Why travel with a group?

Traveling abroad can be an exciting adventure that will be remembered forever. Unfortunately it can also be a disaster when the unforeseen arises. Have you ever gotten off the 12 hour plane ride to discover that "sorry, there isn't a bus to your hotel" and the taxis shouldn't be used after dark? Or you get up after that first restful nights sleep, eat a great meal, and then off to that famous museum you've spend years to finally visit, to discover it's closed for the day?

These and other vacation wrecking experiences can be avoided when you use the experience of group travel to build an itinerary for a successful trip. There are many benefits to group travel. One of the most important is that it is cheaper. Travel agencies, hotels, transportation, and resorts all give big discounts to groups. It's also possible to get special extras like shipboard credits and wonderful party receptions. One could easily save as much as 40% by traveling with a group. Another important aspect is that everything is organized. You can concentrate on having fun holidays. There is no need to book trains, look for the best airfare, or to reserve hotels. All that is taken care of!

Another great reason is that you can be provided with a good guide. An experienced guide can tell you much about your destination provide insight into the local culture and give interesting and informative historical background. Also, a good guide will silently take care of all the little unpleasant surprises you would have to cope with (closed museums, medical problems, special diets, problems with your room...) When traveling alone, on a limited time frame, one has to spend a lot of energy just trying to get from one interesting place to the next. It takes a lot of effort in a confusing, loud, and strange place to find one's way. When traveling with a group you don't even have to know any of the local language.

It's taken care of! Also, being with a group you can generally pack more into a day, you can see more of the interesting, wonderful places without being restricted by availability of local transport. Just get on and off the bus! Group travel also includes the benefit of safety. There is always safety in numbers and you will be traveling with friends. You also have the opportunity to make new friends with interests and backgrounds. All things considered, price, safety, all the details taken care of and the opportunity to see that special place, group travel is the way to go.

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Source: Barry Hooper

License: Creative Commons