What is Magnetic Field

By means of this article I'd like to draw attention of scientist to have a closer look into magnetic field, at least as to formulating of hypotheses.


I'd like herewith to draw attention of scientist to have a closer look into magnetic field and convince them that Magnetic Field belongs to one of the most pivotal physical entities. If they acknowledge magnetic field as a physical entity, they automatically acknowledge ether, of which some scientists are convinced it exists.  


If they agree that magnetic field belongs to physical entities, there won't be any problem to comprehend and give picture of the universe and birth of its materialized part as well, because it automatically creates possibility of producing alternative theory to string one and others, and allows to get rid of singularity state of the universe, and the Big Bang at the same time. We could also get rid of tachions, gravitations, gravitational waves, Higgs boson, or WIMPs and other searched  physical entities, because magnetic field is directly detectable in contrast to the above hypothetical entities.


I dare say that the magnetic field is the same physical entity as ether, with the difference that the first has two types of motion – clockwise and anticlockwise. It seems to me that there is no other way to explain polarity as by means of motion, because in reality we neither meet pluses and minuses nor symbols N and S attached to physical entities. We know that unlike poles / charges attract themselves and like ones repel themselves. So, the only conclusion to draw seems to be the difference in motion.


Primordial ether belongs to physical entities. It has no creator in contrast to the remaining physical entities, and has no description of its structure in terms of physical explanation. In addition to that, ether is not taken into consideration as to the role it plays in functioning of the universe, whereas just in it alone is a clue to understanding of multitude of unsolved riddles of nature. Its next of kin, as I said earlier, is magnetic field because of its motion, that comes from matter, as omnipresent ether turns to magnetic field in its presence.


By means of my explanation, that is not supported by any calculations nor figures among other things due to lack of access to the micro-world, I'd like to present my ideas on the basis of my conclusions.


My inferences are therefore as follows:


1. Before (accidental) origin of matter, the space contained exclusively ether.
2. Ether therefore is a fundamental building block of all forms of matter.
3. Primordial ether is the smallest physical entity in nature (Planck's constant, especially length, to be revised).
4. Ether fills the entire universe.
5. Ether does not have inner structure.
6. Matter is transparent to ether, thus it permeates it.
7. Ether consists of globular physical entities, which I baptised it alternatively as "premagnetic".
8. Ether or premagnetics, in the presence of matter turn to magnetic monopoles which I called magnetins that form magnetic field. This change consists in giving them motion - clockwise and anticlockwise. As space has its braking properties it means that physical phenomena proceed choosing the least resistance. In case of attraction of bodies that are rotating in the opposite directions, they "choose" the "easiest" way, which means that its "easier" to unite their streams of ether / electrons, than to eject them into space, otherwise it would meet its (spatial) resistance. Similarly happens in case of repulsion. The two bodies (rotating in the same direction) "prefer" to eject ether / electrons into space (the easiest way) thus they repel each other to achieve it. This means space turns out more "comfortable" for them, than "keeping together" when reversal of poles is impossible.
9. Ether similarly as magnetic field (magnetic monopoles) interacts instantaneously. 
10. Ether counterbalances materialized part of the universe.
11. Ether is responsible for gravity due to its opposite action of motion as a result of the rotating universal nucleus (it's observable radius amounting around 4.6*10^10 l.y.), and constitutes at the same time the sought missing mass of the universe.
12. Ether is a medium allowing all physical entities to attract, repel and be neutral. Heavenly bodies must then sense themselves somehow in space. It's possible thanks to omnipresent and instantaneous action of ether.
13. Ether in the interstellar space is not motionless, but its motion is resultant, depending on physical entities.
14. Ether is an inexhaustible source of free energy.


Summing up, magnetic field should be understood as:


- form of ether (premagnetics) that gained C (clockwise) motion and A (anticlockwise) motion,


- thus consisting of magnetic monopoles (C magnetins and A magnetins).