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 A Quick Truespel Phonetics Tutorial and Description of Need for Children Learning to Read and ESL's for Pronunciation                                                    

               by Tom Zurinskas    tzurinskas@yahoo.com             

There is a giant gap in basic child education today.  Teachers are not taught  to teach phonetics for US English.  This is rightfully so because phonetics contains special symbols http://bit.ly/13MLm4P  . Truespel solves this problem by linking phonetics to phonics using only letters of the alphabet to make phonetics English friendly and computer friendly as well.  This makes truespel simple,and  can be learned in a day by literates and few weeks by k-1 kids making phonemic awareness accomplished in a short time for a lifetime, and it's free over the internet.  See links below.

 Right now 20% of 3rd graders in Florida fail reading.  Failure brings serious life issues for them http://bit.ly/1VgpFzi  Schools need another tool to reach kids reading by teaching phonetics first.  Phonetics is much simpler than phonics with less to learn and shows how phonics links to phonetics in several ways to spell sounds  http://bit.ly/2AKWZyo .  http://justpaste.it/trueproof . How can you teach necessary phonemic awareness http://bit.ly/2hI4t9r without a notation to show each of the 40 phonemes of US English?  So children who want to write can do so in a few weeks phonetically with truespel instead of their own creative phonetics.

Note that best beginning readers like to WRITE stories in their own phonetic systems because US does not teach phonetics.  Truespel builds on this by introducing a phonetic system that kids can actually write with http://bit.ly/2ws7tNc   Using phonetics first reading instruction is proven to work well and not cause sight word dissonance because every word has two spellings; one you see and one you say.  See IBM's "Writing to Read" results http://bit.ly/17toJRn .  Unfortunately that system use some special symbols and thus is not as good as truespel.

 It is now proven that phonemic awareness is needed for reading.  A generation of "whole word" advocates who say NOT to teach that letters stand for sounds have been proven wrong. There is no excuse for not applying ruespel http://justpaste.it/truequest  especially for ESL's of any age, and they can self teach via the internet for free...See google and youtube and http://truespel.com for the free converter to convert whole paragraphs to phonetics.  

For a quick tutorial and test, here is a video that teaches truespel phonetics for American English in less than 15 minutes for literates   http://bit.ly/2MBwtcC (Hit expand box lower right). It's a short but complete tutorial.  It shows the spelling of the 40 American English sounds, plus indicators of glottal stops, and syllabic stress.  After seeing this video you can take a test of 20 nonsense words to see how you do https://youtu.be/rjXzcpUEv-c (hit expand button) and let me know.

Help support truespel through the GO Fund Me page at  http://bit.ly/2t4UZek .  Help tell the world you don’t want phonetics t be difficult anymore.