Boost Businesses of Hair Dressers And Hair Salons with Stable Bulk SMS Services


Summary: Bulk SMS is a simple tool to value customers without wetting your pants! Simply put, bulk SMS is a nice way of thanking your customers after every purchase and even waiting for a long queue without worrying about the cost induced.

Amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, shrills and cries of hair salons and local hairdressers were unheard! Since then the common keyword “DIY haircut” has been flooding the search engines for a while! It is a fairly difficult time for businesses as well as for people looking for a haircut/ trim. Times have changed, for all the businesses as likely for hairdressers and hair salons. Businesses need to reopen their shops and salons adhering to major safety guidelines. However, people need to know you are back in the market. And we know for a fact, bulk SMS service is a great way to make spread the word that you are back in town with a bang!

Highlight the few ways by which bulk SMS can help

  1. Spread the word: With an unrivaled open rate of 95%; SMS campaigns, promotional SMS, are a great way to communicate messages to known and unknown people in a bunch, to say you are back in town with a bang!
  2. Deduce the ill effect of communication: Effective communication can be the road to help your customers in the right pathway when they need you the most! We are talking of the hustle and bustle taking place all over the country when they fail miserably to book an appointment. This is where a mighty bulk SMS provider can be of immense help. A quick bulk message to thank your customers for their patience could prove valuable. What’s more, SMS can also help you manage a plethora of admin tasks which may help free up some time as well.
  3. Exciting opening hours: We know most hairdressers and hair salons are coming up with exclusive ideas to lure more people and to combat incurred losses in a jiffy! Your planning will become more fruitful as you choose bulk SMS over manual sheets where a database can be easily updated within minutes. 
  4. Engaging customers with great content: Great content is a great way to entice people in a good way to collect important feedback through lucrative SMS campaigns, where the whole idea is not afflicted by outward resources, and you can well, work on your plan and services to make it more amicable and acceptable.
  5. Golden SMS reminders: Upon reopening, you need to place slots in a way where social distancing is possible and a transactional SMS directly sent into your client’s inbox sounds like gold dust! 

People need to be accustomed to the new scenario, and what better way to keep them equipped with the best bulk SMS India!