Where can you buy natural acacia wood flooring?

Acacia hardwood is less common in the United States than teak, oak, and pine. But this wood is still a choice for homeowners looking to break the chain and need something different. Acacia wood has gained popularity for two reasons: Beauty and durability. The wood is already used to make cabinets, furniture and decks. When it comes to natural acacia wood flooring, only a few dealers sell it. In most places, the floors are available only in engineered wood, not solid wood. In this article, we will discuss places to buy acacia hardwood floors.


What is acacia wood? (For those who don’t know):

Acacia hardwood is an exotic hardwood exported to the US from Asia. The wood is strong and has durability and resistance to scratches and warping. Wood is used to create beautiful tables, cabinets and chairs. The color of Acacia wood varies from dark brown to lighter shades of brown on the reddish side. However, the wood can be stained as per the choice of the homeowner. 

Where to buy natural acacia wood flooring?

Getting hands-on acacia hardwood flooring is not easy if you live in countries other than its origin. Before investing in acacia hardwood, it is essential to make sure you are making a quality investment. Therefore, you need to find a trustworthy source. Here are some of the suggestions: 

Local flooring showrooms: You will need to check at local flooring stores near you. There might be a fair chance they have natural acacia wood flooring. Their staff can guide you about the quality and varieties of acacia wood. 

Exotic flooring retailers: If any special flooring shop is known to sell exotic hardwood flooring, you need to check the chances out. These retailers might have connections with other retailers and sources to get you a unique flooring product. 

Online flooring retailers: There are a number of online flooring retailers that sell acacia hardwood floors. Look for floor-selling websites and check their online reputation. Explore their flooring, check if it fits your budget and make a purchase when you are 100% sure. 

Floor installers and contractors: Local floor installers and carpenters work around different kinds of woods all day long. They can help you utilize their links and provide sustainable and durable natural acacia wood floors.

Why is the online market the best place to buy a hardwood floor?

The online market offers a chance to explore different kinds of floors in terms of materials and shades. Clients can explore different hardwood floor shades and compare prices at different sites. There is also an option of ordering free flooring samples. This gives the buyer the ease of choosing flooring from the comfort of the home.


Natural acacia wood is an exotic hardwood that is waterproof and a natural insect repellant. It doesn’t warp with temperature changes and lives for longer years when maintained properly. If you are looking to buy acacia hardwood floors for your room, Harper Floors is the best floor provider. To take a look at amazing flooring designs and materials, visit their website now!


Q1. What makes acacia wood a desirable flooring choice?

Ans1. Acacia wood is sought after due to its combination of beauty and durability. It boasts natural strength, resistance to scratches, and minimal warping, making it an appealing option for flooring.

Q2. How can one identify the quality of acacia wood flooring?

Ans2. Inspect the wood's grain patterns, color variations, and thickness. Quality flooring tends to have a consistent coloration and a robust, well-finished surface.

Q3. Is it preferable to buy acacia wood flooring online?

Ans3. The online market provides extensive options for comparing different wood shades and prices. Additionally, it offers the convenience of exploring and ordering samples from home.

Q4. What are the advantages of natural acacia wood flooring?

Ans4. Acacia wood is waterproof, a natural insect repellent, and resistant to warping due to temperature changes. With proper maintenance, it can last for many years.

Q5. How can I ensure the longevity of my acacia wood flooring?

Ans5. Regular cleaning, avoiding excessive moisture, and using appropriate wood care products are key to maintaining the beauty and durability of acacia wood flooring.


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