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Ready to Work staff are reachable by calling the Bridge House phone number listed above. There are no walk-up services.Path to Home Boulder Colorado

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Path to Home Lodge & Navigation Center Address

Path to Home Day Services
Open from 9 am - 3 pm

Path to Home Overnight Shelter
Line-up at 6:30 PM
Doors Open from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Community Table Kitchen Boulder

Community Table Kitchen

Community Table Kitchen Address  |  Open 8 a.m. & 1 p.m.

Community Table Meal Program
Line-up begins at 5:30 pm

Getting to Ready to Work

The Ready to Work program provides assistance for the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless


  • Denver Donate

    2029 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

  • Depart Larimer St toward 20th St

  • Turn right onto 20th St

  • Take ramp right for I-25 North toward Ft Collins

  • At exit 214A, take ramp right for I-70 East toward Airport / Limon

  • Pass Stop & Shop on the left in 2.4 mi

  • At exit 282, take ramp right for I-225 South toward Aurora / Colorado Springs

  • At exit 4, take ramp right and follow signs for CO-83 North

  • Turn left onto S Peoria St, and then immediately turn right onto S Peoria Ct

  • Arrive at S Peoria Ct

Homeless Services Comparison

Ready to Work is a program developed by Isabel McDevitt, CEO of Bridgehouse in Boulder. Here I’ll be comparing this newcomer to the landscape of the seemingly never-ending fight against homelessness to the old-guard in Denver.

Denver's Homeless Services

  1. Step 13 (Step Denver), vs Ready to Work, Boulder
  2. TRT (Cherokee House), Denver vs Ready to Work, Boulder
  3. Salvation Army (CrossRoads), Denver vs Ready to Work, Boulder
  4. Denver Rescue Mission, Denver five-points vs Ready to Work, Boulder

Denver's Homeless Referral Services

  • Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, Denver vs Bridgehouse, Boulder
  • Veterans Administration, Aurora vs Bridgehouse, Boulder
  • Volunteers of America, Denver vs Bridgehouse, Boulder

The Volunteers of America and the Veterans Administration share a facility in Denver where they process referrals from, Bill Daniels Center on Santa Fe. Until recently, the Veterans Administration processed referrals out of 3030 Downing in Denver, an outpost next to Bo-Matthews, which has since been closed and those referral services are currently processed out of the Bill Daniels Center.

Emergency Services for the Homeless

(past/present/in-flux) Since emergency services are generally tied to the severity of the seasons we’ll explore the services overall, because many of these services may not kick-in unless needed.

  • Denver Emergency Services for the Homeless vs Boulder Emergency Services for the Homeless, excluding hospitals. paramedics, police, firefighters.

Contacting Ready to Work Boulder

Ready to Work Boulder Address, Location, & Map

Ready to Work Boulder, 4747 Table Mesa Dr, Boulder, CO 80305

Colorado AA Meetings

Ready to Work Recovery Resources Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous


  • Bridge House's Ready to Work program for the homeless in Colorado.
    Ready to Work is trademark Bridge House 2015. All rights reserved. Publishing is for editorial purposes only.

"Bryce" a Ready to Work Boulder resident

 If you don't know what "Ready to Work" is speak with Isabel McDevitt who is currently the CEO of Bridge House in Boulder. Those confused about the "Ready to Work" program just wait until you speak with Isabel because she's always happy to explain what the "Ready to Work" program is and why she believes anyone can change their lives while as a resident of any"Ready to Work" program for the homeless.

Playground for the Creative In 2017 a Ready to Work Boulder resident named Bryce volunteer to work at the downtown Boulder library in the Bldg. 61 Makerspace with Master Woodworker Janet and Robbie. Janet and Robbie were kicking the Boulder Tree Opps program into gear for its second year.

above: Bridge House CEO Isabel McDevitt.

Ready to Work Boulder

This long-term project is m
eant to make use of the dead Ash Tree wood that the Emerald Ash Borer destroys. Every other state that has been invaded by this non-native and an invasive bug has simply thrown away the wood. By putting this hand-selected Ash Tree wood into the hands of Janet and Robbie, the wood becomes a timeless piece of woodworking.
They're building furniture from these hand-selected pieces of Ash Wood in the Boulder Library's Building 61 Makerspace. Next to Bryce is the 3D printing machine that is available to anyone in the community to use free-of-charge minus the cost of materials. That the machine was used to create a very detailed sculpture, in fact so detailed that it looks like a toy you would buy off the shelf in a store.

Ready to Work Boulder
4747 Table Mesa Dr
Boulder, CO 80305

Boulder Bridge House's phone number used for contacting Ready to Work Boulder


Ready to Work Boulder's location in Colorado

Ready to Work Boulder's location in Colorado

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