What Is Text Message Terrorism? Why You Should Avoid It At All Cost

You might end up committing the “text message terrorism” foolishness.


You have millions of emotions clouding your mind and not letting your heart at peace after a break up. At that vulnerable period, you may commit mistakes that will ruin any last chance of getting your ex back in your life. You might be one of those girls who decide that she will not let her emotions get better of her and make her weak. But you may completely be taken aback when it is your loved one who decides to call it quits. You might end up committing the “text message terrorism” foolishness.

A break up may not be an end to a relationship. If given time, people may save their failing relationship by forgetting the differences that they had in the past and sorting out all the problems. But if you are impatient and not willing to give him the time to realize your worth and if you are constantly worried that your ex may find someone else, you might try to contact him in whatever ways you can. The feeling of insecurity and jealousy may make you take wrong steps. You might send him texts, emails and use every means to contact him, thus committing text message terrorism. You may feel that by doing so you will remind him of your relationship and that you still love him/her, but the truth is, it may destroy whatever little scope left. It might work in the opposite way and he may start disliking you.

Communication with your ex should be kept minimum and care should be taken that you do not cross your limits as the relationship between the two of you has changed and it is at a different level now where you need to maintain a distance with him. TMT occurs when you cross the boundaries and veer towards the wrong path that will take you even more far away from your ex.

A person needs time to realize the importance of his partner after a break up. His/her absence acts in such a way that he want to get back together. But if a person keeps contacting him too many times a day, he may get irritated and may want to escape the person. He may then avoid his ex as much as possible and harbor feelings of getting rid of him. He may feel harassed and tormented. Thus, TMT can lead to bitterness after the break up of a relationship. To avoid the effects of Text message terrorism, self control should be practiced and though it may be initially difficult, but will reap fruitful results. 

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