What If You Still Love Your Ex?

Face the truth, accept the true and honest feelings you have and decide what NEXT. Because, ultimately you have to take charge of your life.


Getting into a relationship is the most wonderful thing to happen in ones life. Breaking away from such an emotional and romantic bonding is terrible and hard to handle. A relationship comes to an end when either of the partners loses interest or finds someone more interesting. Reasons for breaking up can be many; still the pain which one suffers is one and the same for all. Whether you accept it or not you might still love your ex.

You know you still have feelings but trying to get busy by keeping the mind off your ex might just be a temporary relief but down under you realize you still love him. 

Symptoms Showing You Still Love Your Ex
Do you keep wondering what your ex might be doing or where he is right now? This is a definite sign to show that you still love him. It is natural that you cannot forget the thoughts but it becomes a problem when your mind is obsessed by such thoughts. If you find that your mind always thinks about whom he is dating or how he is handling the breakup then you need to move on in life and stop brooding about him.

Living with The Ghost
Frequenting the restaurants, parks and pubs you went with your ex and trying to attend parties where your ex might probably be around are all solid indications that you still love your ex and want to see him often and most probably try to interact with him. When you go out of your way and plan something just to meet him or get a glance of your ex then you need to change and move on immediately.

Attracting Attention
Buying something or doing something to attract attention of your ex sure enough proves how much you lack his love and care. It is a sure indication that you are trying to make his head turn and look you your way. It is a sign of jealousy on your part and its time you realized that all these jealous tactics might get you a negative and opposite response from your ex.

Facing the Truth
Be honest to yourself first and try to accept your current position. You were in a relationship and it broke, ok so what now? Ask yourself an honest question whether you will accept your ex when he returns or wishes to get back again. Will you be able to forgive him and accept him? Do you still love your ex the way you did when you first met him? Can you still love him the same after patching things up and getting together again?

Loving your ex is not a grave mistake. Don't feel that way so stop feeling guilty for that and accept things as it is. Face the truth, accept the undefined and honest feelings you have and decide what NEXT. Because, ultimately you have to take charge of your life and decide whether you want to move on or still try getting back your ex.

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