The way to Increase your Home Security With Motion Activated Spotlights


Motion activated spotlights are one the very best deterrents against home burglary. If the burglar sees any situation that will slow him down, make noise or brighten the area-like a spotlight, chances are he can start working on a less strenuous target.


That is why security devices like door and window alarms that produce noise and motion activated spotlights are very effective. The longer it requires for the bad guys to get involved with your property better the likelihood is he will leave.

Statistics reveal that 60 percent of all break-ins happen through unlocked doors and windows. So security might be improved by locking windows and doors even though you have reached home.

An execllent approach to improve security alarm is to use these motion activated spotlights. Inside the units can be a hidden camera and integrated DVR. In the event the sensor is activated, a bright 80 LED spotlight comes on along with the camera records images on the Facts in the DVR. It can glow a region ninety feet away along with a 120 degree field of view.

Around five hours of activity might be concerning an Facts which doesn't appear to be much however it is all motion recording-no dead spots. To view your recordings insert the SD card in your computer's Facts reader

The spotlight hidden camera will support a 32 GB Facts that's optional.