Win Your Ex Back: 3 Tips to Increase Your Odds

Most everyone knows by now that a breakup can turn a person’s world topsy turvy. Things that used to be easy to deal with may take strength now to complete. If you have broken up with someone recently, you may know firsthand how difficult it is to get your life back on track and find a love that is just right for you. Yet, there is hope. All you need to do is seek it out.  There are 3 tips that can help increase your odds so you can win your ex back.


(1) Stop Communication


You need to understand that if you see your ex every day, they will not have time to miss you. By giving them the space they need, they eventually learn that they can or cannot live without you. Those problems that always seem to cause fights may look mundane later on. This time away also gives you time for yourself.


(2) Re-Live Your Life  


Ignore those movies that you see that show someone letting someone else fix their problems after a breakup. In real life it is not so easy. You need to take immediate action to win back your ex. Only you can achieve this goal.


(3) Get Together With Friends


Find those friends and family members who still care about you. By spending time with them, you will get the support you need to heal the wounds of a broken heart. Their support can help you deal with the pain and motivate you to either move on or work things out with you ex.


Sometimes, a break up brings out the worst in some people. You have to remember not to overburden your friends with your problems because they also have their own. Remember to tell your friends thank you for their kindness and value their importance.


After time passes and you still want your significant other, then you need to go into the relationship with a plan in mind. Many people fail at their second attempt because they failed to have a plan in place to make the relationship work. Have a plan that works to win back your ex… talk with friends and family members who have had a successful run in their relationships


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