You’re Guide to Overnight Diapers

Are you often worried about your little one sleeping in a soaking diaper through the night? Well, an overnight diaper might be the solution! Here is a guide to help you know what they are all about!


There are many things that concerns a parent, especially ones that have just welcomed their little cherub into the world. Of these concerns, there is one that doesn’t let their child sleep through the night, literally! We are talking about a soaking wet diaper! We know how often parents have to end up changing their little one’s soiled diaper throughout the day till the time the baby does not learn to control his or her bowel movements!


Overnight diaper changing is a tricky aspect however. A lot of times, you or even your child is not aware of the fact that the diaper has soaked through. Other times your little one may wake up crying because he or she cannot sleep due to the wetness of the diaper. Trying to change the diaper of your baby, whilst he or she is crying and cranky and you are half asleep can be a huge task! So, what is the solution? Investing in the best overnight diapers that you can find!


What are they?

Ok let us think of overnight diapers as a more impressive and efficient version of any kind of disposable diaper that hold tremendous power in them to soak up more than your normal diapers. Diapers like extra dry pants style diaper or junior night pants happen to be some examples of these amazingly efficient diapers. Most of the overnight diapers from good brands are capable of keeping your little one dry for close to 12 hours. Of course, this also depends on the urine output of the baby since all babies do not produce the same amount of urine. Overnight diapers also happen to have around 20 or 25% more absorbency power when compared to day time diapers. Of course, they also happen to be a tad bit bulkier than its day-time counter-part, but it enables your baby to sleep soundlessly, shouldn’t that matter the most?


What is the need?

Well, the more important question is to see and observe whether your little one needs it or not. There are some babies who might be doing absolutely fine even at night time by wearing day time diapers and not soaking them through. If the little one does not seem to be getting irritated while wearing a day diaper during the night time and seems to be keeping dry when you change their diapers, there is no need to make them wear the overnight diaper. However, a majority of kids actually do soak through their diaper while sleeping and leads to rashes and infections and a cranky baby if the diaper isn’t changed in time. So, to make sure that your child spends his or her time sleeping peacefully, we definitely recommend overnight diapers.


Tips To Buy Overnight Diapers

Here are a few tips that will help you pick the best overnight diaper for your little one.

  • Do not buy in bulk: Seeing as you have a growing child on your hands, buying in bulk is never a good option when it comes to diapers as eventually the little one outgrows them. Instead pick up a few trial packs to decide which brand you prefer and which size and capacity suits your baby the best, and then buy a few packs of that particular diaper.
  • The gender of the little one: Of course, there are not separate diapers for boys or girls available in the market. However, you have to agree with the fact that the urinating pattern of boys is different than that of girls and according to that wetness pattern, another trial and error method might need to take place to meet perfection in terms of overnight diapers.
  • High support: There are particular brands available in the market that manufacture their diaper with a thigh support option. This stretchable feature helps to prevent thigh gaps in little ones, thus preventing any leakages from happening!

We hope that we have been able to answer some of the doubts and questions that you might have had about overnight diapers. Trust us when we tell you that investing in them would definitely make you and your little one happy!