Win Back Her Heart – The Right Way to Win a Girl Back

Try avoiding the common mistakes, guys do make a lot of mistakes when they are trying to win back the heart of their beloved.


Love sometimes has a funny way to deal with the hearts of people. Even if love seems to be so strong between a man and woman, there are still a number of things that undermine this love and eventually, the lovers do break up. Break up is almost always a sad sight. The emotional investments that each person has put into the relationship, the sleepless nights over quarrels that were smoothed out the next day; or the precious moments that these two lovers have spent together—these are all worth preserving.


Yet, breakups happen. If you have been in one recently, take heart, there are ways for you to win back her heart. Guys do make a lot of mistakes when they are trying to win back the heart of their beloved. They do this because they feel desperate and they panic that they might lose their beloved forever. On the other hand, a number of men feel that they are engaged in a competition where the girl is the “prize” and they have to “win” her back at all cost. Such a mode of thinking rarely works.


Ironically, in order to win back her heart, you need to start thinking of her as the “prize.” Instead, start thinking that you love her and you want the best for her. Do not consider her as the “prize”, you are the prize. With this kind of thinking, you can muster enough courage and creativity to pursue her and win back her heart.


This might sound like conceit to other people or perhaps downright condescension, yet it is not! The people who think this way feel that their girlfriend should be treated like a princess or a queen and do every single thing for them. This is not right! The woman is not your boss. She is your girlfriend and your partner in the activities that you do in life.


If you prostrate yourself before her and become like a servant, she might simply look your way and ignore you for the rest of your life. You will not be able to win her heart back in this case.


Try to brush yourself up and take a look at your assets and your good qualities. Enhance them and work on your weak points. Display confidence in pursuing your girl and if she realizes who you really are, then she might be swayed to reciprocate your pursuit of her.


Winning back her heart will no longer be your effort if this happens, she will also put her own efforts on the line and before you knew it you did win back her heart and she will be in your arms once more.


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