What Does "Let's Just Be Friends" Means And How to Get Your Ex Back In Your ...

People who are romantically involved in a relationship detest the phrase “let’s just be friends”.


People who are romantically involved in a relationship detest the phrase “let’s just be friends”. The reason being that the person saying it, wants to quit that relationship. Hurt is the recipient of the message. It may be the result of a failed relationship that had been tried upon many a times, only to get disastrous results every time. If you are the one to whom it is said, you may be completely heartbroken and shattered. But this most hated phrase can turn to something that could benefit you. Lets find out how it can be done.

This phrase "Lets just be friends" can be used under two situations. Firstly, when the person wants to convey the message that he is sure that the relationship is not going to work out and wants you to spare him an ugly or a messy break up which would attract unnecessary attention. Though such a case is a rarity.

Secondly, it can be used in the sense that he needs time to analyze the relationship and though wants to end it now but cares enough for you to want you by his side as a friend. Its on you to decide that the person who has said it to you falls in which category.

Relationships cease to exist not because the person has stopped caring for you or has stopped loving you. It so happens that he is confused about the way he wants you in your life and the course of your relationship. He may not be sure of the future of the relationship. He needs space and time to determine the importance you hold for him. And time to decide whether he needs you just as a friend or as something more than that. That will require him to be away from you and that is the only way to test one’s heart. So that he can judge his feelings for you. When he says, “let’s just be friends”, it means that he doesn’t want you to go away from him.

A relationship contains a sea full of sentiments and emotions. Sometimes we find it difficult to comprehend them. The brain tells us to do things quite differently compared to what our heart says. The brain may make you say those words but it is your heart that wants to be close to that person. That might explain the reason why your ex said, “let’s just be friends”. It maybe because he just doesn’t want to live without you. And you should give your ex every reason to think that he needs you and should be with you.  

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