Advantages of Using Plasma Autoclaves

Summary: Use of autoclaves is common in the medical industry for sterilizing and disinfecting medical equipment and instruments. Using a plasma autoclave has gained prominence in the recent years for its efficiency in sterilizing the equipment thoroughly. Risks of infections have been reduced considerably by disinfecting the equipment and instruments via autoclave de plasma. Different classes of autoclaves are available as per the sterilization requirements.

There have been many incidents where infections from medical equipment and instruments have caused health hazards for patients. In fact, some such infections have proved to be fatal. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to get the equipment sterilized in the best possible manner. Usage of autoclave plasma has proved to be really effective in this regard. With high quality autoclave de plasma, it is possible to sterilize any kind of heat sensitive medical equipment and device at low temperature. Many surgical instruments like ultrasound Doppler’s, surgical drills, ophthalmic lenses, flexible endoscopes, rigid scopes, shavers hand pieces etc. can be easily sterilized with the help of this autoclave.

Mentioned below are some advantages of using autoclave working on plasma technology:

  • Extremely reliable sterilization process

The process of sterilization that takes place within an autoclave running on plasma technology is of superior quality. The chamber of the autoclave is made of some alloy material with excellent thermal conductivity for ensuring stable temperature distribution all over the chamber. The hydrogen peroxide diffuses uniformly providing overall sterilization, disinfecting every part of medical instruments and equipment.

  • Cost effective and time saving sterilization

Usually autoclave plasma has a rectangular chamber with capacity of sterilizing multiple equipment at a time. The sterilizing cycle is short, taking less than 50 minutes. The process of sterilization is so thorough and complete that the instruments can be used directly after taking them out from the chamber. There is no need for any further processing. This cuts down time and also saves on the costs of sterilizing the medical equipment.

  • Sterilization at low temperature for enhanced equipment life

The temperature range in autoclave de plasma is between 104°F - 131°F or 50°C - 60°C. This low temperature sterilization does not harm or damage the instruments and equipment in any manner. In fact this sterilization process helps in extending the life of the equipment by a great extent.

  • Easy and convenient method of installation

The process of installation of autoclave running on plasma technology is quite simple and convenient. The autoclave needs to be connected to a power supply and that’s all. The interface of the device is quite user-friendly and comes with intelligent programming software. Even a novice dealing with such equipment can handle the same conveniently.

Using autoclave plasma has kind of become mandatory in hospitals and clinics where sterilization of medical instruments is necessary. Make sure that you purchase such devices from authentic places. Products should come with warranty and after sales service. MoonMed (visit official website at is a renowned company that manufactures top quality autoclave de plasma products.