What Makes Olhausen Pool Tables Better

Do you love playing billiards? If yes then you must also like to have the best table to play the game. A pool table can be a worthwhile addition to your gaming abode.

Do you love playing billiards? If yes then you must also like to have the best table to play the game. A pool table can be a worthwhile addition to your gaming abode. However, it is important to make sure that you make an advantageous buying decision. You must buy a pool table as per the dimensions of your room, budget, etc. There is also a possibility that you buy a first-rate pool table and later on find that it is not what you wanted and its features are something you could not use to full advantage.

However, Olhausen pool tables are something that will never disappoint you. Olhausen creates some of the world-class pool tables with the highest quality results. 

If you want to upgrade your den or make it look stylish, an Olhausen pool table will be an excellent choice for you and your place. Olhausen is famous for its dedication for delivering only the best and that’s what it has been doing for last 4 decades.


Olhausen Pool Table


In the early 1970s, Don and Butch Olhausen initiated a company in San Diego of California of transporting pool tables and sometime later Olhausen Billiard Manufacturing Inc. came into existence. Even with more than 40 years of experience, Olhausen still works ceaselessly towards improving their skills and qualifications. The family works hard on every pool table they create and never compromise with the quality.

Don and Butch Olhausen were taught the skill by their father and since then Olhausen has expanded their business from a small partnership firm into one of the most successful pool table manufacturers in the world. Olhausen sells about 30,000 billiards tables every year. All their tables are created in their manufacturing facility in Tennessee.


Why Olhausen Table?




While other pool table manufacturers make use of low-priced and low-quality material for the cushions, Olhausen team makes sure that only the best would do for their tables and they constantly work towards making improvements in order to set the highest standards for their product quality and services so that their clients could enjoy uninterrupted and accurate play. 

Lifetime warranty

It is quite clear that Olhausen pool table is all about proficient workmanship and tending to every little detail. It can be said that investing in Olhausen pool table will be a great move and with the lifetime warranties that come with Olhausen pool tables, you will have nothing to worry about in case something goes wrong with your table during the warranty period.

 Extensive range of varieties

 Olhausen sells both commercial pool tables and home pool tables. The company offers a wide variety in both for commercial and home usage designs and sizes.

Olhausen tables are used for competition in pool clubs and community centers all over the world. Olhausen pool tables are available in different sizes including 7 foot, 8 foot, 8.5 foot and 9 foot. Amongst all of them, 9-foot pool table is the most popular and company also creates custom-built tables specifically based on the request from the customers. The company makes ten categories of pool tables which comprises a variety of standard and non-standard sizes and an extensive range of made-to-order choices to pick from.

 Top quality Accu-Fast cushions

 Olhausen pool tables are built from top quality materials. The company makes use of cloth from Hainsworth company of England, which is a prestigious pool table cloth manufacturer. In addition, Olhausen also utilizes Accu-Fast, which is 100% gum rubber, for cushions. As a result, cushions are perhaps some of the best and most comfortable cushions for a billiards table. The Accu-fast, a highest grade rubber, is refined with superior quality chemical substances and pigments so as to amplify caliber of the material and bring forth best movements on the table. In addition, the material is also processed with specialized chemicals to keep the rubber from going back to its initial soft condition. 

Solid selection of woods

 For the table construction, Olhausen utilizes superior quality of woods. It buys most of the woods for table exclusively from North America, using finest and solidified pieces of woods. They are totally hand-made and are assembled by skilled and experienced table-makers. You can also choose from several different colors such as butternut, matte champagne, ebony, cherry, onyx and so on.

A number of highly proficient and experienced billiard players conceive that the high quality of slate is a very important feature when it comes playing a buying a superior grade table and Olhausens is the master of this art. Manufacturers use original slate from Italy and Brazil, which is then created with the help of the best methods and procedures to see that you get a perfectly flat surface.

 Used in prestigious places

 Olhausen brand is one of the leading manufacturers all over the world, also regarded known as the ‘ Best in Billiards’. Pool experts from around the world use the Olhausen pool tables for playing pool games and are having the best time.

Those who play professional pool games, only the best quality pool tables are used and this is the reason that the Olhausen pool tables were chosen for:

  • Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver of Canada featuring 8′ custom wrapped monarch pool tables.
  • Big Brother 11 by CBS Entertainment featuring Brentwood pool table, from the signature Series of Olhausen pool tables. 


Olhausen Billiards is the major creator of the finest and greatest quality pool and billiards tables around the world today. Built from strong American hardwood, resilient rubber, and top quality slate, Olhausen pool tables will deliver the best performance for you for a very long time. You can gift the Olhausen’s attractively designed tables to your loved ones on most special occasions of their lives.

 Since its inception, Olhuasen has worked with highest work ethics and standards, which has made this brand a world-famous entity. Olhausen name has become akin with superiority and consistency. There is no doubt that why Olhausen pool table will be a first and foremost choice for those who love the game.