What is a Private IP Address?

They have decided to focus on different aspects of the Internet related resources in detail. For example, they have geared up to know about the IP address in particular private IP address.
In general, an Internet Protocol (IP) address is a distinctive string of numbers. These numbers are separated by full stops. Each computer in the computer network uses this address to communicate with each other in the network. You can pay attention to the following details and learn about private IP address comprehensively.

Beware of a private IP address

A private IP address is a non-Internet facing Internet Protocol address assigned for every resource on an internal network. Resources in the computer network make use of this unique address to identify as well as communicate each other. Private networks use private IP address. The overall ranges of private IP addresses are as follows.

• 168.0.0 – (65,536 IP addresses)
• 16.0.0 – (1,048,576 IP addresses)
•  0.0.0 – (16,777,216 IP addresses)

Public networks use public IP addresses. Every resource with a public IP address can be accessed through the Internet. These IP addresses are assigned for computing devices accessed globally. You have to gain knowledge about the main similarities and dissimilarities between the public and private IP addresses. is one of the private IP Addresses. Many brands of routers and network gateways have this private IP address as default IP address. For example, Linksys routers have the private IP address Network administrators nowadays make use of this private IP address and setup a new router. They also prefer this IP address to update the overall settings of an existing router.

IP Blocks

There are three types of Internet Protocol Blocks. These blocks are as follows.

• Class A
• Class B
• Class C

All private IP address spaces are allocated by InterNIC. Many organizations make use of these address spaces and create the best suitable private network as per their requirements on the whole. Personal computers in organizations and mobile gadgets at home are connected with each other in the private network.
Local resources in the private network identify other resources and communicate with them by using the relevant IP address. On the other hand, resources outside the private network cannot access and communicate with the resources in the private network.
These resources use the public IP address of the router and communicate on time. You may wish to let resources in the public network have to access the private network directly and efficiently. You can fulfil this wish when you use a Network Address Translator.
Many governments, hosting companies and telecom companies reserved and bought private IP addresses. This is the most important reason behind the ever-decreasing private IP addresses in recent years. The overall drawbacks of the IPv4 system can be solved through the latest IPv6 system.
Keep in mind that there is a couple of process to switch between these systems. Once Internet users have started using the IPv6 system in the most efficient manner, they will not get problems caused by a lack of private IP address.

Private networks

Every resource in the private network has a particular IP address. Keep in mind that a small number of Internet Protocol addresses are reserved for resources in the private network. Routers and other resources in the private network use private IP addresses. These IP addresses cannot be used to access anything on the Internet.
Manufacturers of routers and other networking equipment assign private IP addresses for their resources. They have a commitment to introducing the best in class networking equipment with the most suitable IP addresses. The most special blocks among a list of reserved blocks in our time are as follows.

• 168.x.x
•  x.x.x

Router manufacturers make use of the block 192.168.x.x worldwide these days. Every user of any brand of a router has to use its private IP address otherwise known as a default IP address for accessing the configuration panel. You can make use of the private Internet Protocol address to access Linksys router’s configuration panel directly.
Once you have decided to configure your router by using the private IP addresses, you have to identify the default IP address of your router at first. You can type in ipconfig in the command prompt and take note of your router’s IP address.
It is the right time to type in the IP address of a router in the address bar on your Internet browser. You have to type in the IP address on the address bar as follows.


Now, you can look at the login page of the router’s administration panel. Do not forget that you have to enter the correct username and password for accessing the administrative section of your router.

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