Boost your Security alarm With Motion Activated Spotlights



Ever since they were invented, motion activated spotlight's are already a serious deterrent against home burglary as well as a great security alarms tool. One in every six homes in the usa will likely be burglarized in 2010. Meaning in case you be in your property for six years odds are very good you are burglarized. Just a statistical fact!

Led Bulbs


Law enforcement officials authorities reveal that six of all the 10 homes that's burglarized happened through unlocked doors or windows. I am talking about seriously folks somewhat good sense here. And then for any police department will explain that 90 percent of home burglaries may be prevented. Burglars do not like noise light or lengthy visits. When they can't get in in two minutes or learn what they really want indoors inside one minute they'll go elsewhere.

Most homes have dead spots where light doesn't shine through the night. They create for perfect hiding places to the bad guys to allow them to get into your house. A perfect way to get over these dead spots is usually to install a motion activated spotlight.

When motion is detected through the night super a bright LED spotlight happens. It's of view range of 80 feet with a viewing angle from the 120 degrees. However, this isn't any ordinary motion spotlight.

This has a camera internal along with a DVR that records images to a 8 GB micro SD card. It will record up to five hours of video clip. With the motion activated camera that may be as much as a weeks' valuation on activity.

So you don't only receive the benefits of motion activated spotlight to discourage a security alarm but you also get a camera and DVR to record pictures of guys stupid enough to try and get into your house.