this needs to be addressed.

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DO NOT GO TO THE PARTY. PLEASE. Marina's twitter account (which Marina probably does not have control over) has tweeted about a party. Do NOT go. There have been reports of shootings in the location. 

i have the feeling, along with many other people, that someone is forcing marina to make these videos (most likely her boyfriend, but it is possible that she could have been kidnapped.) or she's overdosing on drugs. her eyes keep trailing off behind the camera and her body language makes her seem incredibly uncomfortable. almost like she's repeating what someone else is doing. she can barely stand still, she's shaking, and her body appears stiff and wobbly.

as a lot of other people are pointing out in her "date outfit ideas" video, at 0:08 you can see a piece of paper in the left corner, which has the possibility to be a script, you can hear a faint "help me" at 0:13, at 0:15 you can clearly see somebody's finger to the left of the screen telling her where to go, at 1:04 you can see visible bruises on her arms, as well as on her back at 1:13. pay attention to her eyes at 1:08, look at how they look beyond the camera with the look of fear, and how she smiles after it - like she was being told to. everything starting from 1:22-1:31 looks extremely forced, and if your speakers/headphones are loud enough, you can hear breathing at 0:53-0:57

in her "every day makeup tutorial" video, you can visibly see some type of shotgun or rifle near her dresser starting from 1:43, and there are containers on her nightstand which could contain anything from medicine, to a sleeping serum (like nyquil), as well as drugs. at 4:31 you can see how she hears the car and quickly shifts her eyes over to where the sound is coming from, and she starts talking quicker. at 4:47 she used an outro from an older videos and you can see how she appears thinner than usual, which could also be another side effect of drug usage.

in the first 1 minute and 30 seconds of her Q&A- she keeps repeating herself, inhaling a lot, and blinking her eyes a lot more than normal which could very well be the side effects of a drug called "speed". she even told people to stop saying that she's "on anything" because she claims to be sober. if she is on drugs, there's a big chance that it is speed. here are a few side effects of it: People taking this amphetamine may talk a lot, take quick breaths, and act excited and shaky. With the effects lasting up to 12 hours, speed makes it hard for users to sit still and go to sleep. Violent outbursts can be a sign a person is using speed. HERE ARE MORE SIDE EFFECTS. it appears to be more than likely that she's been taking drugs. some of her friends have been known to use drugs. as seen here and here. this was one of the girls who were in the "date outfit ideas" video. at 3:52, she's enthusiastically talking about one of her favorite bands, safetysuit, until she notices something and stops. she looks over toward the ground, avoiding eye contact before she even finishes what she was saying. then a jumpcut comes in and she ends the video. she stutters a lot in the Q&A and she seems like she's rushed. this could be because someone is telling her what to do. at the end of the Q&A , she doesn't look at the camera when she ends it, she looks to the side. like she's paying attention to something/someone. she's been known to do this in some of her other videos as well, and it could also very well be because she's looking for the button to press when ending the recording. there are still possibilities though.

in her "why i'm vegan" video, she acts similar to the way she acted in the Q&A. she's blinking constantly and instead of pausing her sentences, she inhales. she repeats herself an awful lot throughout this video too. at 1:46, she sounds like she's about the cry or throw up, and you can see her grind her teeth - which is, yet again,  another side effect of drug usage. 

another thing that i'd like to point out is how the description of this video has a lot less information than the ones made before (like this one.) this could be because her boyfriend (or if she was kidnapped; the kidnapper) has taken all control over her channel. which means they would be reading most of the comments, including the ones telling her to drop hints. if this is the case, they're the ones replying to comments (as marina) and saying everything is fine.

i was reading even more into the situation here and one of the comments on her videos (which seems to have been deleted,) was asking if marina was okay and she replies with "yes", but then replies with "no" shortly after her first response. like i had mentioned before, someone else could have control of her account. luckily, somebody took a screenshot and you can view it HERE. while still reading into the subject- i also came across this screenshot that someone had submitted on marina's youtube channel. the commenter talks about using the address that marina had given to her fans in her 100k subscriber video (so they could send her gifts,) and they used it to contact the police, the police then checked out the situation but they couldn't find her there and they received information from the estate agents claiming that marina moved 3 months ago.

someone had replied to my comment telling me to delete the link to this post because marina is not on drugs and she is not being abused and that marina's boyfriend said that she was just going through some personal issues, i didn't believe them because of the obvious bruises on her body. you can look at the comment here. another person claimed the same thing here and here. i feel as if her boyfriend told everyone to comment about it, making it seem like everything is fine.

MARINA HAS BEEN READING COMMENTS. (or the boyfriend/kidnapper.) look here. she didn't explain anything or deny anything either. she simply stated that she doesn't know what to say.

MARINA TWEETED. she said that everything was okay but there are too many things going on. guns, bruises, and so on. like i've mentioned so many times, if something is going on with a kindnapper/her boyfriend there's a strong chance that they have control over her accounts. here is the tweet.

People have been looking in the reflection of her eyes and they've found something which looks like somebody in a ski mask. You can view it here.

MARINA HAS SAID HER LIFE WAS IN DANGER BEFORE She's also posted pictures of bruises before as well. Look here.

everything on her channel lately has been giving off a pretty sketchy vibe and there is definitely something going on. it could be anything from drug use, to an abusive relationship, or a kidnap. i'm genuinely concerned for her and her wellbeing.

IF YOU WANT MORE INFORMATION, I RECOMMEND FOLLOWING HELPMARINAJOYCE ON INSTAGRAM. It's not me, but they post a lot of things relating to Marina and her situation.