Why You Should Wear Eye Protection When Riding Your Motorcycle?

If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses or goggles to wear while riding your motorcycle, you have come to the right place. If you do not wear sunglasses or goggles when riding your motorcycle you should. Wearing sunglasses and goggles will help with protecting your vision, as UV rays are not good for your eyes and may cause cataracts or problems with your ocular lenses. Superflysunglasses has sunglasses and goggles to protect your eyes from both UVA &UVB rays, bugs, and the wind. Our motorcycle sunglasses and goggles also have a shatterproof lens to protect your eyes from rock or gravel being thrown from the tires of cars in front of you. Superflysunglasses also offers polarized lenses to help prevent glare from wet road surfaces, which can impair your vision and the glare from other vehicles on the road.

Superflysunglasses offers name brands such as Bobster Action Eyewear and Wiley-X. For those of you that do not want to pay the high dollar for a pair of riding sunglasses or goggles we offer discount motorcycle sunglasses also. Our top selling motorcycle eyewear is the Bobster Action Eyewear. We carry a Bobster line referred to as the Bobster Road Hog Convertible, which have interchangeable lenses for daytime and nighttime riding. These sunglasses/goggles offer an ultra-quick conversion from sunglasses to goggles and back. Our wrap around goggles feature a frameless single piece of amber polycarbonate for the lens, has an adjustable strap for maximum comfortability, and soft foam lining the inside for extreme comfort. The polycarbonate lens is very important for motorcyclists because the lenses must be scratchproof and impact resistant. These wrap around goggles are ideal for wearing under your helmet.

The Spektrax convertible is another very popular pair of sunglasses/goggles to wear while riding which includes a carry pouch, sunglass arms, adjustable strap, soft belt case, prescription lens insert, and easy to change lens. Lens colors include smoke, amber, and clear, which can be worn for daytime and nighttime riding. These shatterproof lenses have anti-fog coating and 100 UV protection. These sunglasses/goggles are name brand sunglasses for a reasonable price and are one of the top motorcycle sunglass/goggles worn today.

Superflysunglasses offers another style of sunglass/goggles referred to as Wiley-X. Our Wiley-X sunglasses/goggles are not only popular with motorcyclists, but are also popular with boaters and jet skiers. Wiley-X goggles also come with two interchangeable lenses, a gray lens for daytime and a clear lens for night. Our Wiley-X goggles also protect from UVA & UVB rays, which are harmful to the eyes and can cause cataracts and harm your ocular lens. If you are looking for a different color lens other than black, gray or clear we offer a Wiley-X Model B-2B that comes with a bronze brown lens. Wiley-X is another name brand sunglass/goggles great for protecting your eyes while riding your motorcycle, but unlike other name brands these sunglass/goggles can be found reasonably priced here at http://superflysunglasses.com.

With all these requirements that motorcycle sunglasses must have, it's hard to find a pair that you think will fulfill these requirements. Bobster Action Eyewear and Wiley-X are two brands that meet these requirements and sometimes exceed expectations. The Bobsters have even succeeded in outperforming others with their prescription sunglass/goggles. Because of the curve most motorcycle sunglasses or goggles have it is extremely difficult to add a prescription lens. With the more curve sunglasses or goggles have the less the prescription is going to work. The demand for prescription sunglasses and goggles tends to make most of them very expensive. The Bobster Spektrax is very reasonably priced to be name brand, have a prescription lens insert, and be so popular all at the same time.

All of our motorcycle sunglasses are extremely stylish and sporty with comfortability and protection being the main concern for all riders out there.


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