Anna Slatz vs. the pedophile car-chasing habit


By Bernie Najarian with assistance from Yalpaghan Press Group, Oct 11, 2019.




If you’ve ever owned a rural dog, or a suburban dog in the olden days, you’ll be familiar with one of the worst developmental disasters the animal can possibly go through: it can become a car-chaser. 


Once a dog has decided that cars are the enemy, it’s a berserker for life.  Nothing you can do; it is stuck.  Rushing in blabbering fury at the wheels of every passing vehicle, it knows nothing but senseless pseudo-defensive noise.  People wittily ask these dogs, “what are you going to do if you ever ‘catch one,’ heh?” Good question.  A normal farm dog seems to be the essence of good sense and wisdom.  What’s gone wrong in the mind of the car-chaser? 


One of the weird aspects of social media is that they convert some humans into car chasers, or something much the same.  You could say, I think correctly, that conspiracy theorists were always car-chasers – but the scattered presence of stubbly tinfoilers and curlered, race-obsessed women tended to be socially muted, except maybe at school board meetings.  The internet, on the other hand, loves a good human car-chase, and has turned many insensate barkers, like Alex Jones, into shaggy celebrities subscribed to by hundreds of thousands.


In my observation, the traffic on Twitter that’s most likely to convert normal people into car-chasers is the NOMAPs, or to spell it out – the non-offending minor attracted people, a.k.a., abstinence-practicing pedophiles, hebephiles and ephebophiles. Seeing one of these self-proclaimed harmless accounts cruising by, especially if it has an ‘ages-of-attraction’ statement as a hood ornament (e.g., “AOA boys 7- 14”), is likely to compress formerly multi-faceted humans into infuriated furbags throwing themselves heedlessly at the fenders.  Luckily, the NOMAPs are mostly congenial and there’s little risk of one of these rageballs being run down.  Some of the chasers, I look at and think, “these people used to have lives,” as they spend countless hours barking at NOMAPs.  Finally, if they get insufficient satisfaction from that, they palliate the rage by rushing off into the bottomless swamp of reporting illegal-porn-posting accounts, which live transiently but perpetually in teeming Twitter demiworlds of their own. 


Despite countless barkcusations to the contrary, the NOMAPs are generally true protectors of the sexual inviolability of minor-aged people, and the constant clamor around them mystifies them.  They try to drive carefully alongside the chasers, putting out soothing explanations: “an attraction does not mean an action is going to happen;” “I didn’t choose this sexuality but I would never hurt a child,” and so on.


Occasional reasonable people are favorably impressed, but the barkers simply insist that the NOMAPs will rape a child the moment one’s back is turned, and they carry on barking.  Even the slightest rustle of an imagined sexual fantasy, produced by or projected onto the NOMAPs, will trigger paroxysms of cusswords and great drool-strings of screenshots cherrypicked to look as suggestive as possible. 


Human car-chasers know they’re going into combat, and, unlike their dog counterparts, they may take self-protective steps before attacking.  I think of Kailey Fox, an approximately 27-year-old woman from London, England, whose residual online artifacts show a once lively and charming mind – skilled artist, though not setting the world on fire (the arts are merciless), psychology student, novel writer, fanfic puzzle-maker, and so on – a renaissance internetter.  She makes an instructive case.


One reaches a moment, publicizing one’s art skills, when follower counts under 25 become depressing, especially if one’s academic life has yielded only a job that requires 50 hours a week of slogging. Perhaps in Fox’s case, the slump in early-20s optimism brought up memories of earlier shocks.  She claims that a recollection of some childhood abuse event was what triggered her to delete and privatize many accounts, and gird for war against “pedos and SJWisms” (SJW = social justice warrior, a pejorative for easily offended, reactively furious, women-and-minority-romanticizing leftists).  She’s been fanatically looking ever since for anything that would discredit NOMAPs (e.g., immature internet opinion posts long since repudiated by their makers, NOMAP teenagers who admit they once looked at child porn but stopped once they understood the circumstances, and so on) – any finding of a historic flaw in any one person instantly tars all community members with the traditional prejudicial taint of infinite deviousness.  And, progressively, she’s gone ever more into seeking dodgy images to report, though, like most such amateurs, she had as much horror for long-established 18+ twink porn sites as for anything with illicit overtones. 


I doubt that much progress is being made on her novel, unless it’s been turned into a pedophile horror story populated by people who wear non-offender pins while fondling babies.  As the traditional east London saying puts it, she’s gone barking. 





Recently, the ragged pack of red-eyed roadside humans picked up a new member, another mid-20s renaissance woman still residually glowing with post-adolescent powers, but more and more yielding to the curled lip and the snarl.   Anna Slatz is not new to controversy.  As a teenaged member of the Young Communist League in Victoria, British Columbia (BC), Canada in 2005, she was expelled for arguing that the (later so-designated) ‘intersectional’ call for recognition of racism as a separate force, outside of the divide-and-conquer tactics of capitalism, was an affront to the true spirit of Karl Marx https://www.thepostmillennial.com/confessions-of-a-young-communist/).  Kids these days, eh?  Now, at somewhere just under Kailey’s age (she says she was 13 when she watched a Canadian music channel show that ran from 1995 to 2006), she is a self-proclaimed ‘Reichian Marxist,’ but is making some graduate student pocket money by writing for far-right social media.  The sheer eccentricity of all this is delightful, even if some of the results are not. 


Her barkless approach to the far-right wing, despite her lefty background, first became noticeable in Jan., 2018, when she created a major regional scandal in the Canadian province of New Brunswick (NB) (https://www.buzzfeed.com/ishmaeldaro/the-baron-nsclrp).  She had abruptly, with minimal prior journalistic experience, become the editor of a university student newspaper called The Baron at the University of New Brunswick’s St. John, NB, campus.  Just around that time, a far right-wing ideologue named Michael Thurlow, president and perhaps entirety of a nominal group called the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP), had postered the University of New Brunswick’s Fredericton, NB, campus with material pressing a Canadian ‘hot button’ – calling the ‘residential schools,’ in which indigenous children were incarcerated for cultural re-indoctrination from 1884 to 1996, a benefit provided by European civilization to the uncivilized. 


Slatz’s reaction, as a sociology student, was not to bare her fangs on behalf of the children stripped of culture and often variously abused at these schools, but to explore further what the troubled self-racialized defender was motivated by.  According to Buzzfeed reporter Ishmael Daro (link above), she “published a largely uncritical interview with a Nazi sympathizer in which he praised Adolf Hitler's book Mein Kampf, downplayed the horrors of residential schools, and claimed white supremacy was a myth invented by Jews. The paper also published a separate opinion piece by him in which he spread a slew of anti-Indigenous and anti-Semitic tropes.”  The opinion piece gave a synopsis of Thurlow’s other (at the time, widely available, now mostly removed) views, which are stock-issue neo-Naziism, consistent with the views of the four female American neo-Nazi pro-Trump campaigners I profiled and critiqued in 2016 (https://justpaste.it/5wky3).  Archived documentation of some of Thurlow’s holocaust-denial and other Nazi themes are retained on the web by a young Canadian blogger styling herself ‘FeministKilljoy’:  https://thatfeministkilljoy.tumblr.com/post/170394183102/these-are-tweets-from-the-leader-of-the-national


Slatz, then writing under the name Anna de Luca, gave a libertarian justification in a Baron editorial defending her choice.  “In this age of extreme polarization, I saw gaining captainship of this publication as an opportunity to provide a diverse collection of contributors the ability to speak their truth — Whatever that truth may be … I promised myself that I would never censor, never correct or challenge.”


“The Baron is not a political activist organization. We are a student-led news and narratives publication. We recognize the incredible diversity of ideology, opinion, race, gender, religion, and sexuality that exists in this world, and we want to bring alllllll those folks together on our platform because it is in our benefit to do so…”


Some irony was later to emerge about the concept of encouraging ‘alllllll’ those diverse sexualities to express themselves. 


"Journalistic neutrality is rare nowadays, and very few platforms cater to a diversity of opinions," Slatz further elaborated in an email to Buzzfeed Canada. "Neutrality is our promise to our writers and readers that we will never censor their perspective because of some arbitrary reason — Like trying to demonstrate a misguided sense of activism….”  A further twist to the ‘never censor’ rationale was added in some defensive tweets where she added her academic interests in as an extenuation: (Sept. 24, 2019) “Blame my education in sociology and not activist journalism, but I actually wanted to know why it happened.” 


Slatz also pointed out that she identifies as indigenous Canadian, Ojibwe to be exact, based on a reddit post where she displayed some knowledge of the language.  “And I am even more proud that I took (Thurlow), as a white man who may very well hate folks like me, and gave him the same kindness and tolerance I give everyone else. It was an extreme test of my objectivity and ability to remove myself from the story, and I think I passed with flying fucking colors. #notsohumblebrag.” 


She was fired as editor shortly afterward. 






Still, after all that reaction, no barks given.  Kindness and tolerance for all.  And there was a greater context for Slatz’s lack of hackles at the intrusion of Nazi values.  Her sociological studies had led her to a fascination with two sources of philosophy advocating peaceful and calm disavowal of the ego – the Buddha, and L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology.  Throwing herself into her academics after her abrupt removal from student journalism, she took the encouragement of her supervising professor Joseph Galbo, she says, and began a blog on her main sociological interest:  the correspondence between the ideas of the founder of Scientology and traditional concepts from Hinduism and Buddhism.  This is by no means a forced topic, because although Scientology began as Dianetics, which melded pop psychology, science-fiction and, to some extent, ‘recovered memory’ hypnotic techniques, its founder Hubbard grounded it as a religion with concepts borrowed from various schools of Hinduism and Buddhism.  Finally, when he adapted the timeless-soul concept of ‘thetans’ from the Hindu ‘purusa,’ and contrasted it with MEST (matter, energy, space, time), from the Hindu ‘prakriti,’ Scientology essentially became a highly commercialized scale model of jnanamarga Hinduism, seeking to restore the transcendent self to bending, rather than being bent by, the forces of the transient universe. 


Slatz is so much in awe of Hubbard for his insight in effecting this social transfiguration that she keeps a large photo of him in her bedroom wherever she goes – she is currently a UNB exchange student in Thailand pursuing studies on threatened Myanmar minority groups.  Imagine her amazement when her Thai building concierge recognized the Hubbard portrait as an object of worship and placed a votive garland on it.  She states, however, that she’s not a full-blown Scientologist because the church is too religious for her taste, but she still looks up to, and at least pretends to worship, Hubbard as pre-eminent guru.  Her blog was called www.neohubbard.com.  She sometimes uses “Oh my Hubbard” as a cheeky substitute for ‘omg.’ 









Slatz got involved in increasing political controversy in late 2018 when she began writing for the frankly rightist (https://www.nationalobserver.com/2019/08/22/news/he-used-work-site-promoted-racists-now-he-edits-canadian-news-outlet), but also pro-ethnic-diversity web outlet called thepostmillennial.com.  Her first, Dec., 2018 article documenting censorship in China and Thailand (https://web.archive.org/web/20190306223551/www.thepostmillennial.com/living-under-censorship-in-china-and-thailand/) would have been uncontroversial in Canada, though it reiterated the philosophy that got Slatz into trouble as a student journalist: “For someone who considers themselves a free-speech absolutist and has suffered the consequences of that virtue more than once, the conditions of censorship I’ve been expected to endure over the past year have been nothing short of exhausting.”  


Slatz tilted her quixotic lance at a much more accessible target in Feb., 2019, by attacking the flailing-armed SJW grain mill of ‘cultural appropriation’ in “Why Cultural Appropriation Is an Empty Concept,” (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/why-cultural-appropriation-is-an-empty-concept/).  She followed on in the same vein later with the Canadian-specific SJW-joust “Using the Word “Genocide” Cheapens the MMIWG Tragedy” (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/using-the-word-genocide-cheapens-the-mmiwg-tragedy/; A governmentally funded inquiry on Canada’s many ‘missing and murdered indigenous women and girls’ had concluded that the government was practicing ‘genocide.’).  Somewhere in the process of taking on these cultural war items, Slatz did the same thing to her intellectually fawning Hubbard blog as Kailey Fox had done to some of her social media – she pressed the delete button. 


Though she claimed in an Aug. 23, 2019 tweet that she had “shuttered it because I simply didn’t have time to maintain it” and promised she would “re-publish it soon,” this luscious source of spin material for anyone opposing her politics remains available only in fragments in various web archives. 




As her experience in confrontation grew, Slatz felt empowered to take on the hottest-buttoned American topics.  She leaped in to defend fellow SJW-goading, right-wing-listening journalist Andy Ngo after he was whacked with a heavy object during an Antifa (Anti-Fascist) confrontation in Portland, Oregon.  (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/progressivist-blue-check-journalists-celebrate-the-assault-of-andy-ngo/; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Ngo).  As a follow-up, she went to Portland herself and bopped around at an Antifa vs. Proud Boys confrontation on Aug. 17.  Her observations, published in https://www.thepostmillennial.com/i-spent-one-day-with-antifa-in-portland/, concluded “Antifa, as good and well-intentioned as even a majority of them may be, have fundamental factional flaws that must be addressed if it wants to truly achieve the moral irreproachability it believe it currently has.”  (Insert ‘sic’ where appropriate).  


“Six months ago,” (April 2019; thepostmillennial doesn’t date publications, but merely says how many months ago they were published), Slatz discovered a rich lode of internet ore in the goldmine topic of pedophilia.  Her entry point was picking up where a previous Postmillennial writer had left off in documenting the bizarre case of Canadian transwoman-provocateuse Jessica Yaniv (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/the-truth-about-jessica-yaniv-is-beginning-to-emerge/). 


I’ve already written about Yaniv, in my article “The Y-ellow Streak:  Radical-Feminists and their War with Twitter, Transgenders, Pedophiles, and Risk” (https://justpaste.it/4t3mv, Jan 18, 2019).  She had, by the beginning of 2019, become the shapeshifting icon of dread for a group of feminists that, as I put it, “tends to regard non-offending pedophiles and male-to-female transsexuals as pretty much the same problem:  inherently devious, sexually overcharged people trying to get into safe spaces even though they can’t be trusted.”  The thing that really made Yaniv the poster-‘you-must-call-her-a-girl’ for these Somatic Essentialist Feminists (SEFs; known in internet war as TERFs), was that she had been exchanging remarkably cringeworthy, somewhat threatening, menstrual-pad-obsessed social media posts with, and about, underaged girls.  Some of these posts appeared to be currying sexual discourse, and perhaps even contact, in defiance of Canada’s strict internet luring laws (https://mirandayardley.com/en/jonathan-yaniv-is-a-predator/). 


Also, though, as the living perfect storm for the Ugly Transgender concept (the ‘ugly’ phrase is a reference to Eugene Burdick and William Lederer’s 1958 novel of diplomatic outrage, The Ugly American, not to Yaniv’s personal physiognomy or to transgendered people in general), Yaniv was involved in a human-rights complaint against several small businesses, often in-home, owned by female providers of waxing services for removing women’s pubic hair.  She insisted, despite sometimes having contacted the businesses using her male name, that the women accept the task of depilating her testicles as part of her female anatomy.  The service providers mostly insisted that they were not trained to deal with the thin-skinned organs and were not in the business of servicing applicants with male anatomy.  Yaniv’s demand for thousands of dollars in damages in exchange for dropping each of the 16 complaints (most still sub judice) was sufficiently daunting to cause at least one of the providers to go out of business.  This confrontation aroused several prominent SEFs to insist without reservation that Yaniv was actually a man, and an aggressive one at that.  They enunciated her historic ‘dead’ name Jonathan, last used just a few months previously, which in turn aroused Twitter to suspend their accounts for misgendering.  Some of the biggest-name feminist accounts on the site got the axe.  The resulting social media clamor could only have been exceeded if Michael Jackson’s ghost had been photographed moonwalking in baby Prince George’s bedroom. 


Sympathy even among the most SEF-skeptical members of the transgender community dried up for Yaniv as the BC Human Rights Tribunal, on Jul. 18, 2019, overturned its own identity publication ban with a judgment that showed clear reproof of Yaniv’s behavior.  The Commission noted that Yaniv herself was publicizing her cases in a way that made enforced anonymity unmerited.  The tweets given as evidence made it obvious that Yaniv, in her complaint process, was selecting businesses run by immigrant women.  A tweet issued by Yaniv’s Twitter account @trustednerd on Jun. 22 had said, “What ‘huge problem for women’ am I causing? Asserting the rights of the LGBTQ? That’s not a problem. You know what the problem is? People who come here with hateful views using their religion as a shield to spew hatred and refuse service on ‘religious grounds.’”


While disclaiming racism, she complained about the poor English of immigrants, and, while still posting under her male name, said she had joined a local “girls’ gym” to avoid immigrants who weren’t “exactly the cleanest people… They lie about shit, they’ll do anything to support their own kind and make things miserable for everyone else.”  Her theory was that the phobic immigrants would refuse to wear gym clothes, making her ‘safe’ in a gym environment. 


 Although there’s an ongoing cultural thread connecting conservative LGBT’ers – ranging from assassinated Dutch presidential hopeful Pim Fortuyn to Breitbart News shooting-star Milo Yiannopoulos – who reject liberal governments’ Candide-like eagerness to import immigrants from largely LGBT-hating cultures, Yaniv’s backyard-bigot complaints about dirtiness and cultural introgression put her far outside the pale of the credible human rights spokesperson.  She was, despite her many threats of lawsuits, a perfectly laid out target at the end of the internet shooting range. 


Eventually, Slatz managed to obtain screenshots of Yaniv making nakedly racist statements, like “I can’t stand those turban fuckers.” (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/jessica-yanivs-racism-and-anti-immigrant-sentiment-comes-to-light-with-shocking-new-evidence/)


Slatz is now up to eight successive Postmillennial articles about this dream object of outrage. 




Yaniv sassily invited to forum mostly on the topic of media suppression of women who insist on the right to call transwomen men






Swept up by the success of her journalistic enthusiasm, Slatz became personally involved, and her characteristically eccentric judgment began to show through.  She took up contact with young women who had been disturbed as minors by Yaniv’s web messages to them.  Earlier investigators, like BC provincial politician and transgender activist Morgane Oger, had already spoken to several of the affected women and advised them to file police complaints (https://morganeoger.ca/2019/04/19/preying-on-children-makes-you-a-predator-regardless-of-who-you-are/), but Slatz wanted the screenshots out in the open (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/exclusive-15-year-old-alleged-victim-of-jessica-yaniv-speaks-out/, https://www.thepostmillennial.com/exclusive-jessica-yaniv-accused-of-trying-to-share-child-porn-sexual-harassment-of-minors/).    


In her avidity to publish the salacious dirt from as many Yaniv victims as possible (https://www.thepostmillennial.com/breaking-jessica-yaniv-admits-to-child-predation-doxxing-blaire-white-and-a-new-accuser-emerges/), Slatz effected a colossal judgment glitch.  She had been contacted by a man named Ryan Gordon, claiming to be a film-maker, who asserted that he had access to Yaniv and had inside information that could help expose the wily troublemaker.  At some point in their communication, while “trying to find closure for victims,” she gave Ryan her list of the “underaged victims” to coordinate his efforts with (http://uquusqsaaad66cvub4473csdu4uu7ahxou3zqc35fpw5d4ificedzyqd.onion/threads/8-21-19-suspected-ryan-gordon-yanivs-agent-pays-a-visit-to-the-farms.59996/page-44#post-5239396) (Tor-only dark web link). 


“When I gave Gordon the name of one of the victims, it was not out of carelessness. It was because I was seeking closure for this particular girl on the edge of what I felt was the impending END of the Yaniv saga, according to Ryan Gordon. I asked Gordon if Yaniv had ever admitted to abusing her, and, if not, if there was a way for him to direct the conversations to Yaniv's time at GF (GizmoFusion, a tech startup that Yaniv was blogging for circa 2009, where he met an early victim – BN).

“I had been speaking to this particular victim for almost 1 month. I wanted to be able to give her good news. No article had been released on her because I was giving her plenty of time and plenty of space. She actually had plenty more evidence to provide -- PHYSICAL EVIDENCE -- that I was wanting her to take her sweet time on. Like with all of the victims, I have told her about Gordon and what happened.” 


Gordon was not, however, cooperating with her, and denounced her on the web’s most vicious personal slander site, kiwifarms, on Aug. 27. (https://kiwifarms.net/threads/8-21-19-suspected-ryan-gordon-yanivs-agent-pays-a-visit-to-the-farms.59996/page-38)


“Its very clear, in my opinion, that Anna does not respect confidentiality or have any sort of moral compass. To be frank, I was quite shocked when she text message me a list of alleged underage victims. She was more concerned with catching JY that she didn't even stop to think what she had just done and it was incredibly inappropriate. She didn't have a single clue who I was, we had just met by phone a few hours prior. If I was one of those alleged victims - I would be livid with Anna for releasing my name to a stranger.”


He went on to threaten her with litigation for reasons that might become clear if one were to wade through hundreds of racist, sexist, homophobic and slanderous posts on the website. 


Generally speaking, journalists try not to give names of minors involved in sexcrime cases to randoms.  It was the second major oops of Slatz’s now rather dubious hobby career.  Perhaps she was trying to get a feel for what it was like to be L. Ron Hubbard by being exposed to public ire. 





There was only one thing to do – refocus her self-envisioned crusading hero status by finding a target that would put everyone back on her side.  The Yaniv case had been a market survey in populist outrage consumption, and she knew exactly the topic that could polish up her besmutted brilliant future. 




This is the moment she discovered her bark.  



The car involved could be heard approaching in the distance on June 15, 2019.  English far-right political gadfly Katie Hopkins (@KTHopkins), whose Twitter account has a million followers, decided to publicize a tweet from the recently (Apr. 2018) established internet child protection organization, Prostasia Inc.  This registered charity, the name of which translates from Greek as ‘protection,’ had been set up to fill a conspicuous gap left by existing child protection organizations. Most were run by conservative religious organizations or other groups with puritanical viewpoints, markedly different from the views of mainstream internetters.  The Jun 6 tweet said, in response to tweets expressing dissatisfaction with the UK charity National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC):


“We are a new child protection organization that is inclusive of LGBTQ people, kinky people, and sex workers, and includes them in leadership. If you're looking to transfer your donation from @NSPCC, consider us instead.” 


Hopkin’s comment-retweet of Jun 15 said “Please explain a world where kinky, sex and trans-queer have ended up in the same sentence as child protection.”  The reaction from her followers was quick, voluminous and venomous.  Hopkins’ barbarous reformation of the TQ from LGBTQ as ‘trans-queer’ excited many of the trans-paranoid SEFs, none more than Bristol family law barrister and eyeglass-chain-rattling grand Grundy of England, Sarah V. Phillimore (https://web.archive.org/web/20181130094856/https://barbarahewson.org/2018/11/30/sarah-phillimore-and-the-bar-standards-board-2/).  She had just launched her own formulation of the SEF group’s ‘transgender/paedophile conspiracy theory’ on Jun 12: “What the paedophile groups have done is pulled off a very clever trick. By extension to the trans debate and ever shifting the age boundary lower to when children who wish to transition must be respected and supported, the paedophiles are riding that wave.” 




As is so often true of her proclamations, this was completely based in paranoid fantasy – no pedophile group had put forth any platform remotely like this byzantine strategy.  The statement’s only function, like that of the ongoing Desmondgate conspiracy theory (the idea that ‘drag kids’ appearing in the gay community are somehow connected with pedophilia) was to maximally stigmatize, by branding it as pedophilic, the Victorian crime of the unmanning of males.  Clearly, Phillimore was good and ready for a ‘trans-queer’ villain to emerge in her scope, and when it did, she was quick to pounce.


Just as she was grilling Prostasia’s Twitter account on Jun 18 (“You exist to promote acceptance of sexual kink or ‘deviancy,’ if I may use the more pejorative term”), a bonanza appeared – a gleefully disruptive teenaged hacker-tracker called ‘Ghost Razor’ confronted the organization with an unfamiliar mugshot from an online database showing a man, now involved in anti-child-abuse work and completely removed from contact with kids, who had written an article for their blog.  They had to immediately cut ties with the man for not fully disclosing his criminal history; in the heat of the moment, with Phillimore flourishing her copy of the mugshot at them, much rhetorical crossfire was exchanged.  Phillimore then disclosed that Prostasia had tried to apply leverage by digging up dirt about her own past sins (she had allegedly spilled sensitive information about a fellow activist’s son committing suicide and had abruptly departed a group called See Through Justice as a result).  She retaliated in part by chatting Prostasia up under her pseudonym ‘Spero’ on a notoriously trans-paranoid internet board called mumsnet (https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/04/20/mumsnet-whistleblower-transgender-section-28/) (Justine Roberts, proprietor). 


“They are an appalling bunch. The mask slipped pretty quickly. They insinuated themselves into a discussion I was having on Twitter about the NSPCC and invited people to switch their direct debits to them.

“I had never heard of them before but after some conversation I wasn't very reassured. Another Twitter user posted a mugshot of one of their members which showed he has been arrested in 2012 for sexual contact with a child under 13.

“A number of us asked the main Prostasia account what on earth was going on; we were all blocked.”


In fact, the conversation had extended across three days, despite the dozens of other angries and trolls in the queue.  Phillimore later characterized Prostasia CEO Jeremy Malcolm’s suggestion that they leave each other’s embarrassments alone as ‘blackmail’ in her mumsnet-inspired website: http://childprotectionresource.online/the-nspcc-and-child-protection-what-i-learned-this-month-about-speaking-up/


A typical anonymous mumsnet spin-a-logue responded directly to Phillimore’s mumsnet posts with:


ProStasia: means 'resurrection' in Greek (not true; both ancient and modern Greek for resurrection are ‘anastasi(s)’ – BN). Name may literally mean they are pro resurrecting something.  An organisation that was sleeping? A movement that was alive, then killed off, that they want to resurrect?  Is this PIE (long defunct but now far-right-legendary Paedophile Information Exchange from the UK of the 1980s – BN) resurrected and rebranded? 




Jeremy Malcolm, founder of Prostasia Inc., is actually a heterosexual, married and a father.



Somewhere along the line, the tire noise of all this spinning reached Slatz’s roadside ears.  She gave the mumsnet thread a prominent mention in her big bark, “The bizarre world of tax-exempt pedophiles,” published on Sept. 17, 2019.  It began:


“For many, charitable status is a legitimizing factor taken into consideration when choosing what organization or foundation to donate to. Government recognition that an entity’s work is valid enough to exempt them from taxes is often a good indicator of the work’s importance.


“However, there are always exceptions.


“This author found that three organizations had been granted full IRS tax-exempt status while encouraging, advocating for the rights of, or working to dismantle important safeguards against pedophiles and their access to children.


“The California-based organization Prostasia was given IRS tax exemption in 2018. While marketing itself as a children’s rights organization, Prostasia is a veritable grab-bag of causes surrounding sex and sexuality, but many believe (link to mumsnet thread – BN) it represents something far more sinister.


“In Prostasia’s blog entries, ‘child protection’ routinely ends up in the same sentences as ‘free speech,’ ‘kink,’ or ‘sex positivity.’ The topics of ageplay, furries, hentai, and prostitution are spoken about no differently as, and often with no barrier between, child sexuality and child sexual abuse.”



If Slatz had not gone into car-chase mode at this point, she would have noticed that the terms she quoted, rather than being a dissected word salad of ominous associations, had an underlying logic:  bring genuine child protection, and the recognition that it was being sponsored by the participants, into areas of activity traditionally socially canalized as escape hatches into amoral chaos, where anyone could look for anything he or she wanted.  Every sentence in Slatz’s article showed that she’d chosen to bark right past one of Prostasia’s three key statements of principle: “There is never any justification for adults to have sexual contact with minors or to use or traffic in child sexual abuse imagery (child pornography).”  To her, the enemy driving the car was very clear in a vague, looking-through-windows way. The shadow in there was a predatory puppophile cruising for puppies. 



“Disturbingly, Prostasia takes a bizarre approach to pedophilia as though it were a bogeyman dreamed up by the alt-right. In one blog post, raging against the social stigma associated with being an individual ‘sexually attracted to minors,’ while claiming that those who are pedophiles are less likely to sexually abuse children than the general population.  (Actually, the second sentence, however counterintuitive for most members of the public, is supported by all scientific and police studies of the matter - https://smart.gov/SOMAPI/sec1/ch3_typology.html.  The first sentence is incoherent when read word for word, though we can vaguely make out what Slatz is getting at – BN). 


“In another, it claims there is evidence to support that pedophilia is ‘comparable to a sexual orientation,’ citing Toronto psychiatrist Dr. James Cantor, who is infamous for his Tweets demanding the inclusion of pedophiles in the LGBT spectrum. Cantor is a member of the Prostasia team.”


Cantor, and other experts on sex offending and divergent sexualities, have indeed made such a proposition about orientation (https://www.scribd.com/doc/134033172/Michael-C-Seto-2012-ASB-is-Pedophilia-an-Orientation).  But why would anyone listen to experts on such topics?  In car-chasing mode, you don’t hear calls that the chase may be useless. 


In fact, Jeremy Malcolm has made painstaking efforts to explain his approach to enlisting groups thought to be deviant or licentious into his all-pervading internet child protection strategy.  Though he’s written up good accounts of this plan both at the Prostasia website (https://prostasia.org/blog/child-sexual-abuse-prevention-isnt-a-soft-option/, https://prostasia.org/blog/who-should-be-excluded-from-child-protection/) and in his personal blog (https://medium.com/@jmalcolm/crowdfunding-for-child-protection-human-rights-and-sex-positivity-f86173651a43), his direct response to Hopkins and Phillimore in a podcast interview done on Jun. 18, 2019 is especially to the point (

Video thumb
).  For brevity, I’ve omitted some straightforward material about encouraging sex workers to make child protection part of their daily life, thus helping to prevent the use of minors by unscrupulous people in the industry. 


(timestamp 3:20) The BDSM or kink community is a consensual adult sexual community in which role playing of abusive behavior goes on as a part of that consensual sexual practice. So, there are different kinds of abuse that are role-played, if you like. And, of course, it’s not abuse, because it’s consensual, and it’s between adults. But if you’re looking at it as an outsider without seeing the consensual aspect, it can look like abuse, because you have, you know, people being flogged – and then you also have this thing called ‘age play,’ which is where one of the parties is pretending to be a child as part of their sexual play.  Now, this is offensive to a lot of people; and one of the things that … the kink community says is, “don’t yuck somebody’s yum?” What that means is, OK, you may think this is disgusting, but you don’t have to do it, you know, just let other people do it – as long as they’re consenting adults, they’re not harming anyone.


You know, a lot of stuff that people may think is gross goes on in the consensual kink community. You know, there are people urinating on each other; there are lots of weird things that different people in the kink community get into. But if it’s consensual, that’s what makes it OK.  And that’s why we said that the kink community is also an important ally against child sexual abuse – because, you’ve got some people role-playing child sexual abuse, you know, or role-playing adult-child sex, which since it’s just fantasy, you can’t really call it abuse; but it does bring into question, how do we know that there are no real children involved in that?  How do we make sure that people who are interested in role playing as children don’t take another step and have actual children involved in this play?  And similarly, because of the risks of other types of abuse and harm as you go from role-playing to real life, the community needs to have really super strict standards about consent … the broader community doesn’t have such a focus on those issues because their activities are not so high risk. 


All those groups are valid allies against child sex abuse because they have special competencies, special knowledge, special experience that can be useful, and if we exclude them, we lose access to those insights …


The sex work community is not squeaky clean, the kink community is not squeaky clean and the MAP community is not squeaky clean – as you well know, there are lots of MAPs who do make wrong decisions, who do cause harm, but there are also those who don’t offend.  We know there are at least some MAPs who spend their whole lives without offending, and we think, why not allow the MAP community, just like the other communities, to have its role models, and to have its best practices, and to have those who are willing to stand up as allies for child protection, rather than just stigmatizing the entire community and saying that, oh no, all of them are offenders, or even if they’re not offenders, just thinking about it is as bad as offending.  You know, this is the kind of rhetoric that we hear, and it’s really harmful. 


It doesn’t mean that we’re apologists for child sexual abuse, it doesn’t mean that we have a hidden agenda, it doesn’t mean that we’re part of a great big conspiracy – it means that we’re just brave enough to ally with these controversial stigmatized groups in society, because we believe that our fight against child sexual abuse is stronger with these people on our side….


The only approach that most other child protection organizations take is a war against MAPs, when instead, MAPs can be magnificently useful allies…


Like Phillimore casting every gender-changing preteen as a pedophile plot, however, Slatz characterizes every attempt to engage with cooperative non-offending MAPs as a plot to loosen offenderdom.  For this barkfest, she has two main lines of evidence from Prostasia itself.  One is that the organization supports research on whether the use of inherently harmless alternatives, such as erotic cartoons or life-size dolls, might make it easier for some MAPs to remain abstinent in good equanimity.  Another is that the organization, in its expert advisory council, includes a legal expert, Guy Hamilton-Smith, who was convicted for downloading internet child pornography in his early 20s.


In response to the first liberal gear-shift, Slatz, with Victorian fur at full tilt, becomes a typical heresy-finder for whom the very idea of someone experiencing an attraction to child-like inanimate objects must be eliminated from the cosmos by making loud and scary noises at it.  Of course, anyone who’s experienced a sexual attraction or fantasy of any kind knows that such mental pathways, which by no means demand to be enacted in real life in every configuration, are not influenced in the slightest by beastly and frantic noises from the outside world.  In the classic Kris Xavier breakdown of reactions to cartoon pornography (https://jpst.it/YwJK), Slatz’s adoption of the traditional ‘opening the floodgates’ (OTF) dread, otherwise known as ‘Victorian thought-suppression,’ is fundamentally predicated on the mental folly that other people’s sexual attractions can be la-la-la-la’d or bow-wow-wowed out of existence, and that people will somehow only be able to imagine sexual acts consistent with their inbuilt attractions if these thoughts are ‘normalized’ or pre-approved by the social censor board.  This doggish oblivion about psychosexual spontaneity, actually, is one of the main forces that prevent ethically impracticable attractions from being dealt with by social influence rather than by spottily applied force.  The bow-wow-wow thus creates a major social loophole allowing sexual abuse to occur in alienated secrecy.  No one takes their moral guidance from the car-chaser at their wheels.



As for Hamilton-Smith, in contrast to Slatz’s dogged insistence that he be treated as a dangerous pedophile offender, he is a happily married teleiophile (adult-attracted person) who, if he experiences any greater degree of minor attraction than the average male, has effectively put it out of mind.  He states in a frank Reddit AMA (‘ask me anything’; https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/77n82n/my_name_is_guy_hamiltonsmith_i_am_a_law_school/) and in a blog post (https://medium.com/@guy.hamilton.smith/dear-gay-3f1e779293c4  ) that part of taking full responsibility for his crime of downloading a small proportion of illegal images during a grim time of internet porn addiction is to provide psychological and legal insight that might be needed to prevent similar bad decisions in others.  There are various theories afloat about the extent to which severe porn habits can be called addictions, and Hamilton-Smith’s tactic of recovering using a 12-step program might not appeal to some people, but for others, it might be a life-saver.  The real threat Hamilton-Smith poses to barkers like Slatz is that he shows that people whose illegal actions appear to show minor-attraction can be fully legally rehabilitated, and they can exert confidence in the rehabilitation of others.  (This rehabilitation to lawfulness should not be confused with ‘conversion therapy,’ the fictional reshaping of the sexuality).  To those who treat the slightest possibility of MAP mental content as an ineffable, infuriating danger that cannot be left un-bow-wow-wowed, Hamilton-Smith is transformed from the stable citizen he actually is into an object they must always fling themselves against.  To let him go on as a citizen would be to normalize indwelling heresy. 


It made perfect sense for Prostasia to have an advisory panel member who had completely conquered the problems that lead tens of thousands of people to collect and distribute child pornography. If one man could do it, so could many others, if they were expertly approached. 


Slatz wants to run that expertise off the road. 


Her road-rampage then goes on to roar about the dodgy 2009 opinions of a long-dead founder of another charity aiding MAPs to live lawfully, B4U-ACT, and finally to blather about a registered charity name, Pedophile Associates of America, Inc., that has never been associated with any activity whatsoever. 











The attempt to regain her wobbly internet street cred by having a good rage at some pedophiles was a successful attention-grabber.  Other luminaries of far-right scandal opportunism like Mike Cernovich, Mindy Robinson and even the conscienceless fake news dispenser Ian Miles Cheong (https://justpaste.it/1exxe), all with Twitter followers in the hundreds of thousands, gathered around to felicitate Slatz and help her and the usual army of hate trolls fend off Jeremy Malcolm’s responses. 






Slatz’s attention to factual detail had been so completely abandoned in her road rage quest that she had the honor of coming under fire from the top expert in the area she was attacking, Prof. James Cantor.  Quite the thrill for the grad student and would-be fellow Canadian academic.  But first, since he initially ignored her Sept. 17 article in which he was criticized, she had to make a separate barking charge against him on Sept. 22.  Zeroing in on one of his several tweets supporting the highly controversial proposition that pedophiles be taken into a broad tent with the LGBTQ (a proposal made all the more exotic by being most famously associated with provocateur Heart Progress trolls in the 2016-2017 fake-pedophilia cyberwar against U.S. liberals - https://justpaste.it/5e8z6), Slatz play-acted the role of witch-hunt Inquisitor, saying, “I condemn thee.”   


Cantor responded wittily with, “You’ll have to repeat it three times standing inside of a pentagram,” spinning Slatz as a Satanist.  She replied with typical hyperaggressive swagger, “If it works, I’ll even wear a cloak.”  Cantor got serious: “Now that we’ve dispensed with any illusions of journalistic dispassion on your part, I notice you treated even opposing groups (anti-contact/non-offending pedophiles vs. child sex offenders – BN) as being co-conspirators.  Do you not know or care about their opposing philosophies?” 


Slatz responded, “I don’t think you whined to Salon or any of the other rags that published sob fluff pieces about pedophile’s fee-fees (feelings – BN) had too little ‘dispassion.’”  Here she was employing what pro-NOMAP tweeter Kamil Beylant calls the ‘emotional, or crying, troll cliché’: “The essence of the ‘crying’ cliché is that the troll is in control of him/herself, while the target has lost self-control.  Trolling is a power game and to spin the target as weak is the essence of the game.” (https://justpaste.it/darkartsdefensetrolls).  Strangely impertinent to pull that one on a professor.  She continued, with the usual mad-dog pose that all pedophiles could be treated as offenders regardless of actual history, “My journalism will always be about protecting the rights of children and other vulnerable groups, horny pedos NOT being one of them.”  Cantor responded with, “Where do I send a letter-to-the-editor with the fact-checking you didn’t get around to doing in expressing your foregone conclusions?”  He continued, in another tweet, with, “the evidence seems to suggest once again that you have trouble conducting even a first round of basic research, never mind removal of your emotions from your reasoning.” 


Indeed, whichever imperspicuous scholar at UNB has taken on Slatz as a graduate student had better enlist examiners who are extremely sharp on fact-checking. 






In her culminating urge to have a bark at every car on the road and to really get as close to the wheels as possible, Slatz looked into the Twitter feed of one more expert on sexual diversity, Cantor’s highly regarded but often controversial mentor, Ray Blanchard.  By this time, the idea of checking a fact had completely vacated her barked-out brain. 


Blanchard had comment-tweeted an interview with Todd Nickerson, the one openly self-disclosed life-long NOMAP residing in the US today.  The 24-minute interview by Andrew Hales of the LAHWF YouTube channel (

Video thumb
) was called ‘Chatting with a Virtuous Pedophile,’ and had been released on Sep 18, 2019, just after Slatz’s article came out.  Blanchard’s tweet about it had stated, “A ‘virtuous’ pedophile is one who does not attempt sexual contact with children and believes it would be wrong.” 


Slatz’s initial Sept. 21 bark at this tweet was random noise:  “Most of the time, these ‘virtuous’ pedophiles are simply those who go ‘yeah *molesting* a child is bad, BUT” or “IF we don’t molest them we should be allowed to…” These comments seemed to imply that being deliberately harmless to children was of no value whatsoever, as long as some other outrage went on, presumably possessing those heretical mental contents that people with un-acted-on attractions must deal with.  In a case like this, the car has stopped on the roadside and the driver has rolled down the window to tell the dog, “you see, I’m just an ordinary person inside a car, you caught me, I’m completely harmless, now what do you want?”  The dog is having none of it and continues to bark madly at any spirit that could animate such a metal monster.  Slatz continues: “No. The only virtuous pedophile is a castrated one. I AM UNAPOLOGETIC ON THIS STANCE.”  This anomalous viewpoint was long ago deftly debunked by a virtuous pedophile named Sakura who is one of a number of post-operative male-to-female transgendered people in the community.  On being told by a troll, “you should be permanently castrated,” she replied, “that’s not really much of a threat to a transwoman. But I can tell you first hand that it doesn’t change the attraction.” 


The pit bull urge to genitally mutilate sex heretics has no relation whatsoever to child protection.  It’s its own bizarre medievalism that pops out when people have become so exercised by the idea of a froward minority that they completely lose their grip. 




The unhinged, slavering Slatz then turned her attention to Nickerson.  She quickly collected four screenshots from the thread on Nickerson in the kiwifarms slander website that she had begun to frequent in her search for dirt on Jessica Yaniv, and then issued a tweet.  “The “virtuous pedophile” @BlanchardPhD (whom I like) trotted out just now after a cursory, 5 minute glance: a) masturbated to a little girl while he was babysitting, b) PREFER a child as a SEX PARTNER tyvm (‘thank you very much’ – BN),  c) Kids can willingly participate in their r*pe, d) Pedophilia is a sexuality. THROW IT AWAY.”  To begin with, this response made it clear she hadn’t looked at the interview she was reacting to, since she was accusing Nickerson of a crime well known to be an internet slur that had never happened. 



The truth of the “masturbated to a little girl” story was that it was a colossal ‘nothing happened’ story.  It was so banal that Nickerson recounted the incident in a YouTube interview with Salon magazine that is no longer on the magazine’s channel.  He used the story to illustrate how he discovered that he was not going to be able to wish away his pedophilia and would have to deal with it with firm resolution.  He said that age 18, “in denial about my sexuality” as a result of an attempt at self-conversion through Christian prayer, Nickerson had taken on a babysitting job with a 5-year-old girl who, in hindsight, may have previously learned sexual behavior from someone else in her life.  Nickerson, who’d expected to keep a child entertained in the normal way, was taken by surprise by a little girl making overtly sexual gestures – touching his crotch and rushing to a bed, stripping, and demanding he touch her ‘down there.’  To prevent himself from being carried away by his 18-year-old hormones and giving in to her gestures, he went to the washroom momentarily and took his prostate gland out of the conversation in the normal male way.  The girl only knew that he had gone to the washroom for a normal length of time.


Trolls, many of whom probably have pedophilic impulses they are trying to suppress through self-contempt and externalized rage, have attempted for years to spin this Salon disclosure as an incident where Nickerson masturbated in a little girl’s face.  Slatz’s screenshot showed a conversation where Nickerson had responded to one of these trolls without fully correcting the skewed question the troll had asked.  The maddened journalist had, without doing an instant of fact-checking, reiterated the troll story verbatim.  A moment of thought would have made her realize that her interpretation was incompatible with Nickerson’s arrest-free life, since disclosure of such a sex crime at any time would lead to prosecution.  But bow-wow-wow and reflection don’t mix well together. 






The next Nickerson screenshot was simply spun out of context, since Nickerson had merely stated, to yet another trolling questioner, the tautologically obvious: as a pedophile, he would be most attracted to a child as a hypothetical sex partner, but only if it would do no harm.  Since, as an anti-contact NOMAP, he believes that it WOULD do harm, that sets the matter off the discussion table for actual acts. 


The third kiwifarms screenshots that Slatz copied in her rage-fling against Nickerson was more interesting, especially in the context of her attack.  Nickerson had said, in one of the countless discussions that go on about the dual meaning of the word ‘rape,’ violent and statutory (inferred-violational), “Is all sexual contact rape? Kids do participate willingly sometimes. It’s still wrong, but it happens.”  Anna was outraged at the idea of willing engagement, not at all mollified by the statement that it was wrong to allow this voluntarism or groomed reaction to become actualized.  Anyone professionally involved in psychology or sociology could reassure her that, as much as they might hate the idea, the phenomenon mentioned is by no means unknown.  Indeed, one of the most popular movies in American history, Summer of 42, was an autobiographical ‘coming of age’ story featuring a 15-year-old boy getting naked and trying to initiate a sexual event in an attempt to console a grieving, recently widowed adult neighbor woman he’d fallen in love with.  The filmmaker, Herman Raucher, had undergone the same experience, actually at age 14 rather than 15.  Only in 21st century neopuritanism could people obliterate such realities from the realm of possibility.  In Slatz’s case, though, the avidya (to use a Hindu term she’d certainly know, meaning self-deceiving mental imperception) was especially remarkable.  Of the two 20th century historic figures she is attached to, the only one who might eclipse L. Ron Hubbard in her estimation is psychologist, socialist and sexology crackpot Wilhelm Reich – recall that Slatz describes herself as a “Reichian Marxist.”  


For example, a philosophy-loving ‘deleuze kissed foucault’ (@SimonObirek) Twitter account asked, “If you had a little money left over, which book would you buy that fits the bill with my channel? It can be as well-known or as obscure as you'd like, it can be a reader/anthology or just a monograph. Deleuze & Guattari/postmodernism/techno-philosophy, anti-capitalism, etc.” Slatz answered by tweeting, “anything by Wilhelm Reich.”



What would Reich have to say about dismissal of Nickerson’s statement that some kids voluntarily attempted sex?  Perhaps his famous diaries might reveal his views.  Here’s a quote from Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich):


“As an adult Reich wrote extensively, in his diary, about his sexual precocity. He maintained that his first sexual experience was at the age of four when he tried to have sex with the family maid (with whom he shared a bed), that he would regularly watch the farm animals have sex, that he used a whip handle sexually on the horses while masturbating, and that he had almost daily sexual intercourse from the age of 11 with another of the servants. He wrote of regular visits to brothels, the first when he was 15, and said he was visiting them daily from the age of around 17.”


Reich’s daughter Lore Reich Rubin, a psychiatrist, later formulated the conventional explanation that her father been sexually abused, even though there’s no mention in the copious early diary recollections about such an event.  Hypersexuality is often said to be a possible outcome of early abuse, so her comment is interesting even if unsubstantiated.  In any case, whatever may have activated Reich, he dedicated most of his post-testicular-drop childhood (Tanner stages III to V, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanner_scale) to confirming Nickerson’s statement of fact on an almost daily basis. 


Slatz had written one of her now-unavailable ‘neohubbard’ blog pieces about Reich and Hubbard’s views on sex (www.neohubbard.com/blog/the-neurotic-anti-sexed, not found in web archive or archive.is). You’d think she might have known a thing or two about the man. 




Just as it’s a sad moment when you find out a family member has become an opioid addict or has succumbed to an online porn addiction, it’s also sad to see an intelligent writer and promising student convert to being an online pedophile car-chaser. 


Every principle that Slatz ever had has been lost in this race for the wheels.  There is no sign that, despite her respect for ‘alllllll’ the ‘incredible diversity’ of sexualities she once offered a voice to, and whom she promised she wold “never censor their perspective because of some arbitrary reason — Like trying to demonstrate a misguided sense of activism,” she is yearning to hear the realities of those she’s barking at – not even the completely lawful ones.  Only fascists and other far-rightists like her Postmillennial contacts have that privilege, apparently.  Slatz is not putting any conspicuous pressure on thepostmillennial.com to allow Jeremy Malcolm, or James Cantor PhD, or Todd Nickerson, to have their say in its webpages in response to her, shall we say, “misguided sense of activism.”   


“And I am even more proud that I took (Nazi Thurlow), as a white man who may very well hate folks like me, and gave him the same kindness and tolerance I give everyone else. It was an extreme test of my objectivity and ability to remove myself from the story, and I think I passed with flying fucking colors. #notsohumblebrag.” 


Those flying fucking colors are now thickly covered in road dust, along with the kindness, tolerance, and especially the objectivity.  This new disturbed, curbside existence is truly pathetic. 


Perhaps Prostasia, with assistance from Hamilton-Smith and Nickerson, could develop a 12-step program that could lead Slatz and others suffering the same deranged condition back to fact-checking and general scholarly/journalistic mental health.  See https://prostasia.org to make donations.