Win Back Lost Love: Here's How Without Trying So Hard

Why is it that a person tries so hard to win back a lost love and in the end realize it isn’t working out?


Have you ever been in a relationship with a person more than once? Did it not work out the second time? It generally means that love that’s been lost is not really worth the trouble of going after again. Why is it that a person tries so hard to win back a lost love and in the end realize it isn’t working out?


Truth be told, the person will realize that the love he/she once had is no longer there. It’s normal to want your ex back and it’s normal to think you feel more than you do. It’s mainly due to the loneliness you feel inside yourself. Yet, if a person stops long enough to figure things out, they may find out that it’s not really the person he/she wants to be with. All their short-comings will shine through thus leading them to resent the other person. Commonsense then takes over and the person is able to make a sound judgment regarding the relationship.


No person has the right to mess with another person’s emotions and heart. A person should never be taken advantage of either. However, for most men who would wait for a woman for many months; end up finding a woman who is more worthy and caring of their time. For them, this person is suited better for them.


Should a person decide that they really care about their ex, they should not sit around feeling sorry for themselves that the relationship did not work out. Instead, people need to get out and be with family and friends. They should go about their business as if the romance never occurred. The best thing for anyone to do is go about the day with a smile on their face, acting as happy as they can without being too obvious that they are actually in pain.


By doing these things, people may end up awaken the ex significant other’s senses. However, nothing should ever be rushed when it comes to the matters of the heart. If a person seems even interested in their ex, the indifference attitude should continue. However, persons can still be conflicted by their desires/emotions of wanting to win their love back while still wanting to be single, out with friends and seeing what the world has to offer.


Sometimes, people who lose their ex do so of their own issues. Sometimes, an apology is needed. This usually is done on a case by case basis. Does this mean it is always readily accepted? No but persons should always try their apologies repeatedly. If a person can convince their significant other that they actually love them, time and patience will eventually lead to forgiveness.


Sometimes, where a relationship is well worth the efforts, people tend to leave to find themselves for a period of time. The absence may bring the love that he/she feels back, stronger than ever before. It’s during this time that the no contact rule is followed. Both should do their own things without talking to the other. Mystery should surround both people. This lack of knowledge will hold a person’s interest. Thus, this interest will lead to love.


When a person is away from their significant other, they should spend the time to work on the things they do not like about themselves. This can be physically, emotionally or even spiritually. If you improve yourself, you can become a different and perhaps a better person. Once you have fulfilled your desire and expectations, you can find your old flame with all the flame and determination of picking them up off their feet and showing them the new you. Though it seems silly to you, this method of winning back the love of your heart has been done repeatedly with mixed results of course. It’s undefined that many people are judged by who they are and what you have achieved, not with what you are trying to achieve.


People should never openly change in front of their ex significant other or other people. What good is a surprise if they can't amaze them with the achievements that people have done. Once this side of a person has been shown, those good qualities should outshine what might have been bad qualities at one time. The end goal is make the significant other desire to be with their ex once again.

Should people want to win back their lost love, all they need is the understanding of how to go about it without ruining it.


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