What An Orgasm Feels Like

images.jpgSo what is SO amazing about having an orgasm? Well, let me explain.

Most women described two parts of the orgasm: the physical and the psychological sensations. Physically, many women feel pleasant contractions throughout their pelvic region. These contractions are caused by the blood returning to the body and the blood vessels narrowing again. One woman described these contractions as ripples of pleasure.

While the physical sensation seems to be wonderful, many of the women I've discussed with paid more attention to the psychological sensation. Immediately after the orgasm, women report feeling completely relaxed and stress free as if all of the tension in their body has suddenly been released. They also talk about overwhelming feelings of peacefulness. In fact, many women claim that orgasms help them to get a more restful night of sleep, particularly when stress has been interfering with their sleep patterns.

The physical sensations of the orgasm usually last between 10 to 30 seconds. The psychological sensations can last as long as an hour or more, depending on the environment.

When it comes to female orgasms, there are technically two types: vaginal and clitoral. The truth is that almost all female orgasms, even those supposedly resulting solely from vaginal stimulation, originate with the clitoris.

So what does that mean for lovers? First, it means that if you have not yet discovered the clitoris in yourself or in your partner, then that should be your first task. The second task is to start discussing what kind of clitoral stimulation works best. If you don't know now, then by all means begin experimenting.

I should also mention that more recent research is indicating that at least in some women both vaginal and clitoral stimulation is needed to provide a so-called "complete" orgasm.


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Author: Gabrielle Moore