What Are the Benefits and Pitfalls of Open Educational Resources (OERs) ?

According to UNESCO, Open Educational Resources (OER) are defined as teaching, learning.

According to UNESCO, Open Educational Resources (OER) are defined as teaching, learning.


Research materials that are in the public domain or have been published with an intellectual property license that permits their free use, adaptation and distribution.These educational resources give us the opportunity to use plenty of materials found on the network, however in order to have a critical assessment of these same and use them in the best way possible,

Benefits and Pitfalls of OERs

The OER, at the middle basic level, begin to incorporate into the strategies of some teachers, although much more is required to be used regularly in the classroom and give feedback to repositories to increase their stock and allow The existence of a greater quantity of materials for the subjects of this educational level.

  • Teachers who linked OER with teaching strategies and programs developed competences related to the search and presentation of information (know-how, functional competence) and greater confidence in the use of technological resources (social competence-behaviors and attitudes), supporting the Development of meaningful learning.
  • It is possible to indicate that there was an appropriation of OER, observed when changes were made in the teaching processes, motivation to use them as support to plan or to implement strategies in the classroom, making use of the technological resources (PC and internet) scope; Adapting them to their needs according to the style of teaching they teach, using especially those that provoke visual stimuli (videos and interactive games). From this perspective, in what way does the use of OER help the teacher to enrich his courses and to enhance the learning in the instructional environments?

Teachers indicate that OER enrich the educational process with updated and motivating information, supporting them in different strategies, making the class more dynamic, as long as they consider: planning, plans and programs and strategies in accordance with the way students learn, enriching their courses and supporting them in the development of meaningful learning.

But does the use of OER complement the teaching style of the teacher by allowing him to be better in exposing his subjects?

According to what was found in the findings, the teachers who used OER allow UK Assignment Writing Service Help a more active participation of the students in the classroom, complementing the teaching style of the teacher because they gave variety and movement to the class, providing bases for That the students investigate, work collaboratively and give feedback, generating changes in their students in a behavioral and cognitive way in the field of science, fulfilling the research assumption.

The OER open a door to inclusive and quality education

The OER enrich the educational process with updated, striking and motivating information for students, complementing teaching styles, making the classroom more dynamic, and developing meaningful learning.

The OER open a door to inclusive and quality education, but without adequate infrastructure in basic education institutions and in the information and training of teachers, the role of the teacher will take longer to transform and good intentions will serve little purpose.

Modernize educational centres if their advantages do not yet impact on improving the quality of teaching and learning processes. For the implementation in the use of OER requires that both institutions and teachers are involved in its use, relying on training focused on the skills and competencies necessary for its integration into practice.


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