Which is the best format of academic thesis?

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Is your thesis submission date nearby? And you are tensed with the writing part? We understand the trouble that you might be facing right now. We have encountered several situations when the students are highly worried about their academic thesis submission however the most important fact is that the academic thesis involves following a structure and hence it is required that the students should develop sufficient knowledge on the selection of the effective academic thesis format that should be followed and incorporated so that the thesis can be successfully completed.

But the question arises that where will you find the effective thesis writing structure that will help you to score goods marks in your academic thesis papers. If you start searching over the internet you may find several types of structures provided by different universities. So, if you start searching for the structure just before your exams then you will get confused with the different types of structures that are available over the internet. One simple solution that is you can use the structure provided by your university. But if you are highly unlucky then your university will not provide any structure for academic thesis and rather the university will mention that you will be required to follow a standard structure for completion of the academic thesis.

This is where the problem arises, the finding and sorting out of the different chapters and the process in which the academic thesis should be written. Not only the structure it is highly essential that you should also find out the type of content that should be written in each sub heads so that the academic thesis is completed effectively.  So now you need to choose the style which is appropriate for your study subject.  Some of the common thesis structures that are generally used by the students in diverse types of subjects are namely conventional thesis, thesis by publication, creative work and folio format. In the next section one by one we will show you the type of structure that are being followed in these four types of academic thesis writing structure.

Conventional thesis structure

Whenever you are thinking of using the conventional thesis structure which is generally used in basic types of academic thesis writing, you need to incorporate your ideas and thoughts under the following heads and subheads: abstract, Introduction chapter, Literature review, research methodology, Research findings, discussion, conclusion and recommendations. This method is generally followed by the research degree students. when you are writing the thesis with the help of this structure then the job becomes easier for you because you are bale to provide detailed description in each of these headings and also this structure is feasible from the reader’s point of view because it will help your reader to understand the content of the thesis in details. Whenever you are writing a published thesis paper it is always advisable that you should follow the conventional thesis structure if nothing has been mentioned to you.

Thesis by publication

In case your university has given you the instruction of publishing different thesis papers in a combine manner than the structure you will follow will include the structure under the “thesis by publication.” If you are lucky enough to get this opportunity then a large portion of your tension will be minimized. Here you will get the opportunity of preparing only one paper which will be effective for the thesis publication and the examination as well. Thus, a combined structure needs to be followed by you regarding preparation of the thesis paper.

Creative work format

You will follow this format only when you see that you have been assigned with any arts of literature projects. The thesis paper in the field of creative arts can be presented in two different forms namely the conventional thesis paper and creative thesis writing structure. The purpose of this model is to evaluate the necessary descriptions and the arts that are being used for the purpose analysis of the model. So the structure will help you in understanding the problems that you need to evaluate in the process and will also help you to evaluate the art and the literature portion in the thesis paper.

Folio structure

In this structure, you will be required to put more emphasis on the methods used for analysis and write the relevancy of the methods that are being used in the thesis study. If you are required to prepare a dissertation or simply if you are required to prepare a research proposal then you will be required to use this model. But then you will find following this structure will be difficult for you.

From all the details provided above we are quite sure that by now you have understood the different structures that you should follow in order complete the thesis. Now keep in mind some more simple tips that will help you score extra compared to your other friends. Whenever you write the thesis paper always keep in mind the type of font that you should follow while writing the paper. Times New roman is arguably the best and most commonly used font type. Thus, for the academic documents we think using the Times new roman will be a wise choice. Apart from that you can also suitably use the Calibri which is also quiet a visible font style that will help you in management of your data. You should also always try to maintain 12 as your standard font size because this size will help you to view your writing in a standard format and will also make the thesis look good and equal to the other thesis which will be submitted by your friends. Also keep a note that whenever you start writing your thesis always remember to divide suitable paragraphs after the completion of the thesis because the division of the paragraphs will make the content readable and will not make it look boring for the person reading it.