What Women May Do Unintentionally To Turn Men Off

There are mistakes women make which unintentionally turn men off. Have you ever wondered what mistakes these are so that you don’t make them?


There are few mistakes women make which unintentionally turn men off.  Have you ever wondered what mistakes these are so that you don’t make them? Actually, you may be surprised by what you find out.

A relationship that starts out as casual bed partners usually ends up in – bed partners.  You may want the relationship to progress further but you pretend the casual intimacy is satisfying. If you are pretending, you are being dishonest.  Dishonesty is a turn off.

Women tend to sleep with men with the pretense that incredible sex will lead to a fabulous relationship.  Not true. If he only calls when he wants to sleep with you, you are as one of his toys.  He will play with you when he desires and toss you when he’s bored.  Easy women are toys.  Challenging women are marriage material. If he can predict when and where you will sleep with him, the thrill of pursuit is removed.   Predictability is a turn off.

Build a relationship of honest communication first and let it lead to sex later.  Make love to his mind before you make love to his body.

Don’t go into a relationship trying to be his best friend. If you want to be the girl he confides in and helps him fix his problems, he may accept you in that role and then you’re stuck there. He’ll be comfortable talking to you about everything including the other women he’s interested in.  If you are pretending to be his friend just to be close to him; once the truth is out, you may be out as well.

A common mistake made by women is trying to make men jealous.  You think that if he sees you with another man, it will make him want you more.  Not true of mature men.  A mature man will be happy that you have found someone to be with and wish you the best.  An immature man may cause a scene or try to get you back because now getting your attention is a challenge.  Once the challenge is over, his interest in you may also be over.

Criticism is a major turn off.  If you criticize him because he won’t commit to you, consider that maybe he won’t commit to you because you criticize him.  He doesn’t want a commitment from a woman that constantly criticizes him and points out his shortcomings.  Don’t criticize him hoping to make him a better man.  It’s a common mistake and a huge turn off.

Mr. Right is looking for a woman that will bring joy to his life.  He can sleep with countless women but he will commit to the woman that enhances his life. 

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