Why are they lying?



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Corona Virus is a head cold – a virus of your mind (crown)


 These “events” appear to  be following a basic messianic script. Sort of like a live stream where the audience votes the plot twist in real time.  Nothing is absolutely predetermined as each generation of  the general population is a wild card. If this generation hasn’t ever experienced an old script, scripts can be recycled with predictable results. That is why if history doesn’t repeat itself, it often rhymes. As an added insurance policy to prevent the current generation from learning from history, history books are rewritten to remove any trace of the real objectives.

Today  old scripts can be laid down using  probability factors based upon known demographics of education, age of population, political and religious orientation. Computer modeling  of this sort has been in existence since the 50’s. It is beyond science and has moved into an art form for those with eyes to see. Few can imagine thinking on such a large scale and have been indoctrinated to dismiss such notions as easily as they dismiss the portrayal of any world dominating force  as a fictional James Bond nemesis.  Funny how life is beginning to imitate  art when you can see the big picture.

If you can move back from the forest,  the degree of planning and execution is evident. This is 911 on a global scale. – Consider the planning that went into the 911  illusion, and “square it”  to get a perspective. The groups holding the puppet strings are levels above the day to day actors hired to play their parts on the world stage. The general population just shakes their head at the illogical decisions made by these actors. Anyone actually posing a logical question is immediately tarred and feathered as an example to not point out the “emperor has no clothes”. The rest of the general population quietly sips the offered narrative from a tightly controlled global town crier as a plausible justification.  This plausible justification is always echoed by a well paid cadre of “experts” and pundits who provide cover for the action which is designed to move  the general population to simply shrug and say “Well, they probably know more about it”.

And this hidden group just gets bolder and bolder.

However, the natives are getting restless as the absurdity has been escalating for some time.

Even if you didn’t recognize  there is a macro plan in place, a growing majority of the earths population have sensed that something is wrong as evidenced by The Global Database of Events, Language, and Tone (GDELT)

Mapped: Every Protest On The Planet Since 1979 - published in 2013 – the graphic display is no longer functional, but imagine a 4th of July fireworks display starting with a blip on the map here, a blip there, gradually increasing until the map looks like the measles, and rising to the crescendo where you can visualize it like the 1812 overture as  the entire screen is nothing but exploding blips everywhere..

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- 1812 Overture - you can play in the background if you like.

Recognizing the problem is the first step in solving it. The problem is that few were aware of the vast network of hidden factions since factions changed costumes at the end of each act in the play. This ploy allowed them to remain hidden. They behaved like an Octopus (Again this hint was dropped in a James Bond film) where a cloud of ink befuddles any pursuer as the Octopus darts away, changes color and blends into the surroundings.

 This has been a war for your mind for the past 2000 years. Look at the earliest assault on the human brain by the Romans.

  • The pineal gland has been under attack for the past 2000 years.
  • Heavy metals tend to concentrate in the pineal gland.
  • Ancient Roman Aqueducts were constructed from lead pipes.
  • Lead Chemical Symbol PB – from which PlumBing originated.

It is clear that some people know that concentrations of heavy metals in the brain make populations docile, weak and easily confused.  Historians may point out that the primitive minds of the day didn’t know that and "Thank god we are much smarter society now". ....or are we?

  • Fluoride is a heavy metal put in drinking water.
  • Millions of US children have been diagnosed with ADHD
  • The estimated number of children ever diagnosed with ADHD, according to a national 2016 parent survey, is 6.1 million (9.4%). (Source  CDC)
  • Lithium is a heavy metal was first used as a pharmacological agent in 1847 by Alfred Garrod, who prescribed the medication for “brain gout” Given the dearth of methodologically stringent studies in the pediatric population, the FDA requested the creation of the Collaborative Lithium Trials to systematically assess lithium's efficacy and safety in pediatric bipolar disorder, a process that is still unfolding (3, 4).

This is SOP – Is there any possibility that they KNOW and are intentionally conducting “extensive testing” (read: Delay)  to suit their agenda?

Hmmm….Let’s overlook these facts since there is a  well-paid cadre of “experts” in white lab coats with a corporate “license” who provide plausible justification for this action.  Few people would consider that maybe those at the top actually know. It is inconceivable that someone at the top would knowingly put a toxin with hidden side effects into water  or children.  And that is exactly what the lower level minions think when you question them. They might run it up the flagpole, but will get a terse “Don’t be ridiculous, it’s safe” response from the top, and they will repeat the lie to you.  If you are persistent you might get a reference or two to a “report” which they will rely on to absolve themselves of any liability.  Did anyone ever consider that reports can be bought and paid for by those with an agenda?

Keeping populations dumbed down, docile and confused is working today, an increasing percentage of young adults today don’t even know what sex they are. This is the essence of “governmental” programs.  They govern (CONTROL) your mental (MIND). It is by design and is a program.

The worldwide script for Corona virus was outlined in this Twilight Zone episode. It is instructional to watch:

(if this video is moved, search for "The Monsters are Due on Maple Street" Season 1 episode 22)


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 And you can watch it here in real life:

The first 20 mins of this video is a video diary of what happened in her city/county over the past few days where there is not a single confirmed case of this Coronavirus. A perfect distillation of collective madness...

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Burn the Heretics: the Modern-Day Cult of Corona

Fear and uncertainty have dominated the media coverage of the Covid-19 epidemic. The novel coronavirus is depicted not as a pedestrian pathogen certain to be beaten into submission by the miracles of modern science any day now, but as an invisible evil lurking everywhere, formidable enough to inspire a respectful terror even in the leading lights of the medical establishment. And in case Americans had any doubt about how they were supposed to regard this new viral threat, the establishment talking heads many rely upon for the self-assured delivery of their news have swapped their usual swagger for apprehension. Amid this ‘confidence vacuum,’ the popular response to the pandemic has taken on a religious cast. Protective measures like masks have taken on a talismanic quality, hand-washing has been elevated to a ritual performance, and a cult built on naming and shaming ‘heretics’ has seized the minds of many - while their rights are quietly stripped away and a paternalistic police state substituted in their place.


Brooklyn, NYC. Pre-school for adults (alleged adults)


"You vill raise your child in fear!"



 Profit motive for COVID 19:


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