About This Guide:

   This guide is written with the intent of bringing clarity to some of the games more confusing features, as well as offering a quick start guide to begin working through the games content.  The first section is intended to introduce fundamentals, but also covers finer details of the game features.  The second section explains the more specific detail of the games features, and is broken up as the game allows navigation through its contents.  If you need an explanation for what you're looking at, just navigate section II as you would the game.  Section III is a quick walkthrough to help new players learn how to play the game.  Section IV contains reference material and credits due.
   Ive given nomenclature to many things I've never heard names for.  If it hurts your soul, let me know.  I'm willing to edit this to what is established.    Also, as a side note, there are many ways to play, many ways to win.  This guide is not here to judge, just to guide.  Go forth and prosper.

   After posting this guide, another guide came forth from the darkness.  bearhack's Game Strategy Guide.  If you want more of a walkthrough than an instruction manual, I highly recommend it.  It can be found at:

   It goes much further into the advanced mechanics of the game than this guide does.


   If your find errors in this guide, or feel this guide is missing something important, and want to bring it to my attention,  just visit my original posting on the Kong Forums.  I would put an email address here, if I ever checked my email.


Table of Contents:

I:  The Basics
   a)   Navigating the Game
   b)   Viewing Tooltips
   c)   Add/Remove Clones Window
   d)   Progress Bars, the CAP button, and BB

   e)   Faster Progress Bars, Lower Capped At Values
   f)   Clone Max and Dividers
   g)   Ignore Clonecount Setting
   h)   Milestone Gods
   i)   Offline Progress
   j)   God Power and Baal Power
   k)   Challenges

   l)   Rebirthing
     i.      Rebirthing Explained
     ii.     Rebirthing Penalties

   m)    About Pets

II:  Game Content Explained

   a)   Build Tab
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Create
     iii.    Monuments
     iv.     Divinity
     v.      Planet

   b)   Train Tab
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Physical and Skill
     iii.    Might
     iv.     TBS

   c)   Fight Tab
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Monster
     iii.    Gods
     iv.     Special
     v.      Pets

   d)   Other Tab
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Statistics
     iii.    Settings
     iv.     Story
     v.      FAQ

   e)   Avatar Window
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Stats
     iii.    Rebirth
     iv.     Info
     v.      Hero Image
     vi.     Shortcuts
   f)   Other
     i.      Basics
     ii.     Achievements
     iii.    God Power Shop
     iv.     Kred Shop
     v.      AFK Mode

III:  Getting Started

   a)  First Steps
     i.      Quick Setup to the Walkthrough
     ii.     Making and Assigning Clones
     iii.    Fighting Hyperion
     iv.     First Rebirth
     v.      Fighting Monsters, Defeating Itztli
     vi.     Continuing Through the Gods

IV:   Advanced Reference Materials and Credits



I:  The Basics

   a)   Navigating the Game

   Getting through the game is fairly simple.  There are 4 main windows:  The Navigation Window (upper right), the Game Window (lower right), the Avatar Window (lower left), and the Miscellaneous Window (upper left).  Each window has numerous buttons that will take you to different screens and features.  The Navigation Window is the crossroads for most of the games content.  There are 4 Main Navigation Buttons found in this window.
   The 4 Main Navigation Buttons are Build, Train, Fight, and Other.  They are found on the left side of the Navigation Window.  Pressing one of these buttons will bring up the content under that button, into the Game Window.  It will also change the Secondary Navigation Buttons, to the right of the Main Navigation Buttons.  These buttons navigate the content associated with the Main Navigation Button pressed.
   Also in the Navigation Window is the Achievement Ribbon, and the AFK toggle.  The Achievement Ribbon only appears under the Build/Create, Train/Physical, Train/Skill, and Fight/Monster windows.
   The Avatar Window has 3 navigation buttons unique to itself.  This is the window that tells you all about yourself
   The Miscellaneous Window displays a mostly unimportant power level, quick info on your clones and availability, and has the 2 buttons that open up the games 2 shops, the God Power Shop and the Kred Shop.
   Further explanation of content in the bottom right window is covered in section II of this guide.

   b)   Viewing Tooltips

   Most of the games content can be found, or even explained, by placing your cursor over various things.  This can be toggled on and off, but is defaulted on.  A lot of confusion can be avoided by viewing tooltips, so don't ignore them.

   c)   Add/Remove Clones Window

   In certain parts of the game, a different window will appear.  It is the main input control for adjusting clones onto and off of everything that uses clones.  Its a simple device, offering preset values, as well as a MAX button that will assign all available clones, and an input field where you can customize a value.  Every time you see the + and - buttons, you'll have this Input Bar.  To add or remove clones, you first select a value you want, then choose whether you want to add that amount (+) or subtract that amount (-).
   In the Fight/Pet Window, is a unique input function, that will be covered under section II.

   d)   Progress Bars, the CAP button, and BB

   The display of progress throughout the game consists of progress bars.  These bars show how far along you are with whatever it is you're working on.  Monuments, the Divinity Generator, Training, Battles, Gods, Creations, Pets, just about everything uses progress bars.  The inner working of a progress bar is simple.  When it fills, you gain 1, whether its creations, training levels, or monsters defeated.
   A lot of features in the game have a limit on what they can produce.  This is because of the way the game works.  Every 30 ms, the game updates its data. This is referred to as a tic.  You can only ever fill once per tic.  Nothing you do will allow for more than one progress bar fill per tic.  Getting to this point is referred to as Black Barring (or Blue Barring, for creations), and is abbreviated BB.  This is because the progress bar actually  appears black (or blue for creations).
   On these features there is often a CAP button added for convenience.  Assuming you have enough available clones, pressing the CAP button will assign the perfect amount of clones to BB the progress bar.  If you don't have enough clones, the game assigns all clones to work on the progress bar.  The exception to this is the Physical and Skill Training Caps.  These will actually solve to the nearest fraction to keep clones from being wasted.
   Why would clones be wasted?  Well, the same thing that keeps you from getting more than 1 progress bar fill per tic, also makes you lose any potential extra progress, after the bar is full.  Once the bar is full, progress resets next tic.  So, when the CAP button on trainings doesn't use all your clones, don't panic.  It just optimized your progress and saved you some brain math.



   e)   Faster Progress Bars, Lower Capped At Values


   Progress bars control your progress through the game.  To get the gains you want at a faster pace, you must fill progress bars faster.  Each feature's progress bars are affected by different things.  Some are controlled by hero stats, some can be sped up with God Power purchases or Might trainings, and almost all of them require clones.  The progress bars that require clones can be filled faster without having to add more clones to them.  Let's go over each feature's progress bars.

   Starting with the Build tab, is Create.  This is only affected by your Current Creation Speed, seen  by mousing over your Creating stat in the Avatar Window.  To get this value higher, raise your Creating stat (maxes at ~60 duodecillion), or buy Creating Speed Bonuses from the God Power Shop.  This is the only feature that can give you more than 1 value per progress bar fill, but is only after you have purchased Created Creations from the God Power Shop.

   Next in the Build tab are Monuments and Divinity.  To reduce build times here, you can either place more clones on the build, or purchase more Build Speed Bonuses from the God Power Shop.  The fill times for these bars increase after each build, making it take longer to fill per Count.

   The final feature under Build is Planet.  It has the Powersurge progress bar, and HP bars for Ultimate Being fights.  Placing clones on the Powersurge bar will fill it faster.  There are 2 other ways to make the Powersurge bar fill faster.  The first is by increasing your Planet level, which increases the amount of power each clone adds to the bar.  The second way is to level up Powersurge +  in the Might feature, which increases the fill speed of the Powersurge bar.

   On to the Train tab, we start with Physical and Skill features.  Each of these are affected the same.  Simply adding more clones will fill the bars faster, up until the Capped At value is reached.  You can reduce the Capped At value of the Physical and Skill training, by heading over to the Fight/Special feature, and using skills in the Special Fights there.  Every 3 uses of a skill will reduce that Skill's Capped At value, as well as its mirrored Physical training.  You can turn the Auto toggle ON to have your skills used once automatically every minute.  Offline progress will not reduce Skill Caps.

   The Might feature's progress bars are only sped up by placing more clones on the training.  Nothing else will make these progress bars fill faster.  Each consecutive level of Might trainings will have a longer fill time for the progress bar than the level before it.

   On to the Fight tab, we have the Monster feature.  Adding clones to these will empty the progress bars (HP bars) faster.  To increase the speed your clones defeat monsters, simply increase your Attack stat, seen in the Avatar Window.  This will lower the amount of clones required to CAP each monster.

   The progress bars under God are similar to monster bars  (HP bars).  You cannot use clones on these bars, but Attack will still cause the bar to empty faster.

   Special fight progress bars (HP bars) are different.  Except for Fight Gods, these scale with your hero.  The stronger you are, the stronger they are.  Getting higher level Skills will increase the effectiveness of your Skills in Special Fights.  To increase these levels, go to the Train/Skill feature.  The HP bars for Fight Gods have fixed values.  The stronger your hero is, and the higher your Skill levels, the more you will do in these fights.  Mouse over the buttons for each fight to see tooltips for them.

   Last up are the Pet progress bars.  There are 2 types of progress bars here.  First is the Hunger progress bar.  This bar decreases at a flat rate, and will reach a value of 0% after 12 hours has passed.   There is no way to increase the speed of this progress bar.

   On the Visit screen, under pets, you will also see 2 HP bars.  One is for your pet, and will decrease faster when clones have a higher Battle, and will increase faster when your pet has a higher Mystic.  Clone HP bars work the same, dropping faster versus pet Battle, filling faster with clone Mystic.

   f)   Clone Max and Dividers

   Starting the game out, you have a Clone Count Maximum of 1000, and your Clone Dividers are valued at /1000.  As you make clones, and lose clones, the Clone Count Maximum will rise, and the Clone Dividers will fall.  You earn 1 clone for every 20 that are lost, and 1 clone for every 20 that are created.  This gain in the Clone Count Maximum will not be awarded until after you have rebirthed.  You can get the Clone Count Maximum to 99,999 by doing this.  To gain any more clones than the 99,999 soft cap is to buy more Clone Count Maximum in the God Power Shop.  see { f) Other   iii. God Power Shop }
   Dividers will decrease as clones are made and defeated as well.  Dividers can be seen by mousing over the Clones value in the upper left window.  A clones Attack Divider will decrease for creating clones.  As clones are defeated, the HP and Defense Dividers will decrease.  By the time you reach 99,999 clones, these dividers should be maxed out at a value of /50.
   It is important to note that defeating clones is just as important as making them, when it comes to Clone Count Maximum.  Getting a high Clone Max allows for more trainings to be done at once, more monsters fought at once, and faster building speed by having more clones to assign to these tasks.  Before rebirthing, be sure to place all your clones on a Monster Fight they die quickly to.  This will give you an added boost to your Clone Count Maximum for the next run.  To see your Clone Count Maximum, visit the Rebirth tab in the Avatar Window.  Your Clone Max after rebirth will be the value shown at the bottom.

   g)   Ignore Clonecount Setting

   In the Settings tab, found under the Other navigation button, is a toggle labeled Ignore Clonecount.  There is an input field with this setting.  Whatever value is set in the input field, will be the amount of clones left behind on the training, after the desired value has been reached.  This helps with doing the normal Physical and Skill trainings by allowing you to leave 1 clone behind on the trainings that have already met the Next At value, so any 1-Capped capped skills will continue to earn maximum stat gains while the bulk of the clones continue to unlock trainings.
   It also affects clones assigned in the Might feature, if Next At is toggled ON.  It works the same as in the Physical and Skill trainings.

   h)   Milestone Gods

   Milestone Gods are gods that unlock features or content beyond their associated creation.  There are 8 Milestone Gods that unlock or enable content.  These gods are as listed below:

    1:   Diana           Unlocks Monuments
    2:   Izanagi         The first god that rewards God Power every time he is defeated.  Each god after will also reward repeat God Power.
    3:   Nephtys        Allows creations to be purchased
    4:   Cybele          Unlocks the Mountain creation, the highest creation required to unlock the Divinity Generator
    5:   Freya            Unlocks Monument upgrades
    6:   Jupiter           Unlocks the Planet creation, which is needed to unlock the planet tab.  Each god after Jupiter awards creations needed to
                                      increase the level of the planet.
    7:   Baal              Defeating Baal unlocks the TBS feature, as well as 4 challenges with unique reward.  Baal is the portal to the endgame


   I did not include gods that award pets as Milestone Gods, because the content is available without defeating these gods.  I will, however still list these gods here.  There are 7 gods that award pets.

    1:   Hyperion       Awards the Mouse pet
    2:   Baal              Awards the Squirrel pet
    3:   P. Baal v 5    Awards the Rabbit pet
    4:   P. Baal v 10   Awards the Cat pet
    5:   P. Baal v 15   Awards the Dog pet
    6:   P. Baal v 20   Awards the Fairy pet
    7:   P. Baal v 25   Awards the Dragon pet

   i)   Offline Progress

   When you are offline, your clones carry on with a lot of their work, although gains are reduced to 2/3 production.  Trainings and Monster Fights carry on when you are offline, as will anything your clones are building.  When offline, your hero will no longer do anything, meaning you cannot make any creations while offline.

   Also on the cannot do list, is Skill Caps.  These will not decrease when you are offline.  Meaning, the Fight/Special Auto toggle will not automatically decrease Capped At value for trainings when you are not in the game.

   j)   God Power and Baal Power

   God Power (GP) and Baal Power (BP) are 2 awards given for defeating gods.  To receive BP, you must defeat P. Baals. Every god awards Gp when defeated the first time, and every god after ( and including ) Izanagi will award GP every time they are defeated.  GP is used in the God Power Shop to make special purchases,  most of which give permanent gains to various aspects of the game.  To visit the God Power Shop, click the button in the upper left corner that looks like it has a White Cell looking thing on it.  GP can also be used to buy food for your pets, tho the food will disappear after rebirthing.
   BP is also used to buy food, but can also be spent to give your clones a boost, going in to Ultimate Being fights.  Each BP spent will add 50% bonus to your clone Attack or Defense.  You can also use BP to boost levels in the TBS minigame.  Each BP will award 1 level to the body part you choose to add the bonus
   k)   Challenges

   Challenges are unlocked after defeating Baal the first time.  To start a challenge, go to the Rebirth Screen in the Avatar Window.  Mousing Over each challenge will give a quick description of the challenge.  Once you start the challenge, you must finish the challenge to start any other challenges, except for the Ultimate Arty Challenge.  This is the only Challenge that can be aborted, by 1 more rebirth than you are allowed.
   There are 4 challenges to chose from.  Each one has its own challenge.  You should plan for going into any challenge, not just jumping into them, because you can't take it back.  Starting any challenge will cause you to rebirth.  Finishing challenges will give you some Statistic Multiplier, and all but the  Ultimate Universe Challenge, you will receive bonus GP.
   The first challenge is the Ultimate Universe Challenge (UUC).  You will be in this challenge until you make a Universe.  As this is just a normal rebirth, you can play however you want.  But until you make a Universe, you can't start any other challenge.  To start this challenge, you need a level 5 Planet.  For finishing this challenge, your Planet will gain a level (up to 50).
   The second challenge listed is the Double Rebirth Challenge (DRC).  This rebirth will strip away all your multiplier.  The objective is to get back to, and defeat Baal.  The unique reward for this challenge is 1 free level in each of your Might skills for every completed DRC, every time you unlock might.  This  maxes out at 50 free levels for each skill.
   The third challenge is the Ultimate Baal Challenge (UBC).  This challenge strips all your multipliers, "locks" all your God Power and all your God Power purchases (meaning you lose them), locks your pet multiplier, and your Max clones goes back down to 1000.  You keep your clone dividers, your Planet level, your Skill Caps, your Statistics Multiplier, and your highest god defeated (for Divinity Generator).  You will also lose all your Total Might value, and DRC Might levels will not affect Might when it unlocks.  The objective is to defeat Baal.  When completed, this Challenge unlocks Ultimate Being v2's, and gives an added deduction to the stats of all P. Baals, up to 50 deductions.  These deductions compound.
   The fourth challenge is nearly pointless, and it even says so.  It is the Ultimate Arty Challenge (UAC).  In this challenge, you lose EVERYTHING, and have to reach and defeat Baal again.  The catch?  You only get 5 rebirths, and entering the challenge counts as one of these rebirths, effectively leaving you only 4 rebirths to defeat Baal.  The time it takes to finish this challenge is measured in Arty-seconds, or months for the layman.  The reward for completing this challenge is double the UBC rewards of GP and Statistics value, plus a neat turtle that carries a flag in your hero window.    You also will be able to unlock a turtle pet the first time it is completed, and for a second run, you get the only Pet Token you can earn.  If you manage to complete a UAC in under 32 days, you will not receive either of the pet rewards (to prevent cheating the challenge)This makes the first 2 runs a bit tempting.  Still, just don't do it.

   After completing a UBC or a UAC, everything that was "locked" is recovered back.  Anything gained during the challenge will be added to your totals.  Any purchases made with God Power (out of the God Power Shop only, not pet food) will be removed, and the God Power will be refunded.  This includes any God Power spent on temporary purchases of clones and Divinity.  Stat Multipliers lost will not be recovered.


   l)   Rebirthing

     i.      Rebirthing Explained

   Rebirth is a feature in the game that resets (most of) your progress, in exchange for multipliers to your 4 main stats.  These multipliers can be viewed by pressing the Rebirth button in the Avatar Window.  There, you will actually see 2 multipliers for each of the stats.  The left value is the Current Multiplier, and is the multiplier affecting your hero on your current run.  The right value is your Rebirth Multiplier, and it will be the base value for the Current Multiplier after you have rebirthed.  When the values shown are green, that means your Rebirth Multiplier is higher than your Current Multiplier.  When they are red, then your Rebirth Multiplier is lower.  The simple of it is, you want to Rebirth Green while you are climbing the gods, usually after you have 10 to 100 times more Rebirth Multiplier than Current Multiplier (first run excluded).

   There are numerous ways to increase Rebirth Multipliers.  The first way is unlocking achievements, which increase the base value of the multipliers.  Achievements are earned for reaching certain quantities of creations, monter defeats, and Physical and Skill trainings.  Beyond the achievements that add to your Rebirth Multipliers, are the things that multiply your Rebirth Multiplier values.  These include the God Multi (defeat gods), the Statistic Multi (do stuff, capped by the God Multi value), Monuments (after Upgrades), and the Pet Multipliers Rebirth Multi (raise pet stats).  There is also a penalty/bonus applied to your Rebirth Multipliers based on Timed Played Since Rebirth (found under Other/Statistics). 

   The values that achievements grant are determined by the God Multiplier of the previous run, Statistic Multiplier ( limited by the God Multiplier), and time spent in that run.  Nothing done on your current run will change the value shown for achievements on your current run.

     ii.     Rebirthing Penalties

   There are 3 penalties for rebirthing less than an hour after your last rebirth.  These penalties are based on how long its been since your rebirth.  The main penalty is just for rebirthing under an hour.  To find how much penalty you incur for time, simply divide the length of time in seconds into your current run by 7200  ( seconds / 7200 ).  This penalty is multiplied directly to your Rebirth Multiplier, and updates every second.  At 1 hour, this penalty ends, and you can see your Rebirth Multipliers double.
   The second and third penalties are recently added, to help discourage speedrunning.  The second penalty is another simple penalty.  It is a changing multiplier to the 7200 base divisor.  It changes at 15 minutes, and 30 minutes.  Under 15 minutes, it multiplies the base divisor by 4  (seconds / [ 7200 * 4 ] ).  After 15 minutes, the multiplier changes to 2 ( seconds / [ 7200 * 2 ] ).  After 30 minutes, it goes away.  If you are watching your Rebirth Multipliers at the 15 and 30 minute marks, you will see them double as this penalty changes.
   The third penalty is a randomized reduction in your Rebirth Multipliers.  This penalty is incurred for rebirthing repeatedly under 15 minutes.  It is a value from 1 to 1000 that reduces each of your Rebirth Multipliers.  This has only recently been implemented, and finer details into this penalty are lacking.
   Worth mentioning, is that there is a Rebirth Bonus you will recieve, for longer plays.  After the 1 hour penalty has been removed, a timed bonus starts.  Every 30 minutes after the first hour, you will gain a 1% bonus to your Rebirth Multipliers.  This is a small bonus, but it can be a big help in UBC, and especially UAC, challenges, or when putting the game down for extended periods of time.


   m)   About Pets

   Pets are the newest major feature added to the game.  You collect them by defeating the god that has the pet, then visiting the Pet tab, and pressing the Unlock button.  Pets you have not earned cannot be unlocked.  To see how to get the pet you want unlockable, simply move the cursor over the pet's name and read the tooltip for it.  The first 7 pets are unlocked by defeating gods.  The next pet, a turtle, is unlockable after winning an Ultimate Arty Challenge.  The last 4 are premium content, and must be purchased with Kreds.  They are not the most powerful of the pets, but can contribute a lot to your Pet Multiplier.
   The purpose of the Pet feature is the Pet Multipliers.  These multipliers will grow with your pets Physical, Mystic and Battle stats.  For every 100 points a pet has in a stat, you gain 1% to that stats Pet Multiplier.  The bonus earned from each pet adds together, so 3 pets at 100 will add a total of 3% to the Pet Multiplier value.  The Pet Multipliers start at 100%, like the Planet Multiplier does.  This 100% is not a bonus to your stats, but anything added to it will be.
   Pets will also award a bonus to your Rebirth Multipliers.  This value is much smaller than the Pet Multiplier itself.  To see your Rebirth Multiplier bonus, place the cursor over the Pet Multiplier value and read the tooltip.  This bonus is 2% of your earned Pet Multiplier  (1/50th).
   There are 2 ways to raise your pets stats.  The first is by simply leveling your pet by creating clones for it to fight.  While this will increase their stats quickly, it will be lost when you rebirth.  The second way is to feed your pet.  This increases the pet's base stats, called Growth.  Growth affects how much your pet will gain of that stat per level.  Feeding raises Growth, and feeding with better food raises Growth faster.  Unlike levels, Growth will carry over through rebirths.
   To feed your pet, you have to wait for the Hunger bar to get below 75%, which takes 3 hours.  You can see the pet's current Hunger % by mousing over the Hunger bar.  When the Hunger reaches this value, you can enter the Feed screen for the pet, by pressing the Feed button in the pet's Visit screen.  Here you can see there are 4 types of food that can be fed to your pet.  The 3 you can buy on the main Pet screen, and an extra Free Food.  This food does not raise your growth values very much, so its better to feed the higher quality foods when you can afford them.  To see the values the 4 foods will give you, select a food item, and read the provided description.  You can also see the value the 3 buyable foods give, by mousing over their names in the main Pet screen.
   At first, pets will not offer much multiplier, and taking the time to level them can actually negatively affect your run.  Any clones used to level your pet are not working on trainings, monster fights, or buildings.  However, after unlocking a few pets and/or feeding your pets enough times, you can begin to see the Pet Multipliers grow.  This is a good reason to get as many pets as you can, as soon as you can. Even if you regularly rebirth under 3 hours when you are actively playing, you can still reach the required time to feed when you aren't at the helm, and it's the feedings that will make your pets great.  If you rebirth, the Hunger bars of all your pets will reset to their full value of 100%, so be sure to do any feedings you can before you rebirth.
   A few quick things to add, for the tl;dr people...

     -You can feed your pet after its Hunger gets below 75% (3 hours)
     -The 3 intervals of Growth increase are at 3 hours (75%), 6 hours (50%), and 10 hours, 48 minutes (10%)
     -Levels reset at rebirth
     -Growth from food will stay after rebirth
     -There is a Free Food, visible only in the Feed screen

     -Rebirthing will reset Hunger to 100%, be sure to feed your pets before rebirthing
     -A pet's Growth affects how much levels will award to the stats
     -Pets give Pet Multipliers, based on their stats (1% for every 100 of the stat)
     -You get a 1% bonus to Rebirth Multipliers for every 50% of your earned Pet Multiplier
     -The longer you have pets and the more you feed them, the better they are
     -Mouse over things to get the tooltips

   If this isn't enough for you, head over to Minercu's Pet guide on the Kong Forums


II:  Game Content Explained

   a)   Build Tab

     i.      Basics

   The Build tab is where you go to grow your Creating stat.  It contains the list of creations you can make, based on the gods you have defeated.  Also, this is where Monuments, the Divinity Generator, and your own personal Planet can be found.  This tab contains some of the most important of the games content.

     ii.     Create

   In the Create feature, you are shown a list of things that can be made.  These are done by your hero, not by clones.  So if you engage in a fight with a  god, you will stop working on whatever you were creating.  When your battle with the god is finished, you will continue with your creation.
   Mousing over the creation will tell you what you need to make the creation, and how much Creating stat that creation will give you per second.  If you have not unlocked the creations yet, it will show the tooltip for the god associated with the creation.
   There are 2 toggles in the Create feature.  Create Clones If Not Max, if toggled ON, will force creation of Shadow Clones until you are at your maximum.  It will also replace any clones that die, if you are at maximum clones already, as they die.  This can cause a slight hiccup in your creations progress bar.  If your selected creation is not creating, and you aren't fighting a god, this toggle is often the cause, as you are focused on building clones instead.   The other toggle comes after defeating Nephtys.  Auto Buy Missing Creations, when turned ON, will spend your divinity automatically to buy the components you need.  If you haven't yet purchased any autobuy discounts in the God Power Shop, this will cost an extra 20% divinity.
   After buying a Created Creation in the God Power Shop, a slider will appear in the Create feature.  This slider comes with an input field.  Here, you can control the amount of creations you receive per progress bar fill. see { f)  Other    iii.  God Power Shop } for more info on Created Creations
   Upon rebirth, all creations are locked again until you defeat the associated god.  The Auto Buy toggle will also be locked until you defeat Nephtys again.
     iii.    Monuments

   To unlock the Monument feature, you must defeat Diana.  Here, you can build Monuments that multiply your stats found in the Avatar Window.  After defeating Freya, you unlock the ability to upgrade the Monuments.  Upgrades make Monuments much more powerful, and allows them to contribute to your Rebirth Multipliers.
   There are 7 Monument types.  After unlocking Monuments, only the Mighty Statue is available.  To unlock other Monuments, you must build the previous  Monument.  The first 4 monuments dedicate to the individual stats.  Mighty Statue for Physical, Mystic Garden for Mystic, Tomb of Gods for Battle, then Everlasting Lighthouse for Creating.  The last 3 Monuments give multipliers to all 4 stats. They are the Godly Statue, Pyramids of Power, and finally the Temple of God.  Each Monument gives a larger multiplier than the Monument before, but each has a higher cost, and a longer build time.  The requirements for each  Monument and its upgrade can be found by mousing over the Monuments name, or the Upgrade associated with it.
   The Monument screen has the Input Bar at the top.  This is how you assign clones to build the Monuments.  Also in the Add/Remove Clones Window are 2 toggles.  Stop After Finish, if toggled ON, will pull all clones off of anything being built, as soon as the build is finished.  This is regardless of the Stop At value assigned to the Monument.  Auto Buy Missing Creations, when toggled ON, will automatically buy any missing required components for the Monument, when clones are placed assigned to the build.  If you do not have enough Divinity to buy all the material for the Monument, the game will buy the components it can buy the full amount of, and tell you the missing creations it was not able to buy.
   The Stop At inputs are simple enough.  The value entered will prevent clones from making any Monuments/Upgrades beyond the value shown.  Left of the Stop At value is your current total count of what you've built, and right is the clones assigned to the build, as well as the + and - inputs for assigned clones.
   Upon rebirth, all monuments built, and their upgrades, will be lost.  All you keep is what the upgrades contributed to your Rebirth Multiplier.
     iv.     Divinity

   This is one of the more complicated game features.  But once you learn it, its pretty simple.  This feature is unlocked after you have built one of each  Monument.  In order to build every Monument, you must have defeated Cybele in order to create the required Mountain for the Godly Statue.  The use the generator, you simply have to sacrifice creations to it.  Every creation has a Divinity value associated with it.  After unlocking the Divinity Generator, whatever you  sacrifice to the Generator will give double the Divinity value back.
   Although confusing, it should not be intimidating.  This thing is practically fool-proof.  The only thing you can do to "mess up" is add a creation you were saving for something else.  In which case, you just have to make it again.  So, even if what I write here makes no sense to you, know that the Divinity Generator is a glorious thing and holds no malice.
   First, a rundown of the specs.  on the left side of the screen is where the function of the Generator is displayed.  The top spec, Capacity/In Use, shows the maximum amount of Divinity the Generator can hold, and the amount of Divinity that is in the Generator now.  Every time something is added to the Generator, the second number will grow, and over time, as the Divinity is processed, the number shrinks.  To add creations to the Generator, click the ADD button on the right, select the amount of the creation you want to add on the Input Bar above, then press the button of the creation you want to add to the Generator.  The button will tell how many will be added (it may be lower than your value if you dont have that many, or if it would cause the Generator to overfill).  Left of the button, is the amount of divinity that many creations will add to the Generator.  Left of that is the amount of that creation you have ready.  If a creation would add more than the Generator can hold, it cannot be added.
   The next value, Time Till Empty, is a simple timer that tells you when the Generator will run out of Divinity to process.
   The next 3 all deal with the production of the generator.  First up is Divinity Each Convert.  This number, put simply, is the multiplier given to any Divinity put in the Generator.  It starts at 2, meaning 1 million Divinity in is 2 million Divinity out.  What it actually means is, each time 1 Divinity worth of material is converted, it creates 2 Divinity.  Same thing really.
   Converts/s is how much Divinity you can convert per second.  Its base value starts at 1 billion per second, meaning in 1 second, 1 billion Divinity gets converted into 2 billion Divinity.  Not too shabby.  But that also explains our next spec.  Divinity/s is how much Divinity is made by the Generator per second.  Its important to note this isn't the profit.  every 2 billion Divinity the Generator puts out cost you 1 billion Divinity, making a profit of 1 Billion, not 2.
   The last spec is Worker Clones.  This is how many clones you have, automatically filling the Divinity Generator.  The Input Bar at the top is used to give value to the number of clones you want to assign.  At the start, each clone assigned can add 5000 stones (and ONLY stones) to the Generator per second.  Stone is worth 1,250 per 1, so each clone actually adds 6,250,000 Divinity to the generator per second. Using this logic, you can see that, if you want to add enough stone per second to keep the generator running, you would need 1,000,000,000/6,250,000 = 160 clones.  Or you could press that pretty CAP button and get the same value.
   Worker Clones also has some added gibberish when you mouse over it.  It says something about capacity full, extra clones, bonus % generation, blah blah blah.  The short of it is, you've got better things to do with your clones.  The long of it is, if you really need to know, you will get bonus % to your Divinity/s spec IF 1)  the Generator is at max capacity,   2)  you have assigned enough clones to match the conversion speed of the Generator,    3)  you have stone to add.  Assuming all these are taken care of, then for every 5000 clones you add to the Worker Clone total, you'll get a bonus 1% to Divinity/s.  Or, to put it another way, you'd need to put 500,000 clones more than the worker clone cap just to double Generator production.   You can also do that with the upgrades, without tying up a huge load of clones.  This increase to the Generator's Divinity output will not affect Special Fight, Ultimate Being, or God Power Divinity values.
   At the bottom of the screen you'll find the upgrades for the Generator.  These have large build times, so they are only recommended when doing long runs, or after you have bought Build Speed Upgrades out of the God Power Shop.  Each upgrade increases value by 1.  A Capacity of 10 trillion will become 20 trillion, then 30 trillion.  Divinity Each Convert becomes 3, then 4, then 5.  Converts/s of 1 billion becomes 2 billion, then 3 billion, then 4 billion.
   Its important to note that the base values of Capacity and Converts/s are increased for every god you have defeated after Zues.  Each god adds 10 trillion Capacity and 1 billion Converts/s.  When Baal is defeated, the Generator will have a Capacity of 100 Trillion and a Converts/s of 10 billion.  Going further, into the P. Baals, will continue to increase these values, following the same rate of growth.  This base value is given by the highest god you have ever defeated,  meaning you will retain that base value after rebirthing.  The Generator upgrades for Capacity and Converts/s adjust to this change in base value, meaning the first level will always double the associated spec.
   Upon rebirth, you lose access to the Divinity Generator, and all upgrades made to it are lost.  You must build all the Monuments to unlock the Generator again.  As stated before, base value improvements to Capacity and Converts/s are awarded according to highest god defeated, so these persist rebirth to rebirth.

     v.     Planet

   The Planet feature is unlocked after defeating Jupiter, creating a planet, and sacrificing it to the Planet Tab.  After this is done, you are awarded with a level 0 planet.  All this planet has is Powersurge.  Also on the screen is an info tab, which will give you a quick rundown of what the Planet is about, and an Upgrade button.  Pressing the Upgrade button will do 1 of 2 things.  1) it tells you tough luck, you need a certain creation to upgrade.  2) it uses said creation
and upgrades your planet level by one.
   A level 1 planet requires an Earthlike Planet.  Level 2 needs a Sun.  Level 3 needs a Solar System, 4 needs a Galaxy, and 5 wants a Universe.  After reaching level 5, you can continue to gain Planet levels by completing Ultimate Universe Challenges.  Going beyond level 5 will not unlock new Ultimate Beings, but will still provide bonus to the Powersurge progress bar.
   Powersurge is a simple way to get a boost to your stats.  Each time the bar is filled, you gain a 1% bonus to all 4 of your main stats.  Mousing over the  Powersurge bar shows details about your Powersurge values.  Mousing over the Planet Multiplier shows the bonus gained from Powersurge.
   One Ultimate Being is unlocked for each level of the planet, starting at level 1, the last at level 5.  Ultimate Beings do a few things to help out.  First off, defeating them awards God Power.  While its not a lot, its worth mentioning.  In order to get the God Power, you must defeat the Ultimate Being a certain number of times.  The first one 5 times, the last one once.
   Another benefit of fighting Beings is the awarded Divinity.  The amount a Being gives depends on the highest monster unlocked, the current Divinity/s on the Divinity tab, and the highest god defeated this run.  This is a great way to get a large sum of Divinity, as long as a Being is ready to be fought.
   The last benefit worth mentioning is the multiplier it awards.  After the Revert timer is a Multiplier that will add to the Planet Multiplier (found on the bottom of the screen) when the Being is defeated.this adds together with any Powersurge you have acquired.  Mousing over Planet Multiplier will show how much Multiplier is awarded form Beings and Powersurge.
   To fight an Ultimate Being, clones must be assigned to Powersurge.  These clones will help you in the fight against the Ultimate Being.  The more the better.  Also, any Powersurge you have can be used to boost your clones attack and defense in the fight.  Later, after defeating P. Baals, you can use the earned Baal Power to boost clone stats as well.  After selecting any boosts you want, you can start the fight.  If you don't have any Baal Power or Powersurge, the fight will start immediately after pressing fight next to the Ultimate Being.
   The last thing to cover under planet, is the Revert Timer.  When this timer reaches 0, the Being will recover to full health, even if already defeated, and the Revert Timer will restart.  Ultimate Beings cannot be attacked after rebirthing, until the timer has reached 0 at least once.  This makes the planet more useful for longer runs than for shorter runs.
   Rebirthing causes all the timers to reset, and the Beings will not be available to fight until the timer resets.  All Powersurge and Being Multipliers are lost on rebirth.  Planet levels are the only thing retained through rebirth.

   b)   Train Tab

     i.      Basics

   The Train tab is where you assign clones to increase you Physical and Mystic stats.  It also contains the Might tab (once unlocked), and the TBS tab.

     ii.     Physical and Skill

   The Physical and Skill features run side by side.  They share so much in common, we can cover both at once.  Physical will increase the base value of your Physical stat, and Skill increases the base value of Mystic.  Each Training consists of a progress bar.  Clones assigned to the training will fill the progress bar, and when the bar is full, a leveled is awarded.  Each level in these trainings adds to the stats in the Avatar Window.  Mousing over the training will show how much the training will award to the stat, per second per clone.
   After reaching level 500 in the first training in the window, a second skill is unlocked.  When the second skill reaches level 1000, a third skill opens.  With 1500 levels in the third skill, the fourth skill unlocks.  It continues in this pattern all the way down.  Each training takes 500 more levels to unlock than the training before it needed.  There are 28 trainings under each tab, and the last one is unlocked at 13,500 levels.  
   To assign clones to a training, use the Input Bar above the trainings to select a value.  You can use the preset values, or you can use the input and customize  a value, or select max, and that will use your Clone Count Maximum as the value.  After you have a value selected, go down into the trainings, and select the + or - buttons, to add or subtract that many clones on the desired training.  Next to the training is the number of levels you have gained in the training, and how many clones are on the training.  Another way to assign clones, and much simpler, is to press the CAP button.  Pressing this button will place the the exact number of clones it takes to maximize gain.   To understand how the CAP button functions, look under   { Section I:  The Basics,   d)   Progress Bars, the CAP button, and BB }.
   When you mouse over the skill name, there will be a Capped At value.  This is the value CAP will use.  This value can be reduced by doing Special Fights, under Fight/Special.  { See c)  Fight Tab,   iv. Special }
   In the Add/Remove Clones Window, there is a Next At toggle with an input field.  When this is turned ON, clones will be automatically moved to the next training, once the training they are on is at the value set in the input field.  This is more useful after getting a higher Clone Count Maximum.  To learn how to raise your Clone Count Maximum, look under { Section I: The Basics,  f)   Clone Max and Dividers }.
   Caution should be taken when using the Next At toggle.  If you have not purchased Improved Next At in the God Power Shop, then the clones will quit training entirely if the training under it is still locked.  With Improved Next At, the clones will stay and continue to train until the next skill is unlocked.
   Also worth knowing, is the Ignore Clonecount value, under settings.  See  { Section I,   g)   Ignore Clonecount Setting }.
   In the Add/Remove Clones Window, there is also a display that shows the total amount of gain the trainings are giving you per second.
   After rebirth, all skills levels will be lost, and all skills will need to be unlocked again.  The adjusted Skill Caps will remain through rebirths.

     iii.    Might

   The Might feature unlocks after you have Unlocked every Training, both Physical and Skill.  Here, you can set clones to train on various things that improve other features of the game.  Also, when the Tab unlocks, you are able to use you skills in god fights.  This enables a short, but incredible boost to your Attack and Mystic stats.  Usually, this is enough to defeat a god immediately after unlocking Might.
   There is the typical Add/Remove Clones Window to use to assign clones to the trainings.  In this window is a Next At toggle that works the same as the Next At toggles under the Physical and Skill features.  Once the amount of levels reaches the value in the input, the clones will be moved to the next training.
   Also in the Add/Remove Clones Window is a Total Might value.  This value shows how many times you have gained a level in any of the Might trainings.  An  added bonus, given from this value, is a 1% boost to your 4 main stats, for every 4 levels in the Might Total.  This means, after you have gained 400 Might Total levels, you will get a 100% boost to stats.  This value persists through rebirths, but is only given after unlocking Might again.
   The actual trainings in the Might feature consist of 8 boosts to current run features, and 6 skills.  Leveling the skills simply adds 1 second the the length of time the skill stays active.   After using a skill, and it has ran out, there is a 1 hour cooldown before the skill can be used again.  Be careful about using the Unleash Might button in the Fight/Gods feature, as it will not wait for all the skills to come off of cooldown before allowing an Unleash.
   Of the 8 feature boosts, the first 5 are bonuses to the awards of the Physical, Mystic, and Battle stats found in the Avatar Window.  These benefits adjust the values seen by mousing over the stat in the Avatar Window.  The other 3 boost the clones ability to fill the Generator, boosts clone attack and defense in  Ultimate Being Fights, and Boost how fast clones can fill the Powersurge bar.
   Ater rebirthing, the Might feature becomes locked again, and all the trainings under Physical and Skill must be unlocked again to access the Might tab.  The Total Might will carry through each rebirth, but you must unlock Might again before gaining the Total Might boost.  All levels earned on trainings in the Might tab will be lost.

     iv.     TBS

   The Baal Slayer (TBS) is unlocked after defeating Baal for the first time.  This is where you can go to earn your own critical.  It consists of simple minigames, where success adds to your total levels for each body part.  Simply hit Start, then wait for the blue to fill the bar.  When it reaches the white box,  press the hit button.  A hit gives a level, a miss takes it away.
   Each level earned on the body parts awards a 1% bonus to your Critical Damage, except the eyes.  As you get the levels higher, the bar fills faster, and the white box shrinks, increasing the difficult.  Critical Damage maximizes at 1000%.
   The eyes award Critical Chance % and can be played 2 different ways.  The Mirrored Eyes toggle will change between the 2 modes, with ON being the Mirrored Eyes Challenge.  The normal way only awards 1 crit % every 2.5 levels.  With Mirrored Eyes on, you gain 1% Critical Chance every level.  Mirrored eyes plays the same way the normal minigame plays, but instead of counting the hit where the blue bar was when you pressed hit, it places the hit an equal distance away from the blue line in the middle, on the opposite side of the line.  As Ryu explained in the Kongregate forums, think of it as the number line on your keyboard.  The blue line being between between 5 and 6.  If you press hit when the blue bar is at 3, the hit would land on 8.
   There are 3 items that unlock for purchase in the God Power Shop once TBS is unlocked.  These are quality of life purchases, but cut down time spent playing TBS minigames.  see { f)   Other   iii. God Power Shop }
   All values in TBS will be lost on rebirth.  The exception to this is if any God Power has been spent to keep TBS levels.

   c)   Fight Tab

     i.      Basics

   The Fight tab is where you increase your Battle stat.  It also has the God fights, the main focus of the game.  Defeating gods will unlock most of the games content.  Under the Fight tab, you will find Special Fights and Pets as well.

     ii.     Monster

   The Monster feature is where you go to increase the base value of your Battle stat.  Each monster has a progress bar, with + and - buttons used to assign clones to fight the monster.  Every time the progress bar fills, the Defeated count raises by 1, and your Battle stat improves.  Hovering over the monster will show the monster's attack and the amount of Battle rewarded per second per clone.  If the displayed Battle/s is 0, its recommended not to fight the monster.
   To assign clone to fight monsters, use the Input Bar in the Add/Remove Clones Window to select a desired value, or input a custom value in the input field, or select max to assign all available clones.  After a value has been selected, press the + or - buttons next to the monster to adjust the Clones  value.  This is how many clones are assigned to fight the monster.  You can also use the CAP button.  The CAP button will place as many clones as are needed to Black Bar the monsters progress bar, or will assign all leftover clones if there are not enough clones to Black Bar.  To learn more about progress bars, Black Barring,  and how the CAP button works, see { Section I:  The Basics   d) Progress Bars, the CAP button, and BB }
   After you have assigned clones to the monsters you want to fight, you can see the total Battle you are gaining per second in the Add/Remove Clones Window, under Total Battle/s.  On the other side of the Add/Remove Clones Window is a toggle, labeled Add Clones If Defeated.  If this is ON, then every time a clone is defeated, it will automatically be replaced by another clone, if a clone is available.  This will keep the Fight going without having to replace clones
   Under the Add Clones If Defeated toggle, is another toggle, in the Monster Window.  This toggle is labeled Next If 1 Cloned.  When this is turned ON, any clones fighting the monster will be moved down to the next monster, and 1 clone will stay behind to keep the monster Black Barred.  This will allow clones to advance through monsters that are 1-Capped quickly.  With Next If 1 Cloned tuned ON, after rebirthing, you can simply place a large number of clones on the  first monster, and they will work through all the 1-Capped Monsters almost instantly, and will stop on the first monster that cannot be 1-Capped.
   To unlock monsters, you must defeat at least 1 of the monster above it.  The rate for monster growth of the monsters power changes as you go down the list.  There are 34 monsters total.
   Upon rebirth, all the Defeated counts reset, and all the monsters must be unlocked again.  Nothing is retained after rebirth.

     iii.    Gods

   The Gods feature is the main focus of the other features.  This is what its all about.  Get good, defeat gods, get better, defeat more gods.  As you defeat gods, you will gain the ability to make their associated creation.  Certain gods also unlock other features throughout the game.  These Milestone Gods are listed under  { Section I: The Basics    h) Milestone Gods }
   While you are fighting gods, you cannot make any creations.  Once the fight has ended, your hero will go back to making creations.  To start a fight with a god, simply press the Fight button next to their name.  After starting the fight, you can leave the fight by pressing the Stop button.  If you lose the fight, your HP will be reduced to 0, and you will have to wait for it to regenerate back.  Any damage the god has taken will also regenerate.  When you win the fight, the gods name is removed from the list, and its content is unlocked.
   After unlocking the Might feature, a button will appear in the upper right corner of the Game Window, labeled Unleash Might.  pressing this button will use all 6 skills in the Might tab, giving a short but incredible boost to your attack and damage.  When it becomes unlocked, it will usually give enough boost to defeat an extra god.  The skills will go on an hour long cooldown after they have run their course.  they will not come off their cooldown at the same time, so be sure to check the bottom of the Might tab to see if all your skills cooldowns are ended.
   Upon rebirth, all the defeated gods return to the list, and must be defeated again to unlock their creation.  Most of the Milestone Gods will need to be defeated again to gain their extra content.  The TBS and  Planet tabs will remain unlocked through rebirth, as well as any unlocked pets.

     iv.     Special

   The Special feature is where you use your skills in Special Fights.  This decreases the Capped At value on the Physical and Skill trainings, for every 3 times a skill is used (mouseover the training in the Physical or Skill tabs to see the Capped At value).   You can use these skills by starting a fight, or using the Auto toggle.  When the Auto toggle is ON, each skill will be used, once per minute.  This means a drop of 1 in the Capped At value every 3 minutes.  This will only use skills that you have unlocked in the Skill tab.  You do not need to have the associated Physical unlocked for it to reduced it Capped At value.
   There are 2 other toggles, next to the Auto toggle.  Show Skill Tooltips, when turned ON, will allow you to see the skills specs when you place the cursor over the skills.  The other toggle, labeled Sort Skills, will arrange the skills into damage, buff, dodge/block, and other, in that order, from top to bottom, when turned ON.  If the Sort Skills toggle is turned OFF, the skills will arrange in the way they unlock in the Skills tab.
   Another benefit of the Special Fights is to gain Divinity.  The simplest way to earn Divinity in Special Fights is to Fight Gods.  Here, you will battle each god, using your skills to attack, defend, and heal or boost yourself.  Eventually, one of the gods will defeat you, at which point you earn Divinity based on the furthest god you defeated, your Divinity Generator's Divinity/s spec, and the lowest unlocked monster in the Fight tab.
   A third reason to do special fights, if for the Statistic Multiplier gain.  To see your total Statistic multiplier in use, press the Rebirth button in the
Avatar Window, and look at the bottom, under God Multiplier.  To see your total Statistic Multiplier, go to the Other/Statistic page and scroll to the bottom.  You can also see what is contributing to your Statistic Multiplier on this page.
   Losing in a Special Fight will not affect your stats in the Avatar Window.  Every fight will begin at your maximum HP, and any HP lost will not count to  your hero's actual HP.  After finishing a Special Fight, you can start straight into another Special fight without waiting.  All skill cooldowns will be reset, and any progress made in the fight will be lost.  Every time you leave a fight, whether by winning, losing or fleeing (by pressing the upper right Flee Button  while in a fight), progress will be reset.  If you flee a fight, nothing will be awarded in the Statistics page, and any skills with a cooldown remaining will receive a -1 penalty to their use count, as pertaining to their Capped At value.
   The Special Fights scale to your own power, so getting your stats higher will not make the fights easier.  Instead, success is dependent on levels you have gained in the skills under the Skill tab.  
   Rebirthing does not directly affect anything in the Special feature.  Skills will need to be unlocked again through the Training tab.

     v.      Pets

   Pets is the newest feature added to the game.  Here, you can unlock your pets after earning them, and manage them after unlocking them.  You can prepare clones for your pet to fight to gain levels, or feed your pet, by pressing the Visit button next to the pets you have unlocked.  Once you are in the Visit screen, you can quickly visit other pets you have by pressing the button with their name on it, at the top of the Game Window. To return, press the Back  button at the top right corner of the Game Window.
   The main screen shows all the pets.  Pets you have unlocked will show their Hunger progress bar next to their image.  By mousing over this bar, you can quickly see what the Hunger % value is for each of your pets.  When the hunger bar on your pet reaches 0%, that pet will no longer contribute to your Pet Multiplier (seen on the bottom right corner of the Game Window, on the main Pet screen). To see the Rebirth Multiplier your pets give, mouse over the the Pet Multipliers % value.    Whenever a pet's name has turned red in the Hunger bar, that means that pet has run out of clones to fight.  To quickly add clones to all your pets, press the Distribute Clones button, to spread any clones you have available, evenly among your pets.    This will also evenly spread any clones that are currently fighting with your pets.
   To fill the hunger bar, you must feed your pet.  There are 4 foods that can be used to feed your pet.  3 of the foods can be bought with God Power, or with Baal Power.  The fourth food is free, and can only be seen after entering the Feed screen, by pressing the Feed button in a pet's Visit screen.  Pets cannot be fed before they are at least 75% hungry.  Feeding a pet will increase its base stats, called Pet Growth.  To view your Pet Growth values, mouse over the pets Hunger progress bar. Feeding will also fill the pets Hunger to 100%.  It takes 12 hours for Hunger to reach 0%.  Any food left when you rebirth will be lost.
   There are intervals where the amount of Pet Growth gained is changed.  This happens at 75% (to start, 3 hours), then doubles at 50% (6 hours).  finally, under 10% (10 hours, 48 minutes) gives a value that is randomized depending on the food type.  To see the Growth a food will award, mouse over the food item on the Feed screen, or on the Main Pet screen.
   The Pet Multiplier is determined by the stats of your pets.  Each pet's stats add value to the Pet Multiplier.  For every 100 points your pets have in any of their 3 stats, you gain 1 % to your pet multiplier.  This can be seen by mousing over your pets stats on the visit screen.  You can also see how the pet's stats affect their performance while fighting shadow clones.  The clone's stats contribute to their performance in the same way.
   Two extra specs on the clone side are Count and Experience.  These are simply the amount of clones left for the pet to fight, and the experience each clone will award the pet. To adjust any of these values, press the Create Clones button.  This takes you to an input screen, where you can customize your clones stats.

   To start, there are 2 lines of values at the top.  These are your input values.  Simply select the value you want to use, and press the + or - buttons to adjust the values shown for the spec.  Pressing the Set button will change the value shown under the spec chosen into the input value.  So, if you select the value of 50, and press the Set button for Count, the value under Count will be changed to 50, regardless of the value it had before.  When you have chosen all your values, press the Create Clones button to designate the clones to fighting your pet, and return to the Visit screen. (These inputs have recently been updated into the game.  If you do not have these inputs, refresh your game into the new version)

   I will not go into optimizing pet experience for 2 reasons.  The first is, its complicated, and I don't wanna.  The second is, someone else already wrote a pet guide.  See   { Section IV:  Advanced Reference Materials and Credits }
   There are 7 pets that can be unlocked by defeating gods.  A turtle is available to be unlocked after winning an Ultimate Arty Challenge.  3 more pets can only be unlocked by using Pet Tokens.  The only way to get Pet Tokens is to buy them in the Kred Shop with Kreds.  To enter the Kred Shop, press the K button in the upper left window.  To find out how to unlock the pets, mouse over the pet to find the gods that must be defeated.
   Upon rebirthing, all pet levels will be lost.  Any stats gained from levels will also be lost.  This will cause the Pet Multiplier to drop in value.  All the pets' Growth Values (base stats) will remain though rebirths, meaning Growth from feeding is retained through rebirths.  Also, the Hunger bar will fill to 100% after rebirthing, meaning the timer to 0% Hunger will be reset to 12 hours.  Any food leftover will also be lost when rebirthing.

   d)   Other Tab

     i.      Basics

   The Other tab contains information about your in game statistics, the game settings, the story associated with the game, and the in game FAQ guide.  While it is not a heavily used tab for game play, it is important to understand its features.

     ii.     Statistics

   The Statistics tab is where you go to see all of your accomplishments, and the amount of bonus multiplier these accomplishments award you.  Simply mouse over the name of the accomplishment on the left to see information about it and its values.  At the bottom of the page is your total Statistic Multiplier available.  After you have built monuments, you gain a multiplier to this value, based on the number of monuments you have built.  Buying the Double Statistic Multi in the God Power Shop will also multiply this value.
   The Statistic Multiplier shown on this screen may not be your effective Statistic Multiplier.  You are only given a Statistic Multiplier equal to your God Multiplier.  These can be seen by pressing the Rebirth button in the Avatar Window.
   All the values shown on the Statistic screen remain through rebirths.

     iii.    Settings

   The Settings feature contains several options for adjusting the game experience.  At the top, you can adjust the framerate, change your window and button color to one of 3 defaults, and place a color filter over the game.  To remove the color filter, press the Default button on the right.
   The rest of the options are given as toggles.  Mousing over these settings will explain further what they do.  They mostly explain themselves.  Ignore Clonecount is covered in  { Section I: The Basics   g)  Ignore Clonecount Setting }
   Sticky Clones is a new feature.  By turning this ON, clones designated on builds will no longer be removed if you are missing the materials for the build.  With this toggle turned ON, you will not be notified of the creations you are missing.  the clones instead will wait for the material to be created, or to be purchased when enough Divinity has been earned.
   Another new feature, is the Save Clones For Fight toggle.  When this is ON, the amount of clones specified in the input field will be restricted from use outside of the Fight features.  The number of clones already engaged in the Fight features will count towards this input value.  With it toggled OFF, you can use any available clones for any of the games features.
   Rebirthing will not change any of the Settings.

     iv.     Story

   As you defeat gods, you reveal pieces of the story.  To read the story, simply press the button for the chapter you want to read.  While the story is not finished, it does add a lot of flavor to the game.

     v.      FAQ

   This is the in game guide.  It has a lot of information that can be useful to the beginning player, as well as a quick guide on how to spend God Power early on.  It is worth looking through to pick up some wisdom offered by the game's sage personalities.

   e)   Avatar Window

     i.      Basics

   The Avatar Window operates independent of the games 4 Main Navigation Buttons.  Here, your hero is displayed, as are his stats.  You can edit the appearance of your hero, view shortcuts, save, load, import and export, among other things.  It also contains the legalities of the game.
   At the top of the Avatar Window are 3 buttons.  These change the displayed content in the Avatar Window.  You can also press the gear in the picture of the hero to edit your hero's appearance, or press the ? button to open up a shortcuts list.  Both of these toggle on and off, and show their content in the Game

     ii.     Stats

   The Stat page is the main screen in the Avatar Window.  At the top is a visualization of your hero.  Underneath this image is your hero's stats.  Mousing over these stats will tell you how the value is determined, and what the stat affects.  These are the main values to look at when considering fighting gods.
   Defense is equal to your Mystic value.  There is no presented Defense stat, as it would be redundant.

     iii.    Rebirth

   On the rebirth screen, your Current and Rebirth Multipliers are shown, in either red or green.  Red means that your Current Multiplier is higher than your  Rebirth Multiplier.  If you rebirth when it is red, you will have a lower multiplier than you have now.  When they are green, your Rebirth Multiplier is higher.  Rebirthing Green will always give you a stronger hero next run, though you will need to redo trainings and buildings relevant to your Current Multiplier.
   Under the Current and Rebirth Multipliers, are 2 more multipliers, and a Max Clones value.  This clone value is how high your Clone Count Maximum will be after rebirthing.  see { Section I: The Basics      f)  Clone Max and Dividers } to learn how to increase this value.
   The God and Statistic Multipliers are multipliers to your Rebirth Multipliers only, and are already calculated in the value of the Rebirth Multiplier.  The God Multiplier is doubled for every god you defeat, and it is a limiter on how much Statistic Multiplier will be awarded to the Rebirth Multiplier.  Your  effective Statistic Multiplier can never be higher than your God Multiplier.
   At the bottom is the Rebirth button.  Pressing this will reset much of the progress you've made through the game, including achievements earned in the Train, Create, and Fight features.  When this is done, you will be able to go through the games content with the Rebirth Multiplier that was shown when pressing the Rebirth button.  This is how most growing is done, as having higher multipliers to your stats will allow you to progress through the games content much faster than previous runs.  You will be asked to confirm your decision to Rebirth before the game will actually Rebirth.
   When you rebirth, your Current Multipliers will attain the value of your old Rebirth Mutlipliers, and your Rebirth Multipliers will reset to 1.  The God  Multiplier will also reset to 1.  These will be regained as you play back through the game's content.  The Clone Max will become your new Clone Count Maximum for the duration of the new run.

     iv.     Info

   Pressing this button brings up the technical and legal aspects of the game.  Newly added is the Steam Greenlight button, that will take you to a screen where you can vote for Idle To Rule The Gods on Steam Greenlight.
   The first things underneath the Greenlight button, are the games save and load functions.  Save Online and Load Online will save and load the game, to and from the servers allocated to the game for saves.  The Export Button will copy a savestate to your clipboard.  To save the savestate as a file, simply add it to any text file and save.  To import, copy the savestate you want to import, then press the Import button.  You will be asked to confirm whenever you select to Load or Import a save.  If you are playing on Chrome (WebGL), you will not see the Import and Export buttons.  To use these, you can save your game online, then open a Firefox browser and load the game (need Unity for this).  After the game is loaded, you can press the Load Online Button to load your game, then press Export to
acquire the savestate.
   Under the save/load options is the Credit button, where you can see who was involved in making the game what it is, and a My Other Games button, which will open a separate window addressed to the developers homepage.  Also, the Legal Notice button will bring up the Legal Notices screen, and the TOU button, that brings up the Terms Of Use screen.  This screen gives a short rundown of the terms of playing the game, as well as a bit of information on how to recover lost game data,
and a short disclaimer on refunds.
     v.      Hero Image

   The image of the hero in the Avatar Window can be modified.  Simply press the Gear Button in the box containing the hero image.  Most of the content here is unlocked by beating gods or making creations.  You can also purchase the various items with God Power, which will unlock them permanently.  Otherwise, all items will need to be unlocked again after rebirthing.
   This hero editor will open up in the Game Window.  To return to the games main content, press the Gear Button again to close the editor.

     vi.     Shortcuts

   Under the Gear Button in the box containing the hero image, is a ? button.  Pressing this button opens up a list of shortcuts to access screens though the game, without using the Main Navigation Buttons.  It also lists a few extra tricks to help with assigning and removing clones.

   f)   Other

     i.      Basics

   There are a few other features worth mentioning, that exist outside the main game and the Avatar Window.  This segment will cover these features.

     ii.     Achievements

   A few of the games features have achievements that are awarded for reaching certain milestones.  These achievements contribute to both your Current and Rebirth Multipliers, for the stats they are associated with.
   The achievements for your Creating stat are shown in the Build/Create tab of the game.  They are next to the Creation that awards them.  Mousing over will give the value needed to earn the achievement, and the added multiplier you will earn for getting the achievement.
   The achievements for the Battle, Physical, and Skill stats are found by clicking on the Ribbon Button in the upper right corner of the Navigation Window.  This ribbon will only appear when the game window shows the Build/Create, Fight/Monster, Train/Physical and Train/Skill screens.  Pressing the Ribbon button will take you to a list of achievements associated with the game feature you are currently viewing.  The Ribbon button toggles ON and OFF, so to leave the achievements screen, you must press the Ribbon button again.
   Mousing over the Achievements will tell you the requirements needed to gain the achievement, and the values that will be added to your Current and Rebirth Multipliers when they are earned.  The values earned for achievements are modified by your Current Multiplier base value (the value Current Multiplier was when first starting your run).  Defeating a god will not change the multiplier values shown for the achievements, but they will still multiply the value earned for the Rebirth Multiplier.
   Achievements earned will be lost on rebirth.  Earning them again will award new multipliers, based on your new Current Multiplier base values.

     iii.    God Power Shop

   The God Power shop is where you go to use your God Power.  To find out how much God Power you have available, you must visit the God Power Shop.  To access  the shop, you simply click the button in the upper left corner, next to your Clones value, with the White Cell looking thing on it.  The shop will open in the Game Window.
   At the top, is the total God Power (GP) you currently have.  Directly below this are 4 slide bars.  Using these bars, you can make your unspent GP work for you, awarding a 1% boost to the chosen stat for each GP assigned.  Placing GP on these stats will not prevent you from spending the GP.  When you make a purchase,
the GP assigned to the stats will be consumed if you did not have enough unused GP to cover the cost.
   After the sliders are the available purchases.  We'll start at the first purchase you should make: Creating Speed Bonus.  When starting the game, you are given 10 free GP to spend in the shop, and 99% of the experts will agree, your first purchase should be the 10 GP Creating Speed Bonus.  There are reasons I won't go into.  For a guide to making GP purchases, see { Section IV:   Advanced Reference Materials and Credits }
   Buying Creating Speed Bonus will multiply your Creating stats Current Creation Speed.  The modified value (after all Creating Speed Bonus) can be seen by mousing over the Creating stat in the Avatar Window.  The total amount of Creating Speed Bonus purchased can bee seen below the bonus sliders at the top of the shop.  It's best to buy 10 GP purchases, as they give the most per GP spent.
   Next down, are the Build Speed Bonuses.  These are the only way to increase your clones building power.  Each clone begins with 100%, and each purchase will add to their building power by the percentage stated.  The only other way to build things faster is to assign more clones.  With this, you'll need less clones to build in the same amount of time.  Your total Build Speed Bonus can be seen under the bonus sliders at the top of the shop.  It is best to buy the 10 GP purchases, as they give the most per GP spent.
   Below Build Speed Bonuses is the Double Statistic Multi.  Buying this will double your total Statistic Multiplier shown under Other/Statistics.  It does not allow a Statistic Multiplier beyond your God Multiplier.  This purchase isn't necessary, outside of late game runs though the P. Baals.
   After the Stat Mult, is the Created Creations (CC) purchase.  Every time a progress bar fills, you are awarded with 1 of whatever the progress bar is associated with.  The creations under Build/Create work the same.  However, after buying this, you can actually receive multiple creations for 1 progress bar fill.  The first purchase will effectively double you output of creations.  Another bonus with this purchase, is the discount to required components.  The more of a creation you make at a time, the less material you need per creation made.  After this is bought, a slider bar will appear in the Build/Create screen, with an input field.  You can use these to adjust how many creations you want to make at a time.  Mousing over the slider will also give a quick rundown of the discount.
   Below the CC purchase, is the Max Clones purchases.  Getting clone max raised by creating them and losing them will only bring you to 99,999 clones.  To get more, you must use GP to buy these purchases.  The 25 GP purchase is the best option, as it gives the most clones per GP spent.
   Next are the Changing purchases.  These are self explanatory.  You can change your hero's name, or gender.  Changing gender will change your hero's appearance in the Avatar Window.
   After the Changing purchases is the Improved Next At purchase.  Buying this will keep clones from falling off of trainings when you have reached the desired amount of level, indicated by your Next At input field in the Add/Remove Clones Window.  This is an ease of life purchase.  It allows a hands free way to unlock every training, in much less time than it takes with Next At valued at 13500.  By setting Next At at 500, after buying this, your clones will move to the next training as soon as it unlocks.
   Under the Improved Next At purchase, are the temporary purchases.  You lose them after rebirthing.  These are purchases that can speed up your run, if you are going for a high score, assist in a run, or just impatient.  They explain themselves.  The Divinity values received change depending on the highest god defeated on your current run, the highest monster unlocked, and the Divinity/s spec on the Divinity Generator.
   After defeating Baal, 4 new items appear in the shop.  These are ease of life purchases for the now unlocked TBS minigame.  These purchases will appear  between the Clone Max and Change purchases, and the total value of each can be found at the top of the shop, under the bonus sliders.
   The first will reduce the chance you lose a level when you miss in the game.  The second will allow you to retain a percentage of your levels after rebirthing. The third increases the chance to receive a bonus level on a successful hit.  The last purchase will make the white box slightly larger, making it easier to hit.
   To exit the God Power Shop, you just need to press the White Cell looking thing button again to return to the game's main content.

     iv.     Kred Shop

   Next to the button for the God Power shop, is the button for the Kred Shop.  It is found in the upper left window, and has an illustrated K inside it.   Pressing this button will open the Kred Shop.
   Here is where you can use Kreds to purchase God Power, buy Pet Tokens (used to unlock pets), buy Unlimited Gender Changes, and buy 6 other items for augmenting your runs.  These augments are explained in the shop, simply read the items description.  Purchasing these items will not use them immediately.  You must choose to use them after they have been purchased.  If you do not have the item in stock, you cannot use any of the item.

   Recently added to the Kred Shop is a Luck Draw.  You may buy tickets for the Lucky Draw with Kreds, or wait for the Daily Timer to run out, and claim a free ticket.  Prizes from the Lucky Draw include, but are not limited to, instant gains in God Power, Divinty, Pet Food, Pet Growth, and added value to your stats (seen in the Avatar Window) until rebirthing.  There is also chance to win the items in the Kred Shop, including a Pet Token, from the Lucky Draw.

   To exit the Kred Shop, just press the K button in the upper left window.


   For a list of what can be won, and its chances, go to:

     v.      AFK Mode

   AFK mode is toggled on and off, by using the AFK toggle in the upper right corner of the game.  Turning on AFK will not hinder any progress, it is simply added to lower the CPU usage of the game.


III:  Getting Started

   a)  First Steps

     i.      Quick Setup to the Walkthrough

   This is not a full game walkthrough.  This is just to help with the first few hours of the game, to help you get more comfortable with how to play the game.  I will refer to content and features in the game quickly, and will not delve into how to navigate or use anything in this walkthrough.  Section II covers all of that.  If you get confused about what i am referring to, or anything anywhere, look for it in Section II.  Section II navigates the same way the game navigates, so search for relevant game terms, or use the table of contents to find your answers.

   If you just can't even with this walkthrough, there is an alternate.  Or maybe you just want a longer walkthrough.  bearhack has got your back.


     ii.     Making and Assigning Clones

   Starting out the game, you choose your gender.  After this, a screen appears, giving you quick directions on how to play.  When you exit this screen, you will be looking at the FAQ tab, with no way to return to the quick tips.  The good news is, while you try to figure out what you're doing (and while reading the quick tips), you are already working on making Shadow Clones.  These guys do most of the heavy lifting for you.  The first thing you want to do in the game is enter Train/Physical and Train/Skill features.  Get there using the Navigation Buttons in the Navigation Window.
   Once there, youll want to assign clones to the trainings.  you can use the Add/Remove Clone Window inputs, or just use the CAP button.  This will increase your stats.  To optimize your stat gain, simply place clones on the trainings that give the most per second gain.  To find this, mouse over the trainings.  This will also show you the trainings Capped At value.  Adding clones beyond this value will not add any extra benefit.
   After you have assigned clones, its time to go to the Fight/Special feature.  Here, you use the skills you have unlocked in Special Fights.  You'll want to start with Fight Shadow Clones.  Every three times you use a skill, the Capped At value on the trainings will decrease by 1.  You can reduce these without doing the Special Fights, by simply using the Auto toggle.  If this is ON, you will automatically use skills once every minute, for a Capped At decrease of 1 every 3 minutes.  To do special fights, you must turn Auto OFF.  There is nothing wrong with doing auto fights.  You can leave the game running in the background and make the same gains, eventually.
   Also, you can do these Special Fights without waiting for your Clone Count Maximum being reached, but be sure to return to the trainings to assign clones occasionally.  An idle clone does not make gains.
   Every time you leave the Special Fights, you should turn Auto back on, so you will continue to reduce Skill Caps while working elsewhere.

   Now I'll say it loud.


   Back to the Fights.  Select Fight Shadow Clones to begin the fight.  Simply spam your skills.  They each have a cooldown, but the first 2 cooldown fast enough you can alternate between the 2.  Remember, every 3 uses will reduce Capped At, so it may be worth it to check the trainings every 5 minutes or so to adjust your clone values.  Use the CAP button to do this thought free.
   Another thing to bring up, is that you unlock skills based on how many levels your current lowest training has.  It is beneficial in the long run to unlock a few extra skills now, so you can work on their Capped At values as well.
   When you unlock Raging Fist, you will begin to lose life.  Focused Breathing will recover some health, but you will eventually be defeated.  Don't sweat it,  you can jump right back in with full health, by selecting Fight Shadow Clones again.

     iii.    Fighting Hyperion

   While you are doing the Special Fights to reduce your Skill Caps, keep an eye on your Mystic stat in the Avatar Window.  When it reaches 6 million, it's time to move your clones over to Physical trainings only.  This is because your Attack stat is way to low to fight Hyperion.  You want to get it up to about 8 million.  You can continue Special Fights until you reach these values.  It may also be worth it to cap clones on the first of the monsters in the Fight/Monster feature at about 3 or 4 million Attack, to help speed along your Attack growth. Occasionally check these clones, as the Capped At value here will drop as you gain Attack.
   You could attempt to fight Hyperion with less than the values stated here, but the fight could end up long.  While you are fighting Hyperion, you will not be making clones.  If you are not making clones, you are losing out on a higher Clone Count Maximum after rebirthing, so don't engage Hyperion until you can defeat him quickly.
   All told, this should all be doable in under an hour and a half, if you are regularly adjusting clones onto and off of trainings and monsters.
   When you have the stats, its time to defeat Hyperion.  Simply go to the Fight/Gods feature, and press the Fight button for Hyperion.  If you health is going down faster than his, you need either more Mystic, or more Attack.  To see Hyperions stats, mouse over his name and read the tooltip.  If his health is dropping faster than yours, you win!
     iv.     First Rebirth

   After defeating Hyperion, its time to set up for your first rebirth.  This involves rounding out some of the quantities you have under training and monster, as well as creating a little Light.  This is to get achievements.  These achievements will add value to your Rebirth Multiplier, which will make you stronger on your next run.  To start with, go to Build/Create, and press the Create button for Light, to begin making Light.  You can get the first achievement of 500 easily, and go for the 3000 if you so choose.  I wouldn't bother with the 12,000 right now, as it will take too much time to reach.
   While you are creating light, you can go around your trainings and monster to even out numbers.  Lets start with Fight/Monsters.  The achievements can be found by pressing the Ribbon button in the upper right hand corner.  Monsters give achievements at 1,000 and 250,000 defeated.  Just go for the 1,000 defeated achieves on the monsters you can defeat quickly.  You should pull all your clones off of trainings for this.
   After getting the easy 1,000 monster defeat achieves, its time to go back to training.  Training gives achieves at different values.  They are awarded at 1,000 10,000 and 100,000.  Going for 100,000 takes around an hour, but getting 10,000 on trainings you can Black Bar only takes about 5 minutes.  1,000 is easy enough to get all the way down your unlocked trainings.
   When you feel happy with how many achieves you unlocked its time to finish up your run.  Remove all your clones from Training, and head over to Fight/Monsters.  Place all your clones on the lowest unlocked monster to lose these clones.  This will lower your Clone Dividers, as well as increase your Clone Count Maximum after rebirth.  You can see how many clones you will have maximum next run, at the bottom of the Rebirth screen in the Avatar Window.  If you want more clone max,  simply create more, and lose them in Monster Fights.  You will gain 1 max for each 20 made and each 20 lost.
   When satisfied, press the rebirth button, and confirm your decision.

     v.      Fighting Monsters, Defeating Itztli

   So, we've already covered a bit about the Fight/Monster feature.  On this run, we will be using it to build our Battle stat throughout the run.  Simply CAP clones on any monster you can Black Bar (BB).  Try not to use much more than 25% of your clones on this feature.  More ideal would be around 10% or less.  Use the rest of your clones in the Train features, but be sure to check here occasionally, and adjust clones.  You may even get a new monster BB'd while you prepare to fight Itztli.
   In the trainings, you'll want to go down the list again, unlocking trainings and moving clones onto them.  You can carry on Special Fights at this point, if you don't mind mindless skill spamming.
   When you've reached your Clone Count Maximum, and have defeated Hyperion again, you can go ahead and start earning your Create achievements for Light, or continue making Shadow Clones to increase your clone max for your next run.
   Other wise, prepping for Itztli is about the same as Hyperion.  Get up to around 100 million Attack and 70 million Mystic.  When you reach 70 million Mystic, you can shuffle clones off of Skills, or continue Skill training, your choice.  When you have 100 million attack, you are ready to fight Itztli.  Simply press the Fight button for Itztli, and watch as you slowly win.  When he's defeated, its time to get achievements and set up for rebirthing.  Be sure to lose all your clones before rebirthing.

     vi.     Continuing Through the Gods

  Each time you rebirth, you will start over, with inflated stats.  Most times, you can defeat 1 extra god each rebirth.  Sometimes, this takes 2 rebirths, and depending on how you use Monuments and Upgrades after unlocking them (as well as Might), you may defeat as many as 3 new gods in one rebirth.  For now, just keep climbing through the gods, until eventually defeating Baal, unlocking the endgame content.


IV:   Advanced Reference Materials and Credits

   To start off, I have to acknowledge all the loonies in Room 1, for spouting out random bits of wisdom, as well as everyone who ever got lost before I did.  Without these people, I'd be lost and this wouldn't be here.
   Also worth mentioning is everyone who ever put a guide in the ITRTG Kong Forum, offering up finer details into the games workings.  Here are addresses to a few of the guides worth mentioning.

Ryu82's Welcome post, with a spreadsheet showing basic stats for monsters and gods, as well as quick introductory tips:


bearhack's more of a walkthrough Game Strategy Guide:


lordmathius's care manual for your pets,  a Beginner's Pet Growth Guide

mnjiman's God Power Currency Guide:

Shadow543211's Speedrun 101 Guide:

Minercu's recently updated Pet Guide (Beta Version):

bodlaender's Ultimate Baal Challenge Guide:

Minercu's Shadow Clone Fight Guide:



abadduck's long, but not forgotten Creating a Universe Guide (his post is second from the bottom):

Zongre's sort of a UBv2, Planet Eater v2 Guide:


A MuteVampire had a dream, full of suffering, and now he helps the fools:




Also, there are spreadsheets for quick access to information about the games content (beyond Ryu82's):



Ryu82's peek into the magic of the Lucky Draw:


This gift from the masked stranger Richfest:


Another wonder of the world, SirSpooks' interactive wonderment:


And coming from PeacefulElm, there's this beauty:


A Copy of Luinil once had a spreadsheet:


There's plenty more info locked away in the ITRTG Kong Forum.  Spend some time there and read through what catches your eye.

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