Why Ranking in Google is Difficult?? (Google Ranking Difficulty)

Google Ranking Difficulty, Many people create website Thinking that their website/blog can rank in the top of Google.

Google Ranking Difficulty, Many people create website Thinking that their website/blog can rank in the top of Google.



Google Ranking Difficulty, Many people create website Thinking that their website/blog can rank in the top of Google. So, that they get organic Traffic And earn money from Google Adsense Ads Or from Other Ad network. But,  the truth is it's very difficult to rank in google. In this post will tell You All the Secrets To start A website and rank it in Google.

Why Ranking in Google is Difficult?? (Google Ranking Difficulty)


Since Google is the Best and Most Used Search engine. 90% of people in the world use Google search engine. Google indexes Billions of websites. which has High Page Ranking and Million Backlinks. Which makes the new website Difficult to rank. These become the competitor for the new website. The More Older Domain Ranks High Due To It Age. That Still Makes Much More Difficult To Rank in Google. To Get Good Organic Traffic From search engine it becomes very necessary to Rank website. It is not an easy task to rank in google. It will take Months and Years To rank in Google. If You Follow My Instructions. It Is Possible That Your Website May Rank In Google.


Before Buying Domain Find Out the Keyword Which has More Search Volume and High Clicks. Make Sure That You website Domain is the High Volume search keyword. So That You can Rank Easily in Google and Also in other search engines Like Bing. When Buying Domain Buy .in or .com as Extension. This Is the main Foundation Of your website. In Addition, Make Sure That You Have Checked All these above.



Use WordPress Or Blogger as Your Platform. So, That You Get Good On Page SEO. Wordpress has many Plugins which You can use For On Page SEO like Yoast SEO, All in One SEO. It will help you rank your website. Themes Like Genesis Theme is Good For SEO. Blogger is the Platform By Google. It is SEO Friendly and Offers Good On Page SEO. I would recommend You to use Wordpress. Wordpress Offers More Features Than Blogger. To Make You Blog Look Professional Use Wordpress. In Addition, Blogger doesn't have The themes that look attractive To the Visitor. But Wordpress Is the best Platform To use. 

Keywords Research

Keywords Research

Make Keyword research before Creating Post. You have to get a keyword that can get you organic traffic from Google and other search engines. The keyword should have high search volume and More Number Of Clicks. So, that You Get More Traffic From Search engine. There are many tools Online that can Help You For keyword research. This is the important part where you should concentrate Before creating Post.



When Ever You write the post in your website Make sure that it is SEO compatible.  Make Sure to use Long Tail Keywords in the URL of the post, Meta Description, and title. It will help Google to Rank Your Website For A particular keyword. Make Sure That You  Post contains 500-1000 Words. Include Images with Alt Attribute To the post. Alt Attribute can bring traffic to your website By Viewing images on google. Almost 20% of traffic gets attracted to the images. So, Images Play Very Important Role in getting Traffic. Use Yoast SEO Plugin. While Writing article It will help You in Creating Unique and Fresh Content. 

Social Profiles

  Millions of  People will be Browsing the news Feed in their social profile like Facebook, Twitter etc. You can Share Your Article in your social profile and you can get Huge traffic from social Web sites. Many People May have interest in your content. If they Visit your website and Share Your Post with others.  Your traffic will increase and there is a chance of Your content going viral. The more Traffic you get the higher Page rank You get. Therefore, Create Social Profiles and share all the post in those profiles 

Regular Publishing


Google indexes Fresh Pages which were Publish in real time. Which Gives You Opportunity To get Traffic from the search engine. Regular Publishing new post can get You More Visitors and Subscribers to your website Content. Also, Make Sure You Update Your Old Post. So that It can be ranked again or else That Post Will be outranked By Google. If you have More Post Your website. You can Website Bounce rate Will Decrease That Can help You get More Value to your web page. So, regular Publishing is very Important.


There are So Many  Online tools Like Keyword Planner that Can help you for Proper Keyword researching these Tools will show You the search volume and Number Of clicks for the Particular keyword. In Addition, Keywords Planner is Free. You can get Keyword planner in AdWords Account.  furthermore, Adwords Keyword Planner is tools by Google. This is used For Keyword Research. you can enter keywords and the tool will help you find the highest searched keyword. To Know How many people are looking for a particular keyword.



After You create Post and Publish it. You have to create backlinks for that post. Backlinks are links from external page to your web page. There are Two Types of backlink Do-follow and No-follow. While creating Backlink Make Sure that You Create Do Follow Backlink. Because they will help you to rank in google. The do-follow link indicates Google Bots That Your web page has some value. No-follow Backlinks are useless. You can get Do-follow link By commenting, Guest posting, and Do-follow Forums.


If You Follow this Instruction I can guaranty that your website can rank in top pages of Google. You can use Paid Tools Like Ahrefs and SEmrush for keyword research. These Tools Can Help You To Know Your Competitors Backlinks and can help You Our rank your competitors. You can Rank Your Website in one month it will take time to rank your website. So you have to be Patient and keep on publishing post don't Feel Bad For not getting organic traffic. Work Hard and also Have Passion of Publishing the content. One Day Or the Other You will Get in Google Top Pages.



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