Win Your Ex Back – How You Can Gain Back Her Trust

Trust is very important in any relationship. In fact, without trust, love will not prosper. If trust is present, however, the relationship will prosper and weather most difficult storms and problems. When you are in a relationship, make sure that you trust your partner and that your partner trusts you.


If trust is broken, the relationship gets broken not long after. You can win your ex back by gaining her trust. This may be an uphill battle but if you are determined and courageous enough, you can regain her trust. There are a lot of reasons why trust can get broken. May be you were not loyal to your girlfriend or if you did not fulfill a promise made. When trust is broken, the relationship suffers as a result.


The bad news is, break up can crush your heart and will induce depression. If you do not know how to handle depression, it will incapacitate you and might lead to you forget the things that you need to do in your life. There is good news, however, you can win your ex back by gaining her trust. How?


Give her time to ponder on the breakup. Most likely, she also got hurt by the breakup and she is nursing her emotional wounds. You need to give her a break then and allow her to be alone even for just several days or weeks. This way, you can also have a chance to reflect on what happened and you can formulate a strategy on how you can win her back. During this time of cooling off, both of you might shy away from dates until you have brought closure to your relationship.


In this case, you need to initiate a meeting. It could be a date or a friendly chat over a cup of coffee but this is necessary for both of you to settle your differences and forgive each other for what happened.


When you have talked about your differences, you need to start regaining her trust by doing one trustworthy act after another. A small promise here and there fulfilled on time will surely go a long way in making her believe that you are true to your word. Such acts would effectively help win your ex back by gaining her trust.


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