Räikkönen's and Arnall's good chemistry


Räikkönen and Arnall have been working together for 15 years - and together they go to new challenges in the next season.

Turun Sanomat got a rare interview with the driver and his trainer in the scorching hot Sepang paddock.

What does it mean to Räikkönen to work with the same trainer for so long?

- We have worked together always. Of course, in the first season at Sauber I had Josef Leberer. With Mark we know exactly what we need to do and how it will be. Neither of us needs to ask for or wonder about anything, smiles Raikkonen.

- Of course it’s a great help when Mark has always everything ready and things go like it should be. Obviously if things hadn’t gone as wanted, we would no longer work together.

- Mark is a great guy, I can’t imagine anyone else, Raikkonen praises.


The British trainer praises the incredible journey alongside the Finnish star.

- I really enjoyed it. It was quite a journey for me to see the athlete growing from a boy to a husband and father. As a father, Kimi is very inspiring, and it is just great to watch how he is doing with Robin. Kimi is just a fantastic father.

- It has been an absolutely brilliant experience to see Kimi’s change and progress over the years, and to have been close to witness it.

- When I look back over these 15 years, the mind will rise immediately to the first win in Malaysia, the first pole at the Nürburgring, the first win in Monaco and the world championship, but in addition to those peak moments, there a the lows, such as the car breaking down in the final lap at the Nürburgring, when he was about to win the race, and then waking up to Ron Dennis' call, when he had seen a picture of Kimi fallen asleep with a rubber duck.

- It has been very challenging in a nice way to be this close. I would’t trade a day off. For me, this was just a fantastic experience.

- When looking for just the peak moment, it was of course the world championship, which I think Kimi more than deserved.

- In particular, I would highlight the core of our group: David and Steve Robertson, Kimi and I have worked really closely together. It aimed at the same objective of a good team of people who helped Kimi to take the biggest goal.

- Kimi is still one of the most naturally talented drivers on the grid, and from the driving point of view he has not lost anything, Arnall stresses.

The driver and the coach have also been rare unanimous.

- There is no need to argue when you can discuss matters.