The greatest gift to humanity, the Corona Virus.

Every adversity carries with it the seed of greatness.

Let me explain why the Corona Virus is literally “THE SUN SHINING” virus.

The Coronation


(For added effect, play this song in the background while we attempt an exorcism -right click open in new tab)

Few people have taken the time to actually observe with their own eyes what is transpiring.

Here is the current situation as I see it.

The people of the planet:

  1. No longer have to work for a living.
  2. Are now spending more time with their family.
  3. Are recognizing that a local community is safer and more secure than a global one.
  4. Are taking responsibility for growing their own food vs government dependence.
  5. Do not have access to Vaccines.
  6. Are now washing their hands.
  7. Have plenty of time to meditate and relax their mind and think for themselves rather than have toxic waste spoon fed to them by TV.
  8. A corrupt financial system is being wiped out.



And people are complaining.


Number 7 is the kicker.  The only thing that could make this complete utopia would be an EMP that wipes out all Television and Satellite signals.  Then people would have no choice but to begin to formulate  thoughts on their own.  This is hard to do when  “prestigious” talking heads and social media trolls “paint gun” anything that moves in a critical thinking direction with a yellow tag of “Conspiracy Theorist”.   TV is the real virus that is doing all the damage.


If the carnival leaves town and there is no more bread and circus, people return to their normal state and work with nature or the universe.


Granted it is a phased transition.  Let me share how it worked for me.

  1. First, I was told that I would likely get Coronas. (I was still drinking the kool-aid then)
  2. Then I was told to wash my hands and get Purel.
  3. Recognizing that if they say it, I have to accept it. (still under their control)
  4. I had learned that most of what they say is a lie, wrapped in a tiny kernel of truth, I decided not to fight the universe and went to my local liquor store and got a “case of Coronas”.
  5. After complying with the “universal directive”, I  sat on my porch and started thinking about things without any interference from the Internet or TV.
  6. The first conclusion that I came to was that any virus on my hands isn’t a problem.
  7. Their solution to wash my hands with Purel was only half right. The problem is if the virus gets in my body.
  8. I reasoned that since Purel has alcohol in it and it kills germs, I would be advantaged by attacking the problem where the problem starts -inside my body. With an abundance of blind obedience, I began to take precautions to protect against a virus that was magically transported over 7000 miles directly to my fragile body.
  9. I cracked open my alcohol laden Corona and enjoyed the therapeutic effects of having any imaginary virus instantly vanquished with the same superpower that kills the imaginary virus on my hands.
  10. As an unintended side effect, I have come to learn later, alcohol kills brain cells. Fortunately, I recall reading about natural selection in my studies in the public fool system.  I reasoned that the alcohol would naturally attack the weaker brain cells first and leave only the healthy smart brain cells to survive and function.  And I appear to be correct, after a few beers I felt much smarter and began to reason some more.
  11. It occurred to me that everything the government does is an IQ test. They just run it up the flagpole to see who salutes it, and if enough people blindly accept it, they give it to them.
  12. I have to give them credit, it is a brilliant plan based on the manufactured “consent of the governed”. They just make sure that both final candidates will support the real agenda and let the candidates pick the color of their outfit so that they appear to be different.
  13. I have also observed that nothing really changes, it stands to reason that if voting actually worked, they would quickly outlaw it.
  14. Recently I observed what I call a Pre-election IQ test. I suspect that this test was conducted to see how low to set the bar for 2020.  Rather than add a few pages to the 1040 IQ test which most people might ignore, they simply tested their “emergency broadcast system”  or as I to refer to it as  “Panic Media System”  which is a clever concoction of MSM, alternative media, and Patriot Groups.  They look different to the naked eye, but closer inspection reveals their common roots.
  15. The test sent a small wave of panic over the country to see if there are any critical thinkers left. They want to identify these  “enemies of the state” and will label them as “sleeper cells” even though they are wide awake.   The IQ test was remarkably simple in design. After a saturation campaign was quietly implemented outside MSM, they just waited to collect the results of the types of purchases made.  If tactical flashlight sales spiked they knew which venue was most effective to use to push their narrative.  The easiest to track was toilet paper sales and it was an enormous success. Why a population that is scared shitless has to buy something they don’t obviously need tells me that the limbo bar for 2020 is so low that even Bloomberg can’t squeeze under it.
  16. Embrace the change as humanity emerges from their self created cocoon.
  17. The Corona virus is a virus of your CROWN.
    Everyone just decides which crown to put on - Scarcity (SCARE CITY) or Abundance.

    And so THE DAY BEGINS. -right click open in new tab to play in background.

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night, (SUN CORONA VIRUS)
    Removes the colours from our sight,
    Red is grey and yellow white,
    But we decide which is right,
    And which is an illusion.

    We have been here before, but THIS time we are more aware.
  18. Welcome to the “Corona Cocoon.”  - How will you emerge?
  19. Times of crisis bring a tremendous opportunity because there is a “pattern interrupt” to our collective, habitual ways of operating, most of which are heavily anchored in excessive consumerism, distraction and a relationship to productivity so unsustainable it has become violent, both to our own minds, bodies and spirits, as well as to the mind, body and spirit of our Earth. Which is — surprise surprise — a sentient being as well and has its own consciousness.

    The Coronavirus is the great equalizer. Read more below: