'extra tight' on the first three anal reparatory surgeries. He said the doctor did this to increase the damage on the subsequent attacks. Why would the doctor do this, I would say to help justify his planned later refusal to reattach CC's anal skin. He would probably have told the other doctors and nurses he was trying to discourage her from such foolish encounters in the future. I accidently left this out of my account before. I did not want to keep adding things. So I ended up holding this information back.

Jian said the doctor wanted CC stretched to 28 inches around before they tried CT’s head inside, because the doctor was afraid they could break her tailbone otherwise. Jian claimed the concern CC’s tailbone could break was because they had been poisoning her water to give her osteoporosis. Jian and the doctor did this so that if the victim breaks, it’s just an accident of her pre-existing condition. Even if the victim breaking isn’t laundered as an accident, the assailants’ sentencing could be much less than without a pre-existing condition to share the blame. GT could even make sure the poison is having effect by taking urine or blood samples during abductions. There are blood and urine chemical markers of bone building and breakdown.

I held back that Jian said the poison they were using in CC's water was Comet (household cleaner). I had wondered if he would lie about the poison they used. I have checked into comet about the composition of the old formulary, before they came out with the bleach added. Adding bleach would have added taste. I could not find much of anything on the internet about the contents of the Comet old formulary.

RP told me I had better not go over to CC’s because, “they’ll kill you now, their making too much money off her stretch out porn.” I think RP was still under Jian’s thumb at that point.

Doctor GT early January 2006

This contact with Jian would lead to me meeting Jian’s doctor accomplice (GT) in January 2006. I don’t wish to divulge the situation or the circumstances of meeting doctor GT. Not until at least some of what is in the system about the CC events is public knowledge. I knew he was a doctor when I met him. In talking with him he told me how he is into stretch out porn. He wanted to know if I would like to become involved in the business. I expressed concerns that you could trust people and how did you know if you would get your money. He said the money is good and that he never had any trouble getting paid; he said he had found the people in the business to be reliable. We discussed some of the aspects of stretch out porn. Specifically we discussed opening the anus with spreading such as with speculums verses with penetration. We agreed that just because a person’s anus can open up to a certain size by spreading does not mean it can open as big for penetration; because for spreading there is only the stretching forces, but for penetration there are other forces involved like friction. We discussed prolapsing (pushing the rectum out) verses crowning the anal canal (turning the anal canal inside out). I said I didn’t agree with prolapsing and thought it was disgusting, but I said anal crowning was beautiful and rare in porn. Ultimately I said I had too many concerns about things going on in the porn business and that I wasn’t interested.

I think my rejection of his offer in get involved in stretch out porn may have annoyed GT. A few minutes later he brought up a female patient that had been damaged in some fisting accidents. He mentioned this in relation to the subject of the crowning of anal canals. You see, an anal canal that does not have its skin attached to the anal fascia cannot be “crowned”. The anal skin might be pulled inside out but the underlying musculature would be left inside. He said that the decision had been made by him and others on her treatment team not to sow her anal canal skin back on. I asked about blood supply and he said that he had surgically constructed an alternate blood supply for this patient.  (I had not asked DI this question in 2004, but I think it is obvious that a blood supply would have to be constructed or CC's skin would have died.)  He said of this patient’s anus, “She’s got a lot bigger one now.” I said that she had been mutilated.

GT said that they (the patient’s medical team) had intelligence about this patient that she was doing stuff with other people besides the guy that she had gotten into the anal accidents with. I don’t believe it; this stuff is made by Jian and accomplices to lie about CC. I knew who GT was talking about, and was suspicious that he was in on it with Jian. I didn’t say anything as I knew he would only deny it. I definitely got the impression there was a lot wrong with GT and I’m glad I didn’t say yes to going in on porn with him (there was no chance that I would have)

E_, Concerned CBC Employee January 2006

My former neighbor (E_) from a few doors down at my last address in Winnipeg MB. He said he was an employee of CBC radio. He said his first name was something like Eugene (something starting with E), he did not tell me his last name (or I don’t remember it). I had previously called him John Doe because I could not remember his name. I decided that E_ is more consistent with my manner of referring to people in these recollections.

A few days later in January 2006, I was contacted by a concerned employee of CBC radio and neighbor from a few doors down from my apartment (E_). I had seen him here and there like other neighbors, but had never met him. E_ said that Jian Ghomeshi had been talking about me. He said he knew about my meeting Jian in December 2005 and about me meeting the doctor (GT). He confirmed my suspicion that GT knew Jian, and he said that Jian and doctor GT had been raping CC. He expressed concern that doctor GT could kidnap a person into the hospital. I think he said that doctor GT had done this to CC.

E_ told me Jian was the one behind me meeting doctor GT, in that Jian let GT know where to find me in the right situation. He said Jian had actually been waiting in the area during my encounter with GT. I think GT approached me to see if I wanted to get into the stretch out porn business because of events surrounding my seeing RP and Jian in December 2005. I think that doctor GT was missing the money from stretch out porn because CC had to be allowed to heal for two years from the bite by CT. I don’t think Jian told GT all the stuff that he said during my encounter with him and RP in December 2005. Otherwise, I don’t think GT would have said anything about the patient that had been anally damaged.

E_ said that unknown to me Jian had been at a location at the same time as myself on the evening in December 2005 when I saw RP and Jian. This was just a few minutes before I would meet and be introduced to Jian Ghomeshi. John said that there could be some security camera footage from that location that could help to prove some of the stuff about Jian. (Sorry I have to be vague about this part of the story for now.) He said that I should contact police about the footage and not to let the time pass. When it came down to coming forward, I let the time pass. Jian’s was a minor voice on the radio, and a gang leader with connections and a bit of money. GT is a doctor and a gang leader and connected. Plus I wasn’t sure exactly what there was on this footage. E_ spoke to me some time later and said, “You let the time pass.” I replied, “Ya.” That’s the last time I spoke to him.

Apparently Jian told E_ about these things or talked about them around people in the CBC. I don’t know if he specifically spoke about rape, or if he just talked about people and this man knew enough about Jian to know he is actually talking about rapes. This obviously included S&M stuff, and thereby the rapes. I should have trusted E_ more, but I wondered how he could know what he knew just by working around Jian. It was later in the news that Jian would talk at work about women and men that he had sex with.

PA mid to late August 2010

(I had previously dated this conversation as late July 2010; in further retrospect I am sure this was mid to late August 2010)

Someone who used to be close to me (PA) and also knew CC when we were young told me things about her during one conversation in the summer of 2010, I think it was late July (as stated above this conversation was in mid to late August actually). He is a lawyer, and she had reached out to him for help, she did not get any. He acted like he did not believe her and thought she was crazy and laughed about her. What PA told me of what she had said to him confirmed much of what I had been told before by RP and RC in summer 2001, by DI in summer 2004, by RP and Jian in December 2005, by doctor GT in January 2006, and E_ in January 2006. CC would tell PA about a lot more as well.

PA said to me, “Do you remember CC? Wow she’s crazy. She said on Facebook that Jian Ghomeshi has raped her tons of times. The guy on the radio (he laughs). She’s got a post called ‘The Summers of Being Raped by Jian Ghomeshi’. There’s some incredible stuff on there (he shakes his head).” CC also called PA from her home telephone to PA’s telephone. I don’t know if it was PA’s home, business, or cell phone. She broke down in tears on the phone, but PA still wouldn’t help her. She pled, “But he’s tearing me apart, he’s killing me!”

CC told PA about the doctor involved (PA did not name him), CT’s bite and the doctor’s illicit surgery. She told PA she woke up screaming the day after the illicit surgery and that she was still having trouble or discomfort. CC told PA she was concerned about possibly being committed if she reported because of the doctor. Jian had told me in December 2005 (see above) that the doctor had threatened CC with the system.

CC told PA about multiple assailants involved in the later abductions. She told him about the stretch out stuff like fisting, stretching, large object penetration, speculums and enemas including with a hose.  (I am sure these would be enemas to clean her out for porn, and with a hose probably to stretch her rectum.)  She told PA they had given her chemical burns on spots on her body, and on her genitals. CC said her clit was like leather afterwards. I don’t know to what extent she was able to heal. She told him about the weapons ban (which was apparently still in force or had been renewed by 2010), and the fabricated threatening messages.


She told him about the threat to plant a weapon in her apartment and “SWAT” her if she barricaded her apartment. She told him about their threat that if she was locked up women they knew in custody would give her “cornrows in her hair”. She told him about not being able to defecate for about a month because they did something to her. CC said about CT hitting her and putting two feet in her ass. She told him they tried to put CT’s head in her ass by lowering her down on it.


CC told PA that she was having a problem with anal leakage because of being stretched and torn up. She said that she was having trouble with stinking because of leakage. Just to point out the obvious, CC would have been leaking from her anus, and rectum, and maybe even her sigmoid sphincter; as PA mentioned had CC said she had not been able to defecate for a month because of something they had done to her. Basically the structures of the anus and rectum, especially the sphincters and rectal valves were deformed and disabled by all of the large blunt object assaults and stretching. Since PA said that CC said they had chemically burned her on spots on her body, you would have to be concerned that they may have burned CC inside her body chemically or otherwise? I wonder if the bite had anything to do with the leakage as well?

She told him AS’s (see below) younger brother was involved in the stretch out assaults and gang rapes. CC said she was remembering more things from the assaults with each assault. (The assaults for which she was deeply roofied.) She told PA she seemed to be getting a tolerance for the roofies. I think probably also to some effects of concussions.

She said that they had been doing stretch out things to her cervix with a speculum and putting things in it and in her womb. She said they were gang raping her a lot and she wasn’t getting pregnant even with all the semen they were putting in her. She suspected the doctor had put an IUD in her.

Now why wouldn’t she report this suspected IUD, or at least get it checked by a doctor? There are plenty of reasons for her not to report or even get it checked. Because of stuff in the system on her. She suspects an IUD and she couldn’t be sure it is still there. She wouldn’t want to give the system anymore information against her and is scared to take the chance, or that doctor GT could quite possibly intervene. Another possible reason is doctor GT could have something in the system saying an IUD was put in licitly. He might even sight reasons of her supposed sexual behavior and have false intelligence as 'proof'. People working in the system had already done so much to CC.

As I wrote above, CC told PA about authorities having threatening messages from her to Jian, but she said she didn’t send them. PA thought this amusing, I asked, “What about surveillance?” PA’s answer was to shrug his shoulders.

Of special note, PA said that CC said, for the latter group assaults Jian would overcome her by beating and drug her by force with a needle in her neck before letting the other assailants into her apartment. CC had started fighting back against Jian, and kept on fighting back and riding her bike for exercise. She is at a considerable size disadvantage with Jian; I would say she is about 5’5” and 130 lbs. Even so, eventually she actually beat Jian off. After that Jian and the other assailants would come after her as a group. To be fair to the reader, PA did say that CC used a broomstick. Who cares anyway, Jian is much physically stronger and bigger, and he had already done so many horrible, painful and disfiguring things to CC. PA did not give any exact indication when this happened. Just that it was when Jian was bringing more people into the assaults. This would have started after CC’s last anal reparatory surgery in late summer 2004. It may have been after the bite from CT and the couple of years that they had to leave CC alone.  I think PA said that CC got into some sort of trouble over defending herself with the broomstick, and that it was taken away.  There may be something about this incident in the records.

Someone please tell the female reporter who wrote an article talking about the man Jian groped in his college days. She said that Jian and other men might change their behavior if women could kick their asses. My answer is that CC actually achieved kicking Jian’s ass, and after incredible adversity and brutality (so who cares about the broomstick). On later assaults gang leader Jian just brought more people with him.

I asked PA why CC doesn’t drive. PA said that CC wasn’t allowed to drive because of her weapons ban because a car can be used as a weapon. PA also indicated that CC’s weapons ban had something to do with CC losing her travel medicine job. Did CC’s smell resulting from rectal/anal leakage have anything to do with her losing this job?

PA said that at the time of our conversation that CC was staying at her father's house because she was so afraid of Jian and his accomplices. She had to stay in the trailer outside because of the way she smelled.  PA said that Jian would still get to her in there sometimes, which PA found amusing.  I guess Jian couldn't make as much noise, and therefore could not hurt CC as badly.  So Jian was still getting to someone who smelled all the time.  Obviously Jian did this to keep her stretched out for porn.  The way she smells is a consequence of his violence and therefore satisfying to Jian.  This would be a humiliating way for CC to smell all the time, and that must have satisfied Jian.  Jian may have also been trying to get CC into trouble for the way she smells, if she lost a job, if she was accosted by authorities if someone complained about being disturbed by CC's odor.

PA said that he told CC on the phone, "If you stink, take a shower."  I am sure he knew what she was talking about, and was just being cruel to her.  She responded, "But I stink again 10 minutes after I shower."  PA seemed to find this amusing also.  He also found it amusing that CC said that she was fighting back against Jian with her fists.  She hoped that if she was able to stay up on her legs, then she could beat Jian off, without using a weapon such as the broomstick.  She told him that she was riding her bike vigorously to get her legs even stronger.  She was already riding for her commute quite often, almost every day.

PA said that when CC first reached out to him on Facebook she said only to communicate with her on Facebook because she was concerned her phone could be tapped.  Then later she had called him on the phone from her home phone to his phone, I don't know if it was his home, cell, or business line.  She called him in desperation, but he still found this amusing, by his manner and little smiles and laughs as he was telling me this story.

PA said CC forced to breakup with her boyfriends due to threats to them by _S, and blackmail against her father.

The following information I held back for the obvious reason that it speaks (to the ignorant) against CC’s father. The following blackmail against CC’s father was done to continue to sexually enslave CC through repeated attacks laundered by false psychiatric stigma. This blackmail is what prevented CC from telling her psychiatric tormentors why she broke up with her boyfriends, before or when Jian came back to Winnipeg each during the years 2002, 2003, and 2004 (and probably later). I have decided to come out with this information, for as PA knows there is no reason to believe the central point of the blackmail – because the video was obviously made for blackmail. Read on.

Shortly before the end of our conversation I asked PA, “Why doesn’t CC get a boyfriend or roommate (it would probably have to be a boyfriend) to help her?” PA said that AS’s younger brother _S would threaten CC’s boyfriends and that CC had to breakup with them and beg them not to report or make a criminal complaint against _S. PA said this is because they had some sort of blackmail concerning CC’s father VC. It was some sort of video showing VC somehow engaged in sex with someone the blackmailers (_S and the other accomplices) claimed was a 17 year old male. PA said that “they” (meaning CC and her father – PA did not say that he spoke to VC) say that this male was 19 years old at the time. I said, “VC needs immunity then, what they are doing to CC is a lot worse (than what was alleged).” PA replied with smug satisfaction, “You’re not going to get that for a kid.”

PA also said that 'they' think that VC was drugged with some sort of dissociative at the time of the blackmail incident.  Scopolamine is a dissociative in sufficient dose and is available in hospitals, and to doctor GT, amongst other drugs.

I argued with PA the following points, “This wasn’t a child. This was a little gangster that must have been in on the plot. It’s (the tape was made) for blackmail. Do you really think that wasn’t done with raping CC in mind? Do you really believe that they or that little gangster would risk making a blackmail tape using a kid (even the little gangster himself)? Obviously the kid was over 18 when they made the tape. That way if they get caught making the tape they probably don’t get in any real trouble.” PA is insightful enough and a skilled enough criminal lawyer to know this stuff himself.

Who was the little gangster? If it was not _S himself, then it was probably someone close to him in age. When was the blackmail video probably made? AS was about 5 to 7 years older than _S. That is based on having seen them together once. AS was born in 1975, so _S was born around 1980 to 1982. So he would have been 18 years old between about 1998 to 2000. So _S could well have been 19 years old in later 2001 and early 2002. This means that the blackmail could easily have been made after late summer of 2001, the time of Jian’s first fist/liquid chalk attack on CC. I think it is most likely the blackmail was made after that attack and its subsequent laundering. This means that the gang knew it would be successful in Jian repeatedly attacking CC so doctor GT could justify medically mutilating her for extreme stretch out porn. So then they made the investment in getting to VC, possibly in the emotional aftermath of the laundered aggravated sexual assault of his daughter CC.

Other reasons for thinking the blackmail was made after the 2001 fist/liquid chalk attack. RP did not say anything to me about the blackmail in 2001, and I do not believe he would have bothered trying to get me to help CC if he knew about it. Given everything else RP knew in 2001, I believe he would have heard about the blackmail. After 2001, RP and CR never tried to get me to help CC, not even when they mentioned CC being taken in the ambulance again in late summer 2002. So you can add this blackmail and all of it’s consequences to everything that I am responsible for because of not helping CC – that is why I can’t give up on punishing Jian, Torossi, and their accomplices. There is a small chance the blackmail was made after the little gangster’s 18th birthday and before summer 2001; even so I should have to have tried to help. If the blackmail was in fact made earlier l still wouldn’t give up on punishing them – because I can’t swallow this state crime rape gang garbage any longer.

PA has a nasty attitude toward anyone who is even so much as accused of hurting a child, or even just talks about hurting a child. That is anyone who is not a part of the system; like a lawyer, judge, councillor, social worker, psychiatrist, doctor, nurse, first responder, police, guard, group home worker, fellow child inmate, or other manner of state criminal. These child inmates I consider honorary state criminals because of their special protections. Rape gangs, their professional class assistants, and the child assailants are the true perpetrators of abuse against children; not the people typically targeted with success by law enforcement.

PA spoke once about a child group home inmate who had been beaten, held down, and tortured by burning 24 cigarettes out on his body over a few hours. I asked what the supposed reasons for this attack were, and he didn’t really seem to know, and seems to think that such concerted acts could be done without a motive saying, “it’s just dumb group home stuff.” I said that if there is just supposed to be no reason for this sustained attack, then obviously the motive must be sexual, especially in a group home. PA said the sentence was just some small number of weeks, which did not seem to bother him as he shrugged his shoulders and repeated, “It’s just dumb group home stuff.”

Compare the fantasy texting case of late with that Ontario couple. This is a case PA relishes from what he has put on his Facebook. Even if these people did write these texts there is no reason to believe that they will hurt any child, it’s just a running sick joke. It is not unlike the gallows humor I have heard from PA and that I understand is common in PA’s profession, from what PA has said. I also expect a defense lawyer to see the obvious, that this case could easily be the result of hacked text accounts. There is every reason to believe that if this is the situation the accused would probably just accept the system view that the accused had in fact sent these texts. This is because the conditions of their detention are such that they are desperate to end the detention. Their conditions of detention are especially bad because of what they are accused of. Because these prison staff and inmates look for people they can disdain that are also weak or perceived as weak, and target these people. These inmates are honorary state criminals for forcing people into the lies that often form the facts of a case. On a side note, the other woman in this case, accused of beastiality is no more guilty than someone whose dog humps their leg. In other words she is not guilty. Nor can a dog licking a woman in such a situation meaningfully be called beastiality. This aspect of this case is very disturbing, given that most women who have been ‘involved in beastiality’ have been in the context of sexual abuse.

Getting back to PA, his attitude about children is so warped that I believe he thinks CC should throw her father to the wolves by sharing these spurious blackmail allegations with authorities. CC had already lost so much, and there is no reason to believe that she would be free of Jian and his accomplices just because she loses he father. What’s more, there is good reason to believe that CC and VC could be misjudged by each other’s alleged actions or implied disorders; based on the psychiatric community’s propensity for misjudging people by their family members. CC could be misjudged for VC’s supposed actions to providing more ‘evidence’ that she is ‘hypersexual’.  VC could be misjudged as guilty or somehow out of control with younger men for his daughter having been misdiagnosed as ‘hypersexual’.

PA should understand that VC must be innocent and is the victim of homophobia. Even if VC were guilty, CC should not be punished for it; and they started to victimize CC when she was about 15 years old (maybe younger). PA’s callousness regarding CC, the blackmail, and how his attitude about children plays into it are the reasons why PA’s two children get no love from their uncle (me). When I see my brother show his children affection it makes me sick; because of all PA’s cruel stuff regarding CC, and because these crimes and blackmail ending CC’s relationships dissipated CC’s childbearing years.

PA Betrayed CC

One of PA or CC friended the other on Facebook. When she saw he was a lawyer she reached out to him for help against Jian and his friends. PA said that someone who knew him (I think he said one of two men he is friends with and that we have both known since we were kids, KP or GL) wanted him to look at CC’s Facebook to see what she had posted on it. KP or GL wanted to know from PA what CC had posted because someone else wanted to know what she had on her Facebook.

I had tried to talk to PA in 2003 and 2005 about some of what happened over the years with this whole rape gang scene and people we knew and he would not listen. I told him to be careful of some people that him and GL and KP would or might still talk to who had been around that rape gang scene. I think that one of them stupidly gave information to one of these people about CC’s Facebook, and that PA betrayed her as a Facebook friend to get that information. I believe this information was given to Jian and then some trouble was caused for her concerning confidentiality of Jian’s personal life. I think that someone concerned may have reported the content. Then her effort to speak out to her friends on Facebook about her plight was shut down.

I also wonder if it was PA who reported CC’s Facebook post that he said was titled ‘The Summers of Being Raped by Jian Ghomeshi’ which was only visible to her Facebook friends. I was offended her post was taken down and asked PA, “How is he supposed to get her story out so she can fight back?” PA had a nasty attitude, he said, “You can’t put that kind of stuff on Facebook.” Even if only your ‘friends’ can see your post? Ridiculous.

PA said of CC in regard to the situation of abuse by Jian, “She’s not allowed to talk about it.” PA did not say why CC was not allowed to talk, how she was prevented, when, or by whom.  This would have been by psychiatrists, police, or both – due to ‘falsely reporting’ Jian for attacking her. Just a little speculation… maybe in desperation to stop the assaults CC ‘threatened’ Jian’s career by saying she would speak out (denounce Jian) if he did not stop coming after her. Perhaps Jian complained to police about being ‘threatened’? Then she was warned she would be arrested/charged/psychiatrically confined or just psychiatrically confined for ‘uttering threats’ (to defame). You see authorities (police) abuse the laws regarding uttering threats by (in this instance) taking a narrow view of what is a threat in the instances of Jian repeatedly attacking CC, and a broad view of what is a threat in the context of CC’s threats to simply tell the truth about Jian if he does not stop violently sexually abusing her.

PA said something toward the end of our conversation just before he completely shut down on me about having to report what CC had been saying about Jian to some sort of authority, because he is a defense lawyer.  I cannot remember to whom or what authority.  I do not believe him about having to nor do I care. He let her continue speaking with him thinking he would assist her. Since he had not retained him, I guess their conversations were not confidential, so I guess he was in the clear legally. I suspect he got something for himself career wise like better connections, or less likely actual money. The way he spoke of her, made fun of her, laughed at her, and even smirked while telling me a lot of these things; I know that he got his rocks off.

I tried again to reach him, but he insisted on believing CC was crazy and wouldn’t listen to me. Once he knew that I believed her and was sympathetic he just stopped talking to me about CC and said he wouldn’t be able to talk about her in the future. He gave his law practice as an excuse, something he was not concerned with when he was making a joke out of her and sneaking a look at her Facebook to have a laugh and tell people about it.

If PA was in fact doing his job when he did these things to CC then he is a state criminal lawyer. If he went outside of his job, then he is a lawyer criminal as well.

Now here is some information about Jian’s accomplices.

As I wrote above, one of them (GT) is a doctor on CC’s medical team and in a position to receive intelligence about CC that is provided by Jian and/or his friends. This was fabricated in CC’s name and used against her in the medical system by GT. As I said, he is into stretch out porn and was in a leading role in abductions and sexual assaults of CC. He obviously goes a long way back with Jian and I think he was in on Jian getting away with the rapes and fisting attacks. I think he was into dirty stuff with Jian for a long time and I think he was a sex criminal before going into medicine. I think he wanted to be working with people he could victimize and get away with it. He likes his stretch out porn sex slave money too.

Jian has many female accomplices.

These female accomplices of Jian’s are NOT the coerced and abused coconspirators whom police perp walk, whose coercion is disregarded the crown, and whom judges make cruel examples out of. These women are definitely not coerced to participate, indeed they are in what I would call leading roles. There are other women that I know helped Jian to commit sex crimes, but I do not bring them up because I have strong reasons for believing their participation to have been coerced.

There is AS, who knew CC, from at least back to high school. CC, AS, RP, DH, PA, and myself all went to the same high school in Winnipeg Manitoba. AS knew Jian’s friends and Jian for years, and I have reasons to believe she first set up CC with Jian’s rape gang. AS was on the air at CBC news (I heard her on the radio, apparently she was on the TV as well, I haven’t had TV for many years – too many repeats). She left the CBC for Sun News TV where she was also on the air as their business reporter. I am sure that everyone involved in the porn made of CC got something out of it. I would think AS got a fair share of the porn money from CC; given AS’s long involvement with this rape gang. From at least as far back as 1989, up to at least late 2005, and I would say probably much later, even up to now.

One indication of AS’s later involvement is that CC told to PA in 2010 that AS’s younger brother (_S) was involved in the stretch out porn abductions and gang sexual assaults. I do not know _S’s first name, but know who he is and could recognize him. I might recognize a picture of him from 1989. I would recognize a later picture of him as an adult. I tried to look up his high school yearbook picture but wasn’t successful. I think he would have attended the same high school. He was a few years younger than his sister AS, I had guessed from memory that he was 3 to 5 years younger. In further retrospect I think _S was more like 5 to 7 years younger than AS. I can’t recall PA telling me CC said anything about AS being involved in 2010, but I would say she was probably still involved.

Another female known to Jian is AF who worked in and had expertise with computers. She was involved in rape gang stuff with Jian and his friends. She may have been involved in fabricating computer stuff on CC and probably in hacking CC’s computer or internet stuff. I have reason to believe she could have been involved in the surveillance of CC.

Yet another female accomplice is CT, a butch lesbian who is a photographer. She often photographs LGBT events in Winnipeg. She was involved in abducting CC and would jump up and hit CC in the head at the start of abduction. She had “both feet heels and all” in CC’s rectum during one of the assaults. They would eventually try to put CT’s head inside CC’s rectum. According to Jian, CT bit CC severely on her rectum during prolapsing, and that doctor GT had to get more anesthetic and perform a clandestine surgery. CT has been violent for a long time, and broke another girl’s arm when she was growing up.

Interesting about my pseudonym Franz Kafka, he was from a country taken by the Soviet Union, home of the gulag, and he was denounces by the soviets. The gulag had the secret brand and this rape gang has the secret bite. There are a lot of ways that you could compare life in the gulag to CC’s life under the thumb of these people and the system.

I Apologize

I would like to apologize to E_ the CBC radio employee who contacted me about Jian and doctor GT. Sorry for letting the time pass.
I would like to apologize to RP and CR for leaving them under Jian’s thumb and not going to help CC like they told me to. Helping her would have helped me a lot too.

I would like to apologize to CC’s family, as well as her previous boyfriends, any current boyfriend, and anyone else to whom she is important.
Most of all I would like to apologize to CC, for not having helped her and for failing her so very badly. There are the times she may remember, in 2001 and 2010, when I called her and did not end up helping. Maybe she has doubts about me because of those failures. Then there and the times in 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2006 when I heard things and didn’t do anything, though that is better than calling and not following through.

When I spoke to CC on the phone it was brief and we did not say a lot.  I wish I would have just started telling her all I knew, maybe I would have overcome the psychological blockage that I was experiencing.  She did call me back in summer 2001a day or two after I called her and did not go over.  She said that Jian was still after her, but I still did not end up going over.  I think I was blocked by some sort of instinct that somehow she (or even myself too) would be gotten to in spite of mutually supporting each other as room mates.  This was purely instinctive, and was against what I logically knew at the time, that we would be better off together.  However, given the later threats against CC's boyfriends, and concurrent blackmail against CC's father, my instincts may have had merit.  I would never have seen the blackmail against CC's father coming, even if I knew about his sexuality, which I probably would not have found out about anyway.  Even so there is good reason to surmise that the blackmail plot would probably not have been planned, let alone done, if Jian had not committed the first fist/liquid chalk attack in summer 2001.

I think CC called my place a couple times in 2010 looking for PA and her name didn’t register with me.  Amazingly didn’t remember her. I know it sounds weird, but I was traumatized because I had failed her and I almost blocked it all out. Me and my little bit of trauma, compared to her trauma mine is nothing. I’m not just talking about guilt over her plight; I also mean things some of this gang and Jian have done to me. Some of the stuff was similar, but not nearly as bad, and I wasn’t badly injured. I was only assaulted a fraction of the many times that CC was assaulted.

Unlike the woman beaten by Jian on a date, I didn’t turn off the radio or get upset when I heard Jian. I just forgot somehow as a coping mechanism. I might have gone years more without thinking of CC. Then thankfully the Jian Ghomeshi coverage brought all this back up for me. It hit me like a ton of bricks one day about CC, and I was horrified with myself. I thought, how could I forget about CC like that, all those times.


I hope to come forward when there is some investigation into the records that are in the system about these events. Then I can trust I won’t be arbitrarily disbelieved. Once again some of the rape allegations by CC are known and so are the four anal fisting ‘accidents’. As I wrote above she had an account of her plight with Jian posted on her Facebook titled the “Summers of Being Raped by Jian Ghomeshi”, but someone reported it and it was taken down. I did not read or see this account, PA told me about it in 2010.

I think that these crimes are worse than those committed against Francis Farmer. I think they are worse than those committed by Jimmy Seville. Don’t let these matters be swept under the rug like with the children’s entertainer pedophile convicted in 1991, mentioned by ex CBC employee and Q producer Roberto Veri in his interview with Jessie Brown (on the topic of Jian Ghomeshi’s behavior at Q).

I think a lot of people at the CBC and in broadcasting knew at least something about these matters. I know that least one CBC radio employee in Winnipeg knew about this stuff. I hope that he isn’t kept from talking by some sort of confidentiality obligation. I don’t think the CBC directive concerning Jian and confidentiality would apply to these matters. Do you?

I will not give you CC's name, as her name and these incidents are known to the system (police, ambulance, hospital, surgical, doctor, and court records). I need for you to dig up what are in the system about these assaults and rapes that people in the system refused to believe, and the aggravated sexual assaults that were ignorantly miscast as accidents. When you have looked that up I think you will be prepared to believe me.

As for the other details and names that I know, I will not put that in any communication that goes over fax or email. These details I only give in person and in confidence. I might be willing to reveal my story and identity publicly, but not until you get the story that is already in the system. CC is not talking about these matters now, at least not to me, and I think probably not to anyone. I think that Jian, doctor GT, and/or accomplices may have threatened her. Also, given the way she was treated by people working in the law and medicine, maybe she is getting some discouragement from the system. Also she could still have the system on her back because of doctor GT.

Thank you for reading, there are more details I could share, but this is getting to be a long news tip isn’t it. Just please get hold of what is in the system on this. It is in there, you will not be disappointed if you should spare the energy and expense to get it.

Jian’s sister, Jila Ghomeshi knew about the anal fisting “accidents” and was supportive of Jian. She was very angry with CC for supposedly threatening Jian, according to DI.

Jian is aware that I am trying to revive these matters, and is angry about it.

Truthfully yours,
Franz Kafka. (pseudonym)

Post Script

There are a lot of details to the story of Jain Ghomeshi and his Rape Gang. I thought that I shouldn’t give them all to you until the media reports on at least some of what is on the records. I hope I haven’t told you so much as to make you too dismissive to look into these events.

I won’t be sharing my own story for now, except for the little it has been necessary to tell you. There would be no point in sharing my own story without you getting into the records about CC and Jain. I could not and would not share my story without telling what I know of CC’s hardships. I know you won’t believe the CC story and therefore my story without first looking into the records on the Jian and CC events.

Why I Named Doctor GT

So why not just tell you about the events that I am sure there are records for and hold back the rest until after you enlighten yourselves? Why take the chance of being dismissed? Let me explain.

I telephoned CC at home in late October 2014 and apologized, I said in generalities that I knew some stuff that had happened to her. She said she didn’t really understand, and that she would rather communicate on Facebook. I did not have internet and was not on Facebook when I spoke to CC on the phone. I got on Facebook in mid November 2014 and tried to communicate with CC. I told her in more detail about some of the stuff I know. She replied that nothing had happened to her. I know for sure what happened to her, but did not argue with her.

I wrote at the end of my main communication in the conclusion that Jian is aware I am trying to revive these matters and is angry about it. How do I know this and how did Jian become aware of my efforts? I know because someone I know (BR) passed it on to me a few weeks after I spoke to CC. BR heard about it from another person (RS) who lives in Scarborough and grew up in the Thornhill area same as Jian. How did Jian find out about my efforts? I don’t know. However, I have a suspicion as to how Jian knows.

At that point, besides a couple of people in my family, I had only spoken to CC. The best guess I can make as to how Jian knows is that he, doctor GT, and their rape gang friends and are still spying on CC. That would mean in October 2014 they were still spying on one or all of her apartment, phone, and internet stuff like Facebook. Considering that this rape gang is probably still keeping tabs on CC, and that she must be too threatened to come forward; I had to get into the story beyond what is on record in the system. I especially had to name doctor GT, at this time he is probably the greatest danger to CC. I could not name doctor GT without getting into the later events.

My Worst Fears

My worst fears are that Jian, doctor GT, and their accomplices eventually managed to kidnap CC again one or more times, and actually managed to put CT’s head in CC’s rectum. Having made his ultimate stretch out porn, (or even if he hadn’t) doctor GT may have used his fabricated intelligence to have CC committed. Then he could have used electroshock on her to compromise her memory and protect himself from any possible future consequences. Electroshock has actually been done to patients by doctors who molested them, conveniently compromising their memories. Was CC ever forcibly drugged over her misdiagnosis and ongoing abuse by Jian and his accomplices?

My very worst fear, they may kill CC.

I made an anonymous phone call to a Winnipeg news organization to ask them to investigate and possibly do a story on these assaults. This was after BR told me about what RS said about Jian knowing about my efforts to revive these matters. I only told their reporter about events that I knew there must be some records on, and I did not tell him about doctor GT. I pointed out that she had accused Jian of rape more than one time and that Jian had called the ambulances after the fisting attacks. I said that she had been left degloved because her surgeon refused to do the microsurgery to rejoin her anal skin to her anal fascia. I told him I knew these “accidents” had been assaults and some of the facts I knew and something of how I knew them.

The reporter said it would be easier if I just gave them the victim’s (CC’s) name. I said that she was trying to get her story out in 2010, but that she wouldn’t talk now. I said I felt she may have been threatened by Jian or his associates. I reluctantly told him CC’s name. I do not know if he or his news organization contacted CC, or if they know anything of these events. When he came back to the phone he said because the victim wasn’t talking, they would not be doing a story about these events.

I said even without her, or my information they could still do a story on these events. Even if they had to do the story from the point of view of the system having decided that these catastrophic injuries to CC were caused by accidents of her supposed mental illness during anal penetration of Jian Ghomeshi’s giant fist into this approximately 5’5” 130 pound woman. I said then the audience would be free to draw its own conclusions. The reporter hung up on me.

This news organization only had to scratch the surface to find records to a huge story, and they took the path of least resistance so they would not have to investigate, or maybe they knew but did not want to do a story. A few weeks later, this same news organization does a story that included an interview with and video of CC. This article dealt with an everyday safely problem facing people in Winnipeg. The safety problem was concerning commuters bicycling along a stretch of road where some cyclists have been injured and even killed being hit by vehicles. CC said that she depends on cycling to commute year round. I think therefore the weapons ban could still have been on CC at that point, as CC was not allowed to drive as a part of the weapons ban. Considering this, I think the weapons ban is probably still on CC presently.

Considering Jian’s and doctor GT’s money and connections, I think this safety problem could be used to launder CC’s murder as an accident. Especially if she has osteoporosis, which doctor GT would know, as Jian said they had been poisoning CC to give her osteoporosis (see above, RP and Jian December 2005). Do you think there couldpossibly be a Jian Ghomeshi connection at this Winnipeg news organization?

Jian’s Roofies

A note on the incapacitating drugs employed by Jian. He uses surreptitious drugging (in drink or food) and forced drugging (using a hypodermic needle). He even uses light roofies to get some reactions and interactions from his victim; then drugs his victim again to further incapacitate. Also, Jian uses more than just anesthetic to drug his victims. He uses roofies that tend to make you withdrawn and helpless. Yet at the more moderate doses you can be walking and talking and reactive, but you are not fully or continuously aware. Even at heavier doses, you can react, in pain or even in pleasure, or in fear. Like when CC, even after concussions and drugging said, “No it’s too big!” before Jian forced his fist into her anus on the first fisting attack. You tend to be mute at the higher or added doses. Yet you may verbalize from pain, pleasure, or fear. You can even obey simple commands, especially if motivated by beating and threats.

I think Jian may be using something like scopolamine. This drug would allow Jian to incapacitate his victim and compromise her memory, while still allowing him to get some reactions and activity from his victim. This helps to produce both porn and exculpatory footage of the victim for ‘killing the victim’. I wonder if Jian has also used his anti-anxiety drugs for roofies?

Check out these links to information about scopolamine:     Vice documentary, can't get this one to link, just copy and paste.     Medical website.    Article in the Guardian newspaper.

Karla Ciccone, who wrote about her bad date with Jian, spoke of his stupid dialog walking her back to her place. I think that he was trying to gage her reactions to his silly questions to try to tell if the roofies he had tried to slip her had taken effect on her. I think Jian roofied or attempted to roofy some or all of the women that he beat on the head. The roofies make it easier for Jian to beat his victim to unconsciousness. The concussions Jian inflicts with his head blows helps to increase the amnesia or delay in memory recovery that can accompany the drugging. The drugging also helps to increase the amnesia or delay in memory recovery that can accompany concussions. Drugging and concussions reinforce each other in inducing unconsciousness and compromising memory. However, you can recover a fair amount if allowed the time and peace to heal. Also, a person can develop a tolerance to these effects, especially the contribution to those effects that is made by the roofies, and to a lesser extent to the contribution made by concussions.

I think Lucy DeCouture was roofied by Jian (or maybe some friend of Jian’s) before the post assault make out with Jian. I wonder what else Jian did to Lucy on this occasion. From the pictures I saw of Lucy from the time I think Jian used scopolamine on her. I also think the victim who was in a post assault sex act with Jian was probably roofied by Jian. This is why the victim “omitted”. Consider that Marie Henein probably knows (or suspects) that Jian roofied these women, but she suborns a certain kind of perjury on Jian’s behalf by calling Lucy’s behavior into question and accusing the other victim of lying. Accusations of perjury from a suborner, and launderer of perjury. Marie Henien is a state criminal for doing her job, and for possibly for stepping outside of her job – a lawyer criminal. Stepping outside her job? If Jian told her he roofied these women, or if he told her about any fabricated communications; or if due to the manner of presentation she should have known (or suspected).

Jian Covets his Own Privacy

Note how Jian reacted to the 16 year old girl, Sally Block, who guessed his Facebook password and spied on his account. If she actually did spy on Jian’s Facebook, I know Jian fabricated things against CC. I strongly suspect he fabricated things against the victims in his trial. Contrast Jian’s defensiveness in regard to this invasion of privacy upon his Facebook account (despite his behavior with a 16 year old girl) with his sense of entitlement to make much greater invasions of CC’s privacy. This girl only read Jian’s Facebook, she did not spy on him in his dwelling with pin hole cameras and listening devices. Nor did she fabricate things in Jian’s name or voice.

It is suspicious that Jian chooses a password open to being guessed, and 16 year old Sally Block just happens to get enough information to guess his password. I think this was an obvious sexual predator at work, he may have been thinking to coerce her in some way for some sexually predatory purpose. She was 16 when they met, and her Facebook spying went on some months. So, she was probably 17 going on 18 when Jian was threatening her. He must have been working on her for after she turned 18. Even when Jian was scared off from threatening to make a criminal complaint by her father, Jian still made sure that she suffered consequences with her school system.

Sorry, it was Jian's email.  Thank you to the person who pointed this out to me.  This only makes me more suspicious of the whole situation. Also, the article said that Sally had confessed to her father.  I wonder if she first confessed to school officials, the article did not say.  Just because she confessed does not mean that she actually hacked (if you can call it that with no computer skills used) Jian's email.  Just like women who 'confess' to making false rape reports, these confessions are often given under duress.  After the confession, no real investigation is done.

Trust me, and look into the records concerning Jian and CC,
Franz Kafka. (pseudonym)

Post Post Script

Without the moral support of women like his mother and sister, in the face of Jian’s long running violence against females, Jian would not have been so successful for so long. That is why the following is necessary.

As I wrote above in the main body of this document, Jian’s sister Jila Ghomeshi supported Jian in his fisting “accidents” that degloved CC’s anal canal. Jila was even angry (really angry according to DI) with CC for supposedly threatening Jian. Remember at that point CC had been racially insulted, beaten, and raped many times by Jian. In addition CC had been horrifically anally and perianally injured at least three times by Jian before she was alleged to have threatened Jian. So give Jila hell on her home phone 204-284-9888, or leave a hateful message if she fails to answer. Send hate mail to her current address 369 Oak St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3M 3P8. Jila is an Associate Professor and Graduate Chair in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Manitoba. You could call her and those in her department, and tell her and them what you think of Jila, phone 204-474-9596 or fax 204-474-7671. Maybe it would be nice to call, fax, or email the students that Jila has advised; they are on the University of Manitoba website under Jila Ghomeshi. Tell them about these facts, or even send them a copy of this document.

Jian is currently on bail and required to live with his mother (name?). Jian might not be able to stay out if he could not stay with his mother. Because Jian was out, he was able to get help and fabricate some communications from one of his victims to himself, resulting in two charges dropped. Actually, thinking a bit futher, the fabrication may have already been completed around the time of the assault.  The victim’s email or text was probably hacked before the assault. I believe Jian, with help, fabricated those communications; because I know Jian and accomplices fabricated communications from CC to Jian. Jian’s mother’s home phone is 905-881-1114. Remember to leave a nasty message if Jian or his mother fail to answer. Send hate mail to her home address 24 Delair Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 2M4.

Jian’s Upper Beaches home is 18 Enderby Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2S3. I don’t know the phone number. If you look at the google street view you will see that street image is old, unlike just up the street. It still has the picture from before the fence was put in. One would not be able to recognize the house from the pictures that came out in the press. However, you can still make it out looking down the lane from the next street to the west, which has the newer street view images. Some people really want to protect this informant, but I found his house anyway.

Jian drives a black two door BMW Mini Cooper with the Ontario license plate number 287 KRK (one of those short plate numbers). He seems to park in the garage whether at his mother’s house or his Upper Beaches house. Jian parks in the lot at the rear when he is at the law firm of his defence lawyers: Hutchinson and Henein LLP, 235 King Street East, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1J9, phone (416) 368-5000, fax (416) 368-6640.

I believe Jian was an informant because authorities would always accept his so called evidence and his word against CC. This was in spite of Jian’s history of violence toward women, and in spite of the violence and catastrophic injuries endured by CC. I believe Jian, probably with the help of one or more friends had already fabricated other things for authorities. I think this was the reason authorities had to keep accepting the fabrications Jian gave them on CC. Because authorities had been accepting Jian’s evidence, they also had also been accepting Jian’s word. This is why authorities had to keep on accepting Jian’s word in regard to the footage he made of CC (the footage DI told me about in 2004).


Doctor Gregory Torossi (GT) lives at 34 Sundown Point, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 1R9, phone 204-498-5683. This is from the 2010 Winnipeg telephone book. He is still at this telephone number, and I think he is still at this address. Tell him that he is worse than Mengele; because Mengele was not allowed to launder his crimes at treatments. Leave an angry message if no one answers. Doctor GT usually works at Concordia Hospital, often in the emergency room. Concordia Hospital, 1095 Concordia Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2K 3S8, Telephone: 204-667-1560, Fax: 204-667-1049, General Inquiries: 204-667-1560

If you (have seen) this document posted somewhere, this (was) because I have been trying to get this story out in the press for months now. Even the parts of this story that are in the records have been suppressed and are still being suppressed. So give hell to the media on line, on the telephone, or in a fax. Especially give hell to the CBC.

A note about zero tolerance in regard to any sexual assault. Zero tolerance is the environment that Jian needs to successfully launder his aggravated sexual assaults as accidents. Once the Meghan Bachelors of the world are done, there is nothing left of our very limited capacity for listening to and sympathizing with victims of very serious sexual assaults.

Please copy this document and send it to others to read too. If you see this document posted up in hard copy, please take pictures and share them with others.

Until the darkness bleeds daylight,
Franz Kafka (pseudonym)


SUMMARY (point form)

I had previously put this point form summary before the text of my recollections. I spoke to a journalist about these matters in October 2015. He told me that many people stopped reading at “Four anal reparatory surgeries over four consecutive summers.” I suppose this point is a little redundant, but I know that many people enjoy their summers and look forward to summer. I just wanted people to think how they would like to spend their summers that way.

  • Jian Ghomeshi and Medical Doctor Gregory Torossi.
    • Together they led a rape gang in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
    • Their crimes against a Winnipeg Manitoba woman, 2001 to 2010.
    • Surveillance using pin hole cameras and listening devices.
    • Fabricated communications between Jian and victim.
    • Fabricated consents attributed to victim, for violent sexual mistreatment by Jian.
    • Fabricated evidence of a relationship between Jian and victim.
    • Multiple beatings, rapes, and sodomies by Jian Ghomeshi.
    • Surreptitious druggings with roofies in drink or food.
    • Forced druggings, including using a needle in the victim’s neck.
    • Drugging makes the victim easier to overwhelm and beat unconscious.
    • Drugging makes the victim easier to manipulate on video for 'exculpatory' footage.
    • Drugging makes the victim look like she was taking drugs or drinking.
    • Beatings with hard slaps across the face and hard punches to the head, even to unconsciousness.
    • Beating to unconsciousness helps delay or eliminate some of victim’s memory.
    • Beatings using belts and sticks to continue submissions to rape and sodomy.
    • Jian’s footage of victim after he gains her submission used to ‘whack the victim’.
  • Victim blaming by false psychiatric stigma, supposed bipolar disorder with hyper sexuality.
  • Based on not being believed about Jian raping her.
  • Curfew was put on victim, if she did not return, Jian would call emergency.
  • She could not keep refusing to return to her apartment by curfew without being locked up.
  • Obviously she could not barricade her apartment without getting in trouble, because then Jian could call emergency.
  • Progressive stretch out assaults of victim’s anus/rectum.
  • To get eventually Jian’s hand, and then clenched fist, through anal canal into rectum.
  • To launder fist/liquid chalk anal attack, tearing off full thickness of anal and perianal skin.
  • And to ensure that her skin tears off instead of her anal and rectum walls tearing through.
  • Medical collusion by rape gang leading medical doctor Gregory Torossi (GT).
    • Made for doctor GT, fabricated intelligence about victim’s sex life.


  • Victim discouraged about reporting because Jian always believed.
    • Victim warned against false reporting and then would not report.
  • Aggravated sexual assaults by Jian Ghomeshi, resulting in catastrophic anal and perianal sexual injuries.
    • Degloving of anal and perianal skin.
    • Jian Ghomeshi called four ambulances for victim in Winnipeg Manitoba.
    • These were in the late summers of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.
    • Four anal reparatory surgeries over four consecutive summers.
    • Victim said Jian used liquid chalk (provides grip) for the fisting attacks.
    • Two other people told me in 2001 that Jian used liquid chalk for the 2001 fisting attack.
    • Beatings, abductions, druggings, sodomies, and rapes all four years, mostly during the summers.
    • Sexual violence culminating in catastrophic anal fisting injuries each year.
  • Victims boyfriends threatened by accomplice, and blackmail against CC's father, to force CC to breakup with her boyfriends.
  • Surgical anal sexual mutilation by doctor GT on the last reparatory surgery.
    • Doctor GT refused to do microsurgery (he would not reglove her anal skin).
    • To hide damage from extreme stretching and penetration.
    • Fabricated threatening messages from victim to Jian, using surveillance recordings of victim.
    • Victim blamed by doctors including doctor GT.
    • Victim psychiatrically confined after fourth fisting attack.
    • Probably in Selkirk Mental Health Center.
    • Maybe in Winnipeg Health Sciences Center.
    • Victim had release conditions, including a weapons ban.
    • Weapons ban on victim aided in attacking her.
    • Beatings, druggings, abductions, and sexual assaults by multiple assailants.
    • Victim threatened with planted weapon and “swatting” for barricading her apartment.
    • Chemical burns, including of the victim’s genitalia.
    • Aggravated sexual assaults, injuries hidden by doctor GT’s surgical sexual mutilation victim’s anus.
    • Violent accomplice severely bites victim’s prolapsed rectum.
    • Doctor GT gets more anesthetic, performs clandestine surgery.
    • Doctor GT threatened victim with fabrications about “her sex life”.
    • Doctor GT threatened she would be blamed and he would have her committed.
    • Chronic oral poisoning of victim, by Jian and doctor GT, to cause osteoporosis.
    • Pre-existing condition that can be blamed if victim breaks from beating.
    • Gang rapes with multiple ejaculations, victim not getting pregnant.
    • Likely doctor GT implanted an IUD in victim to prevent pregnancy.
    • Possible victim was pimped for money, as friendly favor, or for porn money.
    • Jian Ghomeshi, doctor GT, and accomplices did make and sell porn of the victim.
    • Stretch out porn: anal, rectal, vaginal, and cervical.
  • Enemas including with a hose, to clean her and to stretch her rectum.
  • Extreme: stretching, fisting, footing, object penetration, speculums and prolapsing.
    • Ultimately at least one attempt was made to put a female accomplice’s head in the victim’s rectum.
    • Possible other porn: rape, S&M, ultraviolent (the fisting attacks), and gang rape.
    • Sexual slavery by Jian Ghomeshi, Doctor GT, and their accomplices.


The Full Racial Bias Against CC

I said in my information I held back some stuff about CC and Jian, and that much of it had to do with more allegations of racial bias against CC.

I had to say something about the racialized violence and double standard toward her understandable verbal reactions and the consequences for her due to surveillance. I held back the rest of the racial stuff because I feared it would turn people against my efforts. Even so I felt it unfair to CC because it did not do justice to the extent to which she has been the victim of bias crimes. It was purely strategic on my part to leave this stuff out.

CC’s victimization by Jian has something to do with her ethnic and religious ancestry (Jewish/Ukrainian) and with Jian’s (Jewish/Iranian).
Some members of the Filipino community have joined it the victimization of CC due to the involvement of CT. CC knew and knows (at least on Facebook) some of the people CT knew and knows. I remember something about CT not liking CC and talking about her in about 1993 or so.

RP told me in 2001 that CC is Jewish and so is Jian and this has something to do with Jian assaulting CC. RP also told me in 2001 that CC has a lot of Filipinos living in her building and that is not good for her.

DI told me in 2004 that CC is Jewish and that she was getting a lot of crap from female nurses that were Jewish. He said that Jian is also Jewish and that is also a factor. He said, “It’s something to do with their community.” DI also said that CC was getting a lot of crap from Filipino female nurses as well. The staff had all been listening to her supposed ‘messages’ to Jian and did not like some of the language she had used. DI said, “This woman’s a racist.” He said that a female nurse who is black (he was not specific about her ethnicity) had beaten CC up. I asked if there would be any charges, DI said no. He said that the nurse was not allowed on the ward or floor with CC though.



Clarify the full racial bias against CC

I just want to clarify some of the things in the email that I sent you, about the full racial bias against CC.

DH and some other people knew CC, as I said. DH also knew some girls in 1993 or so from in around Saint Boniface and Saint Vital areas just across the Red river from the Fort Garry and Fort Richmond areas in Winnipeg. These girls knew CC and they knew CT in 1993 or so. I do not know how CC knew them, perhaps school related band or sports. I would say DH knew them through CC. Either I was never told and did not ask, or I just don’t remember how everyone met one another.

I do not know how or when CT became involved in assaulting CC. I do know CT was involved in the later gang and stretch out porn assaults of CC after 2004.

I said that CC still knows some of these girls (now women) at least on Facebook. I don’t know if CC ever actually sees them in person now, but at least one (KM – I never saw or heard anything to suggest her involvement, and she is not in this story) is a Facebook friend of CC. I know from pictures on Facebook that CT still sees them in person, including KM.

RP did not elaborate on why CC being Jewish was a factor in Jian targeting CC. He suggested that me and CC should live at my apartment because there are a lot of Filipinos living in her building and that is not good for her, no elaboration.

DI did not say anything about the Jewish nurses who were rebuffing CC and affirming Jian, except that they were Jewish. He did not say what their ethnic ancestries were otherwise. DI though of these women as necessarily being in the same community as CC just because they share a religion. DI did not say how many nurses they were, more than one was my understanding. Nor did DI say how many Filipino nurses were involved except that there was more than one, but we can safely assume they were catholic.

The black nurse who DI said beat up CC is the only person with African ancestry (if that is the case, DI said black) that I know of doing anything to CC. DI said that he thought this nurse had been angered by the recordings of CC’s ‘messages’ to Jian, which included her calling Jian the n-word (remember Jian’s “white bitch!” while attacking CC). DI said he did not think CC had provoked this nurse, but that there wouldn’t be charges or dismissal because as DI said, “how could they prove she wasn’t provoked?” From what DI was saying I doubt there was any real workplace discipline except to tell her to keep away from CC. This wasn’t CC being pushed around a bit, DI said that was already happening to her by staff. DI said this was a real beating and CC needed treatment. DI also said she had been caught trying to get back on the ward with CC, but had given some excuse when caught. Therefore, it is possible CC had more trouble from this nurse.


I had mentioned the threat made to CC that if she was locked up she would not be able to escape because women who new members of this rape gang would "give her corn rows in her hair". That is a euphemism for sexual assault, and a means of demonstrating ownership over someone. This was in the section titled 'PA mid to late August 2010' in my main account of these events. PA gave no other indication what the ethnic and racial ancestry of these women was. Some may suspect they had African ancestry, but there is actually no reason to assume this. In fact I think there is a good chance they were from CT's community, because CT used to ware her hair in corn rows.


Given all the bias crimes involved in these events, and because Torossi sounds Iranian, I wonder if he was. I looked for Torossi on some lists of Iranian surnames and did not find it. However it has a lot in common with the surnames I saw, however the lists were not exhaustive. I wonder if the Jewish nurses rebuffing CC and confirming Jian were Iranian. I think it less likely, but who knows. I did not here of Jian getting help from other Iranians, but it may well have happened given all the bias crimes.



Some Things to Add

I know CC had release conditions in 2004 that included a weapons ban, which was still in force in 2010. I wonder if she also had release conditions that prevented her from speaking publicly about the events of Jian attacking her, because the system said it was all her fault.

Was CC born in Canada, was she a Canadian citizen? I just assumed that she was. I think she was born here. If she were not then I wonder if it played a role in her persecution by the system. This is just speculation though.


Why not hold back RP's and CR's identities, the fact that RP sold me cannabis, or even anything about them?  Jian was already aware of me trying to get the story out before I even put anything out publicly, as I explained in the Post Script.  I had to share about RP's dealing, or people would naturally speculate that Jian must have something on RP anyway.  People would only think worse things in the back of their minds. Keeping people's names out of the story would not protect them form Jian and his friends.  It would just cut them off from any possible support. Plus Jian and associates are less likely to threaten them if their names are out.


Same for BR (see BR in the key to identities below).


As for RS (see RS in key to identities below), I don't care if the video he has on his phone is of CC.  The only thing I want to see in regard to any porn of the CC assaults is prosecution of the assailants and going after their money.  I would also like to see any porn websites persued for the any money they made off of it; and for the porn to be removed from any websites.



Key to Identities

Here is a key to the identities of the people I wrote about in my recollections about Jian Ghomeshi and his rape gang.

I interviewed with a journalist during October 2015, who does not want me to reveal his name. He is the only journalist I have given the full name, address, and phone number of victim CC and her father VC. The only identities I had previously released publicly are Jian Ghomeshi (because of all he has done) and medical doctor Gregory Torossi (because he has the state power in this, and because he is a hair's breadth away from being Mengele).

MYSELF - Benjamin G Affleck

I Moved to Oshawa ON, March 2010. My last address in Winnipeg MB was apartment ### – 2130 Main St. Late summer 2002 was apartment ### – 180 Belleview Rd. In late summer 2001 was apartment ### – 1833 Pembina Hwy. I used the pseudonym Franz Kafka when I put out my recollections of what I know of these events of Jian attacking CC, and haw I know them. I lived in Winnipeg Manitoba until I moved to Oshawa Ontario in 2010. I quit my job in Winnipeg to move here. My mother and her husband moved here in 2010 because my brother PA lives here and because they like the weather. I was able to live with them while finding a job here. As I have pointed out, I know about CC from conversations about her. I also have insight because of things done to me by this rape gang.

I have brought up the ethnic ancestry and religious heritage of some of the individuals featured in my story when these have been pertinent to the organization of the gang and their use of both bias crimes against the victim and false allegations of bias on the victim's part. Even though I am not myself biased, since I am telling this story I should make known my ethnic ancestry is three quarters mostly Scottish and one quarter polish. My Presbyterian religious heritage is from my Scottish ancestry. Although I and my family are not religious, we did attend the United Church for some time.

Jian Ghomeshi
Led rape gang along with doctor GT.  Jian’s Upper Beaches home is 18 Enderby Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4E 2S3. I don’t know the phone number.  Jian drives a black two door BMW Mini Cooper with the Ontario license plate number 287 KRK (one of those short plate numbers). Jian's defence lawyers' firm is Hutchinson and Henein LLP, 235 King Street East, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1J9, phone (416) 368-5000, fax (416) 368-6640.


Jila Ghomeshi

Jian's sister, has lived in Winnipeg Manitoba for years and supported Jian in his fisting 'accidents' with CC.  Her home phone 204-284-9888, her current address 369 Oak St, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3M 3P8. Jila is an Associate Professor and Graduate Chair in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Manitoba.


_ Ghomeshi (first name?)

Jian's mother, Jian is supposed to be living with his mother during his trials.  Jian’s mother’s home phone is 905-881-1114.  Her home address 24 Delair Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 2M4.

CC - ##############################
Victim of Jian and Torossi and their accomplices.

VC - ##############################
Victim’s father.

GT, doctor GT, the doctor - medical doctor Gregory Torossi
Led rape gang with Jian, laundered Jian's crimes.  Doctor Gregory Torossi (GT) lives at 34 Sundown Point, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3Y 1R9, phone 204-498-5683. This is from the 2010 Winnipeg telephone book. He is still at this telephone number, and I think he is still at this address. Doctor GT usually works at Concordia Hospital, often in the emergency room. Concordia Hospital, 1095 Concordia Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2K 3S8, Telephone: 204-667-1560, Fax: 204-667-1049, General Inquiries: 204-667-1560.

DH - Don Horche
Was a friend of mine in and after high school.

RP - Rick Pannu
Was a friend of mine in and after high school.

I think one of RP's older brothers may have known Jian. If this is in fact the case, it may be a factor, even though it was AS who befriended CC. AS knew Jian through the same social circles. I remember one of RP's older brothers and his friends had some computer program that was to misuse the phone system, you could use the phone system like an operator. This was around 1990 to 1992 or so.

CR - Cecillia Rodriguez
Was RP's common law wife (spelling? last name).

DI - Don Ince
My father's wife's sister's husband.

DiI - Diane Ince
My father's wife's sister.

The only coincidence in this story is that DI and DiI got jobs at the Selkirk Mental Health Centre. They moved to Manitoba from out west and moved in with my father and his wife in the basement suite of their home in Saint Andrews MB. They now have a condo in Selkirk MB.

PA - J (Johnathon) Paul Affleck
My brother, Oshawa lawyer, messed with and betrayed CC, was also victimized by this rape gang, is in denial.

PA has had two complaints filed against him by clients. I gave him the benefit of the doubt before, but with the way he treated CC and how he is treating me makes me think the complaints could be justified. PA has lied to our family about what he did to CC, he has lied the journalist I mentioned, and now it seems he has lied to the authorities on these matters. His law partner knows about these things I have been saying, so PA may have lied to him too. Considering what he did to CC and what he is doing to me, I think the complaints are probably legit. Imagine you are a person distained by the law (even though you are nothing close to Jian) and your lawyer mistreats you. Most of those people will never complain, so two people coming forward with legit complaints means there must be a lot more victims. Not as convincing, but still relevant is some clients have threated PA and someone made nasty dents and holes in the hood of his car one day. The holes looked like they could have been made with some kind of pick or even a heavy blade. Interestingly when I asked PA what was he going to do about it, he shrugged his shoulders and said “nothing”. With all the surveillance cameras around he did not even report this very threatening vandalism. Compare when one weak old guy who was disgruntled called him on the phone and said something like "I am a person who believes very strongly in revenge" PA called right away and got a restraining order against him. PA has shown on other occasions that he fears and respects strong clients and disdains weak ones. I could get into how he has treated my mother and her husband since they and I moved here, but that is too long a story. However I should mention my mother told me one day that PA was yelling at her and pounding on the hood of her car in the driveway of his house. My mother told me that the police officer who lives across the street from PA looked out his window and saw this, probably because he heard PA yelling. I do not believe that he would hit my mother, he was upset (not my mother's fault) and only banging on the car hood.

GL - Gerald Lopez
Friend of PA from Dauphin MB, where we lived before moving to Winnipeg in the summer of 1987.

KP - Kevin Patchekowski
Friend of PA from Dauphin MB (spelling? last name).

CT - Candice Tonelete
Is a violent, butch lesbian Filipino, short and has a relatively small head, but it is still an adult human head.

I believe in retrospect that a phone call I received during one evening in the winter of 2005 was from CT. I remembered it because it was so unusual. Some woman who sounded Filipino called and spoke loudly into the phone (almost yelling) something like "she bed so" 3 or 4 times as I asked who it was, then she says "I'm your mother" I replied "I don't think so" then she hung up. I think that may have been the day CT bit CC on her rectum when the assailants were prolapsing CC's rectum. Winter of 2005 would be about right because Jian said during the December 2005 incident that they had to leave CC alone for about two years to heal. Those are the reason that I had for believing the bite may have occurred during the winter of 2005, which I mentioned in my recollections (Jian and RP 2005).

AS - Anita Sharma
First befriended CC and continued to play a role. Once again, AS was on the radio for CBC news reporting business news. She was apparently on television as well, however I have not had TV for years (too many repeat programs), so I heard her on the radio. She was later on SUN News TV on the air as their business reporter. She now has some videos on YouTube – search Anita Sharma TV.

_S – (first name?) Sharma
Anita Sharma's younger brother, he played a major role. PA told me his name once when we spoke on these matters in late July 2010, but I cannot remember it.

AF - Alleta Fillion
Has computer expertise and was on rape gang assaults with Jian. May have been involved in the CC events.

BR – Brock Regan
Was my lead hand at the last place I worked. I heard from him that RS had heard that Jian Ghomeshi knew of me trying to revive the CC matters, and that Jian was angry about it. This was not very long after I called CC on the phone and then made contact with her on Facebook. That would be in late October or early November 2014.

RS - Rag Sidhu
Worked at the same company in a different department. His father also works at the company. This company is in Uxbridge, but used to be located in Toronto near Scarborough (so I heard when I worked there). This is not so very far from Jian's mother's house. I do not know Rag's ethnicity, but I would say he could pass for Iranian. He is much younger than Jian so I doubt he knows him directly. An interesting thing some people at this workplace shooting the breeze one day in the break room, someone said that Rag had a porn video on his phone that featured, "a little brown guy putting his head up a woman's ass". I doubt that was a little brown guy knowing RS has some association with someone who is around Jian (I doubt they hang out, RS must be in his mid to late 20s). Seeing some association of RS is associated with Jian, I would bet the 'little brown guy' in the video is CT and the woman taking a head in her ass is CC.

The company is Castool Tooling Systems in Uxbridge, and I did not do well toward the end of my employment there (largely because of this stuff). Not for poor performance in the job itself, but for missing time before I was ‘let go’. After the Jian stuff in the news I was not doing so well, and the commute there was tough after a while. My employment there ended in early May 2015. I would just like to say as a machinist that Castool is a very good company to work at if you do not mind a commute with a 7:30 am day shift (normal for machining), coming in early on days if you want overtime during the week, and shift work.

E_ – Concerned CBC Employee
My former neighbor, whom identified himself as an employee of CBC radio. He gave his first name, but I do not remember it. I think it started with an E, something like Eugene or Elliot. I have not tried to find out his identity. I don't even know if he still lives there. I don't know what he would say now, he may be pissed off at me.

Myself, PA, RP, DH, AS and CC all went to Fort Richmond Collegiate in Winnipeg MB, in the neighborhood of Fort Richmond, in Fort Garry.  I graduated in 1990 along with RP and DH, PA was one year behind me (1991), and CC and AS were one year behind PA (1992).

CC’s address
Apartment # – 388 Wardlaw Ave 204-284-####.

This is from the 2010 Winnipeg Phone Book, it is on the correct street in the correct area and I am almost certain this is exact address she was at in 2001 and 2002; it is always possible she had moved in her building or to close by. The last I called her earlier in the year she had the same phone number; she said she does not live at the same apartment now, but lives on the same street. Just make sure to confirm this was indeed her address in August and September of 2001. I should think there are phone records for these. Then for the fisting attacks, you are looking to probably mid to late August and into early to mid September for each of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 (I don’t know if you will check all years or just one? Surely if you checked and found just one that would wet your appetites for everything you can get.) Note, from what I remember the 2001 fisting attack was before September 11, 2001.

RP’s and CR’s address in 2001 and 2002
Apartment # - 304 Stradbrook Ave, Winnipeg, MB. Close to CC’s, about 4 blocks away.

CC’s father’s (VC), mother’s (_C – first name?) and CC’s home in high school
## Celtic Bay, Fort Garry 204-269-#### from 2010 Winnipeg MB phone book. Father’s current home, mother’s too?

RP’s family home in high school
## McGill Ave, Fort Garry 204-269-#### from 2010 Winnipeg MB phone book. Close to CC’s home in high school, about 6 blocks away.


Links to articles. I included these articles because some people have a hard time believing the events I am reporting are even possible.

After writing out my recollections about what I know about Jian Ghomeshi, Winnipeg Manitoba medical doctor Gregory Torossi, and their Winnipeg 'rape gang' accomplices; I took a look online to see if I could find anything about sexual 'accidents' and consent and other issues. I had hoped to find some things on similar incidents and maybe even those of CC. I found these articles, amongst others.

Here is some of what is online regarding sexual 'accidents' and injuries (and the legal and medical issues involved) and links to them online. You may be well aware of these sorts of things already, or perhaps I am educating (you)? I was already aware of these sorts of things, just things I heard and read here and there, and the CC stuff. Still I found the articles educational myself; they sort of gave the medical/legal issues more of an overview and tying together.

That's in spite of disagreeing with the law on a lot of it. To me consent should never be allowed to include permissions for violence, including so called consensual violence because that consent can be fabricated. And that violence is the key to obtaining submission from the victim. That submission is key to obtaining some level of reaction to and even participation by the victim. These reactions and participation from the victim are key to obtaining ‘exculpatory’ footage to help ‘prove’ consent and even a relationship between victim and attacker. All these things came together with CC to eventually launder four obvious aggravated sexual assaults down to accidents.

Consent should only include reasonable stuff, and only involve communications directly between the persons, and in person. No previous communication should be allowed to play a role. Video and/or audio of sex should be viewed with suspicion, especially when used to show consent. The onus should be on the accused penetrator to prove context of the recording. A reasonable judgment of recordings for proving consent is that they are self-serving rape laundries and are really evidence of intent to assault. Viewed in these ways, the recording is also an attempt to obstruct justice, and an attempt to frame the victim for false reporting.


Here is an article on someone with sexually related material fabricated in her name.

See this article: Woman discovered she had Ashley Madison account.
Here are a couple of links.


Here is an article about issues surrounding consent in general.
See this article: The tyranny of consent.
Here are a couple of links.


Here is an article that includes a case involving a woman who died of complications of fisting by a man wearing a signet ring. It was in Australia, where just as here common law applies. See the Slingsby case on page nine, it actually involved both vaginal and anal fisting. Any possibility of guilt for negligence, let alone assault, was precluded by some common law principal about heterosexual sex being sacred, even if the result is death.
See this article: When "No" Means "Yes" and "Yes" Means Harm: HIV Risk, Consent and Sadomasochism Case Law.
Here are a couple of links


This article is also from Australia. It still holds with the silly notion that this could have been truly consensual (had the victim not been markedly intoxicated at the time). Oh how silly of me, It’s all about what was in the mind of the penetrator/perpetrator. It just doesn’t seem by reading these articles that the courts ever disagree with what is in those minds. It seems at the end of the report the courts might actually do something along the lines of pursuing some kind of case. I have my doubts it will go anywhere.
See this article: Inquest into the death of Norma.
Here are a couple of links.


Here is what was described as complete disruption of the anal canal from intercourse. I think it at least indulges a man’s penis as being the source of her injuries. It looks more to me like it was his fingers, hand, fist, an object, or even a weapon. I am thinking maybe some of these medical and legal people who write these reports mean intercourse and just don’t specify that it is with an object.
See this article: Complete anal sphincter complex disruption from intercourse.
Here are a couple of links.


Here is one about a woman whom I believe had been gang raped, beaten, sexually mutilated with an object or weapon and left to die in the woods. I would say that the sexual mutilation was related to tissue injury and loss of blood supply.
They just don’t look at it like she has obviously been attacked. They speak of her as if she attacked herself. I think she had already been stigmatized as mentally ill, and expecting to be dismissed pretty much no matter what – and I think she has been proven correct – she decided just to lay in the woods and die.
See this article: Genital myiasis in a woman with psychiatric disturbance.
Here are a couple of links.


The case of Cindy Gladue has caused outrage for all the wrong reasons. A very big deal was made over the removal and preservation of her vagina, and over her aboriginal ancestry. Nothing was said about the fact that if Bradley Barton had inflicted similar sexual injuries on a man he would have been convicted and severely punished, regardless of whether or not his victim consented to sexual violence.
Why does anyone believe that a person would consent (or continue to consent) to such a high level of violence as a large blunt object – a fist – tearing an organ wall? Why is this blunt object not considered to be a weapon, especially when it is more effective in this assault than would be a blunt object held in his hand? Don’t blunt objects do grievous and life destroying bodily harm just as an edged weapon would? Don’t blunt objects cause more tissue damage for the same amount of blood spilt? Don’t blunt objects require greater physical effort and a more determined assailant than an edged weapon? Isn’t the legal fantasy (elitist depravity) that blunt object get to be sex objects an invitation to use such a weapon sexually? Especially where women are concerned? Because a man is protected from prosecution for injuries incurred by a woman during supposedly consensual sexual violence.

It is chauvinistically brutal to protect men from prosecution when they inflict sexual injuries, because in a prosecution the crown has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the victim did not consent. And many of the so called doubts raised about victims and accepted by the courts are not at all reasonable. After all, the courts are willing to believe that women consent and continue consenting to all kinds of pain, humiliation, and bodily harm.

Repealing the protected status of straight sex would remove this protection for sexual violence committed against women, and for the very often grievous very often sexual injuries inflicted. By removing the question of consent from the issue of injuries (like with a male victim) then roofying a woman (or finding a drunk woman) is no longer an effective strategy for an assailant.

See this article: Cindy Gladue case, why the not guilty verdict has sparked outrage.
Here is a link. 


Marie Henein and the Secret Sauce of Chauvinism

Text from my email to reporter Rosemary Westwood in response to her article on the ‘complicated’ (nonexistent) feminism of Marie Henein.
Marie Henein, is not, never was, and never will be a feminist. She is an extreme example of so many women who judge and destroy each other in a chauvinistic fashion. When a man ascends to a high position like CEO he is not automatically hailed a humanitarian. Nor would he be called a feminist while he commits act of chauvinism. In forming peoples' opinions (legal, medical, public) about a female victim, the judgments of other women (often chauvinistic misjudgments) seem to play an important role. I am not saying that women are more responsible for chauvinism than are men; they are no doubt less responsible over all. However some women in certain social roles, particularly with certain stigmatized victims, play a catalytic part in chauvinistic persecution.

The 'secret sauce' in Jian's success at getting away with attacking and mutilating CC was the moral support he received from women regarding these events, in particular his sister Jila Ghomeshi and female nurses in the psychiatric system (see my account below). These women were also instrumental in rebuffing CC's claims of rapes and aggravated sexual assaults; and for blaming CC for causing the catastrophic anal sexual injuries inflicted on her by Jian (using his fist). These nurses maintained CC's injuries were accidents of her supposed mental illness (bipolar disorder with hyper sexuality).



I can’t forget the other ‘secret sauce’ – the legally protected status of straight sex. (The protection of men.)

That is the legally protected status of men who sexually or otherwise injure women as a consequence of consensual violence sexual or otherwise. In the case of sexual violence this protection extends to include death. Also included are things worse than death, because such things are not recognized by our authorities.

There are laws against inflicting pain, injuries, and especially grievous bodily harm; regardless of the victim’s consent. That is unless the victim is a woman and the assailant is a man. This is because of a common law principle regarding straight sex that protects a man from prosecution and I think also civil liability for injuries, especially sexual injuries, inflicted during consensual violence. It is this vile principle which informed the ‘logic’ of blaming CC for the catastrophic anal sexual injuries inflicted on her by Jian during the fist/liquid chalk attacks. It also informed the logic that if CC was to blame then Jian was a good samaritan for calling her an ambulance each of those for incidents. In their view a real sex criminal would not call an ambulance for his victim he would let her die. So why should Jian’s future and reputation be threatened by this mentally ill woman talking about what Jian did to her? Why also should Jian be physically threatened by CC when he enters or waits for her in her apartment, just because he has inflicted sexual violence on her before?

That is sex and violence that cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been nonconsensual. If one were to inflict such injuries on a man consent would not be a defence. I have found every feminist leader, female politician, and professional to be deficient in that I have never heard of any of them challenging the protected status of straight sex. And I read the paper front to back every day. This even includes the activist/reporter Jane Doe, especially considering her unfortunate admiration of Marie Henein, to whom she owes less than nothing.

See this article by Jane Doe: Is Jian Ghomeshi guilty or innocent? Sadly, it may not matter.

Here is a link.   



Text from emails to political party leaders and to journalists.

Text from emails to political party leaders.

Why do these crimes deserve the attention of your party's leader? Because they require relative peace and tranquility and a heavy police state to come down on the victim. They also require medical and psychiatric disservices that it would be hard to imagine sustaining in a hypothetical 'road warrior world'. What has Canada become? ... I cannot even call it a rape state. The atrocities I have to report are far beyond rape. I could call these things sexual slavery, but they are far beyond what is normal for almost any sex slave. So I say that Canada is far beyond a rape state, and that these atrocities were far beyond sexual slavery. I wrote about and posted my account of these events online under the title: Jian Ghomeshi and Doctor Gregory Torossi. Their rape gang, sexual mutilation and sexual slavery of a woman, by Franz Kafka (my pseudonym).

Just to point out the obvious, these were full-fledged state crimes, due to the participation of doctor Torossi. Also due to the diabolical misjudgment, actions and opinions of others in the police, legal, and medical systems.

I believe the best way to prevent any possible association developing in people's minds, between you and your political party and Jian's atrocities against CC and their laundering; is for you to do what you can to expedite the records concerning these matters. This story needs to be in the news a lot before Jian's trial starts, so that people are not tired of hearing about Jian's crimes before they hear about the atrocities against CC. I also want justice for CC, which means nothing less than natural life and dangerous offender status for Jian, Torossi, and some of their accomplices.



Text I sent in multiple emails to journalists and political party leaders.

I am writing you concerning the many acts of surveillance, fabrications, threats, racist attacks, bias crimes, beatings, rapes, sodomies, abductions, confinements, aggravated sexual assaults, sexual and medical mutilations, grotesque medical misconduct and collusion, multiple assailant attacks, kidnappings, gang rapes, stretch out assaults (vaginal and especially anal; using: speculums, fisting, footing, objects, and very large objects), and sexual slavery for stretch out porn committed by Jian Ghomeshi and Winnipeg Manitoba medical doctor Gregory Torossi and their 'rape gang' accomplices against a woman in Winnipeg Manitoba.

There are many records in the system concerning these matters. Police, ambulance, medical, and legal records. These records need to be expedited RFN, to come out BEFORE Jian's trial starts. The threats, beatings, rapes, sodomies, and abduction/confinements were laundered as BDSM sexual encounters for Jian. This was achieved using surveillance of the victim to keep track of her, and to help to fabricate communications between CC and Jian. These provided evidence of consent for Jian. Footage taken by Jian of the victim's reactions and interactions with him after he gets control was used to 'whack the victim'.

On four occasions, each in the late summers of 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004, Jian inflicted catastrophic anal sexual injuries on CC, using his clenched fist and liquid chalk for grip. With Jian's tremendous force tearing her anal muscles open, combined with the grip between her anal skin and Jian's fist (provided by liquid chalk); her anal skin was unable to expand along with her anal fascia. Probably due to shear forces generated, the entire thickness of her anal and perianal skin was torn from the fascia beneath, each time. The surveillance of CC enabled Jian to time his fisting attacks for times when CC had to defecate. This gave Jian an excuse to wash himself and his victim, thus hiding the liquid chalk. Attacking CC when she had to defecate also served to increase her pain and humiliation, and to make her look 'more mentally ill' to the warped minds in medicine and psychiatry. Jian called an ambulance for CC each time; he paid for the first three, but refused to pay for the fourth one. I can provide the address and more information on the possible dates (and I did provide this in the key to identities). These four fisting attacks were laundered from the aggravated sexual assaults that they were, down to accidents of consensual acts. This was based on the laundering of the previous rapes.

Based on Jian always being believed, CC had been discouraged from reporting, and told that she could to get in trouble for false reporting. After a while, she was not reporting. As for Jian, who but a rapist wants to see a woman who has accused him of rape; let alone rape and aggravated sexual assault, multiple times? A rapist, mutilator, and sex slaver, with a doctor as his partner in crime and a gang of accomplices to help, that’s who. That’s the real Jian Ghomeshi.

Jian and CC had never been in a relationship, but based on the fabrications and footage used to ‘prove’ consent, authorities accepted Jian’s lies that he and CC were in a relationship. She insisted that they were not. I know from a reliable source in 2001 that the ‘relationship’ was a fabrication of Jian and his accomplices.

After the 2004 fisting attack, doctor Torossi used false psychiatric stigma to justify his refusal to perform microsurgery to reattach CC's anal and perianal skin. Torossi also removed a fair amount of tissue, using the excuse that the tissue had died. He removed skin to thin it, making it able to stretch further without tearing. He also removed some muscle tissue, and though I do not know which, I believe it would have been the little muscles of the anal canal. These small muscles would have made progressively stretching (that is tearing) her open further and further on continuing stretch out assaults impossible to continue beyond a point. Eventually they would make at least one attempt to anally insert one female accomplice's head into CC. By at least 2010 CC developed a problem with smelling all the time because of anal leakage. I should think this also involved damage to CC's rectum and rectal valves. It could also have involved damage to her sigmoid sphincter and possibly the anatomy above it. CC had described not defecating for at least a month after something they had done to her; I believe this involved insertion of something into the sigmoid colon. On one occasion the same female accomplice bit CC on her rectum, which they were prolapsing at the time. Torossi got more anesthetic and some supplies and performed a clandestine surgery to save his sex slave for more money. He used the threat that it would all be blamed on her and he would have her committed.

Given everything the system had done to her no wonder she did not report. Remember, most rape victims don't report, even ones who have not been mistreated, let alone mistreated so much for so long.

This whole series of crimes was to use her for porn, in particular stretch out porn. She was mutilated to achieve a high level of stretch out, without killing her outright. However I would say that all these stretch out assaults were aggravated sexual assaults, because without the medical mutilation she may well have died. After she was left ‘loose’ the damage to her anal muscles and fascia was hidden under her ‘degloved’ anal skin.

Jian and his accomplices got a lot of money selling the stretch out porn of CC (same reliable source, 2005). They used a lot of that money for bribes to make Jian a star. That bribery is the real reason that Jian could do no wrong at the CBC.



The End

Some of my insight still comes from things done to me by this rape gang, which I have not gotten into. For example, AF was involved in a roofy gang rape of me on or around Halloween night in 1989, the first one of a few. In 2014 after the Jian stuff was in the news I recognized a picture of Jian when he was young and had long hair as someone involved in that incident.

Being roofied and not being injured definitely contributed to my being in denial. I really have no evidence other than my word. For the CC incidents involving Jian at least there must be a whole whack of records, and I have good information that came from someone involved, RP (involved unwillingly I am almost certain). As far as what I have suffered it would not be worth it to me to pursue unless it helped with the CC situation. I just do not think there would be a chance for a complaint by me as there was not much evidence if any at the time, and with the passage of time even less. It is not that I do not want to do my part, I just don't think it would have any chance of success.

I wish I had used this website '' that I have used to post here when I first posted this story to the internet. I should have looked more into where and how to post on the internet. It wasn't all that hard to find once I put some effort into it. When I posted to the website I had finished writing out my recollections long hand and then typed them out. I was very anxious to put the story out even though most of these events were some time ago. Or maybe I was anxious because it was for so long suppressed and unresolved. So when I happened upon the comments sections for articles attached to this website, I went and used it right away. I don't think it was nearly as good as posting on this site, not nearly as easy to get to on the internet. To get to my posting you had to type in a search for the website name, and then follow a short path to the comments.

Another problem with posting to the comments of that website may have been the content of the site itself. I actually think it is a very intelligent website, particularly the articles below which I posted my recollections. However, it is a website that deals with sex and sexuality. One day after having typed out my recollections, I was looking for supporting material about similar sexual assaults and problems for victims with the system. Because I knew people would have a hard time believing my story possible. One of my search results included this website for Tistan Taormino, an adult entertainer and sex educator. While I did not find anything of the sort I was looking for I did happen upon the comments sections of educational articles on the website. I thought of posting to the comments, and the website received and displayed them. The article was one page long and the comments were 23 pages. Even though the website is progressive it may have contributed to people thinking the story a hoax. The journalist I spoke to said that a lot of people thought the story was a hoax. I should have spoken in person to the journalist sooner, but when I called him (before I put my info out) I was somewhat discouraged because he had said that people had been making things up about Jian. I thought that maybe the media had already been hearing about the rape gang stuff and was not buying it.

People thinking it was a hoax may not be all that bad as people would have a tendency to believe the story impossible anyway. If they think the story a hoax it may actually help people to read and remember better. If they believed the story a lot of people may not read through or remember very well for very long. So people thinking the story a hoax may help memory and comprehension. Hopefully these would remain intact if they later believe the story when something comes out of the records, if it ever does. So the worst thing about using that website was probably the relative difficulty of getting to the material compared to a site like this one.

I cannot go back to anonymity because of speaking in person to the journalist I mentioned. The journalist had to talk to the people in my story because he has to give them a chance to respond. I did think he should have made inquiries into records first. I had told him the untoward roles these various actors had played in CC's life (I did not mean RP and CR).  I said that they would probably all lie, as my lawyer brother PA did when the journalist spoke to him. PA is now giving me trouble now about what I have been telling people about him, even though I have only mentioned his name to journalists and politicians (with two exceptions). First PA gave me trouble by going through our mother, and now (after I emailed the two exceptions) he is attempting to give me enough trouble though the system to shut down my efforts. He has been very sly though to not actually get me into court. He knows with all the light on Jian that if I am in front of a judge telling him about all these events and records that must exist there is a good chance the judge would look into them.

PA was making such a fuss to my mother about my efforts after the journalist I met with called him; I decided to try to force his hand to get me in front of a judge. That is why I sent the emails to the two other parties who are not journalists or politicians. First the owner of the answering service that takes calls for his law practice, then later his law partner. With the law partner I also thought he might first look into these matters himself just to cover his own end of his investment with PA. Instead of going after me directly PA communicates a whole bunch to our mother to cause trouble for me through her, because she does not want to see either of us get hurt.

I gave PA a chance to help me in October 2014 when I tried to speak to him on these matters and what he told me in late August 2010. He would not talk at all.  I told him that I did not want to see him or his family and children until he comes clean with myself and our family.  He had mentioned our conversation to our mother in late August 2010 after he had spoken with me.  After I spoke to him on the topic in October 2014, he denied it to my mother, even about what he had said to her in 2010.  PA tried to tell our mother that she was mistaken, and that he had been speaking in 2010 about a client of his who had been gang raped.  She remembered that he was actually speaking about a woman we knew in high school in Winnipeg, and not a client of his.  PA never practiced law in Manitoba, only in Ontario.

I could have left PA's identity out of the story by telling the journalist he is a source who wishes to remain anonymous. I am sure he knows little details like exact dates that could help a lot more in establishing my credibility and providing for fewer resources to find things like records. He could also have given me a copy of CC's Facebook posting “The Summers of Being Raped by Jian Ghomeshi”. I am almost certain he made a copy of it because he was amused by all this stuff with CC. He probably knew exactly where to go for records and that kind of stuff. I had to explain how I know what I know, and for actually being interviewed by the journalist I could not expect him to investigate without giving him the names. Unless I had the kind of very exacting information that my lawyer brother PA could have provided.



The Very End

See my INFO slips and posters that I have put out previously 
See as some poster designs and photos of some scumbags 
See my modified poster designs, at some of these I put up in various locations in Toronto and the GTA.


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